Profits from the Green Revolution -
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Profits from the Green Revolution -

Alternative Energy Investing is Not the “Next

Big Thing” -- It’s the Current “Big Thing”

As you now know, thousands of millionaires – and quite a few billionaires - were

created in the 1980’s and 1990’s due to advances in computer technology on a scale

never seen before in history.

This massive wealth was created as new products and services were developed by

startup companies nobody had ever heard of at the time – companies like Microsoft

and Apple Computer in the PC area, or Cisco Systems in the router and server area

as the enormous buildout of the Internet took place.

And this eventual massive wealth would not have been possible without funding from

Silicon Valley venture capitalists – or VC’s for short – that provided the startup

capital for these now very familiar companies.

How many of us are now looking back and saying to ourselves “If I had only put

$10,000 in Microsoft or Cisco Systems when they first started up, how well off would

I be right now?”

Well, it seems history is repeating itself. In fact, for the first time ever – a

widespread consortium of players, including environmentalists, the “offending”

industries, academia, state and federal government regulators, and – most

importantly – the VC financiers, are promising not only the rapid development of new

technology, but also the money to make it a viable and profitable business.

That’s right, the VC’s are back, and they are ready, willing and able to provide

funding for what is already being called “The Next Big Thing.”

“The Next Big Thing” could create this decade’s new millionaires and billionaires.

And that “Next Big Thing” is really “The Big Thing” and it’s Alternative Energy.

Hi, my name is Ian Wyatt, Chief Investment Strategist at Rising Star Stocks. I’m

very excited to release my stock research report Profits from the Green

Revolution: The One Alternative Energy Stock to Own for 2008.

Alternative energy investing continues to be hot as investors can’t seem to get

enough from companies in this space. My report from 2007 pointed out some real

winners in this space, including Zoltek Companies (Nasdaq: ZOLT) up +92% in the

first six months after initial coverage and DayStar Technologies (Nasdaq: DSTI), up

an amazing +142% in 5 ½ months since the report was released.

With continuing increased demand for sustainable “green” energy options, I've got a

company for you that presents a profit opportunity with the potential to exceed last

year’s winners.

That company is Amtech Systems.

Amtech Systems: The One Alternative Energy Stock

to Own for 2008

Amtech Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:ASYS)

Tempe, AZ 85281

Web Site:

Rating: Buy

Price Target: $17.50

Shares Outstanding: 9.1 million

Market Capitalization: $106.2 million

Why We Like Amtech:

• Involved in the solar and semiconductor industry.

• Expected to increase earnings by 86% in 2008.

• PEG ratio is 0.67.

While there are currently only 13 solar power facilities connected to the U.S. power

grid (11 in California and two in Arizona), accounting for less than 1% of the

electricity produced nationwide, Standard & Poor's Equity Research Services

forecasts that the solar energy industry will grow 30% annually through 2010. Bank

of America expects photovoltaic power production to increase by 34% per year

through 2010, and economists at RBC Financial Group say the overall demand for

solar power will grow about 40% by 2011.

As the market matures, the solar energy industry is attracting a growing amount of

venture capital and private equity investment: worldwide, nearly $2 billion was

poured into research and development and manufacturing expansion in 2007. The

stock-market value of solar-energy companies skyrocketed 4750% globally between

2003 and 2007.

Solar energy's recent boom is due largely to Washington's increased concerns about

global warming and energy independence. Since 2005, the government has provided

tax credits on all solar systems installed by businesses and homeowners. Currently,

95% of the total solar-energy market is dominated by photovoltaic solar power,

which uses silicon cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Amtech Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASYS), an Arizona-based international supplier of

systems, equipment and components used in the manufacture of photovoltaic solar

cells, semiconductor devices and solar wafers, is a surging force in the highlycompetitive

and rapidly growing solar power market. Amtech executives believe the

company's more than three decades of semiconductor manufacturing industry

experience compliments its solar cell parts business because both segments are

closely tied to the polysilicon market.

Worldwide semiconductor sales grew 3.8% in 2007 to $257.1 billion from $247.7

billion in 2006, a record year for the industry, according to the Semiconductor

Industry Association. In the United States and Asia-Pacific region, two places where

Amtech does business, semiconductor sales are soaring and the solar energy

industry is growing faster than ever.

In October 2007, Amtech subsidiary Tempress Systems Inc. received orders (which

will ship in fiscal 2008) for its thermal-processing and automation systems from a

new Asian customer, as well as follow-on orders from two existing customers,

including Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. (NYSE: YGE), a Chinese solar cell

component maker valued at $17.4 million. Amtech also acquired R2D, a French

maker of solar cell and semiconductor equipment, for approximately $6.1 million

(and infused the company with an additional $1 million in capital aimed at building

up its solar business).

To raise much-needed funding, Amtech in November 2007 sold 2.5 million shares of

its common shares at $14.41 a share, about a 4% discount to the stock's then most

recent closing price. The company said it planned to use the net proceeds of about

$33.6 million as working capital and for other general corporate purposes, including

possible future product or business acquisitions in connection with the planned

expansion of its solar and semiconductor businesses.

The two sides of Amtech’s business constitute a balancing act. Though the

semiconductor industry is cyclical and somewhat volatile, the solar energy industry

tends to be much less sensitive to economic conditions because it is driven heavily

by government spending.

At first glance, factors such as its small size, diminishing barriers to entry into the

marketplace resulting from increased polysilicon production, the emergence of

superior thin film photo cell technologies and a marked rise in solar cell

manufacturing in China all present substantial risks to Amtech's future.

On the flip side, there have been bullish notes for 2008 in reports from analysts who

track the stock. The company's top-line growth over the past two years suggests

substantial leverage in the industry, and all indications point to the fact that Amtech

will continue to grow. Experts predict the company will deeper penetrate domestic

and global markets as government incentives, falling production costs, an infusion of

capital, an expanding retail channel and rising energy prices continue to drive solar


Shares of ASYS are cheap right now. Analysts are predicting EPS next of $1.10 up

significantly from the current year EPS estimate of $0.59. This results in a PE ratio of

11 times forward year earnings. The PEG ratio is very attractable at 0.67 (anything

below 1 is considered undervalued). The PEG is calculated by taking Amtech’s

Current PE of 20 times current year earnings and dividing it by the 5 year expected

growth rate of 30%.

Amtech is a "buy" and should trade at an EPS of 16 times next year earnings of

$1.10 per share, which results in our target price of $17.50.

About the Report You Just Read

The in-depth stock report you just enjoyed came to you courtesy of the research

staff at Rising Star Stocks, a leading emerging growth newsletter advisory service.

By identifying companies like Amtech Systems in their early stages –companies that

are revolutionizing their industries, and sometimes creating new ones– Rising Star

Stocks has produced big gains for its subscribers. Since its inception, Rising Star

Stocks has served up total gains of 153% versus only 46% for the Russell 2000, the

newsletter's benchmark index.

While Amtech Systems is positioned to succeed, possibly in a big way, it's not the

only alternative energy stock expected to produce market beating returns in 2008 –

just ask Rising Star Stocks subscribers.

Rising Star Stocks subscribers read about Amtech Systems, along with other great

alternative energy stocks, in a subscribers-only special report titled Alternative

Energy Investing 2008: 5 Top Stocks Set for Profits.

Continue reading and you'll learn more about this timely, new special report. You'll

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Inside Alternative Energy Investing 2008:

5 Top Stocks Set for Profits

Crude oil prices rise ever higher with no relief in sight. Strife in the Middle East and

other major oil producing areas continues. Government mandates have been

handed down. Venture capital is flowing.

The alternative energy opportunity is clear.

But which companies will benefit?

Rising Star Stocks has identified five excellent early-stage opportunities for its


In Alternative Energy Investing 2008: 5 Top Stocks Set for Profits report you’ll read

detailed reports on:

• A tiny solar company that is expected to increase revenues to the explosive

tune of 7331% in 2008.

• A photovoltaic technology company that is armed with proprietary technology

and has a key strategic partnership in place.

• A Chinese biodiesel and specialty chemical producer that turns used cooking

oil into profits.

• A wind turbine company that grew its revenues over 300% in 2007 and

expects 150% revenue growth in 2008.

• A "smart grid" technology company that is on pace to increase its revenues by

99% in 2008.

• BONUS Pick: Amtech Systems, Inc.

Each of the companies in this report has the potential to reward investors in a big

way in 2008 and beyond. This in-depth 22-page report can be yours today simply for

trying the Rising Star Stocks service for 30 days. Pay nothing now. Cancel at

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We believe that 2008 will be a banner year for alternative energy stocks and we've

identified five of the very best investment opportunities that you can take advantage

of right now! In Alternative Energy Investing 2008: 5 Top Stocks Set for Profits,

you'll get detailed reports and analysis on companies making their mark in the

"green" revolution.

In the 2007 edition of this report, released in February 2007, Rising Star Stocks

subscribers enjoyed some remarkable returns, including +95% for DayStar

Technologies (DSTI) and +50% for Zoltek Companies (ZOLT). With increasing

attention on green investing from the financial media and Wall Street alike, we

anticipate that the 2008 edition of the report will produce even more impressive


Whether you decide to continue with your Rising Star Stocks membership or not, the

22-page must-read report, Alternative Energy Investing 2008: 5 Top Stocks Set for

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About Rising Star Stocks

Are you interested in finding the next outstanding stock that could soar several

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Don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let some of our 2007 winners speak for


• Harbin (HRBN): +222%

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