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iMetos PRO... - Pessl


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Solar Powered Internet Monitoring


Fire and Frost Warning

Flood and Wind Warning

Local Weather Data with Forecast

Water Management

Disaster Protection

The risks ahead!

For highest performace - meterology - hydrology - geology


Features and advantages:

Pessl Instruments GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of electronic

weather stations for more than 20 years. The power supply for the

iMetos®pro is done through a rechargeable battery charged by a solar panel.

This solution works with a minimum of infrastructure all year round in almost

any area of the world and is also more reliable than a mains power supply

due to lower lightning risk. To run the GSM/GPRS data contract together with

enough field strength on the spot power is needed.

All monitoring systems manufactured by Pessl Instruments are running

through the standardised multilingual password protected web platform

called: On that internet page all parameters can be

set individually (i.e. warning threshold for different data values like wind

speed, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation etc.) to adapt quickly and

with flexibility to the requirements of users.

The internet platform performs highest data security and guarantees seamless

collaboration between persons and organisations without installing software.

Using the local weather data a precise and seamless integrated weather

forecast model can be made available from any point in the world. One

iMetos®pro can have up to 80 different sensors and will fulfil even the most

exotic micrometeorological challenges.

Our success in using this trend setting technology has proved correct – several

thousand instruments have been sold in more than 60 countries around

the globe.

The risks ahead!


Dimensions without sensors: 54 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm – RAM Memory 4MB on Board – GSM/GPRS

Modem Wismo – Weight without sensors 2.2 kg – Measuring/scanning interval from 1 minute selectable


Data handling, Visualisation, graphics, table, export – all Internet based



Measurement range -40° to +60° - Precision +/- 0.1°C

Relative Humidity: Measurement range 0 to 100 % - Precision 1 %


Tipping bucket - resolution 0,1mm or 0.2mm


Spectral range 0 – 2000 W/m2

Wind speed:

Measurement range 0 to 60 m/s, Precision 0.3 m/s

Wind direction: Measurement range 0 to 360°, Precision +/- 3°

Barometric pressure: Measurement range Barometer: 800 – 1100 hPa – Precision +/- 0,3 hPa

Snow height: Ultra sonic measurement 0-8 m – Precision +/- 0,1%

Snow temperature: Measurement range -40° to +60° - Precision +/- 0.1°C

Multiple soil temperature: Measurement range -40° to +60° - Precision +/- 0.1°C

Water level: Measurement range: 0-10 meter – Precision +/- 0,1%

Volumetric soil moisture: Measurement range 0-100 % soil water content, Precision +/- 0,1%

Tensiometer: Measurement range 0-700 hPa, Precision +/- 0,3%

Many more sensors are available on request.

Technical data not binding!


Werksweg 107 • 8160 Weiz • Austria

Tel.: ++43(0)3172-5521

Fax: ++43(0)3172-552123


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