What is your drive? To remain flexible? SINAMICS G110 AC drives ...

New versatility for variable-speed drives:

SINAMICS G110 AC drives

The more flexible a frequency inverter is, the better

it is! And if it is then so simple to install and wire

up and so straightforward in operation – as the

SINAMICS G110 is – then it offers the best platform

for a wide range of variable-speed drive applications.

State-of-the-art drives offer many advantages

Today’s applications demand drive solutions with the optimum

performance. Smooth drive performance increases

the precision and reduces the stress on machines and

plant. A SINAMICS G110 drive is extremely simple to

configure and creates low-cost opportunities for optimizing

new generations of products and innovative

applications. Smooth and continuous speed control,

quiet and with a small footprint, SINAMICS G110 couples

high operational reliability with a high service lifetime.

A multi-talent in operation

SINAMICS G110 is the versatile inverter for operating

variable-speed three-phase drives on single-phase line

supplies. When SINAMICS G110 is used, it is just like

getting three-phase power from a standard power

socket – for pumps, fans, blowers, conveyor belts,

packaging machines and for drives powering factory

and garage doors. This inverter also opens up intelligent

solutions for rotating advertising boards, fitness

machines and all types of auxiliary drives. It is available

with an integrated EMC filter, which means that it can

be used in industry, trade and residential applications.

SINAMICS – system-based innovation

SINAMICS drives are part of the unified Siemens modular

system to address the growing diversity in machine and

plant construction. SINAMICS – scalable in its power,

voltage and technological functions – brings real innovation

potential down to the smallest G110 drive. It can

be connected to a higher-level PLC control through

digital inputs and outputs.

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