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A Day in the Life…

2007 Annual Report

Our Mission

“Inspiring and enabling

all young people, especially

those who need us most,

to realize their full potential

as productive, responsible

and caring citizens.”

What Makes the Boys & Girls Club Unique?

Four key characteristics define the essence of a Boys & Girls Club.

All are critical in exerting positive impact on the life of a child:

• Dedicated Youth Facility

The Boys & Girls Club is a place — an actual neighborhoodbased

building — designed solely for youth programs and


• Open Daily

The Club is open daily during the week, when kids have free

time and need positive, productive outlets.

• Professional Staff

Every Club has full-time, trained youth development professionals,

providing positive role models and mentors. Volunteers provide

key supplementary support.

• Available/Affordable to All Youth

Clubs reach out to kids who cannot afford, or may lack access

to, other community programs. Dues are low at $15 per year,

which can be replaced by two hours of community service upon


In addition, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley

• Builds Character

The Club guides boys & girls who may be in danger of acquiring

or who already have unacceptable habits and attitudes, as well

as guiding boys & girls of good character.

• Has a Varied and Diversified Program

The Club recognizes and responds to the collective and individual

needs of young people, offering programs and services in

five core areas: Health and Life Skills, Character and Leadership

Development, The Arts, Education and Career Development and

Sports, Fitness and Recreation.

• Is Guidance-Oriented

The Club emphasizes positive values in the relationships members

have with each other and their adult leaders. It helps boys

& girls make appropriate and satisfying choices in their physical,

educational, personal, social, emotional, vocational, and spiritual


Dear Friends,

As a child, what did you dream about being when you grew up? A firefighter? President

of the United States? A parent? A doctor? An NFL star? An Olympian? Chances are,

you dreamed of being something — and maybe your dreams came true and maybe

your dreams changed as time went on, but you still dreamed and you still hoped and you still

looked forward to a future of better things yet to come.

It’s been oft repeated in recent times that the current generation of young people will be the first

generation of American citizens ever to have a lower standard of living than their predecessors.

Whether true or not, the increasingly pervasive perspective that “things are getting worse” troubles

us at the Boys & Girls Clubs. For isn’t it true that the greatest collective achievements of our

great country have been born out of challenge and sacrifice?

We don’t disagree that there are challenges ahead and facing us even right now, in fact we

know a lot about them because so many of the young people we’re privileged to serve are living

in some severely challenging circumstances right here and right now. Here at the Boys & Girls

Clubs we see these tough times and difficult circumstances as opportunities — opportunities to

grow stronger, to learn, to grow, and to fight harder for our dreams.

So each day, whether its at 3:00 a.m. in the morning through a call to our Runaway Hotline or at

3:00 p.m. when the doors to our many after school programs open, the Boys & Girls Club is

there — protecting the right of children to dream and, more importantly, giving them the support,

guidance, and opportunities they need to one day see those dreams turned into reality.

This, our 2007 Annual Report, covers a day in the life of the Boys & Girls Clubs — thank you for

taking the time to learn more about who we are and what we do. And to our many supporters,

thank you for making this day and all the others possible and for giving us hope that tomorrow

will always be something our kids can look forward to.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Werner Greg Lemke-Rochon

2007 President, Board of Directors Chief Professional Officer

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley

served over 12,000 of our community’s

children and youth in 2007, a number

that has grown exponentially since we first

opened our doors nearly 10 years ago. We’re

honored by the opportunity to be an important

part of the lives of so many. More importantly

though, we continued to take advantage of this

opportunity in 2007 by making a difference in

these young lives and helping kids become

productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

Why do we need a Boys & Girls Club? We certainly

heard this question a lot in our early days

for in the late 1990’s the idea of a Boys & Girls

Club to the Fox Valley was new and unfamiliar.

Yet the answer then is the same as the answer

today—kids, especially the growing numbers of

young people living in challenging circumstances,

need a safe place, they need guidance

and support from caring and professional adults,

they need diverse opportunities that challenge

them to learn and to grow, they need to be able

to have fun and socialize in an environment that

is itself diverse and stimulating, and they need to

be able to access all of this in the easiest ways

possible—daily, in convenient locations, and

with little to no financial cost involved.

In addition to our main (and now way too small!)

location near downtown Appleton, our programs

and services reach out into every community in

the Fox Cities. From fully-operational Boys &

Girls Clubs in numerous area schools to truancy

intervention services and educational and prevention

services run throughout the Fox Cities,

we strive to go wherever kids need us most.

It’s important to emphasize as well that the

growth in our services has happened because of

close working relationships with schools, law enforcement,

other community based organizations

and many other social service groups. In short,

we couldn’t do it with out our many friends

and partners.


A Day in the Life…

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is always a busy

place, but especially so during the summer. The following timeline

depicts the Club on a typical summer day, when the Club on

Locust Street is the place to be for more than 300 children each

and every day.

7:00 a.m.

The doors open for early arrivals. For a small fee of $4.00 per child per day, parents can drop

their children off before the Club’s official opening at 9 a.m., feeling secure their kids are in a

safe place.

Parents using this service appreciate the ability to drop their children early at the Club because

many need to be at work before 8 a.m. The fee is affordable and the early drop-off eliminates

making other arrangements that would cause working parents even more stress in their busy


Approximately 300 youth ages 6–18 come to the Club’s main location in downtown Appleton

during the summer, when it is open all day. During the school year, the Club is open after school

and all day when school is not in session.

From June through August, the Locust Street location is a hotbed of activity, where kids can

participate in fun and exciting programs in five areas: character and leadership development,

education and career, health and life skills, the arts, and sports,

fitness, and recreation.

Once inside the Club, kids choose an activity, and the

fun begins! Membership is just $15 a year for an

individual, or $35 for an entire family. In many

instances, the fees are waived.


9:00 a.m.

Breakfast is served at the Club. Kids line up for this nutritious meal, the most important of the

day. During the summer, breakfast and lunch are served daily, at no additional charge. During

the school year, a free hot evening meal is served twice a week in Kid’s Café. Complimentary

snacks are served every day. Because an estimated 80% of the members of the Boys & Girls

Clubs of the Fox Valley are from low-income families and 40% are living in poverty, these meals

are vitally important.

10:00 a.m.

It’s time for Grossology! A dozen or so kids join science teacher Mark Cross for a lesson in all

things gross. This class, one of 18 different courses that will occur this day in collaboration with

the Appleton Area School District, explores the slimy, oozy, scaly, and stinky gross (yet scientific)

things that happen every day in the human body. Other classes offered throughout the summer

include art enrichment, cultural arts and crafts, dance, movie and music making, digital photography,

web design and many more.

11:00 a.m.

Kathi Danke, Youth and Family Counselor, meets with twelve-year-old “Paige.” Paige’s parents

are going through a divorce, something she’s not handling well, and her school year ended badly

as a result. Paige needs support and she needs to learn how to handle the emotions welling up

inside of her as her family life changes dramatically. Kathi’s session with Paige, like nearly all of

the services the Club provides, is free of charge and will be repeated as often as Paige continues

to need Kathi’s professional help. Kathi is a nationally certified mental health professional and

along with her colleagues at the Club, provides counseling and guidance support to hundreds of

children and youth like Paige each year. According to Kathi, children are affected by the same

sorts of mental health conditions as adults, including depression, addiction, attention deficit and

obsessive compulsive disorders, and others. Her clients, in addition to those who come from

other programs inside the Boys & Girls Clubs, are often referred by area schools, county human

services departments, and local physicians.



12:00 p.m.

Lunch! On the menu: Chicken sticks with ranch dressing, fresh fruit and milk. The meals provided

at the Club meet federal nutritional guidelines, are healthy, filling, and taste good.

1:00 p.m.

Outagamie County Sheriff’s Deputies Chad Grube and Rachel Miller get started with another session

of the G.R.E.A.T. program for 20 or so Club members. G.R.E.A.T. lessons focus on providing

life skills to students to help them avoid using delinquent behavior and violence to solve problems.

Chad and Rachel’s regular presence at the Club is another example of how the Club works in

close partnership with others in the community who care about kids.

2:00 p.m.

Torch Club meeting. Torch Club is a group leadership and service club for kids ages 9–12.

Through Torch Club membership, valuable skills such as organization, planning, team work and

leadership are acquired. Teens have their own leadership and service Club called Keystone.

3:00 p.m.

It’s never too early to begin thinking about the future. Through Career Launch, teens learn what

they must do to enter the work force. This program includes interview and resume preparation

and also provides information and education on various careers. Other programs at the Club

focus on money management, health, self-esteem, and substance abuse prevention.

4:00 p.m.

Late in the afternoon, and it’s a perfect time to work off some pent-up energy. During Open Gym,

kids play basketball, jump rope, practice cartwheels, and engage in many other forms of active

play. Childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing, and at the Club, physical activity, including baseball,

golf, volleyball, carpet ball, and more,is all part of ongoing programming.


5:00 p.m.

It’s Club clean up time! With all of the Club’s youth development programs due to end at 5:30,

it’s time to get all the Club members engaged in cleaning up the Club so it’s ready for another

busy day tomorrow. Teaching our Club members to take care of their Club is an important part

of how we teach kids to be responsible.

6:00 p.m.

Children and families who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one gather to participate in the Center

for Grieving Children, a peer support group operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs. The Center is a

safe place where grieving children, teens and families in the Fox Valley area receive compassionate

peer support, education, opportunities to remember and commemorate their loved one, and

the chance to express their experiences and feelings in an accepting environment. The Center

facilitates healing, removes isolation and builds a sense of hope. This evening's activities will

include the planting of a memorial tree at Greenville Lions Park honoring all those in the children’s

lives who’ve passed on.

7:00 p.m.

Sarah Boes, Maxwell Jones and Leah Lingnofski, all with the Club through the Americorps

national community service program, meet up with a group of teens they’ve come across at

Pierce Park. The teens are there just hanging out, but among them are a few kids who haven’t

been home for awhile and haven’t had much to eat in the last few days. Sarah, Max, and Leah

conduct street outreach to teens throughout the Fox Cities as part of the Clubs’ work to connect

with our community’s most high-risk and needy young people. Meeting with kids who might not

come into the Club on their own gives Sarah, Max, and Leah the opportunity to share resources

and give these young people a place to go if and when they might ever need help. Tonight, a

couple of meal coupons courtesy of McDonalds are handed out along with several copies of the

Clubs’ “Street Smart Card” which contains an extensive list of community resources.

9:00 p.m.

As the Center for Grieving Children finishes and the last family member is out and on their way

home, the lights go off and the doors are locked—but the work isn’t really done. Tonight it is

Sarah Crawford’s turn, the Clubs’ Runaway Assistance program Director, to respond to calls to

the Clubs’ 24-hour Runaway Hotline, providing crisis intervention assistance and whatever other

kind of guidance might be needed to youth who have run away from their homes.


• Poverty

An estimated 40% of our Clubs’ 4,500

members are living poverty, including 22%

who live in households with annual income

levels below $12,000.

• Family

60% of our Club members are not living with

both of their birth parents.

• Risk Behaviors

45% of the youth we serve in our Truancy

Assessment Center self-report the illicit or

abusive use of drugs and/or alcohol.

• School

Far fewer economically disadvantaged students

in the Fox Cities score at the Advanced or

Proficient levels on state testing as compared to

their non-economically disadvantaged peers.



Who We Serve

Total youth served 12,018

Total membership 4,537

Average daily attendance 665

for members only

Membership Demographics


5–8 17.5%

9–11 21%

12–13 23%

14 –15 24.5%

16–19 14%


African American 7.7%

Asian 10.3%

Hispanic 6.2%

Multi-racial 4.7%

American Indian 2.1%

Caucasian 68.8%

Other .2%


Male 54.6%

Female 45.4%

Household Income 2006 2007

$0 – $6,999 11.6% 13.1%

$7,000 – $14,999 15.0% 14.2%

$15,000 – $24,999 18.1% 17.7%

$25,000 – $34,999 16.7% 17.4%

$35,000 – $49,999 17.4% 17.3%

$50,000+ 21.2% 20.3%

% of low-income households 80%

% of members living in poverty 40%

Management Team

Greg Lemke-Rochon

Chief Professional Officer

Randy Alt

Director of Operations

Patti Denton

Director of Finance

Roxanna Strawn

Director of Development

2007 Officers

Jeff Werner


Steve Seifert


Lee Allinger

Past President

Ted Goodwin


Nancy Johnshoy


2007 Board of Directors

Beth Bax

Terry Bomier

Jay Bush

John Carew

Rhonda Fenner

Chris Forslund

Brad Gehring

Rick Gorges

Jeff Hunter

Julie Huth

Tim Kippenhan

Beth Nemecek

Kathy Plank

Dave Rause

Cheryl Schmidt

Steve Seifert

Amy Simon

Roree Van Duyne

Jeff Van Ekeren

Ann Whalen

Youth of the Year

Cody Ozolins, 16

Appleton East High School

2007 Employee Award Winners

Service to Youth

Shelly Osborne

Rising Star

Dan Raddatz

Outstanding Achievement

Rachel Dehn

Pat Albright

Michael Binkowski

Sarah Lashock

Living Proof*

There’s a difference between believing you’re making a difference and knowing you

are. That’s why we work hard to prove the impact of the Club in young lives. Hard

evidence is not always easy to come by in the human services arena, but in partnership

with our national organization and through our own efforts, we’re pleased to say

that we know our work changes — and even saves — lives.

Developing Productive Youth

• 79% of Club Members report the Club helps them do better in school.

• 93% of Club Members report they plan to go to College.

• 96% report that they understand they need to finish school to get a good job.

• School attendance rates increase by more than 60% following services in the Clubs’

Truancy Assessment Center.

• Nationally, 26% of Boys & Girls Club alumni are likely to earn a college degree, the

same as the general U.S. population — a remarkable achievement given the start so

many Club members have in life.

Developing Responsible Youth

• 76% of Club Members report they avoid participating in risky or dangerous behaviors,

e.g., drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

• 75% of Club Members care about how their actions affect others and demonstrate

a commitment to acting on those beliefs.

• Nationally, 85% of Club alumni said the Club helped them learn right from wrong.

Developing Caring Youth

• 91% of Club members would return a lost wallet they found.

• 85% report they really care about how things they do might affect others.

• Nationally, 92% of Club alumni say helping others is a priority and 81% said Club

participation taught them to give back.

Developing Healthier Youth

• 83% of Club members report they have learned to be healthier at the Club.

• Nationally, 57% of Club alumni said the Club saved their life.

* Sources include the administration of the Outcomes Measurement Toolkit to 498 Club members from

1/1/07 to 6/30/08, school attendance records, and a national survey of Boys & Girls Club alumni

conducted in 2006 and 2007.

Professional of the Year

Randy Alt

Community Partnership

Jaime Kriewaldt


Valerie Seidel



Financials (Audited)

2007 2006

Current Assets

Cash and Cash Equivalents $21, 532 $97,924


Grants Receivable 158,581 118,809

United Way 212,658 206,627

Promises Receivable 100,199 38,999

Build Out Receivable – 10,878

Other 603 1,761

Prepaid Expenses 12,055 10,396

Total Current Assets $505,628 $485,394

Fixed Assets

Land, building and equipment 2,416,623 2,408,963

Less accumulated depreciation (467,310) (405,005)

Total Fixed Assets $1,949,313 $2,003,958

Other Assets

Beneficial interest in assets

held by the Community Foundation 34,163 32,006

Cash value of life insurance 1,893 –

Total Other Assets $36,056 $32,006

TOTAL ASSETS $2,490,997 $2,521,358

2007 2006

Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts payable $46,358 $50,334

Accrued expenses 53,220 53,019

Line of credit payable 42,000 –

Note payable 29,000 55,000

Refundable Advances 55,468 56,353

Total Current Liabilities $226,046 $214,706

Net Assets


Operations (20,302) (12,319)

Fixed assets 1,920,313 1,948,958

Total unrestricted 1,900,011 1,936,639

Temporarily Restricted 343,160 348,483

Permanently Restricted 21,780 21,530

Total Net Assets $2,264,951 $2,306,652


Operating Revenues $1,584,639 $1,646,873

United Way 15% 13%

Service Fees 3% 2%

Facility Rental 2% 3%

Government Support 25% 38%

Contributions 45% 33%

Special Events 10% 10%

Other 0% 1%

Operating Expenses $1,626,340 $1,632,997

Program 79.5% 80.0%

Management 9.5% 9.0%

Fundraising 11.0% 11.0%



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Region, Inc

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J.J. Keller Foundation, Inc.

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Kelly Konkle

Peggy Kossel

Jaime and Scott Kriewaldt

Alec and Marne Krikava

Ed and Cindy Krueger

Jack and Janet Kruse

Janice Kuchenberg

Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.

Jeffrey Laramore

Barbara Lauer

Legacy Private Trust Company

Tim and Polly Lehman

Lelure Tackle Co., LLC

Abraham and Ann Liebeskind

Greg Linnemanstons and Meg Hoppe

Kevin and Julia Loomans

M&I Wealth Management

Richard and Kim Mantey

Todd Marnocha

Scott Maurer

Paul and Barbara McCann

McCarty Law LLP

Mary Lou McCord

Jennifier McGuire

14 15

$100 – $499 Helping Hands cont.

McMahon Associates, Inc.

James McManus

Rusty and Pam Mee

Emily Meyer

Marlene Mielke

Randy Miller

Miller Electric Credit Union

Marilee Minahan

Laura and Tom Mischka

Mark and Michele Molinda

Brian Moore

William and Sandra Moore

James and Connie Morgenstern

Morts Concrete

Kurt Mueller

Michael and Susan Muoio

Peter and Cathy Mutschler

Jon and Patricia Myers

Sara Nabozny

Newark Paperboard Products

NHP Fit and Fun Team

Northeastern Wisconsin Oncology

Nursing Society

OEC Graphics

Andrew and Connie Ogilvie

Shawn O’Loughlin and Janet Bushman

Peg Olson

Organization Management Services, Inc.

Our Saviours Lutheran Church

Jim and Ann Pabst

Greg and Julie Pawlak

Jim and Joy Perry

Physical Therapy Center of Beaver Dam

David and Lisa Pierre

Jenny Plzak

Poyry (Appleton), LLC

Presto Products Company

Jeffrey and Mary Prickette

Pride of the Valley Chorus

Hugh Prosser

Robert and Mary Puissant

Radisson Paper Valley Hotel

Bob Randa and Sally Klapper-Randa

Real Estate Group Foundation Fund

Michael and Kaye Reese

Tim and Dawn Reissmann

Todd and Renee Reissmann

Lee and Lisa Reynebeau

Mark and JJ Richards

Lyle and Christine Richter

Debra Robinson

Phillip and Ellen Roe

Janet Rohloff

Laurie Rohloff

Marjorie Johnson Rosebush

David Roy

Alex Santos

Ricky and Kristin Sather

Martha Sauter

Lori Schaefer

Thomas and Mary Schmidt

Thomas and Cindie Schmit

Lyndeen Schneider

Sara Schnell

Deloma Schultz

Ruth M. Schumaker

David and Judy Schwebs

Thomas and Janet Scullen

Valerie Seidel

Adam and Allison Skarie


John and Christy Slawson

Michael and Nancy Small

Joan Smith

John Spalding

Martha Spalding

St. Vincent de Paul Society/

St. Thomas More Council

Adam Stark

Richard Stark

Rick Steckling

Kathy-Jo Stenson

Lynn Stephani

Timothy and Nicole Stephani

Robert and Martha Stephenson

John and Susan Van Stiphout

Stora Enso North America

Thomas and Pam Streur

Michael and Debbie Strick

Deb Strict

Sumnicht & Associates

Julie Suring

Susan Sykes

Taco Bell

Tasty Treat Ice Cream

Tim and Jane Temperly

The Retirement Advantage

The Spancrete Group, Inc

ThedaCare Inc.

Thomas J. Kloiber and Assocites, Inc. Architects

Timothy Thorson

Total Floor Covering

Trico Excavating

Mark and Angela Tyczkowski

United Paper Corporation

Valley Lawn Care LLC

Valley Planing Mill, Inc.

Bill Van Den Brandt

Van Dyn Hoven Buick Chrysler Jeep

Sandra Van Ert

Timothy Van Himbergen

Hans and Dianne Van Lith

Bryan Van Stippen

Chuck and Susan Van Zeeland

Cathy Vander Zanden

Troy and Lori Vanevenhoven

Tim VanWyk

Joyce Verkuilen

Calvin and Maraget Vesely

VF Foundation

Katherine Viner

Voith Sulzer Paper Technology

Randy Waddell

Christopher and Debra Wagner

Robert Wallace

James Wang

Jeffrey Washkovick

Brian Watermolen

WE Energies

Craig and Sharon Weber

Kenneth Wedding

Ken and Annette Weisner

Harry and Jane Wendlandt

Marie Wierichs

Stephen Weis

Robert and Janet Wilson

Barbara and Gene Wulf


Lisha Yu

Frank Zaruba

Zaug’s Food Service

Joy Ze

$99 & Under

Thomas and Jeanette Abendroth

Glayden and Janice Allard

H. Allen and Susan Kay Davis

Stephen Arens

Nicholas Arlt

Denis and Elizabeth Ashauer

Jeremy and Leslie Ashauer

Jennifer Austin

Julie Bahr

Roger Frikart and Karen Barter

Carolyn Batton

Ann Baum

Daune Beahlen

Thomas and Mary Betters

Arlene Boelter

Oscar and Patricia Boldt

Rebecca Bosmans

Edwin and Mary Braaten

Thomas and D. Breen

James and Gail Brenengen

Greg and Judith Brochtrup

Raymond and Mary Brock

Bruce Bennett Enterprises, Inc

Melissa Buldak

Gary and Loretta Bunke

Adith Buntjer

Timothy Burnham

John and Liane Butitta

Cari Callahan

John and Yvonne Calnin

Alisha Calewarts

Howard and Carolyn Carlburg

David Carow

Laura Carrasco

Kevin Clancey

Richard Cline

Cynthia Clough

Thomas and Kim Cody

Diane Collar

Timothy Collentine

Mary and Philip Conradt

Lance and Bridget Crane

Sarah Crawford

William and Abbey Curtis

Anthony and Norma Czarnik

Jacob and Cynthia Czarnik-Neimeyer

Kathi Danke

Jeffrey DeBroux

Mary DeNure

Peter and Judith Derocher

Jeremiah and Jamie Detert

Kathy Dethardt

Brett and Sara Devine

Jaine Diersen

Brian Donovan

Alice Douglas

Charles and Kristine Dreher

Park Drescher

Leo and Fran Driessen

Bob and Val Dunham

Linda Elliott

Jeffrey Ellis

Michael Ellis

David Emanuel

Rick and Deb Fantini

Paul and Nola Feldkamp

Brad and Rhonda Fenner

Ferguson Enterprises

Dirk and Maureen Fisher

Foster Elementary School

Jessica Fraley

Gabert, Williams & Lawrynk

Richard Gamble

Rick and Debra Gempeler

Gannett Midwest Publishing Corporation

Tim and Kim Gehring

Michael and Cheri Geniesse

James and Kimberly Gilbride

Global Impact

Anthony and Jacqueline Gonzalez


Karen Green

Brian and Amy Griesbach

Scott and Karen Grignon

Chad and Heather Gruett

Arnold and Mabel Grummer

Linda Grzyb

Jeffrey and Susan Guth

William Haag

Lorie Hadel

Mick and Lori Hager

Hairlines, Inc

Anthony Hall

Dale and Kim Hanson

Deborah Hass

Daphne L. Hawkins

Veronica Hearty

Julie Herb

John and Dianne Herner

Lorna Hill

Dennis Hoelzel

Karen Hoelzel

John and Morgan Hogerty

Patricia Holz

Emmett Hoks

Michael and Janet Huebner

James and Caroline Hyde

Jerry and Helene Iverson

Jackson National Community Fund

Thomas and Vicky Jacoby

Michael Jaworski

Jim and Laverne Jeffrey

Brian and Sue Jensen

Travis Jones

Jerry and Sue Jochimsen

Mark and Sara Kampf

Stuart Katz

Nancy Jean Kaufmann

Jennifer Keberlein

Thomas Keefe

Steven and Gerladine King

Karen Klarkowski

John Klein

Ann Kloehn

Ronald and Jean Knorr

Ellen Kort

Wendy Kosikowski

Andrea Krabbe

Jerome Kroll

Tony and Jayne Kromanaker

Charles and Kaye Krueger

James and Jane Krueger

Lorraine Krueger

Greg and Lynn Landwehr

Jessica Lang

James Larsen

Cindy Lashock

Lorna Leekley

Mark and Gwendolyn Lemke

Charles and Janice Lewis

Michael and Brenda Litwin

Ellen Loker

Sheila Mahany

Kay Mannebach

Jacqueline Marsden

Randall and Jean Manteufel

Ronald Margelofsky

Connie Martin

William Martin

Matthew’s Tire and Auto Service Center

Deborah Matz

John and Joanne Mau

Carol May

Sam Mayo

Christopher McCarthy

Cynthia McDonald

Mark and Jennifer McGinnis

Michael and MaryLou McGuire

Denise McQuillen

Ken Melchert

Jeremy and Lisa Mengert

Barb Mentzel

Ryan Micke

Ben and Nancy Mieliulis

John and Rose Marie Milani

Paul and Julie Moderson

Terrance and Laurie Molter

Moose Lodge No. 367

Morgen Enterprises Inc.

Morton Pharmacy

Teri Moyer

Jim and Shirley Mueller

Roger and Rose Muench

Tracy Murray

Donald and Julaine Murrow

Emily Murrow

Leonard and Helen Nagler

James Nelson

Bill and Barbara Neubauer

Andrea Novitske

Emily O’Neil Bourdet

James and Mary O’Neill

Daine Ostrand

Mike and Marcia Ostwald

Pennilynn Pautz

John Pennypacker

Virginia Phillips

Pitney Bowes, Inc

Connie Prothero

Nancy Rabe

Dan Raddatz

William and Judy Rathsack

Robert and Louise Reinhardt

Peter and Linda Reinl

Thomas Reiter

Rachel Richards

Ronald and Susanne Riemer

Gary and Nancy Rietveld

Daniel and Rebecca Rippl

Sarah Robinson

Daniel and Susan Roe

Brent and Barbara Rohm

Patrick Ruedinger

Richard and Kathleen Ruhsam

Patrick and Jean Ryan

Ben and Sara Samolinski

Denise Sanchez

Stephen and Lorrie Savage

Lawrence and Nancy Schmitz

Gary and Patricia Schneider

Mary Schneider

Timothy and Kelly Schumacher

Jason Schumaker

Bruce and Catherine Schwieso

Maria Sedlacek

Ronald and Shipra Seefeldt

Gordon and Patricia Shaw

Cheryl Sherry

Robert and Charlotte Sigman

Lawrence and Sue Silton

Bob and Sandy Simon

Donald and Elizabeth Singler

Jesse and Angela Slinger

Daniel and Kimm Smith

John E Smith

Grace Somenske


Pete Stark

Stephen and Kathleen Stark

Bradley and Michele Stellrecht

Clyde and Elayne Stephenson

Brett and Emily Stousland

David and Sue Streit

Joe Sturm

Todd Sutton

David Swanton

Francis Taylor-Treder

Jason Teela

Scott and Joanna Thoms

Steven and Margaret Vandehey

John and Joanne Van Abel

Jen Van Nuland

Russ Van Zeeland

Robert Vande Hey

Don Vanevenhoven

Elise Vanous

Rhonda VanPembrook

Dave and Lori Vosters

Phia Vue

Chris Waters

Cara Wege

Dennis and Mary Ann Wepfer

Alan and Terri Westby

Sally Williams

Michael and Hilda Wisneski

Andrew and Sarah Wittig

Lisa Wolfgram

Heather Wolters

Jill Writt

Bernard Wydeven

Wen Xue

Dale Youngquist

Bob Meidl and Lori Zahorodny

Pat and Diane Zenke

Terry and Pam Zielinski

Andrew Zillges

Roger and Eyla Mae Zwiers

In Honor of Gifts

Brad and Mary Jane Miller

Ron and Vermie Miller

Kathy Plank

Cheryl Schmidt

In Memory of Gifts

Judy Becker

Marie A. Begy

William A. Coban

Ethel Eckrich

Shirley Goodwin

Donald Haines

Teresa Halbach

Barbara Hujanen

Kris Kort

Kyle and Connor Lombardo

Leo Nabozny

Michael Niles

Dan O’Loughlin

James Sauer

Dan Schendel

Mary Jane Schroeder

Ben Stachowicz

Louis J. Wierichs Sr.

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