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USER INTERFACES User Interfaces From state-of-the-art remotes to the spectacular ROSIE OSD, to a broad line of touch panels, Savant has a user interface solution that can easily control and access all of your in-home equipment, subsystems and services. The entire line of ROSIE User Interfaces are configured and customized using the common design tool—RacePoint Blueprint. 32 ©2008 Savant Systems

ROSIE Touch 5, 7, 9 & 12 ROSIE ITP-105A 5-inch Widescreen Touch Panel ROSIE ITP-107W 7-inch Widescreen Touch Panel ROSIE ITP-109B 9-inch Widescreen Touch Panel USER INTERFACES Eliminate wall clutter and cumbersome single function technologies by integrating lighting control, security keypads, thermostats, and multi-zone audio controls in a single and well-designed interface. With ROSIE In-Wall Touch Panels these legacy solutions are all elegantly integrated on a single Touch Panel, complimenting any décor. They are available in 5-, 7-, 9-, and 12-inch sizes with high-resolution widescreen TFT LCD displays. All buttons are configurable for single and multiple functions. The ROSIE 7-inch and 9-inch In-Wall Touch Panels allow for large, user-friendly graphics and eliminates the need to navigate and scroll through numerous pages to control audio and video components, or wholehouse control systems. ROSIE Touch Panels include an integrated microphone and speakers providing application feedback, ideal for audible button alerts or intercom systems. They also can display full-motion video from an external source such as Cable and Satellite TV, security cameras and DVD players on the Touch Panel display (see ROSIE Streamer). These Touch Panels are paired with centralized distribution platforms, which transmit/extend audio, video and control signals via UTP (CAT5/5e/6) to ROSIE Touch Panels up to 300 ft. Personalize these touch panels with a wide variety of colors, styles and themes to suit your needs. Savant also offers ‘animated themes’ to enhance your décor and visual experience. Key Features ▼▼ High Resolution Widescreen TFT LCD ▼▼ Resistive Touchscreen Interface ▼▼ Wide Viewing Angle ▼▼ High Contrast Display ▼▼ Five Programmable Front Buttons ▼▼ Digital Media Control • Control interface for digital audio and video streaming • Multizone Audio Control • Video Streaming interface • Security or CCTV cameras • SD Full Motion Video ▼▼ Customizable Graphical User Interfaces with a palette of preloaded themes and buttons ▼▼ Vivid Animated Themes ▼▼ Configured and Customized with RacePoint Blueprint ▼▼ Bezels available in popular color options: white, almond, ivory and black (see accessories, p. 54) Specifications ▼▼ ▼▼ ▼▼ Display Dimensions (HWD) (see table below) Power Requirements: 24 V • See TPS-1000, p. 55 • See PWR-1001, p. 55 Wiring Requirements • (1) CAT5e for System Control and Video Distribution Model Size Number (inches) Resolution Aspect Ratio Height Width Depth ITP-105X 5 800 x 480 (WVGA) 16 : 9 4.50 7.30 2.10 ITP-107X 7 800 x 480 (WVGA) 16 : 9 6.50 8.90 2.25 ITP-109X 9 800 x 480 (WVGA) 16 : 9 7.20 10.80 2.25 ITP-112X 12 1280 x 800 (WXGA) 16 : 9 9.50 13.50 2.25 “X” = Color: black, white, almond or ivory ▼▼ • (1) Min. 14 AWG 2-conductor twisted (power) is recommended • Savant recommends using CBL-1000 for all ROSIE In-Wall Touch Panels (see p. 55) Compliance • Safety and Emissions: CSA NRTL/C and FCC Part 15 Class B • RoHS Compliant ©2008 Savant Systems 33

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