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USER INTERFACES ROSIE Touch TV Figure 1: ROSIE Touch TV displaying ROSIE OSD overlaid on live video ROSIE Touch TV is an entertaining and dynamic graphical user interface (GUI), automation and control center, full color HD LCD touch panel available in 24-, 32- and 40-inch models. It is the ideal multipurpose solution for viewing HD video content, while simultaneously functioning as a large display control interface. Simply tap the screens to access a multitude of control and automation services and subsystems including: multizone audio and video, lighting, HVAC, IP cameras, security systems and more. ROSIE Touch TV supports all the capabilities of Savant’s suite of ROSIE Touch Panels plus new and exciting interactive multimedia capabilities. These user-friendly interactive multimedia features include: integration and interaction with iTunes® multimedia content, IP cameras, and many more entertaining digital devices on the horizon. Interactive and Exciting Applications The ROSIE Touch TV is the perfect solution for dealers to showcase exciting, entertaining and interactive vignettes. In addition, every audio and video service, and subsystem control element of the home, classroom, corporate training room, or business boardroom can be accessed with this innovative and intuitive touch interface. Key Features ▼▼ ▼▼ ▼▼ ▼▼ Touchscreens readily created and customized via RacePoint Blueprint design tool Custom bezels available to match discerning décors Easily mounted using standard wall mounts Additional Applications • Dealer Showcase • Corporate Training • Corporate Boardrooms • Point of Information • Tradeshows • Education • Game Rooms • Sports Bars • Kitchens Specifications ▼▼ Bezels • Standard bezel, black metal • Custom bezels available in wood; finish applied by client • Dimensions and Weight (TTV-1040) • 25 x 43 x 2 inches (HWD) • 10-15 lbs (dependent on materials used) ▼▼ Touch Technology • 40-inch model uses Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) • Simultaneous/blocking touch interface ▼▼ Dimensions and weight are dependent on the manufacturer’s specifications ▼▼ Power 120V, AC Model Number TTV-1024 TTV-1032 TTV-1040 Description ROSIE Touch TV 24-inch HD LCD ROSIE Touch TV 32-inch 1080i HD LCD ROSIE Touch TV 40-inch 1080p HD LCD 46 ©2008 Savant Systems

ROSIE Touch TV ROSIE Touch TV empowered by ROSIE OSD ROSIE OSD is the innovative technology behind ROSIE Touch TV, transforming your HD display to a new world of content and interactive control. It provides a visually engaging and intuitive way to navigate, browse, and select diverse automation and control subsystems, and multimedia content, by boldly presenting them on your HD displays. ROSIE OSD is powered by Savant’s innovative video mixing and overlay technology, combining and supporting HD and semi-transparent graphics up to 1080p overlaid onto live video (see Figure 1). Savant offers ROSIE OSD technology in the following systems: ROSIE System OSD, ROSIE System 2 and ROSIE System 3. ROSIE System OSD is an integrated standalone solution that can be conveniently mounted behind your HD Display or locally racked. ROSIE OSD is available in ROSIE System 2 and ROSIE System 3 as optional modules (see p. 26). USER INTERFACES Programmable OSD Navigation and Control Configure and readily customize the ROSIE Touch TV using Savant’s common UI design tool—RacePoint Blueprint. With limitless flexibility and creativity, Savant empowers you to meet the stringent needs, personal preferences, and demands of your customers and installations. Themes and Motifs Savant provides a palette of themes and motifs to create and customize spectacular interactive On-Screen Displays (see ROSIE System OSD, p. 24). In addition, all these icons can be modified by dealers by using Adobe® Photoshop®, the world’s premier digital graphics editing application. Take a leap into the future. Control with ease your entire home or yacht via well-designed and innovative On-Screen Displays navigated with ROSIE Touch TV, ROSIE Surface and the novel ROSIE Remotes. ©2008 Savant Systems 47

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