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ROSIE SYSTEMS ROSIE Systems ROSIE isn’t a product; it’s a system. The ROSIE System architecture is a collection of advanced technologies combined to create an amazingly flexible and powerful set of solutions. At the center of every solution set is one or more ROSIE Systems. The Systems are the core of any installation comprised of a suite of platforms that vary in AV switching, processing, scaling, integrated media and control capabilities (see Cross Reference Matrix, p. 10). From the state-of-the-art ROSIE System 12, 24 & 36 multizone platforms to the award winning ROSIE System 2, Savant has a solution to suit the needs, budget and demands of any installation. ROSIE System Controller ROSIE System OSD Multifunctional and scalable—ideal for small to large-scale multizone environments—these Systems are at the heart of any installation. ROSIE System 2 Savant offers the following family of ROSIE Systems: • ROSIE System Controller • ROSIE System OSD • ROSIE System 2 • ROSIE System 3 • ROSIE System 12 • ROSIE System 24 • ROSIE System 36 ROSIE System 3 ROSIE System 12 ROSIE System 24 ROSIE System 36 8 ©2008 Savant Systems

ROSIE Systems The “System” number designates the number of card slots or modules available in each system. Therefore, ROSIE System 2, 3, 12, 24 and 36 can be configured with up to 2, 3, 12, 24 and 36 modules respectively. Savant currently offers several modules that support world class surround sound and broadcast quality video processing. ROSIE System # of Optional Modules # Output Modules # Input Modules ROSIE System 2 2 2 1 ROSIE System 3 3 2 1 ROSIE System 12 12 6 6 ROSIE SYSTEMS ROSIE System 24 24 12 12 ROSIE System 36 36 18 18 Audio and/or Video In: Slots 1-3 Audio In Only: Slots 4-6 ROSIE System 12 Rear View (Slot Capabilities) Audio and/or Video Out: Slots 1-3 Audio Out Only: Slots 4-6 Savant’s broadcast quality video processing capabilities Installations with SDTV and HDTV video signals originating from a variety of digital HDMI and analog sources require a deinterlacer and scalar to match the source video to the native resolution of the video display. Savant is offering this video processing capability in platforms ranging from the integrated multifunctional ROSIE System OSD to the ROSIE System 2 and ROSIE System 3 platforms. Furthermore, the Savant video processing features include ROSIE OSD, whereby powerful video mixing and overlay technology enables the creation of spectacular On-screen displays. Savant’s world class audio processing and distribution capabilities Savant has designed and integrated audiophile-quality audio processing and distribution in platforms ranging from the ROSIE System 3 to the multifunctional high capacity ROSIE System 36, including (XLR) balanced output options. Audio processing and audio distribution details are highlighted and presented throughout the catalog. For instance, the AOM-SS8U is a 7.1 surround sound processing module that also includes eight stereo preamp channels. The remaining line of ROSIE modules are primarily dedicated input or output audio and video modules (see Audio & Video Modules, p. 26). Savant also provides a unique module (OVP-1100) delivering video processing, audio/video switching, and audio/video inputs and outputs, specifically designed for the ROSIE System 2 and ROSIE System 3 platforms. In contrast, the ROSIE System Controller and ROSIE System OSD are fixed integrated standalone solutions. Both systems are set in a fixed input/output range (see Cross Reference Matrix). The ROSIE System Controller is a fixed control-only solution. ROSIE System OSD is a fixed multifunctional integrated solution that supports video processing, video and audio switching, control features, and ROSIE OSD (see OSD table, p. 41). Unique Industrial Design The ROSIE product line relies on simple control with consistent user-centric design cues to guide the user or installer through the ROSIE experience, making it easier to place and showcase ROSIE Systems in residential settings. These user-centric cues are quite evident in ROSIE System 12, 24 & 36 with integrated 13-inch TFT LCD widescreen touch displays, whereby replacing the traditional knob and button interfaces common to the industry. ©2008 Savant Systems 9

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