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NEW LISTINGS FOR 2009 - Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.

Hot Wings / Perfect Pattern

Tatarian Maple

Royal Crown Amur Maple

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Purple Spire Crabapple

Starlite Crabapple


Hot Wings / Perfect Pattern: offer outstanding

red samaras and resistance to drought

and alkaline soil types. Orange-red fall colour.

Royal Crown: alkali-tolerant selection of

Amur Maple that produces a consistent 3-stem

clump. Purple-red fall colour.

Green Mountain: the most widely planted

selection of Sugar Maple in the U.S. Offers a

hardy choice for northern areas.

Purple Spire: a compact, columnar crabapple

that offers purple foliage and minimal fruit.

Starlite: a white-flowered crabapple from a

cross between Dolgo and Rosthern. Excellent

resistance to apple scab. Tiny red fruit.

Concorde: a dwarf, globe-shaped shrub with

deep purple, velvety foliage; drought tolerant

Limelight: bright, lime-green flowers. Excellent

vigor and floriferous blooming.

Quickfire: blooms up to 1 month earlier than

other varieties; white flowers turn deep pink

Concorde Barberry

Limelight Hydrangea

Quickfire Hydrangea

Pinky Winky Hydrangea

SEM False Spirea

Josee Lilac

Golden Glow Elder

Snowdrift Rose

My Monet Weigela

Cinderella & Svetlana



Pinky Winky: 14” blooms with higher petal

count. Strong stems support large blossoms.

SEM: pink-red, fern-like foliage unfurls along

pink stems. Creamy white flowers in July.

Josee: a dwarf lilac that blooms all summer

long. Fragrant lavendar-pink blooms.

Golden Glow: a compact form of Golden Elder

with outstanding golden-yellow foliage

My Monet: compact plant with variegated

green and white foliage. Purple-pink blooms.

Snowdrift: an Easy Elegance rose with large

numbers of cup-shaped creamy white blooms.

Cinderella & Svetlana: two new selections of

honeyberry (haskap). Frost resistant blooms

give rise to tasty blue fruit.

Arctic Mist: a hardy variegated Coral Bells

from Jeffries R&D program. Attractive red

flowers contrast the mottled foliage.

Grand Mum: an outstanding medium-sized

monarda from the Morden Research Station.

Pink flowers resemble chrysanthemum blooms.

Arctic Mist Coral Bells

Grand Mum Monarda

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