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Clariant unites cleansing with sustainability at SEPAWA 2013

Media Release

Clariant unites cleansing with sustainability at


Sustainable solutions to support changing needs and trends in

detergents, dish wash, industrial and consumer cleaning, and

cosmetics sectors

Low temperature cleaning performance additives for the autodish

and laundry market

Innovative preservative booster for skin and hair care


SEPAWA 2013 - Booth 658 - 660

Muttenz, October 9, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, unites sustainability with

innovation and trends in its solutions for the surfactants and cosmetics markets at SEPAWA 2013 –

the 60 th SEPAWA Congress and European Detergents Conference in Fulda, Germany from October

9 – 11, 2013 (Booth 658 - 660).

Experts from across Clariant’s business units will come together to demonstrate innovative

possibilities for the Home, Fabric & Personal Care, and Cleaning Product industries to increase

efficiency, reduce costs and improve the environmental compatibility of end applications. Clariant’s

customer-focused and consumer-oriented approach creates new ingredients, formulation concepts

and services centered on the key trends and preferences driving the various segments. For example,

addressing demands for excellent performance at lower wash temperatures in the detergent sector,

or the trend toward more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals in cosmetics.

Clariant will present its innovations under the banners “We Care About Home” – its new business

model for surface solutions, and “Uncover the Secret Code of Beauty” – its exciting new concept of

products and services for the Personal Care sector. Visitors can dig deeper into technical details

behind several of the new developments during the conference sessions. Product highlights at the

Clariant Booth include:

Laundry Detergent powders:

New TexCare ® SRA 300 F matches consumers’ preference for convenience from their

laundry experience. The innovative soil release polymer enhances the cleaning and

whitening power of detergents to give a clean, fresh look which works particularly well on

polyesters and polyester/cotton mixes valued for their comfort factor. Importantly, the

whiteness and brightness of clothes is maintained even after multiple washes.


Clariant’s low temperature bleach activator for the laundry market - Peractive ® DOBA -

offers excellent performance on difficult to remove, hydrophobic stains. Peractive Perfect

Clean is a very powerful cleaning combination of TAED with DOBA in a single co-granule,

thus offering a product targeted at both hydrophobic and hydrophilic stains in one product



Clariant offers two bleach catalysts to meet demands for stain removal in the autodish

segment. Peractive MnOx is an eco-friendly, biodegradable bleach catalyst showing excellent

tea stain removal below 50˚C; Peractive MnTACN offers exceptional overall performance

and delivers excellent starch removal and the added benefit of a silver corrosion inhibitor,

both catalysts boost performance in short dishwashing cycles at lower temperatures. All

products are available as cogranules with TAED for broad range performance and ease of


New methods to achieve the perfect viscosity for dishwashing liquids. Aligned with global

green trends such as water saving and reduced pack size consumers are increasingly

demanding concentrated products for household. For their formulation and application, the

use of rheology modifiers like flammable ethanol is mandatory. TexCare SRN 170 offers a

high-performance and environmentally friendly alternative as a low VOC and solvent-free

solution for controlling the viscosity of concentrated dishwashing liquids. It is proven to be

at least four times more effective in use than standard solvents and secondary effects such as

improved formulation stability, soil dispersion and pleasant skin feel can be claimed.

“The perfect viscosity for your dishwashing liquids” will be presented by Clariant on 10 October

from 09.45 – 10.00hrs in Room 2.


Clariant’s “Secret Code of Beauty” concept is the inspiration behind new products and

solutions for hair and skin care formulations. The Secret Code of Beauty combines Clariant’s

outstanding expertise in the Personal Care market, creative innovation power, and deep

consumer and trend insights with its focus on sustainability and passion for sensorial


Developed in line with the new concept, Clariant introduces the luxurious soft, velvety skin

feel of new Aristoflex ® Velvet to skin care formulations. The innovative composition of the

EO-free and preservative-free ingredient does not immediately break on skin when applied,

but instead gently melts while applying to leave skin feeling evenly soft and moisturized.

Clariant brings safe and efficient preservation to the fore in a new development to support

the trend in skin and hair care formulations. The completely renewable and biodegradable

Velsan ® SC (Sorbitan Caprylate) is an Ecocert approved booster of preservative systems that

is non-toxic. Several optimized, easy to use liquid blends of Sorbitan Caprylate with

preservatives have been developed for safe preservation of rinse-off and leave-on

formulations. These optimizations help the formulator to use preservatives in combination

with Sorbitan Caprylate in an efficient, minimally invasive way.


Dr. Tom Fricke presents “Minimally invasive preservation – big effect with low concentrations” on

October 9, from 11.15-11.30hrs in Room 2.

Eye-catching cleaning products:

Clariant’s core range of colorants (dyes, pigments and pigment preparations) meets the

requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel “Nordic Swan” and the EU Ecolabel to support

customers in their pursuit of eco-label status for consumer and industrial cleaning products.

The Duasyn ® and Sanolin ® water soluble dyes are available in liquid or powder form and

cover a wide range of shades within the color spectrum. Clariant has extended the liquid dye

range to support a dust-free, easy, and efficient handling of a colorant’s formulation and


Pigments and pigment preparations complete the range and offer a broad variety of color

solutions to formulate all desired cleaning products.

Clariant offers specific ranges of pigment preparations for the shoe care industry. Products

from its Colanyl ® , Flexonyl ® and FM-BR granules Pigment preparations ranges have been

especially selected and tested for application in wax based shoe polishes and aqueous shoe

care emulsions. The colorants are based on four-color printing.




Phone +41 61 469 63 63


Phone +41 61 469 63 63

Clariant is a globally leading specialty chemicals company, based in Muttenz near Basel/Switzerland. On December 31, 2012 the company

employed a total workforce of 21,202. In the financial year 2012, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 6.038 billion for its continuing businesses. The

company reports in four business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis & Energy, Natural Resources, Plastics & Coatings. Clariant’s corporate

strategy is based on four pillars: managing businesses for profitability, research & development and innovation, growth in emerging markets,

and repositioning of the portfolio.

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