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April 2011 - The Temple Congregation Ohabai Sholom

Congregation Ohabai Sholom

April 9 & 10

Temple Arts Festival

April 19 th

2 nd Night Seder

led by

Rabbi Schiftan &

Cantor Gutcheon


Form on

Page 5.

April 20 th

JACS Seder

April 23 rd

GLBT Seder

April 29 th

Post Con rmation


May 6 th

Annual Meeting

May 8 th

Con rmation

April 2011 ~ www.templenashville.org

The Temple

5015 Harding Road

Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: 615-352-7620

Fax: 615-352-9365

Executive Staff

Mark Schiftan

Senior Rabbi ................................ ext. 224

Shana Goldstein Mackler

Associate Rabbi .......................... ext. 221

Randall M. Falk

Rabbi Emeritus ........................... ext. 226

Bernard Gutcheon

Cantor ........................................... ext. 234

Lynda Gutcheon

Director of Education ............... ext. 233

Corye Nelson

Playschool Director .................... ext. 231

Nancy Richardson

Director of Membership &


........................................................ ext. 298

Erin Zagnoev

Director of Development ......... ext. 299

Of ce Staff

Lisa Crockett

Finance Manager ....................... ext. 230

Mitzie Russell

Of ce Manager .......................... ext. 292

Mark Shepard

Facility Manager ......................... ext. 235

Grace Parham

Religious School Secretary ....... ext. 225

Kathy Smietana

Rabbinical Secretary ................. ext. 222

Barbara Palmer

Bookkeeper ................................. ext. 228

Adrian Bryce

Temple Administrative Asst. .....ext. 241

Marjorie Zager

Senior Services Coordinator ....ext. 237

Of cers

Randall Goldstein ..................President

Ray Berk.........................Vice President

Ralph Levy .............................Treasurer

Martin Sir ................................Secretary

Rabbi Schiftan

Inaugural Prayer

On January 15th of this year, I was honored to be able to give

the Invocation at the Inauguration of Governor Bill Haslam.

Many congregants either heard the invocation, or heard of it, and

have subsequently asked for a copy of this prayer. I share it with

you here. (Portions taken from Union Prayer Book, in addition to

my own words.)

Our God, God of all generations, God of all lands and ages;

God of this land, this state, God of this day and this place:

We have come before you on this morning, to ask for your blessings on those who

have been chosen to lead us, and those who have the honor of serving the citizens of

the Great State of Tennessee.

We ask for your guidance for our new Governor, and for all those who will govern

with him:

May civility of discourse always be their chief cornerstone;

May humility of spirit forever be their primary touchstone;

And may strength of character consistently be their sacred keystone

in the days and years ahead.

And so, for our new Governor, Bill Haslam, for all those who share the mantle of

leadership, and for all those to whom he, and they, commit themselves to protecting

and guiding, to sustaining and sheltering in Your sight…Let us pray:

For our human community, for our common past, and our future hope, for our

continuing capacity to grow and evolve, the embrace of our freedom, and the full

extent of our liberty…We give thanks this day.

For high hopes and noble causes, for faith without fanaticism, for tolerance of views

differing from our own…We give thanks to you, O God, on this day.

For all who labor and work for the cause of justice, for hallowed places, where human

souls are judged not by the color of their skin but ,rather, by the content of their

character…for all who live, so that others too, might live, in dignity and in freedom…

We give thanks, O God, to you, on this inauguration day.

For human liberty and sacred service; for the defense of the fundamental rights we

cherish – to assemble, to speak freely, to af rm, to dissent—to pray…We give thanks

to you, O God, on this day.

May our new Governor, Bill Haslam, and all those who lead us…May he, and they, lead

us in such a way…that with God’s guidance, we might choose to live our lives…not

driven by our fears but ,rather, by our hopes; not simply by our words but ,rather, by

our deeds.

And may it be so. Amen.

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Get on Board

Randy Goldstein

We begin the month with our incredible Temple Arts Festival, our annual fundraiser. This year once

again promises to be an exciting event, with artists from all around the country participating. I would

like to thank Event Co-Chairs Lisa & Steve Small, Rae & Bruce Hirsch, Leah Berman, Erica Jacobs,

Mary Jones, Suzanne Schulman, Barbara Speller and LouAnne Wolfson for chairing this year’s event.

I would also like to thank our Honorary Chairs, Annette Eskind and Heloise Kuhn for their ongoing

support. There are also over 100 volunteers who join together during this two day event. The TAF is

a tremendous undertaking, and it helps The Temple both scally and communally.

The 2011 Annual Giving Campaign has received con rmed pledge cards from 400 families representing an increase of

over $50,000 – 5% greater than last year. If you have not responded we hope you will do so soon. Your Temple needs

your support and your annual gift helps solidify our nancial future. I would like to thank Mark Goldfarb and Jeff Jacobs

who served as this year’s Annual Giving Chairs.

As we move into April, we begin the Annual Budget process for 2011-2012. Ben Russ, Budget Chair and Lisa Crockett,

Finance Director, have already sent letters to the staff and Committee Chairs. The Temple Playschool, Religious School

and the Cemetery budgets are all presented to the committee during April. The preliminary budget will be presented

in May to the Board of Trustees and set for nal approval during the June Board Meeting.

Passover will be celebrated on April 18 th and 19 th . The Temple will be offering a Seder led by Rabbi Schiftan and Cantor

Gutcheon on the second night of Passover. Check within these pages of The View for details.

It’s hard to believe that April brings the end of the four year term for six of our Board of Trustees. Though I will have

another time to recognize the special volunteers during our May 6 th Annual Meeting I wanted to say thank you to

those Trustees ending their term. As I have mentioned before, all our Trustees Chair or Co-Chair one of Temple’s

many committees. Jeff Jacobs has served as Annual Giving Co-Chair and has served on the Executive Committee;

Joyce Friedman has Chaired Communication/Public Relations; Marshall Karr has served as Chair of the Cemetery

Committee for the past four years and will continue as Co-Chair next year; Karen Shaffer rst served as Chair of

the Playschool Advisory Board and recently has served as Religious School Chair; Lisa Shmerling has served on the

Beauti cation Committee; and Carol Smith is a Co-Chair of our Development Committee. I have enjoyed working with

these individuals the past four years and I appreciate all they have accomplished.

I thank all our members of the Board of Trustee for their dedication and to the work they give for our Temple.

Larry Weinberg Kicks Off Our Focus on Israel Month

April 1 st at 6:00 p.m.

“Idealized? Demonized? What is the reality of Israel today?”

April 8 th at 6:00 p.m.

Congregants will share their re ections on the

recent Israel trip.

Larry Weinberg serves as chief communications of cer of the Jewish Agency for Israel, a highly known,

regarded and successful organization in its niche of pro-Israel communications. Prior to this, he was a key

part of efforts to improve Israel’s brand and image in America, serving more than seven years as the executive

vice president of the highly regarded and innovative nonpro t news service and advocacy group, ISRAEL21c.

Additionally he is a member of the board of directors of United Support of Artists for Africa (USA for Africa) the nonpro t responsible

for both the original “We Are The World” song and HANDS ACROSS AMERICA.

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Congregational News

Congratulations to Ida Alexander and David & Susan

Alexander on the birth of their great-grandson and

grandson, Matthew Martin Dailey on February 25, 2011

Mazel Tov to Jaime Heller and Mark Kocourek on the

birth of their son Mark Franklin Kocourek

on March 5, 2011.

Toni and Dick Heller are the proud grandparents.

Welcome to the following

new members:

Jeremy & Rebcca Stone

Paisley & Lillian

Benjamin Goldberg & Tara Tocco

Bar Mitzvah

Noah Geltzer

April 16, 2011

11:00 a.m.

Noah Geltzer was born on

April 2, 1998 in Meridian, MS. His

parents are Renee’ and Scott Geltzer.

His grandparents are Judge Leon Ruben

and the late Myra Lou Ruben and Edith

Geltzer Doktorczyk and the late Norman Geltzer and the late

Max Doktorczyk.

Noah chose to work with Jewish Family Services making

food boxes for his mitzvah project. These food boxes are used

for families in need.

Noah is in seventh grade at Bellevue Middle School

where he is part of the Baccalaureate Program. His special

interests include playing basketball, video games and playing

with his dog Smokey.

Contact: Nancy Richardson - Director of Membership & Programming

email: nancy@templenashville.org or call:352-7620

*Due to privacy protection, The Temple does not receive hospital lists.

~ Chavurah ~

Derived from the Hebrew root that means “friend” or “friendship”

Want to meet new people with similar interests? Want to explore new friendships?

Create new wonderful experiences for you and your family?

We want to match up our Chavurahs as best we can so please join us to nd out more!

Come shmooze with us! Wednesday, April 13 th @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: Suriva & Bobby Fischer’s home (109 Clydelan Court - 615/955-0404)

Building new friendships that can last a lifetime ...

RSVP: Nancy Richardson: 615-352-7620 or nancy@templenashville.org

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Scholarship Opportunities

The Temple offers the following

Scholarship opportunities:

The Donald E. Jacobs

Student Loan Fund

This fund assists Jewish students who are

attending college or post-graduate school

with interest-free loans to assist in paying

tuition. For an application, please call

Kathy at 352-7620, extension 222.

Applications must be returned no later

than May 31 st .

Camp Scholarships

The Temple offers partial camp

scholarships to the children

of members of the congregation. Just

write a letter to Rabbi Schiftan

explaining why you want to go to camp.

Letters must be received by May 1 st .

Sincere Sympathy

The Temple mourns the loss of the following

members and extends condolences to their families

D.H. Hirsberg - March 4, 2011

Charlotte Morris - March 16, 2011

The Temple family extends condolences to the

following members who have lost loved ones:

• Howard Levy on the death of his daughter, Amy Levy

Earth Day Green Shabbat

an evening of Green Healthy Living.

Friday, April 22 nd at 6:00 p.m.

Enjoy a composting presentation

by Michael Richardson

Discuss computer recycling with the

9 th grade religious school class

Learn about Nashville’s Eco-Challenge:

Food is the focus

Support the Playschool

by Ordering AlphaBakery Challah ! !

Members of The Temple congregation can now order

Challah through The Temple Playschool.

Order forms are available through the Playschool of ce

by emailing thetemple.playschool@gmail.com .

We are currently taking orders for the month of April.

You can pick up Challah on Friday mornings after 10:00

at the Playschool of ce or before services

in the Gift Shop.

April 2011 - www.templenashville.org - 615-352-7620 ~ page 5

Temple Gift Shop Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

11:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Before & After Services

Sunday during Religious School

Closed: Monday & Saturday

Nominating Committee Report

By Patty Marks

It is my pleasure, as chairman of the Nominating Committee, to make this report. Let me begin by thanking

the members of the committee for their time, effort and commitment to the goals of the committee. Members

of the committee from the congregation are Risa Klein Herzog, Meryl Kraft, and Betty Werthan. Members of

the committee from the Board of Trustees are Erin Herbst, Betty Lee Rosen and Robb McCluskey.

The Nominating Committee would like to recommend the following slate of names to serve a full fouryear

term as members of the Board of Trustees:

Alan Cooper

Alan and his wife of 47 years, Regina, moved to Nashville in 1994 and joined The Temple in 1996. They have

two grown children, Judie, who lives in Atlanta, and Scott, who is married to Meridith. They have a son, Samuel,

who is nine. Alan retired in 2010 from H.J. Heinz Company, where he worked for 25 years. Alan served on

the Board of Trustees of the congregation in Fort Worth he and his family belonged to during their 25 years

in Texas.

Jimmy Marks

A long-time member of this congregation, Jimmy currently serves on the Budget Committee, which he has

chaired in the past, as well as the Green Team, which he currently co-chairs. In addition, he has served on both

Gesher committees. Jimmy is married to Patty, who is the Immediate Past President of the congregation. They

have two grown sons, Albert, who is engaged to Rachel Kaplan, and Michael. Trained as a CPA, Jimmy is president

of OneApp Agency, a computer software company.

Alice Rothman

Alice moved to Nashville from Durham, N.C. with her husband, Russell, in 2002. She currently serves on the

Advisory Committee for Temple Playschool and is active with the Parent Committee. Her son, Jacob, a graduate

of the Playschool, attends Temple Religious School. Her daughter, Ellie, is currently enrolled in the Playschool.

Alice is a general pediatrician at Vanderbilt, practicing at One Hundred Oaks, and serving as the medical director

for the International Adoption Clinic.

Freya Sachs

Freya grew up at The Temple – from consecration to post-con rmation – and currently teaches fth grade

in the religious school, is a member of the Green Team, and was glad to be a part of the committee involved

in selecting the current prayer book. Freya teaches English and Environmental Studies at University School

of Nashville. She enjoys traveling, reading and making things – whether poems, jewelry, knitting, bread or

something new.

Karen Silien

Originally from New Jersey, Karen has been delighted to call Nashville her home for 12 years. Karen’s

professional background includes leadership development and training, higher education administration and

more recently counseling and consulting psychology. She is the founder of a new consulting company,

InBodied Living. She teaches adjunct in the Human Development Counseling program at Vanderbilt

University. At Temple, Karen served as co-chair of the Caring Connection and has been active in Mussar

Mindfulness for the past two years. Karen was a founding member and served as president of the statewide

non-pro t, the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee. She currently serves on the Board of Gilda’s

Club Nashville and the Community Board of WPLN. She is the proud aunt of two teenage nephews,

Christopher and Jonathan Klandt. She is an avid reader, loves to play outdoors and is a longtime student

of poetry and yoga.

Jeffrey Sonsino

Jeffrey is an assistant professor and optometrist at Vanderbilt Eye Institute. In addition to being the

director of the scleral lens clinic, he invented reading glasses for those with macular degeneration and

low vision which will be introduced to the market later this year. He is married to Michele Sonsino,

also an optometrist and owner of Optique Eyecare and Eyewear, on West End Avenue. Their two

children, Maxwell (4) and Emery (2) have been students at the Temple Playschool since birth.

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Second Night Passover Seder led

by Rabbi Schiftan and Cantor Gutcheon

Tuesday, April 19 th at 6:00 p.m.

“Lite Fare” Dinner Seder,

Catered by Goldie Shepard.We hope you’ll join us for this festive evening.

price $18 for adults, $10 for children ages 3-11; $36 for all nonmember guests.

RSVP to Temple by Monday, April 11 th .

Congregational Second Night Seder

Name:_________________________________ Phone:____________________________

Number of Adults _____x $18 _________ Number of Children_____ x $10________

Total Enclosed __________

Mail to: The Temple, 5015 Harding Road, Nashville, TN 37205

Attn: Passover reservations enclosed - Your check is your reservation!

Monday, April 18 th

Another opportunity to celebrate Passover with

your Temple family. Room at your Home Table? Need

a Place to Go? ~ Our Membership Committee will

Make your Match ~ Hosts: Besides the chair for

Elijah, how many other adults and children can

you host?Guests: How many adults and children

are in your family? Please contact Anne Slosky


661-5275 or sloskya@comcast.net by

Friday, April 8 th . We’ll be back in touch

with you by Wednesday, April 13 th


April 23 rd ~ 6:00 p.m.

at The Temple

R.S.V.P. to Kathy

352-7620 x222 or email


Cost for JACS & GLBT/PFLAG Seders:

$10.00 &

Bring a Covered Dish

JACS Seder

April 20 th - 6:00 p.m.

at The Temple

R.S.V.P. to Robb McCluskey


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Temple Events

Golden Lunch


Golden Lunch Bunch

will not meet in April.

We will resume our

regular schedule on

May 3 rd



7:15 p.m.

April 6 th

For more

information contact:

Martin Sir, 419-8325


David Barton,




April 3 rd and 17 th

12:00 p.m.

led by

Patty Marks

& Rabbi Mackler



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedn

9:30 AM Religious School

9:45 AM Children's Corner

10:00 AM Book Club

12:00 PM Conversion


Temple Arts Festival

Mar 2011


1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16 17 18 19

20 21 22 23 24 25 26

27 28 29 30 31

4 5

11 12

2:00 PM Knitting & Crocheting

4:00 PM Executive Committee


4:15 PM Mid-week Hebrew

6:30 PM Adult Hebrew

2:00 PM Knitting & Crocheting

4:15 PM Mid-week Hebrew

6:30 PM Adult Hebrew

7:00 PM Board of Trustees



May 2011


1 2 3 4 5

8 9 10 11 12

15 16 17 18 19

22 23 24 25 26

29 30 31

Did you Know . . . . .

that there is an historic marker on Commerce Street near Seventh

commemorating the Vine Street Temple, predecessor to The Temple? Th

Temple, dedicated in 1876 on what was then Vine Street and is now Se

North, was the rst synagogue constructed in Nashville. It was in use un

our present site in the 1950s. The marker was erected in 1991, through

Martha Goldner and the Metro Historical Society.



9:15 AM Playscho

4:15 PM Mi

6:00 P

6:00 PM

7:00 PM Playsch

7:15 PM Mu

4:15 PM Mid

6:00 P

6:00 PM

7:00 PM



7:00 PM Deve



Lunch with

the Rabbi


11:30 a.m. at

Loews Vanderbilt Plaza

Knitting &



2:00 p.m.


9:30 AM Religious School

12:00 PM Conversion



24 25

First Night of Passover

Temple Office & Playschool

Close at 3:00 p.m.

11:00 AM Yizkor Service

Temple Office & Playschool




6:00 PM Second Night Seder

Temple Office & Playschool


2:00 PM Knitting & Crocheting



6:00 PM

6:00 PM

6:00 P

6:00 PM

page 8 ~ April 2011 - www.templen


esday Thursday Friday Saturday


6 7

13 14

20 21

27 28


e Vine Street

venth Avenue

til the move to

the efforts of



6:00 PM Shabbat Service

9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM Shabbat Service

Temple Events

Book Club

April 3 rd

10:00 a.m.

The Book of Daniel,

by E.L. Doctorow

For more

information contact

Joan Breyer



Laurie Handshu



ol Advisory Committee

d-week Hebrew



11:30 AM Lunch with the Rabbi

12:00 PM Women's Torah



6:00 PM Shabbat Service


9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM Shabbat Service

Temple Arts Festival



Sunday, April 3 rd

at 9:45 a.m.

Post Con

ool Parent Committee

ssar Mindfulness

-week Hebrew


Post Con


al Meeting (info

ge 4)


11:30 AM Lunch with the Rabbi

12:00 PM Women's Torah


1:30 PM Mah Jongg


9:30 AM Playschool Model


5:15 PM Pre Service Oneg

6:00 PM Family Service


9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM Shabbat Service

Bar Mitzvah/Noah Geltzer


May 1 st

12:00 p.m.

Blessed is the


lopment Meeting

JACS Seder


11:30 AM Lunch with the Rabbi


6:00 PM Blue Jean Shabbat


9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

Post Con


Post Con


12:00 PM Women's Torah


1:30 PM Mah Jongg

4:30 PM Cemetery Committee

11:30 AM Lunch with the Rabbi

12:00 PM Women's Torah


1:30 PM Mah Jongg


Earth Day/Green Shabbat (info

on page 5)

6:00 PM Blue Jean Shabbat

6:00 PM Post Confirmation


7:00 PM Confirmation/Post

Con Banquet


11:00 AM Shabbat Service

6:00 PM GLBT/PFLAG Seder

9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM Shabbat Service




Torah Study


12:00 p.m.

led by

Patty Marks

Mah Jongg


1:30 p.m.

ashville.org - 615-352-7620 ~ page 9

Conrmation Class 2010-2011

This year’s Con rmation Class has requested that, in lieu of individual gifts, donations can be made to the Con rmation Fund.

This fund’s proceeds are applied to the class trip to New York, in order that the cost be defrayed for everyone.

Dana Jo Bednowitz daughter of Nancy & David Bednowitz

Emily Michelle Blumenthal daughter of Tricia & Eric Blumenthal

Zachary Shaw Bugalla son of Brendi Kaplan

Sydney Brin Davis daughter of Barbara & Tom Davis

Nora Wynne Fischer daughter of Laura & Paul Fischer

Elizabeth Grace Fox daughter of Mitchell Fox & Monica Clarke

Barry Goldsmith son of Karen & Steve Goldsmith

Jessica Paige Goldstein daughter of Celia & Mark Goldstein

Brian Sandler Gordon son of Julie & Bob Gordon

Erin Magdalena Herbstova daughter of Myriam Herbstova-Longo

Gordon Mathias Kaye son of Sally & Mitchell Kaye

Logan Marie Klinsky daughter of Trenda & Larry Klinsky

Matthew Flippin McPherson son of Chris & John McPherson

Elijah David Martin Orland son of LaQuita Martin & Richard Orland

Madeline Jill Robin daughter of Deborah & Mark Robin

Marian Rosa Rubin daughter of Regina & Mark Rubin

David Julius Shepard son of Debbie & Roger Shepard

Jake Michael Sprintz son of Karen & Bruce Sprintz

Suzanne Jonas Strupp daughter of Dana Morris Strupp

Harrison James Wolskij son of Beth & Harry Wolskij

We Congratulate the following Post Conrmation Graduates

Nina Breyer

Miriam Miller

Daniel Caplan

Nathan Caplan

Max Fishel

Matthew Friedman

Zach Gordon

Lexi Mossman

Neal Richardson

Jacob Schiftan

Mara Steine

Josh Strupp

David Kuhn

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Religious School

First graders make Shalach Manot (Purim

gifts) for the Seniors who attend the

Senior Lunch Bunch program.

6th graders Lily Yalowitz and Stephanie

Blumenthal share their family tree

discoveries as dad, Eric Blumenthal looks

on. This project was part of a 4-week

workshop for 6th grade families to aid

in the making of the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah

experience more meaningful.

Andy Straus and his daughter Anna make

Hamentashen together as part of the 1st

grade Generation Day Program.

Religious School Celebrates Purim hosted by our Con rmation Families

page 12 ~ April 2011 - www.templenashville.org - 615-352-7620


April Adventures

by Corye Nelson & Jan Huettner

Temple Playschool anticipates a wonderful April. Spring is in full bloom and many of our children

will be planting sun ower seeds, growing vegetables in their own little gardens, and viewing the

metamorphosis of caterpillars that change into butter ies, just in time for Passover. All ages will

participate in these monthly activities, and we look forward to setting our classroom butter ies

free. Symbolically, the butter ies will y away just like Pharaoh let the Jewish people leave Egypt,

to wander in the wilderness and, eventually, nd their way. Our own model Passover Seder for

the playschool will take place on Friday, April 15 th . We will celebrate with stories and songs.

Children will be making placemats and centerpieces for their very own age-appropriate service.

Members of the congregation, friends, and family are cordially invited to join us as we munch on

matza at Seder, and for the butter y release immediately following.

Additionally, this year on April 4 th through the 8 th , we have planned a muscular dystrophy “hopa-thon.”

This event will include a week of curriculum activities and plans, and end with a fun day

of hopping to raise money and awareness for the muscular dystrophy association.

As you can see, there are very exciting times ahead. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the

many adventures of March through pictures that we have posted below.

April 2011 - www.templenashville.org - 615-352-7620 ~ page 13

Annual Giving Fund

Birthday of Lisa Turk

Kassiana Bateman

Beverly & Jimmy Small

Golden Agers Fund

Birthday of Heloise Werthan Kuhn

James & Suzanne Schulman

Memory of Beck Raskin

James & Suzanne Schulman

Memory of Iris Schwartz

Bruce & Rae Hirsch

Bobby & Brenda Rosenblum

Sheila Schott

James & Suzanne Schulman

Leon & Charlotte Strauss

Memory of June Brune

James & Suzanne Schulman

Memory of Mary Wolf

James & Suzanne Schulman

Memory of Murray Friedman

James & Suzanne Schulman

Recovery of Annette Eskind

James & Suzanne Schulman

Recovery of Barbara Turner

James & Suzanne Schulman

Recovery of Bonnie Small

Steven & Sandra Hecklin

Bruce & Rae Hirsch

James & Suzanne Schulman

Calvin A. Buchman Social Action


Anniversary of Ted & Frances Machanoff

The Machanoff Family

Leon & Charles Gilbert

Outreach Fund

Honor of Marshall Karr

Harris A. Gilbert

Honor of Randy Goldstein

Harris A. Gilbert

Memory of Ida Toby Kaplan

Harris A. Gilbert

Temple Arts Festival

Revovery of Sandy Schwarcz

The Women’s Torah Study Group

Donald E. Jacobs Student Loan Fund

Memory of Mary Wolf

Ralph & Raye Ann Greenbaum

Betty Frances Ginsberg

Memorial Library

Memory of Alexander Levine

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Memory of Edith Meyer Signor

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Memory of Ellen Kester

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Memory of Florence Sachs

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Memory of June Brune

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Memory of Mary Wolf

Carl & Beth Dreifuss

Religious School Enrichment Fund

Memory of Mary Wolf

Bill & Lanie Cook

Rabbi Schiftan’s Discretionary Fund

Appreciation of Rabbi Schiftan

Bobby & Brenda Rosenblum

Honor of the Engagement of Charles Small

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Memory of Arthur Hahn

Susan Hahn

Memory of Beck Raskin

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Memory of Mary Wolf

Abraham & Nancy Galbut

Shelly & Patricia Krizelman

Arthur Lowen

Rabbi Falk’s Discretionary Fund

Memory of Harry Lipman

Robert S. Lipman

Gerda Lowenstein

Caring & Concern Fund

Memory of Bernie Krohn

Doris Fleischer

Memory of Evelyn Brin

Janice Krohn

Memory of Marty Schott

Doris Fleischer

Memory of Mary Wolf

Bruce & Rae Hirsch

Memory of Rachel Olsky

Sally Wolkoff

Recovery of Marjorie Zager

Philip & Melissa Russ

Recovery of Rae Hirsch

Philip & Melissa Russ

Hank Brooks Campership Fund

Birthday of Gil Fox, Sr.

Debi & Charles Robin

Memory of Boris Brooks

Louis H. Brooks, Jr.

Memory of Gloria Hirsch

Debi & Charles Robin

Memory of Ellen Kester

Debi & Charles Robin

Memorial Fund

Memory of Sydney Weiss

Robert & Francine Lenter

Memory of Hyman Kweller

Bobby & Brenda Rosenblum

Memory of Niki Uhlig

Kassiana Bateman

Recovery of Goldie Shepard

Robert & Francine Lenter

Did you know?

The Temple now has a Cemetery Beautication Fund.

Please keep this in mind when making your donations.

Thank you.

A Lasting Legacy

As you think about your estate planning,

please remember The Temple.

We welcome and appreciate all gifts, regardless of the size.

Your gift to The Temple will help ensure our ability to provide a spiritual,

educational and communal home for our members,today, tomorrow

and for the generations to come, L’dor V’dor.

To learn more about Leaving a Legacy,

please contact Erin Zagnoev at

The Temple, 352-7620.

This report reects donations that have been acknowledged as of February 28 th

page 14 ~ April 2011 - www.templenashville.org - 615-352-7620

. . . . . . . Kaddish will be recited in memory of these loved ones

April 1 & 2 April 8 & 9 April 15 & 16 April 22 & 23

Sidney Averbuch

(father) by Shirly Zeitlin

Mae S. Baker

Lillian Weinstein Cohen

Reuben Cohen

Herbert Cole

(husband) by Louise Cole

Ray Epstein

Irwin B. Eskind, MD

Abraham David Faier

Emanuel Feldman

(father) by Phyllis Katzoff

Hortense Foyer

Irwin Freedman

Joseph Friedman

Herman Glick

Max Goldberg

Richard Goldner

Dorothy S. Goldstein


by Randy & Gretchen Goldstein

Edward T. Goldstein


by Randy & Gretchen Goldstein

Dave Gordon

Milton K. Greenberg

Bonita “Bonnie” Halprin

Jacob Henlein

Thelma S. Hershkovitz

Nettie Hirsberg

Phyllis Hirshberg

(wife) by Sam Hirshberg

Pauline Kornman


by Terry Kornman

John & Gayle Rosen

Marjorie Kroch

Sophie Kuhn

Pearl Leftwich

Louis Leftwich, Jr.

Fannye Stell Lindy

Stella Lowenstein

Lou Lusky

James Malin

Frank Moss

Nechmad Martin Orland

Herbert R. Rich

Emil B. Rosenberg

Mose Rosenblum

Hannah L. Rosenfeld

Henry W. Ross

Bertha Rubenstein

Jeanette Bittner Rubenstein

Percy Rubenstein

Joe Saperstein

Charles Shatzen

Stella Sigal

Sam Small

Louis D. Smith

Sara Lowenstein Teitlebaum

Rose Unger

H. Frederic Weber

Irving L. Weinstein

May Weisman

Isadore Zimmelman

Rosy S. Abrahams

Henry Abrams

Pearl Dashkin Anchor

Jacob Bloomstein

David Cline

Jacob Cohen

Regina Cronstine

Paul Dicker

Mildred Reinke Dordal

Minnie M. Foreman

Bernard Friedman

(brother) by Betty Kirshner

Norman Geltzer

Sigmund Godhelp

Alfred J. Hirshberg

(father) by Sam Hirshberg

Donald E. Jacobs

Mary Jo Lambert

Rosa Levy

Hazel M. Loventhal

David Lowenheim

Jennie L. Lusky

Odell Steinberg Maddin

Claire Merlin

Ella Roth

Rosa Lee C. Roth

Katye Rudoff Saperstein

Abraham D. Stolman

Helene Teitlebaum

Carol Lazarus Winkler


by Phil & Julie Kramer

Ben Wolfe

Abba Arbitman

Herman Baron

Eli Cooper

Learsi Davis

Salome Simpson Field

Julia Frankland

Frieda Lindy Freedman

Louise Kahn Hirschman

Pearl Neaderthal Holzman

(sister) by Norma Neaderthal

Selene G. Kent

Joseph Kleban


by Doug & Bonnie Small

Leonard J. Koenig

(husband) by Wilma Koenig

Jacob Kuhn

Alexander Latter

Josephine Z. Lockenbach

Samuel Marcus

Sadie Martin

Virginia J. Miedzianski

Jennie Morris


by Charles & Alyse Sprintz

Edward Osman

Max Pearl

Ruben Ratkin


by Annette Levy Ratkin

Bill Richardson

Si Rosenblum


by Bobby & Brenda Rosenblum

Louis Rothenberg

June Ellen Schwartz

Sadie Seiferth Simon

Elisabeth Sondheimer

Milton Sperling

Peggy S. Tohrner

Julius B. Weil


by Dudley & Peggy Richter

Simon S. Weil


by Gus & Elaine Kuhn

Irwin & Diane Kuhn

Rabbi William & Emily Kuhn

Gene Wosk

Anne Hirshberg Zager


by Lawrence & Sally Wolfe

Ethel Zeitlin

(mother) by Frances Shmerling

Stanley Amelkin

William S. Beck

Louis Bernheim

Jerome Bernstein

Emma Rose Bubis

Philip M. Cohen

Sidney Edward Cohn

Abe Corenswet

(husband) by Renette Corenswet

Mose B. Epstein

Atoinette Goldhammer

Esther Green

Isaac Green

Rebecca Guttman

Mollie H. Hirsch

Betty Hoffman

Wilfred Jensen

Ricka Hirsch Jonas

Isabelle Joseph

Hannah Rosen Kirshner

Lillian Kolker

Herbert Mellow

Harry Roback

Stacie Rosenblum


by Jerome & Brenda Rosenblum

Sam Rosenfeld

Joseph E. Roth

Diane Elaine Smirnow

(sister) by Lynn Fritz

Megan Whaley

Beatrice Gold Wolfe

Leah Wright

April 2011 - www.templenashville.org - 615-352-7620 ~ page 15

April 29 & 30

Ben August

Clara Bacherig

Virginia K. Back

Gizela Benis

Anne Berenter

Carrie Bernstein

Alex Bluestone

Gertrude Doyne

Ann Eisenstein

(mother) by Nan Speller

Lucile K. Falk

Maurice Fischer

Samuel S Fishman

Robert Friedman

Ann Gutow

(mother & grandmother)

by Gary Gutow

Daniel & Jessica Viner

Abraham Jacob Harris


by Daniel & Jessica Viner

Sigmund Held

Joseph M. Jacobus

Gerald B. Kornman

Joseph J. Lutin

Rosella Ehrenwald Medias

Dave Mossman

Moe Pear

Rebecca Pearl

Louis Popper

Leo Sabel

Seymour Schwartz

Dr. Max V. Sigal Jr.

Sam Silverman

Lena Smolen


by Martin & Anna Sir

Meryl Spater

Israel Trestman

Sarah Kirschner Weiss

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7 th Grade Yearly Tzedakah Project

(all funds raised are for the Campus for Human Development)

Chocolate Covered Matzah Pre-Order Form

$15.00 per Pound

$10.00 per ½ Pound (in a special gift box)

$8.00 per ½ Pound (no gift box)

Name _______________________Phone ______________________

Email __________________________________________________

I wish to order _____ pounds of Mini Matzah at $15.00 per pound.

I wish to order _____ ½ pound gift boxes of Mini Matzah at $10.00 per ½ pound.

I wish to order _____ ½ pound bags of Mini Matzah at $8.00 per ½ pound.

Orders will be ready & available to pick up anytime after April 13 th .

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