Deterrence in the Twenty-first Century

Deterrence in the twenty-first century - Air University Press


traction. Religious proscription is likely to fall on deaf ears if it

must compete with noisy denunciations of collateral damage

and flagrant breeches of sovereignty. Doubtless, technical advances

will help to ease such tensions by providing the capability

to apply force from the air with ever-greater accuracy and

discrimination. Still, such advances will never in themselves

remove the requirement to apply such force with great judiciousness.

Clausewitz’s message that war is a political act, and

that acts of force must be shaped by the political context in

which they are made, remains excellent advice. In this regard,

the Air Force’s contribution to deterrence is a vital—if negative—one:

it must be able to apply lethal force effectively yet

without undermining the deterrent elements of the campaign

against al-Qaeda.


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