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Making a



This leaflet tells

you about your

rights to make a

complaint and

how we will deal

with complaints.




Making a


We are committed to providing high quality services at all times,

although we accept that on occasions things can go wrong.

When this happens, we want to know so that we can take steps to

put things right, learn from them and make improvements to the

services we deliver. Our complaints procedure allows us to deal

with problems quickly and fairly, and provides dissatisfied customers

with a way to have their complaints heard and made right, whilst

allowing us to review our performance and continually improve our


What is a complaint?

A complaint is any dissatisfaction expressed by a customer after

receiving a service from us, whether justified or not, or following

an action taken by us which has affected them. In addition, a

complaint may also be about a lack of action or standard of

service provided by us or any person/organisation acting on our


The complaint must be about something that has happened or

came to the complainant’s attention within the last six months.

You can make a complaint to us, for example if you feel you have


• told that something would be done, but it has not been done or is

taking too long

• treated unfairly by one of our employees

• informed that you cannot have help or use one of our services

If you are unsure whether your complaint can be dealt with under

our complaints procedure, please contact your local or regional

office for guidance. Full details can be found in our ‘How to contact

us’ leaflet.


What should I do if I have a complaint?

Complaints can often be resolved by discussing the issue with one

of our employees, and your first point of contact would usually be

your customer service officer, housing officer or scheme manager

who will do their utmost to help you. However, if this does not resolve

the problem and you wish to make a ‘formal’ complaint, please

contact us for a complaints form.

How can I make a complaint?

A complaint will be dealt with however it is made. For example

complaints can be made in writing, by email to complaints@, by telephone or personal visit to your local or

regional office. Full details can be found in our ‘How to contact us’



What is the complaints procedure?

Our complaints procedure has three stages.

Stage 1

Upon receiving your complaint, we aim to send you an

acknowledgement letter within three working days. A senior

officer or manager will carry out an investigation and send a full

response to you within ten working days. However, if they cannot

respond within this time, they will tell you when you may expect their

response. If we are able to respond to your complaint verbally over

the telephone or face to face, we will confirm what has been said

to you in writing.

If you are not satisfied with our response at Stage 1, you should

contact us as stated in the response letter within 28 days telling

us why you are unhappy and asking for your complaint to be

progressed to Stage 2 of the complaints procedure.

Stage 2

We aim to acknowledge your request to take your complaint

to Stage 2 within three working days. The manager or director

allocated to deal with your complaint at this stage will send their

response to you within ten working days.

Again, should you remain unhappy with how your complaint has

been investigated or resolved following the Stage 2 response, you

should contact us as stated in the response letter within 28 days

giving your reasons for requesting the complaint be taken to Stage

3 of the procedure.


Stage 3

This is the final stage of our complaints procedure. A complaints

review panel is held comprising a minimum of two residents who

have received full training to enable them to carry out this role. The

role of the panel is to review the actions taken by employees to

ensure that our policies and procedures have been followed and

that the complaint was properly investigated at the previous stages.

We aim to acknowledge your request to progress your compliant

to Stage 3 within five working days of receipt. It may be possible for

the meeting to take place at a venue near your home and this will

be discussed when we contact you to make the arrangements and

any reasonable expenses you incur in attending the meeting will be

reimbursed upon production of receipts.

You may bring a friend or family member with you for support, but

no legal representative is needed as this is not a legal process. If you

require assistance in preparing for the meeting such as the use of

a computer or photocopier, please contact your local or regional

office to make arrangements.

A letter should be sent to you outlining the panel’s final decision

within ten working days from the date of the meeting. The letter will

clearly indicate if your complaint has been upheld or not and the

reasons for this decision. If applicable, you will be advised of your

right to refer the matter to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Alternatively, you may find it helpful to discuss your complaint with

others such as:

• Citizens’ Advice Bureau

• a legal advice centre

• your local councillor

• your local MP

If needed, we can provide you with help in contacting these

people and organisations.


The Housing Ombudsman Service

The Housing Ombudsman Service is an independent body set up

to provide a free and fair way of dealing with complaints against

housing organisations. Generally, the Housing Ombudsman will not

consider a complaint unless it has been through all stages of our

complaints procedure, although there may be exceptions to this.

Further information can be found on the Housing Ombudsman

website at

The contact details for the Housing Ombudsman are as follows:


Housing Ombudsman Service

81 Aldwych



Tel 020 7421 3800

Lo-Call 0845 7125 973

Minicom 020 7404 7092

Fax 020 7831 1942


Following any investigation made by the Housing Ombudsman

Service, we will comply with any recommendations.

Retirement and supported housing residents

If you live in a retirement or supported housing scheme and are not

satisfied with how we have handled your complaint, you have the

following options:

• if your complaint is about our home-care service, you have

the right to complain to the regional office of the Care Quality


• if your complaint is about our housing support services, you have

the right to complain to the Supporting People team at your local


We can provide you with details of these organisations.


How is the complaints procedure continuously


We will write to inform you when your complaint has been closed

and include a customer satisfaction questionnaire. The purpose of

this questionnaire is not to look at the complaint again, but to check

that the process used for dealing with complaints works effectively

and identify any improvements. The most effective way for us

to continually improve our complaints service is to receive both

positive and negative feedback from those who have used it.

Will using the complaints procedure affect my legal


The complaints procedure does not affect your legal rights and you

will still be able to issue a claim against us in the County Court if you

believe you have been discriminated against.


How will you let us know about the complaints you


We will report regularly to residents on the complaints we receive

and outline what actions have been taken as a direct result of

receiving them. This information will be published in our resident

newsletters, other publications and displayed in our reception areas

and on our website.

See the leaflet ‘What you can expect from us?’ for details of our

service standards on complaints handling which have been agreed

by residents.

How do you deal with unreasonable complaints?

We reserve the right to refuse to deal with complaints, or to deal

with them differently if they are, in our view, pursued unreasonably

or merit being handled in a different manner to that outlined in

our complaints policy. Where this occurs, the complainant will be

informed as to how their complaint will be dealt with outside of

the staged complaints system, for example through one specific

contact person, by a specified means/time of contact or with the

provision of additional support. If this is the case, the complainant

will be advised in writing.

Complaints will not be re-opened at the complainant’s request if,

after review by us, it is established that no new evidence relevant to

the complaint has been provided.

Help and advice

If you have any questions, need help understanding this leaflet or

would like it in another format, for example in large print, Braille or

on audio tape, or want a copy of the full complaints policy, please

contact your local or regional office. Full details can be found in our

‘How to contact us’ leaflet or on our website




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