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Spring 2012 - Viridian Housing


What is the Affordable Homes Programme?

The Affordable Homes Programme

is a new scheme introduced by the

government to encourage housing

associations to offer some properties

at up to 80% of the rent charged for a

similar home if rented privately.

These new affordable rents are inclusive of

service charges, which mean the homes are

more affordable than renting privately, but will

be more costly than socially rented homes.

During the coming year, we will begin to

change some of our new homes and homes

that are vacated onto the Affordable Homes

Programme. This will mean we have two different

rent levels - social rent and affordable rent.

The Affordable Homes Programme will not

affect existing residents. Only new homes and

homes that become empty may be moved

into the programme. The only time current

residents could be impacted is if they chose

to transfer to an affordable rent property. We

have calculated the levels of affordable rents

so residents will still be eligible for housing benefit

and that the rent levels are below existing

benefit limits.

We are introducing five-year fixed-term

tenancies for some of our affordable rent

homes. The fixed-term tenancies will ensure our

homes are used for the best purpose and help

residents move to more suitable homes if their

circumstances change.

Affordable rents and fixed-term tenancies

will not apply to any retirement or supported

housing schemes.

The government has introduced this programme

to address the growing need for housing in the

UK. Housing associations will reinvest all money

generated to purchase or build new homes, as

well as fund other services.

For more information on the Affordable

Homes Programme, please contact your

Regional Housing Manager.

0330 123 0220

0330 123 0221 (minicom)

Our governance


Our Board has approved a proposal for a

governance review, meaning we will be

reviewing the people who have a role in

approving our business decisions.

This will streamline governance

structures, provide clearer accountability

and greater resident involvement.

It will also reduce repetition in decision making

processes. The review is now underway and

will be an ongoing process. We will give you an

update as more information becomes available.

Our zero

tolerance policy

Our colleagues, partners and contractors

are committed to providing an excellent

service to all residents and should be doing

so without any fear of violence, threats or

other forms of abuse.

In the same way, our employees will not

tolerate bullying, harassment or intimidation

in any form and all incidents will be

reported and necessary action taken.

spring 2012


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