The culture of Viridian
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Corporate Strategy - Viridian Housing

Valuing colleagues

Our focus on quality of life applies to all colleagues as well as our customers.

We care if colleagues are happy in their work and motivated to live our

cultural values, to be customer focused, professional and positive.

We are focused on developing colleagues to help them achieve their full

potential. This includes mentoring, coaching, training, secondments and

formal qualifications. We want colleagues to constantly grow and improve,

which should increase job satisfaction, and in turn help to improve the service

we provide to our customers.

To really achieve excellence in our workplace, we are looking at a new way of

managing and recognising performance. We are introducing a new approach

to reviewing performance, which will help us to recognise and reward

high performers, as well as identifying those who need extra support and

development to deliver.

Viridian Corporate Strategy 2012 - 2016

We are focusing on creating a working environment that provides everyone

with the space, equipment and atmosphere they need to do their job well.

Overall we want colleagues to have the skills, confidence and

work satisfaction to be able to deliver a good service to our customers.

I believe that by delivering the objectives in this strategy we will

achieve this goal.

Head of People

The culture of Viridian

We focus on improving

the lives of our residents

because that is the most

fundamental way we can

assess the true value of

what we do;

We think that there is

a greater need for our

services than ever before

and we must not hesitate

to use our financial

strength to do as much

good as we can;

We are more

interested in

action than words.

We are very conscious that the objectives can be

delivered only through the efforts of our colleagues and

through effective partnership with other organisations.

We both look forward to working with you either as a

colleague or a partner to make it a reality.

Hattie Llewelyn-Davies


Matthew Fox

Chief Executive

Viridian Housing

“Quality Homes: For you to make the most of your life”

“We are committed to enhance the lives of our

customers and to the top quality management of

our 17,000 affordable homes.”


Creating positive change


Living It

We are dedicated to living our cultural values

of being customer focused, professional and

positive. We will listen to the needs of both

customers and our colleagues - and provide the

support they require to develop. In everything

we do we will:

• Value diversity

• Take responsibility and be accountable

• Be clear, honest and fair

• Allow decisions to be made locally

• Keep safe and go green

• Bring added value to our customers through



Concentrating growth

We have completed some geographical

consolidation over recent years and will now focus

our work in our remaining geographical areas -

the Midlands, London and West Sussex. However

we will not treat all of these in the same way due

to differences in demand for affordable housing

and the market conditions in each area.

We believe the demand for affordable housing is

greatest in London, partly due to the pressure of

the population size and growth, and partly due

to the larger differential between affordable and

market rents. Specifically we will:

• Only develop new homes in London

• Provide a full range of housing management

and landlord functions in the Midlands and

West Sussex, including reinvestment works, but

we will not build new homes in these areas



Investing in development

Our strategic plan from 1 April 2012 to 31

March 2016 outlines an exciting period

of development and progress for both our

customers and Viridian. Our focus is simple - to

help residents to improve their lives.

• Living up to The Promise

Our focus on quality of life applies just as much

to our colleagues as it does to our customers.

We care about our people and want them to

be happy helping others. We depend on them

to provide the highest quality of service to our

customers and so we will:

• Have a workforce that is motivated and

equipped to deliver to customers

• Invest in our people and value the

contribution they make

• Encourage self-learning and development

• Have good, simple governance


Improving quality of life

As part of our Social Impact agenda we will

improve the quality of life for residents and build

on the services we already provide. To achieve

this we will consult with residents and work in

partnership with specialist organisations to

provide these services. We aim to

• Really get to know our customers

• Give customers real power to help us shape

what we do for them

• Provide support for our most vulnerable


• Help customers to make the most of their

education and career

• Enable customers to use other local services


• Provide advice and help on finance and health

• Measure the quality of life of our customers


Delivering excellence

We believe everyone is entitled to a home

where they can feel secure and at ease. We

believe they are entitled to be happy with the

maintenance they are receiving and also with

their service charges. Our standards for delivery

in these areas are high and we are aiming to

deliver 95% satisfaction with:

• Our maintenance service (87% this year)

• Our service charges

(85% this year)

• Customers feel safe in and around our homes

- Home security


- Vulnerable customers

- Gas, fire and water


Growing the number and quality of

homes we offer

By 31 March 2016 we shall expand to provide

around 20,000 quality homes. We will achieve

this growth and improvement in our portfolio

because we will:

• Complete a merger in the London area

• Develop a range of new housing to meet the

needs of:

– our most disadvantaged customers

(social and retirement)

– customers who will struggle to find good

housing (students, shared owners and

market renters)

• Use the returns from customers who can pay

to help those who can’t

• Set and maintain clear standards for our

homes and estates

• Ensure all properties are energy efficient and

digitally enabled


Increasing efficiency

Current economic conditions offer

opportunities as well as challenges. By

increasing efficiencies and delivering

value for money, we can maximise our

investment potential, and ensure that our

customers receive an increasing range of

support. We will therefore

• Improve our ability to compare different

investment opportunities

• Maximise profits to cross subsidise any

customers unable to pay

• Structure our overheads according to the

number of homes we have

• Decide which services can best be

delivered in-house or outsourced

• Manage our balance sheet to generate

the maximum borrowing capacity to fund

new homes

• Make Value for Money part of the way

we do things

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