Lucia Foster Welch Halls FAQs
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Lucia Foster Welch Halls FAQs - Viridian Housing

Lucia Foster Welch Halls FAQs

Am I eligible?

All full time students at Southampton Solent University are eligible to apply for accommodation.

There are no criteria regarding distance or postcodes, so even if you live nearby you have the

opportunity to stay with other students in the residences if you choose.

Is the accommodation mixed gender?

Yes. The rooms at Lucia Foster Welch Residences are in flats of between 6 and 10 students,

Southampton Solent University allocate the rooms in each flat on a roughly 50% male, 50%

female basis. Specific requests for single sex accommodation should be made to Southampton

Solent University when electing your preference of residence upon a confirmed place on a course

at the University being offered.

Can I arrive early?

Early arrival based on circumstances can be arranged by contacting the Accommodation office at

Southampton Solent University.

Can I bring my car or bicycle?

Yes. There is a Residents Only car park at Lucia Foster Welch Residences but parking spaces are

limited. A permit can be obtained from Accommodation Office at Southampton Solent

University at a cost additional to the room fees.

There are both bicycle racks and a secure bicycle storage area at Lucia Foster Welch Residences.

Keys for the secure bicycle storage area are available free of charge from reception.

What do the fee’s cover?

You must sign a 40 week contract which entitles you to one single non en-suite room in a

communal flat at Lucia Foster Welch Residences. The services provided under this contract are:

heating, lighting, electricity and hot water services, cleaning of communal areas 5 days per week,

maintenance technicians on site, secure entry systems, CCTV coverage of the site, reception

manned 24 hours a day, internet access, TV aerial socket.

How and when do I pay?

Fees are payable directly to Southampton Solent University accommodation office and can be

paid in full at the start of the academic year or if termly instalments.

Does my contract cover holiday periods?

Your contract will be for a continuous 40 week period from September to June in line with the

University academic year. Rooms do not have to be vacated over the Christmas and Easter


Are there telephones provided?

Erikson House, Frobisher House, Scott House, Cook House, Magellan House and Hudson House

all have a BT payphone located in the communal stairwells. Drake House does not have a pay

phone although in case of an emergency students from this building will be allowed to make a

call from the telephone at reception free of charge.

Is there internet access in the bedrooms?

All bedrooms are connected to the Southampton Solent University Intranet via a managed LAN


What equipment is in the bedrooms?

Bedroom are provided with a bed, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, shelf above desk, easy chair,

wardrobe, wash basin & mirror, curtains, tv aerial socket, internet socket, electrical sockets. You

are recommended to have all electrical equipment checked prior to bringing it into residences.

What will I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring bed linen, duvets and pillows. This will be provided for International


Is cleaning provided?

Cleaning is provided for the communal areas in the buildings and flats. Kitchen bins are emptied

daily Monday to Friday. Showers, toilets and kitchens are cleaned each weekday morning. You

are expected to do your own washing up and clean your own bedrooms. You should bring any

cleaning products and cloths including washing up liquid that you will need although a

communal vacuum cleaner is provided in each flat.

What equipment is in the kitchens?

The kitchen will be furnished with kettles, a microwave, a cooker and hobs, refrigerator and

freezer, waste bins and an ironing board.

What will I have to bring for the kitchen?

You will need to bring your own plates, cutlery and cooking equipment including baking trays,

saucepans etc. You should also bring a toaster if desired as one will not be provided.

How near are the shops?

There is a small supermarket shop located in Ocean Village, a 2 minute walk from the site where

you can buy milk, bread and other groceries and news papers. There are larger supermarkets in

the city centre and out of town. The city centre also has a large shopping centre with a wide

range of high street shop. The city centre is about a 20 minute walk from Lucia Foster Welch


Can I smoke?

Smoking is permitted in study bedrooms only or outside the buildings. You are not permitted to

smoke in any communal areas of your building, this includes kitchens, hallways, toilets/showers,

lobbies and staircases.

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