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Club By-laws

Revised February 16, 2013


The name of the overall organization shall be the Marist College Band.

1.1. The Marist College Band will be composed of the following components: Concert Band,

Athletic Band for Football and Basketball games.

1.2 The larger organization will be composed of the following sub-groups, known from here

on as “small ensembles”:

The Marist College Flute Choir

The Marist College Woodwind Ensemble

The Jazz Foxes

The Marist College Brass Ensemble

The Marist College String Orchestra

Marist College Percussion Ensemble

Marist College Hand-bell Choir

Marist College Guitar Ensemble

Marist College Marist College Wind Symphony

1.3 Members in good standing of the Marist College Band may be offered membership in the

Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma. Students in Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma

will not be offered additional priority points through the Marist College Band, but may be

awarded priority points by their respective organizations according to their respective bylaws.


The purpose of the organization is to perform and rehearse music which can be enjoyed by those

directly involved, the Marist Community, and the surrounding local communities.


Membership in the Marist College Band entails active participation in the group’s activities,

meetings and performances. With this participation it is hoped that the members of the Marist

Band will possess an enjoyment of music and performance, a desire to learn, and dedication.

3.1 Active members will participate in club activities on a weekly basis.

3.2 Active membership is only open to all full time Marist College students with a minimum

GPA of 2.0 or higher.

3.3 Active membership includes participation in the larger Marist College Band. In order to

participate in any of the small ensembles, members must participate in the full Marist

College Band, which includes both Symphonic Concert Band and Athletic Bands.

A) The only exception to this rule is given to guitarists, hand-bell ringers and string

players, who, because of their respective instruments, have membership limited to their

respective small ensemble.

B) Exceptions for concert band instrumentalists will be considered at the discretion of the

Director of Bands

3.4 Associate membership is limited to faculty or community musicians at the discretion of

the Director of Bands. Associate members are not bound by the same Athletic Band

requirements as active members, but may be asked to assist in athletic events.

3.5 Members should own their own instrument and it is recommended that they possess some

degree of musical ability. In cases where a musical instrument is the limiting factor for

active membership, attempts will be made to help acquire one.

3.6 Although there are no limitations as to the number of members in the Club, membership

in the Marist College Wind Symphony is determined at the discretion of the Director of



The following are the required officers to aid the Director of Bands in the running of the Marist

Band and will be considered the executive board of the band: President, Vice-President of

Concert Band, Vice-President of Athletic Bands, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Bands,

Faculty/Administrative Advisor, Librarians, Historian, Orchestra Liason, Division Leaders and


4.1 The executive board shall be the governing body of the Marist College Band.

4.2 President:

4.2.1 Is responsible for calling for and arranging all meetings of the Marist College


4.2.2 Aids the faculty/administrative advisor and Director of Bands in overseeing the

direction and structure of meetings as necessary.

4.2.3 Serves as primary contact for all service projects (both on- and off-campus)

conducted by the Marist Band.

4.2.4 Has voting power.

4.3 Vice-President of Concert Band:

4.3.1 Assists the President as needed

4.3.2 Assigns band members to set-up and break-down crews for large concert events

4.3.3 Completes all required paperwork for activities done by the Marist College

Concert Band and small ensembles.

4.3.4 Assists in the coordination of the winter and spring concerts.

4.3.5 Has voting power.

4.4 The Vice-President of Athletic Bands:

4.4.1 Assists the President as needed

4.4.2 Aids in overseeing that the needs of the Athletic Band are met

4.4.3 Completes all required paperwork for activities done by the Athletic Bands.

4.4.4 Assists in the operations of all athletic events attended by the Athletics Bands.

4.4.5. Has voting power

4.5 Secretary

4.5.1 Responsible for keeping attendance at all meetings of the Marist College

Concert and Athletic Bands

4.5.2 Completes necessary attendance reports used to determine priority point


4.5.3 Maintains personnel database. This includes but is not limited to member contact

information for both the academic year and summer break, small ensemble

affiliation, and locker storage information.

4.5.4 Coordinates communication amongst members.

4.5.5 Records minutes for meetings of the Marist Band executive board.

4.5.6 Has voting power

4.6 Treasurer

4.6.1 Works with department administration to receive and disperse funds amongst the

various components of the organization.

4.6.2 Serves as primary contact person for all club fundraising efforts..

4.6.3 Aids the President and Department Administration in the effective planning and

execution of all Marist Band fundraising activities.

4.6.4 Shall be responsible for reporting all funds raised to Department/College


4.6.5 Shall complete all necessary follow-up paperwork for fundraising activities.

4.6.6 Shall take attendance in the absence of the Secretary

4.6.7 Has voting power

4.7 Orchestra Representative

4.7.1 Serves as primary contact between Orchestra and E-board.

4.7.2 Shall not have voting power

4.7.3 Shall be appointed by the President of Band

4.8 Director of Bands

4.8.1 Shall be chiefly responsible for all students participating in any instrumental

activity and those on Instrumental Scholarship.

4.8.2 May sit on the executive board at any time of their choosing.

4.8.3 Shall NOT have voting power.

4.9 Faculty/Administrative Advisor

4.9.1 Shall assist in the planning and monitoring of the budget.

4.9.2 Although it may not be necessary for the advisor to attend every meeting or

session of the group, he/she should generally be available as a resource person.

4.9.3 The advisor is encouraged to be present at social or cultural events sponsored by

the club.

4.9.4 Aids in overseeing that the needs of the small ensembles are met

4.9.5 The advisor will be expected to submit an annual report of the organization’s

activities to Student Government Association. The report will be conveyed to the

Dean of Student Affairs who will present the report to the Academic Vice


4.9.5 The advisor should assist the club in setting realistic goals and objectives for each

academic year.

4.9.6 Shall NOT have voting power.

4.10 Ad hoc executive committee

4.10.1 The following additional officers are necessary in the operation of the Marist

Band, and will be appointed as necessary by the discretion of the executive board.

However, these members do not have voting power and their attendance at the

executive board meetings is required only at the request at the club President.

4.10.2 Librarians Responsible for the distribution of music and equipment Responsible for maintaining music and equipment inventory. The number of librarians will be determined by need prior to each year.

4.10.3 Historian Responsible for documenting Marist Band events.

4.10.4 Division Leaders Liaisons between the Executive Board and their respective small

ensemble, and its director. They will be responsible for the day to say operation, take attendance,

and report to the Vice-President of Concert Band to ensure all paperwork is

completed for that ensemble

4.10.5 Webmaster Responsible for regular maintenance of the club website or additional


4.11 Removal From Office

4.11.1 In the event that an officer must resign or is removed from office, the Board will

appoint a qualified member to the vacant position. Should this appointment be a

promotion of an existing board member, the new vacancy must be filled as well.

This position shall re-open for elections along with all other positions according

to the Student Government Association.


The following are the procedures for electing officers to the above mentioned positions.

5.1 Candidates for all of the offices must be an active member of the club, and must send an

email of intent to the Band Board. The emails will be asked for during a designated

period of time. Elections will take place after the period for emails of intent.

5.2 Election will be done democratically, via secret ballot by the group using a plurality of

the vote. Small Ensembles may choose to elect their division leader via placard vote.

5.3 Length of officer term will be one academic year.

5.4 Elections will be held during the spring semester during the designated SGA election



6.1 The general meeting format for the group shall consist of rehearsals for the Marist

College Band and the small ensembles. Practices for the Marist College Band and each of

the small ensembles shall be held weekly.

6.2 The Executive Board will meet weekly, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the



Committees shall be activated as needed. In order for a committee to be formed, it must be

suggested by a member of the Club and presented to the Executive Board. Having done this, a

decision will be made by the Executive Board using a plurality of the vote.


8.1 All members have three unexcused absences available to them for each semester.

8.1.1 One of the absences is specifically for concert band rehearsals.

8.1.2 One of the absences is specifically for pep events, either games or rehearsals.

8.1.3 The last of the absences can be used for either pep or concert events.

8.1.4 All subsequent unexcused absences will result in the docking of one priority


8.1.5 Unexcused absences from concerts will result in an automatic loss of 2 priority

points, regardless of previous attendance.

8.2 Lateness without prior notice will not be accepted if the student arrives after warm-ups.

This applies to both concert and pep events.

8.3 Uniform infractions will result in a member of the board asking the student in question to

go change. If the student complies, they will be allowed to leave and return in a timely

matter. If they do not, the will receive an unexcused absence.

8.4 The process for excusals is as follows: The student in question must send an email to the gmail account, detail when their absence will be, and the reason for their

absence. If an excusal is not to be accepted by the band board, the board must notify the

student that their excusal will not be accepted. Emergency excusals will be considered at

the discretion of the band board.

8.5 3 unexcused absences will result in the student’s name being given to the director of the

band, so that the director may talk with them and deal with them as they see fit.


Unless suspended, all meetings are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members provided that a quorum is

present. If such amendments pass by the majority, it must then be presented to the Student

Government Association for final approval.


The Club and any individual associated with it, shall abide and conform to all Federal and New

York State laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the Student

Government Association. Any violation of the aforementioned criteria may result in disciplinary

action taken on the club charter

11.1 Hazing Policy: Hazing as defined by the Marist College Student Handbook: An act which

endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or which destroys or

removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into,

affiliation with, or as a condition of continued membership in a group or organization.

The Marist Band prohibits hazing of any kind.

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