How to fill out an Allocation Budget

How to fill out an Allocation Budget - Marist Clubs and Organizations

How to fill out an Allocation Budget

1. Download a blank form from the Student Government Association website or your club’s

flash drive.

2. A window will pop up asking about macros; click "OK."

3. A new page will appear with a blank Allocation Budget as an excel file.

4. Go to the menu and click “File”, “Save As” and enter your club’s name.

5. Save the file to your computer.

6. *** Be sure to remember where you saved the file ***

7. This file is an Excel spreadsheet. Locate the file through Windows Explorer to open it

automatically in Excel, or start Microsoft Excel and open the file from the "File" menu.

8. If you cannot type on the page, you may have to “Unprotect” the document by going to

“Tools”, “Protection” and “Unprotect Sheet.”

9. Fill in the tab labeled “Cover Page”. Make sure you include:

1. the name and contact information of your club President, Treasurer, and Advisor,

2. the semester/year, proper club name, and account number,

3. the total amount of funds requested, and

4. the amount the club anticipates to raise through fundraising.

10. After filling in those items, click the “Event Descriptions” tab and you will see the actual

spaces for budget requests.

11. Fill in the event/activity, description, date, time facility, items, item descriptions, the

amount requested for each item, and co‐sponsoring clubs. (if any) For Re‐Allocation, be

sure to only request events that were on your original budget for the semester.

12. There are six boxes already available. If you need more boxes, hit the “CTRL” and “E” keys at

the same time. This will add two additional boxes.

13. Keep in mind that the new requests will appear horizontally on the screen, not vertically.

14. After you complete the budget, save the file.

15. Print out a copy of the budget and have the President, Treasurer, and Advisor sign this copy

before returning it to the Chief Financial Officer’s mailbox in the Student Government Office

in SC 347.

16. In addition to the hard copy, attach the saved file to an e‐mail message and send it to the

following recipients:


CC: and

Marist College Student Government Association – Chief Financial Officer

How to fill out an Allocation Budget

17. In the subject section of the e‐mail message, list the club's name, the word "budget," and

the semester/ year. (Ex: Phi Alpha Theta Budget Spring 2010)

18. If there are any problems, please e‐mail the Chief Financial Officer. (

19. Thank you and good luck!

Marist College Student Government Association – Chief Financial Officer

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