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SINCE 19/ 83

GABBA is a denim brand

with more than thirty years of experience in making jeans. At

GABBA we are dedicated to denim. We study and work with

the material to create the coolest expression. We strive to

get the utmost out of our work with fabrics, trims, washes

and details. We travel the world to get inspiration for our

collections and we keep our minds open for new ideas,

techniques and ways to make the best collections.

- We are in fact – dedicated to denim.

On our journeys we meet a lot of people with other

dedications. From music to art, fitness to travelling.

In this paper you will meet the people we met on our

journey to Berlin.




Marco Bastian Thomas Alex Collins

Berlin for Marco the opportunity to show

who you are, a space to be yourself. Berlin

inspires with its club scene and the gigs.

Marco is trying to build up a network, since it

is impossible to arrange events on your own.

Bastian works as a wholesale apprentice at

an online fashion company. In his spare time

he is a frequent visitor to the training box

“AXE” but also finds time for photography

– a hobby that he hopes to make a living out

of someday.

Thomas always played music and played in

a couple of bands back in Italy. He decided

to come to Berlin to break through as a

musician. His life is only about four things:

travelling, eating, drinking and music.

Alex has since he was little had a talent for

drawing. The art of tattooing therefore came

natural to him. He just had to learn the skills

and techniques to paint on human flesh.

Collins has always been inspired by other

cultures and meeting different people.

Living in Berlin has encouraged him to travel

the world and experience other cultures on

his own.

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