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The RAW area is a fascinating

urban space in downtown Berlin. Surrounded

by four walls this area is filled with nightclubs,

training boxes, art exhibitions and

graffiti. A real cultural melting pot. It’s 11am and

suddenly a drunk guy shouts “where is the

party?” “We just got here” we shout back. “Do

you wanna party with me?”, he shouts back in

a tone that makes it obvious that he is still

drunk from the night before. We see

some guys building up for a fruit

market where we meet Marco. He has been

living in Berlin for eighteen months and moved

here from Bayreuth near Nürnberg to study for

his diploma in marketing and communication.

He plans to pursue a career within event

planning. Designing and marketing it offline

as well as online.

Why did you come to Berlin?

»Well… I was raised in a small town called Bayreuth and

I needed to move to a bigger city to enrol into university.

I wanted to study marketing and the choice then came

down to Berlin. The city has a big club scene and that was

one of the main reasons to move here. I have been planning

and executing events for a couple of years now and

I hope to make that a way of living some day. Berlin has

great opportunities for me to learn more within this field«.

How does the RAW area play a part in the club

scene in Berlin?

»I would say it plays a big part. Come back tonight and you

will see what I am talking about. We have some really cool

clubs here, especially Cassiopeia is one of my favourites.

Three floors playing all kinds of music, hip hop, funk, ska,

dancehall, progressive, sludge, heavy, bastard pop, drum step.

Whatever you like you will find it here! «.

What is Berlin to you?

»Berlin for me is the opportunity to show

who you are; a space to be yourself and show

your true self. Berlin inspires me with its club scene, the

gigs – I’m trying to build up a network since it is impossible

to arrange events on your own. You need to know

which strings to pull; you need to know people that can

cover all the areas of making an event. I am trying to find

out what music directions are hip in Berlin, what kind of

audience comes to the different clubs and how they set it

up according to music themes and so on«.

»Whatever you like you will find it here!«

What is an ideal event?

»That will be an electronic event with fast and loud music

in a dark environment. Lots of bass and preferably some

kind of dungeon that would make a cool atmosphere«

What was the craziest party you ever went to?

»That’s gotta be “The Fusion”. It’s a three day festival where

we partied nonstop catching only a few hours of sleep

every once in a while. There was so much crazy stuff going

on there. Lots of people, loud music and

dancing on the streets. It was crazy

Some of the things that happened you

wouldn’t believe if I told you; there you

have to go yourself and experience it«.

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