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Strategies For On Demand MIS

We recommend the use of 1KEY MIS Reporting Tool in below five mentioned

strategies to get on demand MIS.




Take in account the reporting and analysis needs of all business

users (Executives) with the CXO and managers. Data garnered

should be appropriate for all the business users with correct and

precise insights whenever needed.

What 1KEY Offers

1KEY delivers a comprehensive and flexible MIS platform that

integrates and supports all leading databases and applications.

1KEY will ensure a 360 - degree MIS view by recognizing different

needs segment wise giving precise insights.


Educate business users to rely on single source of truthful data.

Forbid use of spreadsheets in meetings and presentations. Wide

spread use of spreadsheets across the enterprise can create

multiple versions of truthful data.

What 1KEY Offers

1KEY analytic functionalities with visually stunning reports will

help business user's move away from spreadsheets and help

MIS Managers generate report by connecting information

among disparate applications.


Establish data quality competency centre. Establish the system

with the data which has an audit trail with referential integrity and

data integrity in place. Garbage In Garbage Out

Application tables

Unecessary data

filtered out

What 1KEY Offers

1KEY MIS reporting solution offers solutions to effectively manage

data centric applications. MIS managers can handle data

complexities and optimize it for on demand preventive and

predictive analysis data which has complete referential integrity

Tables linked as

required for


Data Warehouse

Reporting Table


New calculated

fields added


MAIA Intelligence




Unlock your enterprise from the transaction based application for

reporting needs. Your existing SCM, ERP, CRM etc. are best for

recording your transactions but not for generation of intelligent

insight reports. Specialized reporting and analysis applications can

expose your business users to all together new meaningful way of

viewing data and analyzing data.

What 1KEY Offers

Automatic and manual data cleansing is possible with an intuitive

rule builder. Data analysis and data warehouse architecture design

is aided by the data profiling functionality in the 1KEY application.

The data from the data warehouse can then be drawn into as

analytical reports for multi-dimensional analysis. 1KEY MIS

addresses the needs of enterprise analytics for vertical markets

such as Service (Financial, Government, Education and Health

Care), Asset intensive (Aviation, Fleet Management and Utilities)

and Manufacturing (Process and Discrete).

1KEY has a rich repository of metrics, reports and alerts as predefined content across various industry



Get the analysis of your data done inhouse. Do not outsource the reporting and analysis to a third party.

It should be a part of daily use and not just a quarterly or yearly report submitted by a third party. Develop

and implement the reporting and analysis system in house and roll out for all the business users of your


What 1KEY Offers

1KEY MIS Reporting tool guarantees truth as MIS is

generated within the organization and cannot be manipulated

by third party. 1KEY eliminates the need to save multiple

copies of a spreadsheet to reflect snapshot data at different

points in time, and overcomes the challenges associated with

changes to historical data that then cause the snapshot-type

spreadsheets to be incorrect.

1KEY continues to offer MIS Managers a big opportunity to help their organizations and clients better

analyse their operations. It's time to get on the 1KEY MIS Reporting bandwagon preferably in the

driver's seat. It's not just about number crunching. You can help reduce the risk of reporting errors. You

can ensure the systems are effective and efficient, and not too dependent on one person or human.

Most important, you can make sure 1KEY MIS Reporting is answering the right questions. Get in touch

with us now.


MAIA Intelligence

BI Reporting


To succeed as an enterprise BI reporting standard, a solution must:

Accommodate thousands of users with ease of affordability without prohibitive software license


Provide flexible reporting that improves decision-making by a wide range of users

Access any enterprise data source

MAIA Intelligence has all of the above 3 major points which establishes an enterprise class BI reporting

solutions company. MAIA Intelligence has a proven track record of delivering efficient BI reporting

solutions results for leading enterprises. Our focus is to provide affordable business intelligence

reporting for large enterprise.

Everybody claims affordability we can prove it

While affordability doesn't sound glamorous, it has major

implications for a business intelligence reporting roll out. If a BI

reporting system is expensive, out of budget can't reach thousands

of users inside the enterprise and beyond, it's impossible to deliver

the kinds of intelligence solutions that enable organizations to

better motivate employees, renovate their business processes to

reduce cost, and innovate to provide competitive advantage and

improved responsiveness to customers and partners. MAIA

Intelligence enables organizations to reduce over all TCO

associated with deploying Business Intelligence reporting

applications, while ensuring that these applications can continue to

grow as business requirements change.


Yet Economical

Multi Formatted, Visually Stunning & Flexible Reporting

The 1KEY Flexible Reporting software provides executives, business

users, and analysts with the most intuitive user-directed query and

analysis capabilities available today. It delivers powerful query,

analysis, and reporting capabilities through an intuitive and highly

interactive interface that lets users drill down, sort, filter, group, alert,

schedule reports & then quickly monitor and navigate relevant

information. It’s easy to deploy, provides access to data locked in

transactional systems, and leverages information from your existing

data stores. It can generate rich formatted reports which can be

further exported to Excel, HTML, XML, PDF etc.


MAIA Intelligence

Extract, Transform & Load data from any source

1KEY BI reporting solutions manages all the data in the

organization no matter where it resides—whether on web servers,

legacy and operational systems, diverse data stores or

applications. In even the most complicated IT environments, We

have implemented our Business Intelligence reporting solutions in

customer environments with most major enterprise applications

running on leading relational databases and platforms, including

DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and others. Our BI reporting

solutions enables customers to easily and cost-effectively,

capture, transform and flow data throughout the enterprise.



Our Products help your organization, if:

Key users/user groups have not adopted your BI tools

Cost- Effective BI

with Sharpened Analysis

You are in spreadsheet purgatory

Business users are spending more time on analysis than action

Critical issues are not made readily apparent without having to

sift through reams of reports and data

Business users need to rely on IT or analysts to get information

Business users don’t know what questions to ask about the data

It is difficult to investigate issues to understand why

Business users are drawing incorrect conclusions and missing opportunities

You wish to deploy applications and share information with external parties such as customers,

suppliers and partners

By providing a very compelling user experience that requires little/no training and no reliance on IT to

write reports/queries for them, business users can speed up decision-making by spending less time

involved in analysis and more time taking action. Data 2 Decision

Consistently Outperform


Better Decision


MAIA Intelligence

1KEY Solution for all applications

Microsoft Dynamics TM

Customised ERP

Generate customised reports using 1KEY

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