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pre-k–grade 4

Elementary Division

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Elementary Division

The first few years of school are important to setting

the stage for the rest of a child’s learning — and life.

In Milton Hershey School’s Elementary Division, a

strong beginning means building the values, skills

and experiences students need to become confident

scholars and responsible citizens.

“It’s an amazing

school because of all

the opportunities

like baseball, stage

crew and dance.

It’s really fun.”


The first few years of school are important to setting

the stage for the rest of a child’s learning — and life.

In Milton Hershey School’s Elementary Division, a

strong beginning means building the values, skills

and experiences students need to become confident

scholars and responsible citizens.

in the classroom

Elementary Division students gain

important knowledge and skills, build

strong study habits and develop a love

of learning that helps them succeed in

whatever they pursue.

A Broad Foundation

In addition to core academic subjects, students

explore arts and leadership. Field trips and

other hands-on learning opportunities connect

classroom lessons to the real world.

Daily Schedule

6:15 a.m. Students rise and make beds

7:00 a.m. Devotions

7:05 a.m. Breakfast in student home

7:30 a.m. Cleanup and student home


7:50 a.m. Leave for school

8:00 a.m. Homeroom

8:15 a.m. Classes begin

3:05 p.m. Classes end; return to

student home or remain for

activities until 4:15

5:00 p.m. Dinner in student home

6:00 p.m. Free time

7:00 p.m. Study/quiet time

8:00 p.m. Bedtime

Constant Support

Our talented and caring teachers get to know how

their students learn and what interests them most.

When extra academic support is needed, learning

assistance and tutoring is provided, as well as

individual enrichment.

Top Technology

Teaching and learning is enhanced by high-tech

multimedia classrooms equipped with Smartboards

and iPads. Along with computer access, each

student will have two devices to use in class.

Students are exposed to technology via a STEM

curriculum, which weaves science, technology,

engineering and mathematics into a problemsolving

approach to hands-on projects. STEM skills

are vital for success in the 21st century and critical

to our collective future.

Stellar Facilities

The Elementary campus offers an indoor pool,

playing fields, computer labs and recreational

facilities — all of which are constantly maintained.

beyond the classroom

Every day of the week, Elementary Division

students keep busy doing the things they love.

Group and individual activities help them

develop confidence and social skills. All related

resources, including sports equipment and

musical instruments, are provided by MHS.


‐‐Art Club








‐‐Homework Club

‐‐math 24 challenge


‐‐Stage Crew

‐‐Student Government

‐‐Swing Dance

‐‐Tap dance

Club and

Intramural Sports*




‐‐Field Hockey

‐‐Flag Football

‐‐Ice hockey




‐‐Track & Field


*Sampling of activities.

Not available to all grades.

in the home

Students live in nurturing, supportive

and safe homes with 8 to 10 friends

of similar age and gender. A married

houseparent couple provides care,

structure and guidance.

Life Lessons

Living with others builds teamwork and respect.

Following a clear schedule of tasks and other

chores builds responsibility and maturity.

Working Together

Teachers and houseparents communicate

regularly, making sure classroom learning

and home life reinforce one another.

In Good Hands

In addition to promoting learning and personal

development, houseparents make sure that

teeth are brushed, homework is completed

and needed hugs are available.

Loving Life

From picnics and camping trips to after-school

games and activities, students are constantly

engaged in positive, enjoyable pursuits under

the close supervision of caring adults.

Never Far From Home

Students stay in close contact with their

families through letters, phone calls, social

media and visits. Parents keep track of their

children’s progress by direct communication with

houseparents and teachers.










Because a family’s income

should not determine a child’s

outcome, MHS is cost-free —

from food and housing to sports

equipment and healthcare, and

even the opportunity to earn

$80,000 for college.

Included at

no cost to families

Everything below is included

for all MHS students.

• Tuition

• Housing

• Healthy meals and snacks

• Clothing

• School supplies

• Medical care

(including eyeglasses

and medications)

• Counseling services

(in individual or

group settings)

• Dental care

• Tutoring and individual

academic assistance

• All activities

• Sports equipment

• Musical instruments

• Computers

• Field trips

• 24/7 security

Milton Hershey School admits boys and girls of

any race, color, religion, nationality and ethnic

origin to all of the programs and activities made

available to students of the school.

M32002 NCSDO 3.15

just the facts

elementary division

Grades: Pre-K–Grade 4

Enrollment: 400 students

Teachers: 43

Average class size: 15 to 16

Core academic subjects:

math, reading, language arts,

science, social studies

Other subjects:

dance, performing arts,

music, art, leadership training,

healthy lifestyles

46 Student homes

92 Houseparents

Number of students

per home: 8 to 10

Number of roommates

per child: 1

Moving toward a

1 to 1 student-to-computer

ratio (three-year plan)

Books/items in library:


Notable elementary

Division facilities:

25 “smart” (high-tech)


1 indoor swimming pool

43 playgrounds/play areas

Acres on MHS campus: 4,200

Apple trees: 460

Peach trees: 367

animals on campus:

6 horses, 1 miniature donkey,

11 sheep, 41 dairy goats,

16 beef cattle, 8 rabbits,

4 guinea pigs, 1 chinchilla

and 1 ferret

160+ annual performances and

exhibitions by visiting visual

and performing arts groups

Seating capacity of

MHS stadium: 7,000


3 meals per day

plus snacks

Number of meals

served at MHS

each year: 2.4 million


2,300 cases of apples

55,000 lbs. of ground beef

360,000 eggs

12,000 lbs. of cheese

Number of clothing fittings

at MHS per year: 3,674

Free clothing includes:

School-coordinated outfits

Play clothing

Sunday best outfits

Coats and shoes


Applying to MHS is easy.

To learn more, go to



Come see for yourself the remarkable

opportunities available at MHS.

To schedule a campus visit, go to


Contact Us

Milton Hershey School

Admissions Office

430 E. Governor Road

P.O. Box 830

Hershey, PA 17033-0830


(800) 322-3248

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