Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions


September 29, 2013 - Affirming Life – Blessed, Broken, Shared

Presentations that explore the Principles of Catholic Social teaching - @ 45 min each.

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Human dignity is sacred. The dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society.

EVERY person is precious. People are more important than things. The measure of every institution

is whether it threatens or enhances the life and dignity of the human person.

Global Youth Mission

(TENT #1 – past reconciliation area 3:15-4:00)

Catholic Social Teaching in Action - Fr Rocco Puopolo – Xaverian Missions

Call to Community and Participation

A person is sacred and social. People have a right and a duty to participate in society, seeking together

the common good and well-being of all, especially the poor and vulnerable.


(AUDITORIUM 3:15-4:00)

Building Healthy Relationships - Fr Espaillat and the Messengers of Christ


(AUDITORIUM 4:15-5:00)

Building Healthy Relationships – Fr Espaillat and the Messengers of Christ

Mixed Messages

(STAGE: 3:15)

Body Image and Advertising - Carmen “China” Briceno

Rights and Responsibilities

Human dignity can be protected and a healthy community achieved if human rights are protected and

responsibilities are met. Every person has the right to life and a right to those things required for

human decency.

Power of the Blood

(Tent #1 – past Reconciliation area 4:15-5:00)

Jesus gave his life for us. Can we spare a pint of blood for another? - American Red Cross

Culture of Life Panel

(East Hall 3:15-4:00)

What about Abortion, Euthanasia, Stem Cell, Cloning etc - Pro Life Office/ Franciscan Life Center/

Family Life Office

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

A basic moral test is how our most vulnerable members are faring. We are instructed in Mt 25:31-46 to

put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.

Sandy Hook, Boston, What’s Next?

(Alumni Hall 3:15-4:00)

How to understand violence in this world through the prism of our faith, how to find God in a world

that is growing more violent and our role as peacemakers - Chris Haddad

Don’t Call Me Stupid...Stupid!

(Alumni Hall 4:15-5:00)

Explore and confront bullying and its consequences. - Deacon Arthur Miller

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

The economy must serve people. Work is a way to make a living AND a way to continue our

participation in God’s creation.

Make it Fair!

(Pop Tent – Right of entrance door—grassy area.3:15-4:00)

Experience the life of a small farmer in Central America - Peter Buck (Equal Exchange Cooperative)

You Ain’t Better Than Me and I Ain’t Better Than You.

(East Hall 4:15-5:00)

Values Clarification/Immigration – Arturo Irarte and Miriam Hidalgo


We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers! We are ONE human family in a global society.

We must work for justice and peace worldwide.

Helping Hands Project (p 28)

RED ROOM 3:15-5:00 – Pre Registration was required

Catholic Relief Services/ Office for Catholic Social Justice

Care for Creation

We are called to protect people and the planet, living our faith in relationship with God’s creation.

Yeah, I’m a Tree Hugger, Got a Problem with That?

(Pop Tent – Right of entrance door—grassy area).

Environmental Stewardship - Ellie Muirhead


(Stage 12:00-12:30)

Jumpstart your fitness program - Get in shape while you dance! - Juana Santiago

SO...You Think You Can Create?

(Tent #2 - Rosary Garden 3:15-5:00)

Expressing Life in Art and Scripture – BJ Daley Horell/ Mary Marsan (OREE)

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