ORE Connections June 2012


ORE Connections June 2012 - Office of Religious Education

ORE Connections June 2012

Archdiocese of Hartford Office of Religious Education

467 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield CT 06002

(860) 243-9465 Phone (860) 243-9690 Fax www.orehartford.org

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

My 40th Anniversary

Forty years is a long time but it went by so quickly for me. I entered St. Thomas Seminary as a sophomore in high school. I boarded

because Southington was a bit too far for me to travel to school each day. I am lucky in that I always wanted to be a priest from the time that I

was a little boy.

High school in the Seminary was a difficult time for me. It seemed that all of the other kids had skills that I did not have. They knew

how to diagram sentences. They had a better grasp of Latin. Most of all, they were more accustomed to a parochial school education. I

persisted and eventually I caught up.

The college years were much easier for me. After two years at Saint Thomas Seminary we all were assigned by the Archbishop to go

to another school which was called the Major Seminary. Archbishop O’Brien told me that I was going to Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in

Emmitsburg, Maryland. He asked me if I knew where Emmitsburg was? I replied that I did not. He said that he did not know either. He told me

to get a map. In any case, I loved it there and I loved the study of Philosophy.

I hoped that I would be able to study in Europe but I was not asked to study there. So, I continued graduate school and the study of

Theology in Emmitsburg. I was very fortunate to have both Monsignor Mulcahy and Father Harry Flynn as my rectors.

I was ordained a deacon at Saint Gregory the Great Church in Bristol, CT. When I returned to the Seminary I was informed that Monsignor

Mulcahy had died and I was to preach my first homily at his funeral Mass in the college chapel. I was very nervous but all went well.

Ordination to the priesthood took place at Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hartford on May 27, 1972. I was privileged to have Father Harry

Flynn preach the Homily at my first Mass which was at Immaculate Conception Church in Southington. Father Flynn would later become

Archbishop Flynn of Saint Paul ‐ Minneapolis.

My first assignment was to the Church of the Holy Spirit in Newington, I loved it there. I then spent 6 weeks at Saint Frances Cabrini in North

Haven before I was assigned to Saint Patrick in Enfield. Again they were great experiences. I found out that I was going to Saint James in

Rocky Hill as the member of a team ministry with Father Ed O’Brien while I was on pilgrimage in Israel. My parents provided a nice party for

me in Jerusalem. I learned a great deal in Rocky Hill not only from my parish assignment but also from doctoral studies at Hartford Seminary.

The subject matter of my thesis was Intergenerational Religious Education. I wrote a play entitled “From the Garden to the Crib” in which all

generations of people participated. I also researched how the Church taught people their religion when they were illiterate by using Miracle

and Morality plays as well as by using religious art and architecture to do so as well.

That education provided me with the opportunity to become the Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Archbishop Cronin assigned me to that role. I lived at the Church of the Incarnation in Wethersfield and did weekend Masses there. In 2003 I

became the Pastor of Saint Mark the Evangelist in West Hartford in addition to my work as Director of Religious Education. I have been the

Director for the past 20 years.

In 2008 I was able to take a sabbatical in Rome, Italy. That opportunity was provided by Archbishop Mansell. It was a dream come true. As I

mentioned, I always wanted to study there. I will never forget it and will always be thankful for that experience.

As I look over my life I would not change a thing. Of course there have been unhappy days but for the most part I am very happy that

I became a priest in the Catholic Church.

At times I am struck by the fact that I have touched and have been touched by the lives of so many people. I have had the privilege

of celebrating all the Sacraments especially the privilege of celebrating the Holy Eucharist. There has been so much happiness in my life and

so much sadness as well. A priest is involved in the most significant events of life. That means that you minister to people when they are the

most happy as well as the ministering to them when they are the most sad. My faith has helped me, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, to say

and do things that I did not believe were possible.

Many people, especially those that I have worked with over the years, have helped me to appreciate the love that God has for all of us.

I know that I have made mistakes but I also know that God has forgiven my trespasses.

I pray for the fortitude that I will need in the future to carry on my priestly ministry. And I pray for new priests‐ good priests who will

carry on the mission of Jesus Christ.

God Bless

Monsignor Motta

Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

Director of ORE,

Catholic Scouting Chaplain

Ext. 2674 mmotta@adh-ore.org

Ms. Patricia Keck, M.A.

Assistant Director, Religious Education,

Catechetical Leader Training, Catechesis,

Sacramental Preparation, Catechist

Formation, Generations of Faith,

Resource Library

Ext. 2677 pkeck@adh-ore.org

Ms. Miriam Hidalgo, M.Ed.

Coordinator for Catechesis for Hispanics

Ext. 2673 mhidalgo@adh-ore.org

Ms. Shawnee Baldwin, M.A.

Coordinator of Youth &

Youth Adults Ministry,

Confirmation (Youth),

Catholic Youth Spectacular

Ext. 2672 sbaldwin@adh-ore.org

Ms. Barbara Jean Daly Horell, M.T.S.

Coordinator of Catholic Biblical School

Chair of Biblical Studies

Ext. 2679 bjdalyhorell@adh-ore.org

Mrs. Mary Marsan, M.Div.

Coordinator of R.C.I.A.,

Adult Confirmation, Adult Formation,

Lay Ministry

Ext. 2678 mmarsan@adh-ore.org

Mrs. Jennifer McClintock

Coordinator of Catholic Scouting,

Video Library, Communications

Ext. 2675 jmcclintock@adh-ore.org

Mrs. Jill Costa

Ext. 2670 jcosta@adh-ore.org

Mrs. Shirley Morris

Ext. 2671 smorris@adh-ore.org

Specialized Youth Ministry

John Meakin, Jr. Catholic Boy Scouting Chairperson

(860) 688-7440


Marjorie Luzzi, Catholic Girl Scout Committee



Congratulations to the Catholic Biblical School

Class of 2012!

Having studied all the books of the Bible in four

years, the following graduates are expected to

receive one of our two certificates, to be

presented at a graduation ceremony at 3:00 in the St. Thomas Seminary

Chapel on June 10, 2012:

Louise Arsenault

Kathryn Behrens

Clare Bernard

Santiago Berrios‐Bones

Greg Bond

Linda Bond

Kathleen Bosse

Madalyn Caputo

Marie Connors

Margaret Dawson

Thomas Eysmans

Helen Finateri

Mary Elizabeth Hackett

Gail Hill

Judith Hines

Judith Keenan

Marie Listro

The Archdiocese is also proud to announce that Certificates of Basic

Biblical Studies were awarded to the following CBS students at the

Office of Religious Education Award Ceremony on May 29, 2012:

Emelda A. Alexander

William F. Baker

Sr. Carolyn J. Brown

Patti L. Cacciabaudo

Louis M. Daniels

Susan Davis

Laury M. DiMarco

Evelyn Garrow

Sanita E. Gingras

Karin Kaczynski

Sr. Cara Grace Kissell

Claudette LaChance

Rita Mary Lashenske

Joseph S. Marcucio

Anne Valentine Mackiewicz

Linda Markiewicz

JoAnn Masi

Thomas McCabe

Nadine Merancy

Maryrose Mistieri Pasco

Deacon Kevin Monahan

Lori Monahan

Kathleen O’Neill

Maura Pauli

Jay Pershing

JoAnn Pospisil

Mary Quinlan

Ann Siczewicz

Jeanne Smith

Gary Tatro

James B. McCauley

Michelle McNulty

Antoinette Mintel

Ernest J. Mintel

Marie Amelia Moura

Grayce Mower

Kimberly Petrillo

Sr. Katie Press

Sr. Christine Rattini

Mahilia Roache

Sister Mary Alma

Deacon William J. Sayles

Sr. Maria Sciaroni

Michael J. Scougall

Urgent Notices for St. Thomas Seminary Certificate Students

Students who wish to request for a grade of “Incomplete” for the

year must complete the form for this purpose by June 15, 2012. This

is an extension of the normal deadline, so if you don’t wish to

receive a “fail” grade, you must get this form to the ORE office right

away. All students who are enrolled in the for‐credit, St. Thomas

Seminary certificate program will receive a grade report by mail in


Application and Enrollment in the

Catholic Biblical School (CBS):

Are you or is someone you know ready to explore the Bible? Registrations

for the next class of the Archdiocesan Catholic Biblical

School are pouring in. Interviews must be scheduled by August 15.

Applications can be found online, or call Ms. Jill Costa at the ORE.

Check out the CBS in TWO NEW LOCATIONS:

St. Bridget, Manchester

Sacred Heart, Southbury

CBS 100 (Year One) Meeting Schedules:

Tuesdays, 7:00‐9:00 pm in Southbury, Sacred Heart Parish

Instructor: Ms. Marcia Franko

Wednesdays, 10:00 am to Noon in Plantsville (Southington), St.

Aloysius Parish Instructors: Sr. Jewel Renna and Fr. Honore Kombo

Wednesdays, 6:30‐8:30 pm in Manchester, St. Bridget Parish

Instructor: Ms. Barbara Jean (BJ) Daly Horell

Thursdays, 7:00‐9:00 pm in Hamden, Caritas Christi Center

Instructor: Dr. Joan Kelly

(For a schedule of Year 2 and Advanced Classes, go to



Graduates who would like to meet the 2012

graduates are welcome to join us for lunch on

Nebo Day, June 2, 2012, and to stay for a “How

To” workshop, led by Barbara Gawle, the 2012

recipient of CBS’s highest honor, the Fr. Lawrence

Boadt Memorial Medal. She will be sharing

insights from her own parish ministries, including many years of

leading parish Bible studies. There will be a $10 charge to cover

lunch.: Graduates should call Jill Costa to register no later than June

1, 2012.

CBS Scholarships

Worried about the cost of attending the Catholic Biblical School?

The Sr. Jewel Renna, CND Scholarship Fund is accepting

applications for first‐year students through August 1, 2012.

(Returning students must apply by June 15—extended from June

1.) Awards are applied directly toward CBS tuition. To find out more

and to get an application, go to www.orehartford.org/cbs.htm, or

call Jill Costa.

CBS Continuing Student Registration

Forms and fees ($150 non‐credit students/$230 for‐credit students)

to enroll in CBS 2012‐13 were due by June 1, 2012. So if you haven’t

returned your forms or sent in your tuition deposit, please do so

right away. If you need another copy of the form, call or email Jill

Costa at the ORE.

Keep Current with CBS this Summer!

Our summer “Bible Blog” offers a range of

biblical materials, from the sublime to the

whimsical. Don’t miss out! The Bible Blog can

be accessed at http://

bjdhorehartford.blogspot.com/ . If you

haven’t subscribed, consider entering your email address in the

“Subscribe” field to receive blog posts in your email inbox. Contact

Ms. Jill Costa at (860) 243‐9465 for assistance.

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Barbara A. Gawle Church of Incarnation, Wethersfield

Ten years

Keith Almeida

Jon Barbalich

Patti Barbalich

Karen Ann Carlotta

Maria Colón

Brian Connolly

Linda Duff

Carmen C. Fernández

Mary Fischer

Lucy Guildford

Deborah Rycki

Brian Kaminsky

Sheila Litchfield

Louise Miller

Gayle Murphy

Area Vagnini

Silvana Verzino

Fifteen years

Toni Berlandy

Lori A. Brunette

Carolyn Hepler

Ellen Maust

Debra Ouimet

Twenty years

Angela N. Baldi

Gloria L. Farrell

Maureen F. Sposato

Allen Ouimet

Twenty Five years

Catherine Cameron

Joanne Labbie

Hope Sheridan


Tracy Sommo Blum

Ellen Anderson

Anne Krott

Thirty Five

Irene Fojtik

Denise Poulin


Corinne Sommo

lxtÜá Éy fxÜä|vx

lÉâà{ `|Ç|áàÜç

Utá|vá VÄtáá TãtÜw

St. Martha, Enfield

St. Martha, Enfield

St. Martha, Enfield

St. John the Evangelist, Watertown

St. Peter, Torrington

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. Mary, Simsbury

St. Peter, Torrington

St. Peter, Torrington

St. Peter, Torrington

St. Thomas, Southington

Immaculate Conception, Southington

St. Mark the Evangelist, West Hartford

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. Teresa of Avila, Woodbury

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. John the Evangelist, Watertown

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. Christopher, East Hartford

St. Joseph, Poquonock

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

St. Thomas, Thomaston

St. Mark the Evangelist, West Hartford

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. Patrick, Farmington

St. Thomas, Thomaston

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

St. Thomas, Southington

St. Patrick, Farmington

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

St. Rose of Lima, New Haven

St. Rose of Lima, New Haven

St. Thomas, Southington

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Constance T. Oligino

Jorge Antonio Orellana

Marybeth Parisi

Kevin J. Ramierez

Victor Ruiz

Kellie Wagner

Sr. Nancy Walsh



Church of the Assumption, Woodbridge

St. Rose of Lima, Meriden

Blessed Sacrament, Hamden

St. Rose of Lima, New Haven

St. Rose of Lima, Meriden

St. Mary, Windsor Locks

Immaculate Conception, New Hartford

Katie Marie Lucy Ashmead St. Bartholomew, Manchester

Anthony M. Asmar St. Bartholomew, Manchester

Alyssa Beauvais

St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Gregory C. Bicknell St. Barnabas, North Haven

Emily Breitsprecher St. Ann, Avon

Ryan Brown

Our Lady of Pompeii, East Haven

Alexandra Cambra St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Nollysha Canteen Sacred Heart, New Haven

Austin Cappa

St. Dunstan, Glastonbury

John Cappiello

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Nicholas Carella

Sacred Heart, Southbury

Louise Francesca Carrozza Holy Angels, South Meriden

Bridget Casey

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Thomas Michael Cieslewski, Jr. St. John the Evangelist, Watertown

Cameron Cook

St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Michael Cutrali

St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Anthony Richard DeCaprio Our Lady of Pompeii, East Haven

Megan M. Gauer

St. Margaret Mary, South Windsor

Jaclyn Goulet

St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Austin Montiel Hernandez Our Lady of Grace, Bantam

Brian Michael Kaminsky Immaculate Conception, Southington

Shannon M. Kelley St. Teresa of Avila, Woodbury

Adam Nicholas Kolb St. Ann, Avon

Jennifer Lange

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Crystal Mansi

Our Lady of Pompeii, East Haven

Ciara Ryan McCarthy St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Eve Mergenthaler Our Lady of Grace, Bantam

Mathew Tyler Mezzei Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Robert E. Mucka, Jr.

Christopher Mulhall

Our Lady of Pompeii, East Haven

St. John of the Cross, Middlebury

Ehlayna M. Napolitano St. Teresa of Avila, Woodbury

Olivia Kathryn Rose Orrill St. Dunstan, Glastonbury

Ismarie Pellot

Sacred Heart, New Haven

Kevin Poplawski

Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

Stephanie C. Rivera Sacred Heart, New Haven

Natalia A. Surdam St. Bartholomew, Manchester

Molly Sweeney

St. Dunstan, Glastonbury

Kayla Thomson

Immaculate Conception, Southington

Kevin Veeley

St. Ann, Milford

Beth Ann Westgate St. Thomas the Apostle, Oxford

_|z{à Éy à{x

jÉÜÄw TãtÜw

Gina Ashworth

Barbara Blanchette

Lenny DeGray

Joe Doering

Mallory Fleming

Bailey Gould

Deborah Haggett

Jovanni Martinez

Andrew McCaffery

Aimee M. Menapace

Linda Nave

Immaculate Conception, New Hartford

St. Therese, Granby

St. Therese, Granby

St. Mary, Windsor Locks

St. Therese, Granby

Blessed Sacrament, Hamden

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Meriden

St. Rose of Lima, Meriden

St. Mary, Unionville

St. Therese, Granby

St. Therese, Granby

Dr. Peter Bosco

Selena Carella

Linda Hamlin

Diane Whittemore

St. Dunstan, Glastonbury

Sacred Heart, Southbury

St. Bartholomew, Manchester

St. Mary, Simsbury

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Catholic Youth Spectacular (CYS) 2012

Sacraments: God’s Enduring Treasures, Celebrations of

Grace ‐ September 30, 2012. Keynote: Vince Nims.

Registration materials posted at

www.youthspectacular.net . 25 groups (750 persons) are planning

on attending so far. Reserve your space today. Early bird deadline is

June 15 th .

Bishop Rosazza Justice Conference –

Youth Speak

Come to Rooted in Faith‐Working for Justice to get

some new ideas for meaningful youth projects. June

9, 2012. Registration opens at 8:00am. Closing remarks

and prayer at3:15pm. 203‐777‐7279 or at

ocsjm@catholicsocialjustice.org. Info at


New England Zawadi Kujenga II‐ Faith Engaged:

Empower, Equip, Evangelize

Leadership training weekend ‐ 5:00 Friday, July 6th to 10:30 am

Sunday, July 8 th at St Thomas Seminary. 467 Bloomfield Ave.

Bloomfield, CT. Cost: $100.00 Per Person (Space is limited. RSVP

early. .Includes 5 meals, workshop materials, and overnight

accommodations. Bring your favorite snack. Registration deadline:

June 8, 2012. Contact your DRE/ CYM to register or call Shawnee


Christian Leadership Weekend Retreat

Friday, June 15 ‐ Sunday, June 17, 2012 at Holy

Family Retreat Center. 303 Tunxis Rd. West

Hartford. Begins Friday evening at 8:00p.m. and concludes

with a family mass on Sunday which begins at 11:00 a.m. Call

860‐521‐0440 to reserve your spots or contact Liza

Peters for more information 860‐760‐9712 or


Youth and Young Adult Ministry DATES


Institute for New Youth Ministers (INYM) –

July 23‐26, 2012 ‐ http://www.cultivationministries.com.

frank@cultivationministries.com, or 630 513‐8222

NCCYM (National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry)

Nov 29‐Dec 2, 2012 – Orlando, FLA http://NCCYM.NFCYM.org/


NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) Nov 21‐23, 2013 –

Indianapolis, IN www.nfcym.org

NCCC (National Catholic Collegiate Conference 18‐26 years of age).

Nov 21‐23, 2013 – Indianapolis, IN. www.ntlccc.org

Sports and Youth Ministry Facebook: National CYO Sports.


NFCYM web site: http://www.nationalcyosports.org/

World Youth Day – July 23‐28 th . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

www.Unitours.com for a July 21‐30 th package and information regarding


Young Adult Ministry in a Box Bustedhalo.com http://

bustedhalo.com . http://youngadultministryinabox.com

Catholic Underground (Young Adults)


Theology at Bar – New Haven (Young Adults)


Through the Pro‐Life Office, the Franciscan Sisters

of the Eucharist have several Sisters who present

on chastity and pro‐life issues. If you are interested,

contact Sister Suzanne Gross at sistersuzanne@prolifeministry.org,

203‐639‐0833, 203‐



Retiro y Reunión

Para los coordinadores de la catequesis parroquial y de RICA Facilitadora:

Dulce Jimenez, consultora de Sadlier®

Sábado 2 de junio del 2012 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Seminario San Tomás/ Centro Arquidiócesano

467 Bloomfield Avenue

Bloomfield, CT 06002

Gratuito. Almuerzo incluido.

Inscribirse antes del 24 de mayo.

Contacto: Miriam Hidalgo

Tel: 860‐243‐9465

Email: mhidalgo@adh‐ore.org

Passport to Success

Un entrenamiento enfocado en la formación de líderes catequéticos,

especialmente nuevos coordinadores de la catequesis parroquial (o los

que desean nuevas ideas).

¿Cuando? 22‐23 de junio, 5:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (viernes‐sábado)

¿Donde? Immaculate Conception Spiritual Renewal Center, Putnam,


¿Costo? $95 (incluye alojamiento y tres comidas)

**Facilitado en inglés con material y oportunidades de compartimiento

en español**

Inscribirse antes del 1 de junio

Contacto: Miriam Hidalgo

Tel: 860‐243‐9465

Email: mhidalgo@adh‐ore.org






Más detalles a seguir…

Contacto: Miriam Hidalgo

Tel: 860‐243‐9465

Email: mhidalgo@adh‐ore.org

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August 16‐17, 2012

New England Adult Faith Symposium

The New England Adult Faith Symposium is an event sponsored by

the New England Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious

Education. This year’s Event will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in

Westborough, MA and the Keynote Speaker is Fr. Anthony Ciorra,

who will speak on “Reaching 21st Century Disciples In the Year of

Faith.” This symposium begins at noon on August 16 th and ends

after lunch on August 17 th . To register, go to www.necddre.org.

RCIA Summer Workshops

The North American Forum on the

Catechumenate will be offering The Initiation

Experience: Beginnings, Workshop on August 2‐4,

2012 in the near‐by Diocese of Fall River, MA. If

you are new to the RCIA ministry you will really

benefit from attending this workshop. This

workshop presents the vision of the Rite of Christian Initiation of

Adults, provides experience of the flow, steps and periods of the

Rite. It teaches the skills necessary for local implementation and

invites reflection, faith sharing and liturgical celebration. Early Bird

deadline is June 2, 2012 and registration deadline is July 5, 2012. For

more information contact Mary Marsan or the following web site;


Adult Confirmation

On May 22, 2012 120 adults received the sacrament of

Confirmation. We offer them our Congratulations. Our next Adult

Confirmation preparation classes will begin the week of September

10, 2012. Please check the web site; www.orehartford.org in August

for registration information.

Lay Ministry Formation Program

What dreams do you have for your parish?

Imagine how our parishes could be transformed if

more adults received a theological and

spiritual education. How can we empower more of

the laity to accept their baptismal call to

participate more fully in the life and ministry of the


The Lay Ministry Program can help. Our next class will begin in

September 2012. This training is a 2 year process which

includes classes in theology, scripture, spiritual development and

pastoral skills as well as a parish internship. For more

information check our website, www.orehartford.org or

contact Mary Marsan at 243‐9465.

The New Evangelization

Pope Benedict XVI and the worldwide bishops have, in recent years,

begun talking about the "New Evangelization." What that means

can be confusing. Evangelization is the call of every baptized

Christian to learn and live our faith actively and in such a way that

others are attracted to the faith. Haven't we been hearing about

this challenge throughout most of our lifetimes (at least since the

time of Vatican II)?

So what's "new" about the new evangelization? Truthfully, the New

Evangelization is, in some senses, as old as the teaching of Jesus

and the proclamation of the gospels by the apostles. The New

Evangelization calls all Catholics first to be evangelized and then in

turn to evangelize. While it is directed to all people, the New

Evangelization focuses specifically on those Christian communities

that have Catholic roots but have lost a living

sense of the faith. (Preface, Disciples Called to

Witness: The New Evangelization)

What's "new" is that church leadership

recognizes that in recent years more

Catholics than ever have lost faith in the church as the authentic

witness to Christ in our contemporary world. Many

Christians claim to be "spiritual, not religious," opting for a

personalized "brand" of faith that is often unconnected to any

particular faith tradition.

Unfortunately, this kind of disconnect with Scripture and Tradition

proclaimed in the church usually boils down to a disconnect with

Christ, the One who reveals God most fully and whom we profess to

follow. In their new document, Disciples Called to Witness


the Bishops are

reminding us of an ancient truth: generation to generation, the

ancient faith must be proclaimed in a new way so as to create true

followers of Christ in today's world.

So today as in every generation, we as Christ's disciples commit

ourselves to continue learning and growing in faith so we can in

turn bring the good news to our world in both word and deed. As

the bishops affirm: To create a culture of witness, we must live explicit

lives of discipleship. Being a disciple is a challenge. Fortunately,

one does not become a disciple of Christ on his or her own initiative.

The work of the Holy Spirit within the Christian community

forms the person as a disciple of Christ. (Part IV, Disciples Called to

Witness: The New Evangelization) The Office of Religious Education,

in communication and solidarity with other Catholic faith formation

offices nationwide, has been and continue to be committed to the

new evangelization, which might equally well be called "The Tried

and True Evangelization."

Barbara Jean Daly Horell, Coordinator,

Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Biblical School


Congratulations to the following girls that received their

Catholic Emblems on June 3.

Simone DeLeon

Paola Frunzio

Rachel Gentile

Ryley Kostenko

Laurel Kroeber

Molly Kuszaj

Autumn Morales

Katrina Jakab

Audrey Seyfried

Abbie Bigos

Sarah Klotzman

Family of God

I Live My Faith


Carissa O'Connor

Kayla O'Connor

Angelina Saunders

Genevieve Valvo

Judith Valvo

Jessica Wachs

Ashley Zupo

Nicole Robitaille

Boy Scouts

Next Camporee Planning Meeting:

June 14th 2012 7:00pm St. Thomas Seminary

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In advance of the 2012 elections, the U.S.

bishops reaffirmed their 2007 document,

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, in this

coming election cycle and beyond, as the

continuing teaching of our bishops’ Conference and our guidance

for Catholics in the exercise of their rights and duties as

participants in our democracy.” The USCCB is launching a new

website for Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship:


Save the Date!

The New England Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious

Education will be presenting Part 1 of “Passport to Success”, a

training program for new or nearly new parish catechetical leaders,

on June 22‐23, 2012, at Immaculate Conception Retreat House in

Putnam, CT. Workshops on “working with volunteers”,

“curriculum planning”, and other topics will be presented. As soon

as all information is finalized, the brochure will be mailed, or go to


Catechetical Sunday 2012

The theme for this year is: “Catechists and Teachers as Agents of the

New Evangelization”. Catechetical materials, clip art, etc. will be

available on www.usccb.org in the next several months.

Religious Education Congress

Save the date! Saturday, November 3, 2012 at St. Paul

Catholic High School in Bristol. The keynote speaker is

Ken Doran, Religion Consultant for William H. Sadlier,


A Seminar for Catechetical Leaders

“Passport to Success”, designed and sponsored by The

New England Conference of Diocesan Directors of

Religious Education (NECDDRE) is especially for new or

nearly new parish catechetical leaders or youth

ministers. Others will find it enriching and reenergizing.

Passport to Success – Part 1 (Preparing for the Journey)

will be held Friday, June 22 – Saturday, June 23 at the

Immaculate Conception Spiritual Renewal Center in Putnam, CT. Its

purpose is to identify gifts and qualities, clarify scope and

responsibilities, provide an opportunity to increase knowledge and

reinforce skills (Administration/Communication, Curriculum

Implementation, Recruitment/Training of Catechists), and provide

an opportunity to network with other catechetical leaders or youth

ministers in New England. Deadline for registration: June 1, 2012.

For more information, contact Pat Keck or Barbara Ramian

(508‐929‐4308) or go to www.necddre.org.

New Vacation Bible School Resource

Liguori Publications is presenting “Sonrise: National

Park VBS”. The product includes puppets, murals,

stickers, bookmarks, balloons and other inflatables,

magnets, shirts and more!. Go to www.liguori.org

for more information and pricing.

The Center for Ministry Development will NOT hold a conference in

2013. Stay tuned to www.cmdnet.org for

information about plans for 2014 and beyond.

Lifelong Faith Is Going Digital

Beginning with the Spring 2012 issue (Volume #6) in May, Lifelong

Faith (John Roberto) will become a digital journal. It will still

provide the best thinking and practice in faith formation across the

whole life span. Each quarterly issue will continue to focus on a

particular aspect of lifelong faith formation. Now they will be able

to add new digital features including embedded media, extended

content and practices, and links to online resource centers. To

subscribe and/or check out other new resources for Faith

Formation, go to www.LifeLongFaith.com.

Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines During Election


There are some important “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

you and your volunteer catechists need to be

aware of during this upcoming election season.

You are allowed and encouraged to share the

principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Do not

endorse of oppose candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates.

For the full list of guidelines, go to www.usccb.org/issuesand‐action/faithful‐citizenship/dos‐and‐donts

Self Evaluation – Growing as a Catechist

Joe Paprocki from Loyola Press (remember, he was our keynoter at

the 2010 Religious Education Congress) is making his selfevaluation

tool available. The tool is from his book, The Catechist’s

Toolbox. This can be a wonderful exercise for catechists. To get a

free copy of the evaluation, go to www.catechistsjourney.com and

search for “self evaluation” or contact Pat Keck.

The updated Archdiocesan Religion Curriculum (Parish

Catechetical Edition) is now on our website

(www.orehartford.org). Also included is the USCCB Framework for

a High School Curriculum (for parishes), the required content for

the proximate preparation for Confirmation, and a link to the

USCCB Conformity Listing (textbooks found to be in conformity

with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For questions/comments,

contact Pat Keck.

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Save the Date! The annual Respect Life Conference,

hosted by the Holy Angels Pro‐Life Outreach

Ministry, will be held on Saturday, October 2‐, 2012,

9:00 am – 3:00 pm. at the Holy Angels Parish Center in

Meriden. Keynote speakers will be Dr. Alveda C. King,

Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life and Director,

African‐American Outreach and Mr. Hugh Owen, Director at the

Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, Mt. Jackson, VA.

Archbishop Mansell will open the Congress. Registration is $20 per

person and includes hospitality and lunch. To register or for further

information, please call Mary M. Byczynski at 203‐235‐3822.

Upcoming Events: June 6,

“Protecting Planet Earth”;

June 9, “Bishop Peter

Rosazza Social Justice Conference; June 12; “Bread for the World

Lobby Day”; June 14, “Catholic Charities Webinar: Catholic Social

Teaching & Sacrament:; July 19‐August 1, “Social Action Summer

Institute”; October 25‐31, “Haiti Immersion Trip”. For more

information, go to www.catholicsocialjustice.org.

Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center

Upcoming events: June 8‐10, “Men’s Retreat”; June

9: “Spring Labyrinth Day: Walking the Walk” with

Cheryl Jones; June 12 or 13, “Music Ministers Evening

Retreat”; June 15‐17, “Christian Leadership Retreat for Teens”; June

17‐June 22, “Directed Retreat for Men and Women”; June 17‐22,

“Retreat for Women Religious”; June 21, “12 th Annual Gerald J.

Kristofak Memorial Golf Tournament”. For more information:


Caritas Christi Center

Upcoming events: June 5, “My Journey Through the

Summer for the Separated and Divorced:, with Sr.

Mauryeen O’Brien; June 9, “My Journey Through the

Summer for the Bereaved:, with Sr. Mauryeen O’Brien;

June 13, “Film Study: Henry Poole is Here”, with Jim

Pepitone . For more information, go to


Our Lady of Calvary Retreat House

Upcoming events: June 2, “We Are The Church:

The Role of the Laity”. For more information and

events, go to www.ourladyofcalvary.com.

Position Available: Director of Faith Formation

– East Haven

A full time position will be opening at Our Lady of Pompeii Roman

Catholic Church in East Haven, for a qualified person to direct the

religious education and related evangelization programs, for

parishioners of all ages. Programs include: inter‐generational

catechesis and sacramental preparation for grades K‐10,

coordination of Protecting God’s Children, and ongoing adult faith

formation, including supervision of the Rite of Christian Initiation of

Adults. Reports directly to the pastor and works in collaboration

with all members of the parish staff. Advanced degree and

management experience in related fields a plus. Date to start:

Mid‐Summer 2012. Interested parties may send resumes to: Search

Committee, c/o Rev. John Lavorgna, Our Lady of Pompeii Church,

355 Foxon Road, CT 06513.

Position Available: Director of Religious Education –

Rocky Hill

A part‐time position for Director, Religious Education, is now open

at St. James Church in Rocky Hill. The start date is July 1. Job

Purpose: To direct the various functions of the Office of Religious

Education (serving approximately 487 students, K‐10) in accordance

with the mandates of the pastor, Archdiocese of Hartford and

Universal Church; to supervise the Coordinator of Sacramental

Preparation Programs (First Reconciliation, First Communion and

Confirmation). Reports directly to the Pastor. Reporting to DRE is

Coordinator, Sacramental Preparation Programs. Educational

Requirement: B.A., Religious Studies. Master’s Degree in Religious

Studies or related are (such as education, pastoral ministry) preferred.

Interested parties may send resume to: Rev. David J.

Baranowski, St. James Church, 767 Elm Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Job Opening – DRE – Waterbury

Blessed Sacrament Church, Waterbury is looking for a part‐time

Coordinator of Religious Education, responsible for a comprehensive

K‐8 religious education program. The major job responsibilities

include: Overseeing the religious education program of the parish.

Organizing the second grade First Communion class for both parish

and school, organizing , preparing content with pastoral staff for

four retreats per year for students, overseeing the budgets and

assisting in preparation of the programs. The ability to work

collaboratively with the Parish School Principal, Youth Minister and

parish team.Job Requirements: Bachelors’ Degree in Theology or in

another related discipline. Strong organizational and interpersonal

skills, ability to work effectively in a collegial environment as a

member of the Pastoral team. Inquiries should be made to Deacon

Carl Gerstung, Pastoral Associate at 203‐756‐4439 or email at


Position Available: Director of Religious Education –


St. John of the Cross in Middlebury is presently seeking a part‐time

Director of Religious Education, to begin on or about July 1, 2012.

Job purpose: to provide comprehensive faith formation for

students in grades 1‐8, including Sacramental preparation for First

Reconciliation and First Communion in grades 2‐3, as well as Liturgy

of the Word for primary grade children. The qualified candidate will

recruit catechists, organize the overall educational needs of the

program, and oversee the intergenerational faith formation

(G.I.F.T.) program held three weekends during the academic year.

The successful candidate reports directly to the Pastor and must be

a collaborative worker with other staff members, as well as

someone with a vision for faith formation that is vital and

forward‐thinking. Hours are approximately 20‐25 per week. Please

send resumes to: Search Committee c/o Rev. Dennis Vincenzo 1321

Whittemore Rd., Middlebury, CT 06762. Website:


Position Available: Youth Minister – Middlebury

St. John of the Cross in Middlebury is presently seeking a part‐time

Youth Minister, to begin on or about July 1, 2012. Job purpose: to

provide comprehensive faith formation for students in grades 9‐12,

supervise the two year Confirmation program, and oversee the Peer

Ministry program. Recruiting skills, motivational skills for catechist

and Peer Ministry formation are crucial. The qualified candidate

reports directly to the Pastor and must possess skills to work

collaboratively with other staff members. Hours are approximately

12‐15 per week. Please send resumes to: Search Committee c/o Rev.

Dennis Vincenzo 1321 Whittemore Rd., Middlebury, CT 06762.

Website: stjohnofthecrosschurch.org

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Girl Scouts 2nd year Brownie Troop#67523 out of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School/

Church in Meriden, CT, with the help of Mr. Jay Hendricks and lead by Mrs. Collazo‐

DeLeon, Troop

Leader, revamp and refreshed the garden at the OLMC Grotto area. The girls

learned skills relating to horticulture and preservation. This area is a sacred space

where parishioners, staff and students can pray and meditate. They girls even installed

a solar‐operated butterfly. This was done just in time for the 2nd grade class

Holy first Communion and the traditional May crowning hosted by the school. Most

of the troop girls will also earned their 1st Catholic

Emblem on June 3, 2012, from the Archdiocese of Hartford for completing the Family

of God project. Picture is of the troop in front of the garden: Left front, Peter Julian

DeLeon (Girl Scout Sibling), Laurel E. Kroeber, Simone E. DeLeon. Back left, Kayla N.

O’Connor, Kaeley Kostenkos, and Ryley Kostenkos.

Archdiocese of Hartford

Office of Religious Education

467 Bloomfield Avenue

Bloomfield, CT 06002



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