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Leadership Opportunities for 2012-13 POSITIONS AVAILABLE

Leadership Opportunities for 2012 - The Urban School

Leadership Opportunities for 2012-13 POSITIONS

Leadership Opportunities for 2012-13 Dear 9th, 10th and 11th Graders: You will be hearing about leadership positions that require an application/interview process. The applications have been posted in the Leadership Positions folder in the top sections of the Bulletin Board. Below you will find details about deadlines (this email will also be in that folder). -Charlotte Every group except Newspaper follows this timeline. Peer Resource application were due already. Applications will be emailed on March 2nd. We will put all the information about the positions and the applications in a folder on the Bulletin Board entitled Leadership Positions. We will email all 9th, 10th and 11th graders reminding them about the details of the application process and directing them to this folder for more specific information about each position. Charlotte will collect the names of students applying to multiple positions and talk with them about their priorities. Applications will be due by March 15th and announcements about positions will be made by May 4th. Other Timelines: Newspaper will follow the general distribution and due dates for applications. They will conduct their interviews in the first part of May and announcements will be made by May 21st. Yearbook does not have an application. Once this year's book is complete, interested students will be invited to start attending Yearbook during E2 and E3. POSITIONS AVAILABLE 9th Graders can apply/run for: Student Admissions Committee Green Team Peer Resources Multi-Culti Team Newspaper Urban Sherpas Student Representative to Student Committee

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