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» Do you want the BEST

» Do you want the BEST SIGHTLINES? » Do you want the MOST COMFORTABLE SEATS? » Do you want access to SPACIOUS, LUXURIOUS LOUNGE AREAS? » Do you want PRIVILEGES AND EXCLUSIVE ACCESS? » Do you want to offer your guests a PREMIUM GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE? YES? Then become a Colts Club Seat Holder! 2

Lucas Oil Stadium Club Seats T HE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE Lucas Oil Stadium Club Seats are perfect for fans who want to see all the action from optimal sightlines while enjoying the convenience and luxury of Club Lounges available before, during and after games. Featuring two levels of Club Seating on each side of Lucas Oil Stadium, all Club Seats are located between the 20-yard lines, guaranteeing a great view of the game. C LUB SEAT AMENITIES AND PRIVILEGES » Prime seat locations » Option to purchase reserved parking for » » Upscale, padded 21” seats Extra leg room between rows all 10 games • 2 – 5 seats: One parking pass • 6 – 9 seats: Two parking passes » Access to four Club Lounges • 10 or more seats: Three parking passes » » Private entrance into the Club Lounges Upscale dining options in the Club Lounges » Opportunity to be selected for pre-game field visits » Discounts at the Colts Pro Shop Dimensions, descriptions, and locations depicted are approximate and may be subject to change during the course of construction. 3

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