RMHPBA September News Flash 2015

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The RMHPBA’s Monthly Update

September 2015

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Colorado Stove

Change Out Meeting


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2016 HPBExpo

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HPBExpo Education


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New Research


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Upcoming Events

Colorado stove change out meeting Sept. 16

Comin’ Up In October

2016 Member


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Government Affairs


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RMHPBA Board Meeting

September 28, 2016

2016 HPBExpo

March 16-19, 2016

2016 Member Reception

March 16, 2016

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RMHPBA’s website

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October Newsletter

Colorado stove change out meeting overview

Thank you to HPBA Barbecue’s Director of Public Affairs John Crouch, RMHPBA board members,

American Lung Association (ALA) representative and the 27 members who attended the Colorado

stove change out meeting September 19. A big thanks goes out to RW Specialites, Inc. for hosting the

meeting. Keith and his staff were a great help. We would also like to thank all the people

who took time off from work to be here for the meeting.

Until the final plan gets approved by EPA, the RMHPBA will need to wait to really publicize it

until that time. The change out program will be happening soon, and it may include more counties than

originally planned (Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, Larimer and Weld), but this is why we need to wait until

the official announcement. One thing is for sure, it will be a wonderful boost to our members business!

With the money set aside for the change out, we think there could be around 500 stoves changed out,

which means 500 units sold. The RMHPBA will keep you posted to what’s going on as soon as we hear

about it.

Background information:

There is approximately $1 millon set aside for the program with some of that money going to the

ALA to run the program, some money for advertising it, and the rest for the change out with some of it

designated for low income persons. This program should be very similar to the one Larry worked with

in Arizona a couple of years ago.

The change out may include replacing the wood stoves with gas units or pellet units, and might

require that someone who is NFI certified in the fuel type of the unit (wood, gas, pellet) installed to

install the unit.

Please contact Larry Grogan at rmhpba@outlook.com with questions or concerns.


2016 HPBExpo registration is OPEN

Exhibition: March 17-19, 2016

Education: March 16-19, 2016

Get ready for HPBExpo in New Orleans taking

place March 16-19, 2016, at the Ernest N.

Morial Convention Center. Hear what HPBA

Chairman Jess Baldwin and other members

are saying about the show and why you need

to be there next year in this quick video filmed

at the 2015 Expo!

Most of the city’s restaurants, attractions,

tours, accommodations and event venues

are within walking distance of each other,

it’s easy to get around the “Big Easy” and is

the perfect setting for networking. Within the

12-blocks of the historic French Quarter, come

enjoy the charm of New Orleans, all while

attending a successful meeting in the Crescent


New Orleans combines big city choices

with small town friendliness. Need more

ideas? We’ve got the information you need on

getting around and what to do while in New

Orleans. Don’t forget to bookmark the HPB-

Expo’s website as show information for next

year will continually post throughout the year.

Registration, Education & Housing


Register online for show badges, education,

hotel reservations, flights and car rentals


Be advised that onPeak is the official

HPBA housing partner - don’t be fooled by

other travel companies claiming to be affiliated

with HPBA. Through onPeak, HPBA is able

to secure the lowest rates, best hotels and the

most complimentary amenities during your

stay in New Orleans, exclusive only to

HPBExpo guests.

It it should be a great show with lots of exhibitors

based on the current numbers. Click here

for the full list of current exhibitors.

Updated floor plans and exhibit space contracts

are now posted online.

Thank you to our 2015


Associated Energy Systems

Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc.

Majestic Hearth

M&G DuraVent

RH Peterson CO.

RW Specialties, Inc.



Board of Directors!

Would you like to become a RMHPBA

Board Member? If you are an engaged and

committed individual and enjoys

volunteering, then we

encourage you to apply!

Fill out the boad member application

Please contact rmhpba@outlook.com with



HPBExpo Education


National Fireplace Institute (NFI)

The HPBExpo Education Program is one of the

high points of the show each year, drawing attendees

with sessions on technical training, sales and

marketing, safety, manufacturer-specific education,

and more. Once again, there will be two and a half

days of education sessions at the 2016 HPBExpo in

New Orleans with great topics presented by some

of the industry’s brightest speakers.

Ted Topping, a perennial favorite at Expo from

Creative Insights, will be back to deliver a series of

eight classes. He will cover topics including “How

To Retain Exceptional Employees” and “Professional

Service is Profitable.” He will also lead a

panel discussion on “Making the Transition to

Management.” This session is designed for the new

generation of owners and managers who are taking

control of retail stores in the hearth industry.

Tom Parks, from Coastroad Hearth and Patio, will

present two classes designed to clear up some of the

most confusing aspects of hearth appliance installations.

“NFI Math” will review those pesky formulas

we use every day but may not truly understand.

Tom will also lead, “Things No One Else Teaches,” a

discussion on all those little details that are covered

in the Reference Manual, yet no one else covers.

Tom will focus on those neglected topics and help

clear the smoke.

HPBA Announces New

Research Program

In HPBA’s September Hot News, it was announced

that a new structure for market research has been


Kate Fritz joined HPBA as Director - Membership

& Affiliates in January. In addition to membership,

she served as the director of market research at her

previous job, The Association for Manufacturing

Technology (AMT), and holds a Master of Library

Science degree from the University of Maryland -

College Park. In an effort to provide synergies across

programs at HPBA, particularly in recruiting new

members and participants in research surveys, Kate

will also be responsible for research programs. Her title

is now Director - Membership & Affiliates, Market


In addition, HPBA hired Cameron Downs as the new

Manager - Market Research. He will start on September

14th. Cameron has a Master in Anthropology

degree from American University and over five years

of experience in market research. He has developed

and produced surveys of all kinds, and conducted

both qualitative and quantitative research on myriad

topics, including manufacturing and business logistics.

Cameron joins HPBA from the United States

Pharmacopoeial Convention. Prior to that position,

he worked for Kate Fritz at AMT.

Cameron will be reachable at (703) 522-0086 x110

and downs@hpba.org.

Your involvement in the HPBExpo Education

Program will be time well spent. When booking

your trip to New Orleans, plan to arrive on Tuesday

March 15th, so you are ready to learn bright and

early on Wednesday morning. Three-day Education

Passports are again available for $129 if you

purchase them before January 1st. There is no other

educational program that offers you the opportunity

to learn so much for so little.


2016 RMHPBA HPBExpo Member Reception

Good times with great people!

The Big Easy just keeps

getting better!

The RMHPBA is getting excited for the 2016

HPBExpo member reception! The reception will

be a joint event with affiliates including SCHPBA,


The combined reception will have 18 states, with

hundreds of awesome members present.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016 6-8 FULTON ALLEY

600 Fulton St., New Orleans

(One half block from host hotel)

Stay tuned for

registration to


Photo courtesy of www.fultonalley.com


So far we have sponsorships from:

Olympia Chimney, Jotul,

RH Peterson, Amantii

Electric Fireplaces,

Morso, and Sierra Flame.

Please thank them if you see their representative

at your store!

Do you want to sponsor

this event, too?

Contact Larry Grogan at rmhpba@outlook.com

or 480-772-2169 with any questions or interest.


HPBA Government Affairs Update

25C Tax Credit

As previously reported, the 25C tax credit for 75 percent

efficient or higher biomass stoves has been included

in Senate bill S. 1946, the “Tax Relief Extension

Act of 2015,” which was introduced by Senator Orrin

Hatch (R-UT) during the first week of August. The

Senate bill will move to the Senate floor next for continued

discussion and a vote, possibly later this month.

The tax credit is also included in House legislation,

H.R. 2517, the “Powering American Jobs Act of 2015

introduced by Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA-06) in

May. This bill is on a slower track than the Senate bill,

as it still needs to be considered by the House Ways

and Means Committee.

The language in both bills would extend the tax credit

for two years, retroactive to

January 1, 2015, i.e., for all 2015 purchases as well as

for purchases made in 2016. The current language

specifies higher heating value (“HHV”) as the metric

to measure stove efficiency. HPBA is working with

Congressional offices to pass a clean extension of the

tax credit, without specifying an efficiency measure.

Keep in mind that, until a bill is signed by President

Obama, the efficiency method has not been finalized

and knowing which appliances would qualify remains

uncertain. Please contact Rachel Feinstein if you have

any questions.

Are You Ready for the New EMV

Chip Card Requirements?

U.S. credit card companies are now making the transition

from magnetic stripe technology to credit cards

with chips. Starting on October 1st, the liability for

certain types of fraudulent credit card charges will shift

from banks to businesses that do not have chip card

processing machines. EMV, which stands for Europay,

Mastercard, and Visa, is a safer form of payment for

both consumers and businesses, and is currently used

in over 80 countries. If a customer uses a chip-enabled

card in your store and you don’t have a chip processing

machine, you, the retailer, will be responsible for

fraudulent expenses, not the card owner’s bank. The

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has prepared

extensive guidance on this issue for small businesses.

SBA has made public a PowerPoint slide-deck,

a recording of a June 2015 webinar on the topic, and

a factsheet on the new chip technology. Additional

information and downloads can be found on SBA’s


NFPA 211

Following an unusually circuitous balloting process, all

problem items in the most recent National Fire Protection

Association (NFPA) 211 ballot have now been

resolved. As you may recall, the NFPA 211 Committee

had several proposals that were threatening the use

of aftermarket products for repair and replacement of

existing fireplaces,chimneys and accessories, as well as

proposals to restrict new installations, in particular of

gas log sets in new fireplaces.

In the maintenance portion of the standard, the committee

will now allow for the approval by a Qualified

Agency (such as NFI or CSIA). The first draft language

created by the NFPA 211 Committee for the maintenance

portion of the standard only allowed listed and

approved products or approval by the Authority Having

Jurisdiction (AHJ/Building Inspector). Without

this wider approval authority, confusion could arise.

For example, in situations where installations include

products from a manufacturer who later went out of

business, and/or the original parts became unavailable,

fireplaces would be condemned for lack of relevant

parts, even though comparable parts are available on

the market.The adopted change gives those Qualified

Agencies the ability to make educated decisions on the

use of comparable parts.

For the new installation portion of the proposals, the

Committee’s first draft proposed language would have

unnecessarily restricted the installation of a number of

products due to a requirement that products be listed

and approved for “specific fireplaces.” This would have

required all gas log sets, for example, to be listed and

approved for each fireplace for which they could be

installed. Up to this point, the requirements for gas


HPBA Government Affairs Continued

logs in UL 127 fireplaces were typically limited only

by Btu output. HPBA saw this as unnecessary and

overly restrictive. After two ballots carrying proposed

changes in language were defeated, the end result is the

same. The existing language that has been in the code

for over 15 years will stay in effect.

If you have any questions on the requirements, results

or details of the NFPA 211 vote, please contact Tom

Stroud at stroud@hpba.org.


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