Shooting Romania 2010 - Romanian Film Promotion

shooting romania



director “Youth without Youth”

“I wanted to shoot here [in Romania] because I wanted

to make it the way my younger self would have

made it have I not been ‘side-tracked’ by Hollywood.”

Anthony Minghella

director “Cold Mountain”

“It is a truly unspoiled landscape, where is it possible

to go and create a world – particularly a period world

– where you can rotate a camera for 360° and not

have any impediment whatsoever to the world you are

creating. There was a very great willingness to go on an

adventure with us and I would certainly recommend

Romania to anybody contemplating a movie there.”

Mick Davis

director “Modigliani”

“The potential is here [for Bucharest] to be another



director “Callas Forever”

“I have found here the excitement and the positive

attitude that other big European studios have lost.”


director “Amen”

“…Friendly environment and professional people.”


producer “Dark Prince”

“There is a go-for-it attitude in Romania which is just

a phenomenon; the locals accommodate other cultures

effortlessly. I came from Los Angeles and to find

this atmosphere in Eastern Europe is truly amazing.”


producer “Catacombs”

“The key reason we brought our business to Romania

was construction costs. We were able to build sets

on a scale that I couldn’t have imagined for the

budget we had.”


producer “Dracula Resurrection”

and “Prophecy: Forsaken”

“Visually it’s a country that has a great deal of variety

of landscape: city, village and probably – most

importantly, very importantly – history. You can film

all sorts of historical periods, and the ability to build

here is phenomenal. The sets that we have, the price

of those sets I don’t know where else in the world you

could do that. And the technical skill, and the artistry,

is top notch. So those things you cannot find here –

you build. And you build it much cheaper than you

would anywhere else.”


producer “Second in Command”

and “The Hard Corps”

“Filming in Romania was an incredibly rewarding

experience. The technicians and craftspeople were

all top-notch, and the production value exceeded my

highest expectations.”

Michael Grade

executive chairman, Pinewood Shepperton Studios

“Labor costs are much lower, their construction costs

are much lower…”


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