Software prime WebTime - primion Technology AG

Software prime WebTime - primion Technology AG

Software prime WebTime - primion Technology AG


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<strong>Software</strong><br />

<strong>primion</strong> – security solutions<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

Features<br />

» Browser-based user interface, independent of<br />

operating system<br />

» Full functionality using Internet Explorer,<br />

> = version 6.0 and Firefox > = version 1.07.<br />

Other browsers that run on the Mozilla / 5.0 basis<br />

(SeaMonkey, Mozilla, Netscape) may also be used<br />

» JAVA solution<br />

» Client and server platform-independent<br />

» Runs with the Tomcat servlet container<br />

(included in delivery). Other servlet containers<br />

and / or application servers can be used.<br />

Details available on request.<br />

» No client installation – browser software is enough<br />

» Language selection at login<br />

» Connection of up to 9,999 peripheral devices<br />

» Events stored in the log file for up to 25 years<br />

» Data access protection through 32,000 passwords<br />

and 32,000 user groups<br />

» Comprehensive vacation record administration<br />

» Location-independent user settings<br />

» Permanent communication with connected<br />

hardware through true multi-tasking<br />

» Communication via modem variants<br />

» Unlimited TCP/IP communication structure<br />

» Holiday calendars for over 10 countries included as<br />

standard, with halfday options<br />

» Unlimited number of employee groupings, e.g.<br />

departments, cost centres and work groups<br />

» Restricted client data separation for up to<br />

32,000 clients<br />

» Search and generation functions in cardholder data<br />

module using a desktop reader<br />

» Encrypted Triple DES data transfer to the terminals<br />

over a network<br />

» Extensive comfortable correction system with<br />

correction macros<br />

» 60 Freely definable Employee record fields<br />

in the person records<br />

» Various reports can be output to printer, screen,<br />

PDF, HTML or Excel with user-assignable Report<br />

groups<br />

» Booking using WAP-enabled mobile phone<br />

» Employee Self Service (ESS) on the Web,<br />

using the browser<br />

» Calculation of time models with periods longer than<br />

24 hours<br />

» Display of all records at any time from the past,<br />

assuming transactions are available in the log file<br />

» Capacity and absence overviews for the future<br />

and the past<br />

» Annual overview for each person for up to 10 years,<br />

with direct absence reason entry options<br />

» 9,999 year plans, with automatic generation of new<br />

entries at the start of each year<br />

» > 32,000 absence records and supplementary<br />

records for each person<br />

» Definable rounding rules per time record, separated<br />

by transaction type and period<br />

» Freely definable terminal text display<br />

» Extensive shift planning

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Indoors<br />

Outdoors<br />

HR<br />

Video<br />

surveillance<br />

Fire detection<br />

system (FDS)<br />

Video<br />

surveillance<br />

Time & Attendance<br />

workflow<br />

Intrusion detection system<br />

(IDS)<br />

Role-based user data access<br />

Web<br />

Clients<br />

www www<br />

DT 400<br />

IDT 32 IDT 8<br />

IDT 32 DT 1000 CE<br />

DT 800 NG<br />

<strong>prime</strong> crystal<br />

reader<br />

<strong>prime</strong> prox<br />

potted<br />

Web server<br />

<strong>prime</strong> crystal<br />

reader<br />

Time & Attendance - End-to-End Solutions for<br />

your System<br />

<strong>primion</strong> provides system solutions across all industries<br />

and all company sizes.<br />

The Benefits of <strong>primion</strong>'s Time & Attendance,<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

» Significant reduction on the workload in HR, by the<br />

deployment of workflows tailored to the needs of<br />

the organisation. This empowers employees to<br />

carry out a lot of administrative and correction work<br />

for themselves (Employee Self Service).<br />

» Efficient management tools through extensive<br />

reports. Complete information at your fingertips: Who<br />

is present in the company today? Has access been<br />

set up for the new financial controller? How much<br />

overtime was worked last month? What is the absenteeism<br />

quota in manufacturing? How much capacity<br />

have I got available from 15th to 22nd of next<br />

month?<br />

» You can organise flexible annual working models,<br />

individual worktime rules and both day and night<br />

shifts in your company. Once they have been<br />

defined and stored to the database, calculations<br />

run simply and quickly.<br />

Combined audio, video<br />

and security technology,<br />

with person separation<br />

DT 1000 CE FP<br />

DT 600<br />

Video<br />

surveillance<br />

DT 200<br />

DT 100<br />

WAP cell phone for alarms,<br />

transactions and queries<br />

IDT 32<br />

Biometric terminal<br />

DT 100 FP<br />

<strong>prime</strong> prox<br />

potted<br />

» You can set up all possible worktime models with<br />

shift planning, break rules, etc.<br />

» Customised worktime models<br />

» Extensive suite of data overviews, reports and<br />

statistics, e.g. absence statistics<br />

» Workforce planning with resulting savings in costs<br />

» Integration with payroll systems<br />

» Increase in transparency of the information flow<br />

within the company<br />

» Offers different approaches to providing solutions,<br />

irrespective of the size of the company, the nature<br />

of the work done and environmental conditions<br />

» Data protection<br />

» Protected access to sensitive data, the so-called<br />

"four eye principle"<br />

» Maximises return on investment through the integration<br />

of additional applications such as access<br />

control and security technology etc.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

The Operation of <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

When you work with <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>, you are working<br />

with the user interface you are used to, e.g. Internet<br />

Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, etc. There is no<br />

requirement to install the <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> programme<br />

on the individual client PCs. Data protection is guaranteed<br />

through the use of 128 Bit SSL encryption.<br />

Our time & attendance software is programmed<br />

in JAVA, which means that the application is OSindependent<br />

both in terms of the server and the Client<br />

PCs. As standard, <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> runs with the Tomcat<br />

WebServer application. Other systems are available<br />

on request. The software has multi-language<br />

support and you decide which language you want to<br />

work in through your login.<br />

Up to 9,999 peripheral devices can be connected to<br />

and administered by the <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> software.<br />

Here, you deploy hardware developed and produced<br />

by <strong>primion</strong>. The <strong>primion</strong> time & attendance software<br />

secures the past, the present and the future of the<br />

availability of your system. Events can be stored in a<br />

log file for up to 25 years, giving you the convenience<br />

of being able to generate reports covering a long<br />

period of time. At the same time however, because<br />

of the permanent communication with the connected<br />

hardware, you can also evaluate current data.<br />

Continuous, Innovative Product Development<br />

With a modern time management system being<br />

expected to deliver more and more, constant innovation<br />

is crucial. This is guaranteed at <strong>primion</strong>. The<br />

use of the latest technologies offers a high degree of<br />

security.<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> for Time & Attendance:<br />

» Is simple to operate<br />

» Is convenient to apply<br />

» Offers an extensive range of options<br />

» Protects your investment<br />

» Saves costs<br />

The Benefits of <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>:<br />

» Decentralised organisation of time management by<br />

the optimised integration of staff in information and<br />

correction processes<br />

» High acceptance by the staff because of the<br />

transparency of information<br />

» Extensive and efficient correction options<br />

» Good integration in existing staff remuneration<br />

systems<br />

» High ergonomic effect through the use of a standard<br />

web browser; no software installation needed on<br />

the Web Client PC to operate the software<br />

» Implementation of all commonly used badge<br />

technologies<br />

» Integration of biometric systems<br />

» All communication options commonly in use today<br />

can be implemented, e.g. TCP/IP, Internet, Intranet,<br />

ISDN or GSMa<br />

» Data security through the deployment of<br />

professional SQL databases, e.g. Oracle and<br />

MS SQL Server<br />

» Industry time & attendance solutions that can be<br />

tailored to meet individual customer requirements<br />

» Global data access options with almost all security<br />

standards<br />

» Standard Internet communication through TCP/<br />

IP protocol, with the functionality available on every<br />

computer on the network<br />

» High levels of data security within the Time &<br />

Attendance system through 128 Bit SSL encryption<br />

» Freely scalable system performance giving almost<br />

unlimited system expansion<br />

» Full retrospective correction options

<strong>Software</strong><br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Standards<br />

The maintenance of staff data, the creation of credentials, the definition of<br />

calculation rules, rounding rules, day plans, week plans, period plans, year<br />

plans as well as break and shift-swap plans based on department, cost centre,<br />

definable groups or work groups; all working models that you can think of can<br />

be set up with <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>.<br />

Once the definitions have been laid down for the frameworks of these models,<br />

you can create your own reports and statistics, e.g. absence records.<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> also gives your staff the option to make online bookings or<br />

online corrections, if required using workflow procedures with managerial<br />


<strong>Software</strong><br />

Staff Data Maintenance<br />

The maintenance of staff data is a central part of the software. Names, personnel<br />

numbers, any client and control group assignments can be processed<br />

alongside credential management, together with further personal data such<br />

as address, e-mail, etc. If required, all this data can be set up in advance.<br />

Once generated, the records can be assigned to departments, cost centres or<br />

work groups and also given time & attendance control parameters that dictate<br />

the worktime rules that should be applied. Each record also has various time<br />

records and data overviews available.<br />

Vacation data management is another standard element of the system. The<br />

annual overview gives a comprehensive overview of the absence and presence<br />

days in the year. The shift plan shows the pattern of day plans assigned,<br />

which define how worked time is recorded day by day. The management of<br />

vehicles and the assignment of working resources to staff are also standard<br />

functions.<br />

The screenshot above shows the Advanced data modification module where<br />

changes to staff data can be entered in advance and then actioned on a given<br />

date, e.g. changes of department or internal reorganisations. This simplifies<br />

the process as all necessary changes can be planned and entered in advance.<br />

Advanced data modification allows you to activate changes<br />

» ahead of time<br />

» automatically<br />

» on time

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Transaction Processing<br />

Within the framework defined by working periods, transactions are the basis<br />

for system calculations. At any time, you can print out stored transactions for<br />

review. Each time a transaction or event is generated, the system checks<br />

against previously stored data and updates the relevant data records.<br />

Permanent Control<br />

The system checks booking patterns automatically. An employee record must<br />

have a status of "absent" in order for the system to accept an arrival booking.<br />

In the same way, the employee must be "present" in order to make a successful<br />

departure booking. If the correct booking pattern is not maintained, an<br />

error message is generated and the transaction processing is stopped. The<br />

transaction is however stored so that it can be processed after, for example, a<br />

correction is made for the missing booking.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Continuous Updating<br />

Times and record values in the staff records are updated in line with working<br />

plan assignments. All stored tranasactions are processed on the basis of the<br />

year, period, week and day plan assignments and the rounding rules, calculation<br />

rules and break plans that they contain.<br />

Reports<br />

This is the module for accessing all the time management data that the system<br />

has to offer. You have the option of formulating and formatting your own report<br />

requests. These reports can be saved as PDF or HTML files, can be exported<br />

directly to Excel or can be output to printer or screen.<br />

Some examples of standard reports:<br />

» Record and absence statistics, covering payrate and absence records<br />

» Exceptions, such as forgotten bookings, coretime infringements, etc.<br />

» Booking journals<br />

» Transaction, record and worked time evaluations, going back over the<br />

whole period of the transaction memory<br />

» Capacity overviews, showing available resources for workforce planning,<br />

for example<br />

» Annual overviews giving an overview of different absences<br />

» Device and system information

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Booking Journal<br />

The booking journal gives clear details of all the bookings made by individuals<br />

or groups of persons over a defined period of time. It also has an integrated<br />

correction option so that the displayed bookings can be modified if necessary.<br />

Vacation Data<br />

This module shows you at a glance all vacation information for an employee,<br />

broken down over three categories, showing what has already been taken,<br />

what is planned and what the balance is. Vacation allocations are calculated<br />


<strong>Software</strong><br />

Capacity Overview<br />

This gives the ability to do staff-based project planning. You can check availability<br />

by person or by group. This report can be used both to review past<br />

performance as well as to make plans for the future. The report can cover both<br />

historical and future data and can be shown on a monthly basis or with daily<br />

data breakdowns.<br />

Annual Overview<br />

Here you can look back over up to 10 years of absence data. Different absence<br />

reasons such as vacation, time off in lieu, illness, etc. can be shown<br />

in different colours. You can also see at a glance the totals of the individual<br />

absences over the displayed period.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Time Plans<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> can manage period definitions of different lengths, rather than<br />

just fixed patterns based on weeks or calendar months.<br />

The year plans represent the central element for the recording and calculation<br />

of time. They are assigned to the employees through the time control data<br />

module. A year plan is made up of a freely definable combination of day, week<br />

and period pans. The basic calculation unit does not have to be one day. If required,<br />

calculations can be triggered every second day. Working plans are no<br />

longer tied to the Monday to Sunday pattern. Eight day patterns are possible,<br />

for example. Based on these pattern definitions, period-end calculations are<br />

carried out accordingly. Year plans can also contain definable calculation rules<br />

and so-called changeover plans for automating variable shift assignments.<br />

Calculation rules carry out customised tasks or calculations.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Rule Definition for Time Calculation<br />

With <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>, you can define rules to meet your calculation requirements,<br />

which are then triggered automatically. Of course, not everything has<br />

to be defined from scratch. Calculations can be controlled based on timepoints<br />

and time values, e.g. premium pay rate calculation after a particular timepoint<br />

in the day or after having worked a particular number of hours in the day or<br />

week. This enables you, for instance, to handle all rules covering contractual<br />

pay agreements or company internal rules concerning overtime or other data<br />

relevant to Time & Attendance, in the simplest way.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> offers you enhanced functionality for your working time management<br />

through a range of optional modules.<br />

Cost centre evaluation<br />

Cost centre calculations allow internal performance allocations to be made<br />

within the company, facilitate better monitoring of profitability and prepare the<br />

groundwork for cost-unit accounting. With the cost centre evaluation option<br />

in <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>, you can distribute worked time on the allocation-by-cause<br />

principle, manually and / or automatically, over up to 99,999 cost centres. As a<br />

result it is possible to make internal cost allocations between the cost centres.<br />

By generating reports based on the hours that have been booked, you can<br />

monitor costs in the individual operating units and keep a check on profitability<br />


<strong>Software</strong><br />

Project Time & Attendance, TopControl<br />

With TopControl, you record and manage project- or order-related working<br />

times. All worked hours are distributed over individual projects or orders, each<br />

of which can have multiple work processes. This gives you an overview of all<br />

the different processes involved in current projects and orders. As a result,<br />

you can make a much faster evaluation of the productivity and profitability<br />

of projects. This gives you more transparency in the preliminary costing and<br />

product costing analysis phases as well as more flexibility in profit optimisation.<br />

The result is an accurate planning basis for future projects and orders.<br />

Using historical data based on many different criteria, you can make detailed<br />

product costing analyses giving you accurate planning data for upcoming<br />

projects.<br />

The individual project bookings influence the progression of the project status.<br />

Using TopControl, you can identify the current state while the project or order<br />

is in progress and you are able to do further planning of processes and capacities.<br />

Downtime analysis is a further way of evaluating manufacturing processes<br />

from an economic standpoint. A possible interface to ERP systems further<br />

extends the scope of the influence that TopView can have for your production<br />

department. TopControl adds transparency to manufacturing. Weaknesses can<br />

be identified and available manpower can be accurately deployed. Under or<br />

over capacities are a thing of the past.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Manpower Planning (MPP)<br />

Make the best use of the most valuable resource in your company -<br />

the people.<br />

One of the most valuable and at the same time one of the most cost-intensive<br />

resources in a company are its people. Efficient workforce planning is therefore<br />

always at the heart of profitable company management. With MPP from<br />

<strong>primion</strong>, you have immediate access to all time information at all times. You<br />

can fulfil a whole range of tasks without increasing the effort required. Effective<br />

workforce planning starts with the selection of the right tools.<br />

The Advantages<br />

» Efficient deployment of all staff resources<br />

» Creation of shift plans based on requirement profiles<br />

» Cost-effective workforce planning<br />

» Transparent shift planning<br />

» Capacity and skill-centred planning<br />

MPP facilitates transparent shift planning, capacity-centred staff requirement<br />

assessment and clear presentation of shift plans. Through the planning unit<br />

module, departments, work groups or individual persons can be assigned to a<br />

corresponding team. The week report provides an overview of the headcount<br />

within a team and therefore the amount of time available for a project and as a<br />


<strong>Software</strong><br />

Telephone Time & Attendance<br />

The application of this additional module for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> enables you to<br />

give your field workforce more responsibility for their own Time & Attendance,<br />

thereby increasing motivation and convenience.<br />

They are given the option of making arrival and departure bookings by<br />

telephone, easily and quickly. They can even query certain time records,<br />

e.g. vacation balances through this mobile Time & Attendance feature.<br />

Online Bookings<br />

Online bookings are made directly through a PC, with <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong>. Your<br />

staff have the possibility of making arrival, departure and business absence<br />

bookings directly at their workplace. With the business absence function, you<br />

also have the option to define a reason for the booking, e.g. customer visit,<br />

working from home, etc. It is also possible to make other types of online bookings<br />

such as costcentre changes or account queries.<br />

Employee Information System<br />

This option allows staff to query all time and absence records that are stored<br />

for them in the database directly through their workplace PC. The queries can<br />

be configured and tailored individually to fulfil certain requirements.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Multilevel Workfl ow<br />

Workfl ow<br />

Workfl ow is an automatic, paperless procedure with which you can give online<br />

approval to or refuse requests for vacation, business trips or forgotten booking<br />

corrections, for example, quickly and simply. An employee can place a request<br />

and then follow the progress of the request. Authorised managers are advised<br />

by e-mail that requests have been placed and can then approve them or by<br />

giving a corresponding reason, refuse them.<br />

If a booking is forgotten or could not be made, workfl ow gives you the option<br />

to enter it retrospectively. The same is also true for booking absences such<br />

as vacation, external training courses or working from home. Through the use<br />

of macros, different transaction processes or standardised correction routines<br />

can be executed. Even project bookings (start, end, interrupt, etc.) can be<br />

recorded through the <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> workfl ow option. This makes a signifi -<br />

cant contribution to reducing the workload on the HR department. Staff can<br />

also access reports tailored for individual needs at their own workplace, e.g.<br />

booking journals, vacation records, annual overviews, etc. The data is always<br />

up to date.<br />

Company processes such as the defi nition of correction rights or the rules for<br />

providing staff cover are handled in the background through workfl ow. This<br />

ensures that each staff member can have access to the various data records<br />

and can process corresponding requests based on his / her function and level<br />

of authorisation.<br />

A workfl ow request can go through a maximum of 99 authorisation levels in<br />

the so-called workfl ow structures. Several managers can be defi ned for each<br />

level with different authorisation types, e.g. pre, fi nal or master approval or just<br />


<strong>Software</strong><br />

Once a request receives pre-approval, it is automatically forwarded to the next<br />

position in the hierarchy for the decision to be made at that level. The request<br />

can only be finally approved by anybody with end or master approval rights; it<br />

can however by refused by anybody with pre, final or master approval rights.<br />

In this way, <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> offers a simple, targeted and flexible way to reach<br />

decisions about corrections and correction requests.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Interface to SAP<br />

Certified interface software for SAP-HCM (HR-PDC)<br />

The SAP-certified interface software "<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> & Attendance and<br />

Access Control Version 3.0" connects your SAP ECC 6.0 (using SAP integration<br />

scenario from HR-PDC 4.5) with the recording level. It delivers all timerelevant<br />

data to the HR environment and accepts all information from the<br />

SAP HCM environment. This data can then be called off by the staff at the<br />

recording level.<br />

All communication options are covered through the certification for the<br />

latest SAP standard interface, SAP ECC 6.0. Virtual and actual Time &<br />

Attendance facilitate the creation of ideal combination options. Based on<br />

our flexible terminal family, the recording of time events (P records) is done<br />

to the highest specifications, guaranteeing maximum user comfort. It is also<br />

possible to make the required inputs through virtual, PC-based terminals.<br />

For your company that means more flexibility and individuality and all the options<br />

that international networking offers.<br />

The <strong>primion</strong> sub-system can be enhanced by the addition of add-ons such as:<br />

» Credential creation<br />

» Visitor Administration<br />

» Cashless canteen systems<br />

» Project Time & Attendance<br />

» Workforce planning<br />

» Access control<br />

» Interfaces to building management<br />

Further interfaces to payroll programmes such as DATEV, Soft Research,<br />

Top-Lohn Adison, COMET (SNI), IPAS (without absences), LOGA 200-12-07<br />

Accorat from IBM etc. are available.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Universal Import and Export Generator with LDAP Interface<br />

If you are working with different systems, the universal import and export<br />

generator can be used for transferring information. It is used principally for<br />

the integration of wages and salary systems as well as for the creation of<br />

credentials, etc. As demands increase in your company for the sharing of<br />

common data, this application gives you a convenient and flexible option for<br />

the transfer of data.<br />

Using the export generator, you can export data from the <strong>primion</strong> system in<br />

many different formats. The data is exported in a file, allowing for a very<br />

flexible formatting of the data contained in the file. The further processing<br />

of the exported data can then be done quickly and with the minimum of<br />

effort.<br />

Using the import generator, you can import many different values into the<br />

<strong>primion</strong> system. You can choose to do this import from a file, from a database<br />

or using a further option, through the LDAP interface.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Report Generator<br />

Often, you need more than standard reports such as booking journals, capacity<br />

overviews, evaluations of access and time transactions, amongst others.<br />

With the report generator, you have a free hand in designing both the content<br />

and the layout of your reports.<br />

You have access to all the information stored in the system and can create<br />

individual outputs covering, for example, special record evaluations, absence<br />

and presence reports, lists of vacation days that are outstanding at the end of<br />

the vacation allocation year or payment record reports.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Credential Creation: Design, Printing and Coding<br />

The credential management options available in the access or Time &<br />

Attendance systems from <strong>primion</strong> are varied. They cover the design of<br />

layouts for and the printing with optional coding of plastic cards. <strong>prime</strong><br />

WebSystems can therefore be used as a personalisation and production<br />

system for cards.<br />

We use the latest technologies, such as Mifare DESFire EV1 or<br />

LEGIC advant ® . Further technologies, such as Hitag can also be used.<br />

Departments such as site security often work with standalone systems for<br />

the personalisation of staff and visitor credentials. Ideally however, these<br />

systems should be interfaced with the staff data system and other systems<br />

within the company.<br />

<strong>primion</strong> system solutions can administer personal data and identities both<br />

within the company as well from third-party systems, thereby avoiding the<br />

storage of redundant data. This saves resources, time and of course costs<br />

involved with the administration and maintenance of this data. An optional<br />

LDAP interface in combination with the optional import generator, facilitates<br />

the transfer of data for credential personalisation from other systems. If a<br />

credential is lost or when an employee leaves the company, the status of the<br />

corresponding credential can be changed centrally and very simply in the<br />

system. The complete life cycle including all changes made to a credential<br />

are managed there.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Display panel software (Web-based)<br />

This option gives you an overview of selected persons, with their name and<br />

their current presence / absence status. To do this, you select the employee<br />

panel option.<br />

The display can be sorted by name, department and status, in various combinations.<br />

You can also select which persons should be included in the display<br />

panel based on their department, cost centre, work group or defi ned group<br />

assignment.<br />

Different statuses can also be assigned different colours to make identifi cation<br />

easier, e.g. green for "present", red for "absent", blue for "vacation", etc.<br />

<strong>primion</strong>'s hardware display panels provides a further option to display persons,<br />

doors or events.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Centralised Password Management through LDAP Server<br />

The LDAP protocol is a TCP/IP-based directory access protocol which<br />

has become established as the standard Internet and Intranet solution for<br />

accessing network directory services for databases, e-mails, memories<br />

and other resources.<br />

You need this additional option, if <strong>prime</strong> WebSystems should work together<br />

with your centralised password management application on an LDAP server.<br />

In this way, passwords can be administered conveniently at a central point,<br />

e.g. through the Active Directory Service in Windows servers, giving you easy<br />

access to <strong>prime</strong> WebSystems, without adding any administrative overheads.<br />

When passwords are managed centrally on LDAP basis, password entries are<br />

checked by the server.<br />

Fingerprint Enrolment<br />

This option is required if biometric time & attendance terminals or access<br />

control readers are installed as part of your system. It is used for the enrolment<br />

and administration of one or more fingerprints for the persons in the system. An<br />

additional enrolment station connected to the operator PC is also needed for<br />

the registration of fingerprint data.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Ordering Information<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Time & Attendance <strong>Software</strong><br />

S262-000.01 <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Professional Edition<br />

Time & Attendance software for 200 persons<br />

- Prepared for MS-SQL database<br />

(Version MS SQL Server 2005)<br />

- Expandable to up to 250,000 persons<br />

S264-000.01 <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Professional Edition<br />

Time & Attendance software for 200 persons<br />

- Prepared for Oracle database<br />

(Versions 9 i or 10 g)<br />

- Expandable to up to 250,000 persons<br />

S267-000.01 <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Standard Edition<br />

Time & Attendance software for 50 persons<br />

- Prepared for free Oracle 10 XE database<br />

- Expandable to up to 500 persons 1,2<br />

S268-000.01 <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> Standard Edition<br />

Time & Attendance software for 50 persons<br />

- Prepared for free MS SQL Server 2005<br />

Express Edition database<br />

- Expandable to up to 500 persons 1,2<br />

<strong>Software</strong> options for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

S200-552.01 Cost centre evaluation<br />

- Automatic and manual distribution of worked time<br />

over up to 99.999 cost centres<br />

S200-553.01 Project Time & Attendance<br />

- Distribution of time worked on orders and working<br />

processes (up to 999,999 jobs and up to<br />

999 working processes)<br />

S200-559.01 Manpower Planning (MPP)<br />

- Capacity controlled shift planning<br />

S200-550.01 Telephone Time & Attendance<br />

- Arrival and departure bookings<br />

- Record queries (2 records)<br />

- without Fritz! Card<br />

1 The user is not entitled to make any claims of the free database is discontinued by the<br />

manufacturer.<br />

2 The size of the database is limited to 4 Gb. With 100 of each supplementary and<br />

absence records and a maximum of 10 T&A bookings per person per day, the following<br />

combinations give guidelines as to what constellations can be supported:<br />

max. 500 persons → 365 days transaction data / history data<br />

max. 250 persons → 730 days transaction data / history data<br />

max. 100 persons → 5 years transaction data / history data.<br />

An additional 8 access bookings per person per day are also possible. The stated values<br />

can be further reduced by the storing of person photographs.<br />

Essentially, the database must be checked regularly to see how much tablespace is still<br />

available and if necessary, think about an upgrade to a licensed database in good time.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Ordering Information (cont.)<br />

<strong>Software</strong> Options for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

S200-750.01 Complete Workflow package and Online Booking<br />

per person<br />

- Configurable employee database queries from<br />

their own PC<br />

- Option to display all current time and absence<br />

records form the database<br />

- Direct employee self correction option<br />

- Specified correction and input options can be<br />

assigned to employees, e.g. vacation request,<br />

business trip corrections, forgotten bookings, etc.<br />

- Depending on the selected options,<br />

corrections can require approval or not<br />

- On-screen online "terminal" bookings<br />

(arrive, depart, BA arrive, BA depart, plus if<br />

required time or absence input, record queries,<br />

cost centre and project bookings)<br />

- Multi-level hierarchy structures with absence<br />

cover assignment<br />

S200-751.01 Employee text information system per person<br />

S200-754.01 Online booking per person<br />

S200-810.01 Interface to PAISY<br />

S200-800.01 Interface to SAP<br />

- SAP ECC 6.0 (compatible with HR-PDC 4.5)<br />

Payroll Interfaces<br />

Please enquire about Payroll interfaces to programs suche<br />

as: DATEV<br />

Soft Research<br />

Top-Lohn Adison<br />

COMET (SNI)<br />

IPAS Lohn, without absences<br />

LOGA 2001-12-07 Accorat von IBM<br />

Customer-specific modifications are available as a service and are charged<br />

according to the work required, at the currently valid hourly / daily rates.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Ordering Information (cont.)<br />

<strong>Software</strong> Options for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

S200-560.01 Universal import and export generator 1<br />

- Universal tool for the creation of various interfaces<br />

and data formats<br />

- Importing of personnel data from an ASCII file<br />

- Exporting of database fields to a payroll software<br />

S200-561.01 Universal import and export generator with<br />

LDAP interface 1<br />

- As part number S200-560.01, plus:<br />

- Importing of Personnel data through LDAP<br />

(from folders)<br />

S200-555.01 Report generator1 - For the creation of customised lists, forms<br />

and reports<br />

- Output in Excel, HTML and PDF formats<br />

S400-130.01 Badge creation<br />

- <strong>Software</strong> for the design and printing of plastic<br />

cards<br />

- Picture capture through webcams<br />

S400-230.01 <strong>Software</strong> for coding and for printing<br />

LEGIC and Mifare credentials<br />

- Only available in conjunction with the badge<br />

creation option (S400-130.01)<br />

- Printer is not included. Possible models are:<br />

- IDP 680i (also for Mifare classic)<br />

- Zebra 330i (also for LEGIC <strong>prime</strong>)<br />

S200-554.01 Display panel software (Web-based)<br />

- Display of person presence / absence statuses<br />

- Display of person area assignment<br />

S400-150.01 Centralised password management on LDAP<br />

Basis 1<br />

S400-240.01 Enrolment of fingerprints and storage in the<br />

application database<br />

- Only in combination with the enrolment station<br />

(O110-002.01)<br />

1 Individual services and configurations will be charged on a T&M basis.

<strong>Software</strong><br />

Ordering Information (cont.)<br />

Multi-user licences for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

S400-200.01 Licence for each additional user (standard and<br />

professional editions), up to 9 additional concurrent<br />

users. You require the corresponding database<br />

licence(s) for the professional edition. The maximum<br />

expansion option covers 20 concurrent users.<br />

S400-210.01 Licence for each additional user (standard and<br />

professional editions), for 10 to 20 additional<br />

concurrent users. You require the corresponding<br />

database licence(s) for the professional edition.<br />

The maximum expansion option covers 20<br />

concurrent users.<br />

S400-220.01 General licence for an unlimited number of<br />

concurrent users (professional edition)<br />

- Please observe the licence conditions of the<br />

corresponding database.<br />

Person expansion modules for the<br />

Time & Attendance software <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong><br />

S200-060.01 Time & Attendance software expansion module<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> expansion by 50 persons<br />

S200-010.01 Time & Attendance software expansion module<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> expansion by 100 persons<br />

S200-030.01 Time & Attendance software expansion module<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> expansion by 500 persons<br />

S200-040.01 Time & Attendance software expansion module<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> expansion by 1,000 persons<br />

S200-050.01 Time & Attendance software expansion module<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> expansion by 5,000 persons

<strong>Software</strong><br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong><br />

Steinbeisstr. 2-5<br />

72510 Stetten am kalten Markt,<br />

Germany<br />

Phone: +49 75 73 / 9 52-0<br />

Fax: +49 75 73 / 9 20 34<br />

info@<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

www.<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

We reserve the right to make modifications.<br />

06/09<br />

Ordering Information (cont.)<br />

pkt Master function with preparation of offline<br />

authorisation data<br />

S400-310.01 pkt Master function for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> or<br />

<strong>prime</strong> WebAccess, 8 master reader expansion<br />

S400-320.01 pkt Master function for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> or<br />

<strong>prime</strong> WebAccess, 24 master reader expansion<br />

S400-330.01 pkt Master function for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> or<br />

<strong>prime</strong> WebAccess, 48 master reader expansion<br />

S400-340.01 pkt Master function for <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> or<br />

<strong>prime</strong> WebAccess, 100 master reader expansion<br />

<strong>Software</strong> Updates<br />

S200-600.01 <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> software update from customer<br />

version to the current version<br />

<strong>Software</strong> Upgrades<br />

S200-120.01 Upgrade from <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> standard edition<br />

to <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> professional edition<br />

- Prepared for an Oracle database<br />

- Database licences are not included<br />

S200-130.01 Upgrade from <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> standard edition<br />

to <strong>prime</strong> <strong>WebTime</strong> professional edition<br />

- Prepared for an MS-SQL database<br />

- Database licences are not included

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