Gothic Manchester Festival

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Festival Programme

22nd – 31st October 2015


Introduction 2

MGAG featuring John Hyatt Exhibition 4

John Rylands Gothic Exhibition 6

Twisted Tales of the Weird 7

TentaculArA SpectaculArA! 8

What Lies Beneath? Conference 10

Reanimator/From Beyond Double Bill 13

Underground Mystery and Mythos Tour 14

Cottonopolis Coglective present: Kit Cox 16

The Esoteric Order of Cocktails –

Cthulhu Pub Quiz 17

Cover Illustration: Twisted Cave, Mr Zebb Blue Clench. Digital painting.



2 Grimm Up North, we are delighted to

Based in the Faculty of Humanities, Find us online or follow us on Twitter

present a double bill of films introduced

and Facebook where, over the course


by Hollywood horror legend director

of the past three years, we have built a

Brian Yuzna. Sunday sees a tour of

community of like-minded souls, each

Manchester’s subterranean spaces in

with an interest in the dark side.

the morning, with the Cottonopolis

Coglective presenting an afternoon of


steampunk delights at the John Rylands


Library. The festival closes on Sunday


night at Hold Fast Bar in the Northern


Quarter with a suitably subterranean

pub quiz.

Following the success of the past two

years, the Manchester Centre for Gothic

Studies is delighted to welcome you to

the third Gothic Manchester Festival.

This year’s programme of events opens

with the launch of an exhibition by the

Manchester Gothic Arts Group. On

Friday, amidst the gothic splendour

of the John Rylands Library, Twisted

Tales of the Weird presents a reading

by esteemed weird authors, including

the supremely talented MJ Harrison,

followed by ArA - a Goth club night in

a church. Saturday is devoted to a oneday

conference at Number 70 Oxford

Street (formerly the Cornerhouse) on the

theme What Lies Beneath – in which

authors and academics present their

work on the horrific world that exists

behind the surface of our lives. On

Saturday evening, in collaboration with

Join us for an eclectic collection of

entertaining, thought-provoking and

occasionally downright disturbing


Dr Linnie Blake is Head of the

Manchester Centre for Gothic

Studies, Principal Lecturer in Film in

the Department of English at MMU

and Pathway Leader for the MA

English Studies – The Gothic. Her

work on literary, filmic and televisual

texts ranges across genres, national

cultures and historical periods. She

has published widely on topics as

various as seventeenth century

Puritanism and zombie apocalypticism,

Edgar Allan Poe and the Situationist

International, Hillbilly Horror and Post

9/11 Republicanism, Japanese and Thai

horror cinema, the contemporary Gothic

box set and the digital turn in horror


Languages and Social Science at MMU,

the Manchester Centre For Gothic

Studies comprises a group of transdisciplinary

academics, students and

enthusiasts who promote the study

of the Gothic both nationally and

internationally. We have run gothic

festivals, symposia and networking

days, often in collaboration with a

range of partners across Manchester,

and continue to offer an annual Sixth

Form Gothic Study Day and Continuing

Professional Development courses

that are of particular interest to those

who teach the Gothic or, simply, want

to take a university-level course for


Manchester Gothic Arts Group presents:

Crafting the Weird featuring John Hyatt

Thursday 22 - Saturday 31 October 2015

Holden Café Space

Grosvenor Building

Cavendish Street, Manchester, M15 6BR


4 Opening Details:

series, yarns from Ray Bradbury and


Opening night party 5pm - 7pm many more horrific and fantastical

Thursday 22 October


see Gothic MMU website for tickets

Friday 23 October

Saturday 24 October

Mon 26 - Fri 30 October

Saturday 31 October

10am - 6pm

10am - 4pm

10am - 6pm

10am - 4pm

Crafting the Weird is an eclectic,

exciting exhibition of mind-blowing

marvels of art, as part of Gothic

Manchester Festival 2015. Inspired

by the Cthulhu Mythos, as created

by Lovecraft and expanded on by

his contemporaries, it draws on

some of those tropes (a figurative

or metaphorical use of a word or

expression; a significant or recurrent

theme) and further explores some of the

wider concepts contained within these

writings. Subjects such as hidden or

forbidden knowledge and the human

psyche pushed to curious, esoteric or

insane extremes - so beware!

The exhibition also takes cues from

‘Weird’ fiction’s supernatural, macabre

and mysterious elements. Weird Tales

magazine was the American home

of pulp fiction from 1923-54 and the

publisher of several of Lovecraft’s

stories. Joining these were the likes of

Robert E Howard’s Conan the Barbarian

Manchester Gothic Arts Group

is privileged to be joined in this

exhibition by Professor John Hyatt,

an internationally renowned artist,

musician (The Three Johns, Glamogoth)

and professor at MMU’s School of

Art, who will be presenting a series

of paintings entitled Manchester

International Gothic.

The city’s gothic social scene, in

particular the ARA night club, was the

genesis for Manchester Gothic Arts

Group (M:GAG). With Arts Council

funding, Liz, Kolyn and Matt first

exhibited together in 2007. Joined later

by Neil, they have produced work for

many exhibitions over the intervening

years. For this years’ festival they have

produced - for your delight, intrigue,

disgust and fear - an exhibition

including photographs, paintings,

sculpture and video art.

John Hyatt, Manchester International Gothic:

The Smuggler of Fire, 2015 (1m x 1m oils)

Darkness and Light:

Exploring the Gothic

Introduction to the exhibition by Dr Linnie Blake and Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes

Friday 23 October

3pm - 4pm

John Rylands Library

150 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH

Free - See for tickets

Twisted Tales of the Weird

Friday 23rd October

5pm - 8pm

John Rylands Library, Historic Reading Room

150 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH

Free - See Gothic MMU website for tickets

6 In the midst of the gothic splendour of The event will explore the ways in

With the seemingly unstoppable rise M John Harrison is one of the most

the John Rylands Library’s, Dr Linnie which gothic writing opens a window

influential writers of weird fiction that


Blake and Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, on the darker side of these historic

the UK has produced. Perhaps best

who co-curated the Darkness and Light periods to illuminate the issues,

known for his Viriconium sequence

Exhibition will introduce the historic tensions and anxieties of the age.

(1971-84) and The Kefahuchi Tract

works contained in the Eighteenth

trilogy (2002-12), for which he won the

Century and Victorian Gothic literature

James Tiptree, Jr Award, Arthur C

cases. They will outline the literary

Clarke Award, and Philip K Dick Award,

and cultural significance of the texts

he also coined the term ‘New Weird’

displayed and the reasons why they

and remains an innovator in the field.

chose them.

Many of the books we will look at are

first editions. They include classic

works by Horace Walpole, Ann

Radcliffe, Mary Shelly, Edgar Allan

Poe, Bram Stoker and Robert Louis

Stevenson. We will be very happy to

answer any and all questions you have

about the gothic then and now.

of Lovecraftian cosmic horror across

twenty-first-century media, as well

as an array of superb literary fiction

spearheaded by prophets of the New

Weird such as China Miéville and

Steph Swainston, The Weird has never

been so popular. But what is it? Ann

and Jeff VanderMeer characterize it

as representing ‘the pursuit of some

indefinable and perhaps maddeningly

unreachable understanding of the world

beyond the mundane’. For Michael

Moorcock, The Weird appeals because

‘it is designed to disturb’. Drawing on

avant-garde narrative practices and

elements of Gothic horror, science

fiction, and fantasy, The Weird defies

classification while simultaneously

commanding a devoted following; its

anarchic defiance towards generic

classification lends it great imaginative

freedom. The John Rylands Library

will provide the neo-Gothic setting for

Twisted Tales of The Weird, an evening

of readings by some of the finest

writers in the contemporary scene, a

panel discussion about the mode, and a

Q&A with the audience.

Helen Marshall is an author, editor,

and medievalist. Her two collections

of short stories, Hair Side, Flesh Side

(2012) and Gifts for the One Who

Comes After (2014), have been up for

the World Fantasy Award, the Bram

Stoker Award, the Aurora Award, the

British Fantasy Award, and the Shirley

Jackson Award. She lives in Oxford,


Timothy J Jarvis is a writer and

scholar with an interest in the antic, the

weird, the strange. His first novel, The

Wanderer, was published in the summer

of 2014. His short-fiction has appeared

in Caledonia Dreamin’ and Leviathan 4:

Cities, among other places. He lives in

East London.

ArA presents:

TentaculArA SpectaculArA!

Friday 23rd October

9pm till 2am

Sacred Trinity, Chapel St, M3 5DW

Entry £5

Free soft drinks and snacks, BYOB - Please drink responsibly

Management reserve the right to refuse admission, house rules apply

8 9

Trap your tentacles in terror deep in

the depths of darkness in the sea of

Sacred Trinity.

Articulate your octopoids to the best

in Goth/Metal/Ebm/Punk/80's from

diverse diving DJ's.


• Special Lovecraft inspired décor

• Live performance from the spectacular


• Monster and Monster Hunting

• Costumes encouraged…

“The oldest and

strongest emotion

of mankind is fear,

and the oldest and

strongest kind of

fear is fear of the


HP Lovecraft

What Lies Beneath?

One Day Conference

Saturday 25 October

10am - 5pm

No 70 Oxford Street (Old Cornerhouse Building)

Manchester, M1 5NH

£10 - See Gothic MMU website for tickets

10 The third annual conference of the Panel One: Sickness and Death

Panel Three: Beneath the Text Panel Four: The Weird


Gothic Manchester Festival adopts the Dr Claire Nally (University of

Dr Bill Hughes (Independent Scholar): Dr Sarah Winter (University of

theme ‘What Lies Beneath?’ – at which Northumbria):

Desire Beneath the Darkness: The Northumbria):

speakers will present their work on Cross Bones Graveyard: Writing, Memory

Illumination of the Gothic by Paranormal The Gothic Theatre World: Monsters,

the gothic’s darkest and most hidden and Submerged Sites of Mourning


Ghosts and Horrors on the Long


Nineteenth-Century Stage and Beyond

Presentations include work on

Lovecraftian Gothic and the weird,

the dark dimensions of the human

unconscious, the socially repressed,

oppressed and occluded, the

subterranean and the infernal, old

gods and new monsters. Participants

range from PhD students and early

career researchers to internationally

recognised specialists in the field. All

are committed to presenting exciting

and accessible papers of interest to

anyone who wants to know more

about the horrors that lurk beneath

the surface of the everyday world and

manifest themselves in stories and

novels, films, television programmes

and other aspects of gothic culture.

No specialist knowledge is required

but dark proclivities are absolutely


Dr Tracy Fahey (Limerick School of Art

& Design, LIT, Ireland):

What Lies Beneath: Unveiling Occluded

Patient Narratives

Siobhan Maguire-Broad aka Morticia

(Leeds College of Art):

That’s About The Bones Of It

Panel Two: The Spiritual and the


Dr Simon Marsden,(University of


Holy Ghosts: Spectres of the Sacred in

Contemporary Gothic Fictions

Jon Greenaway (Manchester

Metropolitan University):

In Breaking, Immanence and the Divine,

Reading HP Lovecraft Theologically

Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell (Auckland

University of Technology, New


It Eats You From Within and Without:

Food and (Cultural) Horror in Film

Sarah Cleary (Trinity College, Dublin,


Gothicising The Rocky Horror Picture

Show from its (Frilly) Bottom Up

Dr Anna Powell (Manchester

Metropolitan University):

Going Underground: the Substrata of Jan

Svankmajer’s Poe Films

Dr Susan Chaplin (Leeds Metropolitan


Burning Down the House: Blood, Brands

and Sacred Space in Alan Ball’s True


Richard Gough Thomas (Manchester

Metropolitan University):

The Lovecraft Circle and the Ruin of

Empires – Decline and Fall in Weird


Morag Rose (University of Sheffield):

There’s something in the water!: A

Psychogeographical exploration of

Manchester Canals

This conference event will also feature:

• Shabby Cheek Emporium

• Lovecraft in Pop Culture display

Manchester University Press


• Dark Arts Journal launch and

wine reception

Grimmfest Present:

Lovecraft In The 80s - A Double Bill

Saturday 24 October

6pm - 10pm

No 70 Oxford St (Old Cornerhouse Building)

Manchester, M1 5NH

See for tickets

12 Whilst Lovecraft inspired generations From Beyond (1986)

of literary greats with his texts he also


inspired some of the greatest horror

films of the 80s.

Join us as we celebrate two of the best

cinematic adaptations of his works, as

summoned by self-professed Lovecraft

fan boys: Director Stuart Gordon and

Producer Brian Yuzna.

Reanimator (1985)

In this H P Lovecraft tale, Herbert West

is a Swiss scientist who has discovered

a fluid which brings dead tissue back

to life. After the suspicious death of his

professor in Switzerland, West moves

to Miskatonic University to continue

his research. He involves fellow student

Dan Cain and his fiancée Megan Halsey

in his research by experimenting on

their dead cat. Dan, fascinated by

West’s research, agrees to smuggle

him into the hospital morgue with

predictable results.

Dr Pretorius and his colleagues are

working on a sensational experiment:

by means of stimulation of the pineal

gland, they want to open the human

mind to higher dimensions. When the

experiment succeeds, however, they

are immediately attacked by terrible

life forms, which apparently are floating

around us all the time. When Dr

Pretorius is killed by one of them, Dr

Tillinghast is under suspect and thrown

into the mental ward due to his stories.

Only the ambitious psychologist Dr

McMichaels believes him and wants to

continue the experiment.

Underground Mystery and Mythos Tour

Sunday 25 October

11am - 12.30pm

Barton Arcade

Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BW

Curated by Jonathan Schofield and Vague (MMU RPG Society)

£10 - See Gothic MMU website for tickets

14 In the dark and out of reach places Mysterious games are afoot in the

of Manchester the dead come to life. dark forgotten tunnels below the city


Under the ancient stones of St Ann’s streets. Mysterious things move in

Square is a hidden undercroft electric the shadows and strange shapes have

with supernatural activity. Hear

appeared on the walls. Who knows

the story of the tragic opera singer, that is going on in the dark beneath

Madame Malibran, once the most our feet but somewhere out there in

renowned in Europe, learn the eerie the shadows, something is waiting for

tale of Dr John Dee, alchemist, and of its moment to come into the light...

the unfortunate William Rutter and the

Pigman. This tour is conducted mainly

in the dark so be prepared, after all, the

history is real, the terror sudden.

Jonathan Schofield has been a

registered Blue Badge Guide since

1996, he is the Editor of Manchester

Books Limited and the Editor at

Large of Manchester Confidential the

city’s most widely read independent

magazine. He has written several books

on the North West and is a regular

broadcaster on local and national radio.

He is also public speaker, a town and

city identity consultant and a freelance

writer on tourism, architecture, public

art, history and food and drink.

Jonathan was Highly Commended at

the Manchester Tourism Awards 2005

for the Best Tourism Experience of the

Year in Greater Manchester (awarded

for guiding services).

Vague the Roleplay and Wargaming

society is affiliated with the

Manchester Metropolitan University

Students Union and is one of the

largest student roleplay societys

in the country with over 100 active

members. Vague Regularly reprisents

the university in the student

national roleplay and wargaming

championships, an event which this

year the society has the honour of


We meet regularly during term time

where our members join together to

play a wide veriety of games, with

settings from isolated mountain

fortresses to the dark depths of the

vast ociens and even to the stars

themselves and join together to forge

naratives of mighty deads and cunning

plots that go down in legend all the

while buildings friendships that will

last a lifetime.

Cottonopolis Coglective present:

A Brief History of Monster Hunting with

Major Jack Union

Sunday 25 October

2pm - 4pm

John Rylands Library, Christie Room

150 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3EH

Free - See Gothic MMU website for tickets

The Esoteric Order of Cocktails

Cthulhu Pub quiz

Sunday 25 October

7pm - Midnight

Hold Fast Bar

50 Newton Street, Manchester M1 2EA

16 Throughout time we have believed

The Stars are Right …

monsters to hide in the shadows but

for Gothic Manchester’s


ask yourself, “If there are monsters,

annual pub quiz! Pit

what are they hiding from?” Author

your knowledge of

Kit Cox introduces you to the monster

eldritch lore against other

hunting world of Victorian man of arms,

deranged cultists in an

Major Jack Union, a real Van Helsing of

evening of questions on

his day, with Royal approval.

Lovecraft, weird fiction

and the Cthulhu mythos;

Come hear the many recollections of his

hosted by MMU’s own

exciting tales of pursuing true Vampires

‘thing on the doorstep’,

through the Louisiana swamp lands or

Richard Gough Thomas.

Deep sea fishing for the elusive Kraken

Blasphemous, squamous

and cunning Ghoti.

prizes await the victors,

along with a lifetime

of looking over their

shoulders because they

know too much!

With Jack himself on hand to answer

all of your monster hunting questions,

should it be gnomes undermining your

foundations or families of travelling

lycanthrope on your land, this is one

talk that could just safe your life but

will certainly entertain.

If you have a love for Hammer Horror,

monster movies or even Harry Potter

this is a talk for you. Enjoyed by

youngsters who love Doctor Who (and

hiding behind the sofa) to Grandmas

who stay up late to watch Christopher

Lee stalk flimsily attired scream queens.

(May contain some ribald humour and

descriptive scenes of staking).

Kit Cox is the author/illustrator of the

Union-Verse books. A series of novels

and guides set in an alternate history

where monsters really do hide in the

shadows and the penny dreadfuls of

Victorian bookshops are covers for

actual historic incidents.

Join us in the perfectly underground

and nautical environs of the North

Quarter’s own Hold Fast bar for an

evening of quizzing, music and squid

ink cocktails.

£1 per player for the quiz.

Also featuring our ‘Cute-Thulhu’ raffle

on behalf of the Sophie Lancaster


A legion of cultish knitters and

deranged crocheters have been raising

tiny Elder Gods for you through the

summer months, all ready to be

raffled off in aid of the amazing Sophie

Lancaster Foundation Charity.

Raffle tickets will be sold throughout

the festival and the grand draw will

ensue on quiz night.

Don’t fhtagn! Be there!

18 19

Are you a creature

of the night?

Do you want to know what’s on and where to go?

The Skinny magazine is your cultural guide!

Pick up your free copy in venues across the city for features, reviews and news

from the worlds of theatre, art, music, comedy and more.

We even have an interview with a vampire. Seriously.





for 2016

Showcase your relationship

with Manchester’s darker side.

Gothic Manchester’s delightfully

dark programme fuels its remarkable

reach, offering sponsors a uniquely

creative way of connecting with

an exceptionally eclectic audience

of Gothic enthusiasts from the

Northwest and much further afield.

Whether you want to strengthen

links with this demographic or to

build new links, there’s something

to suit all budgets.


Illustration: Kim Thompson

Contact for

more details

At a glance

The Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies are

grateful to the following sponsors and partners

for their generous support:

20 21

Date Event Location

22 - 31 October MGAG and John Hyatt Holden Café Space

22 October MGAG and John Hyatt opening


23 October Intro to John Rylands Gothic


Holden Café Space

John Rylands Library

23 October Twisted Tales of the Weird John Rylands Library

23 October TentaculArA SpectaculArA! Sacred Trinity Church

24 October What Lies Beneath Symposium No 70 Oxford St

24 October Grimm Up North Double Bill No 70 Oxford St

25 October Mythos Underground Tour Barton Arcade

25 October Kit Cox Author Event John Rylands Library

25 October Cthulhu Pub Quiz Hold Fast Bar

Further details and tickets:

Centre Website

Twitter feed

Facebook group


Illustration page 15: Deep Abyss, Charlotte Hicks, Pen and Ink, A3.

Illustration page 9: Dark Waters, Charlotte Hicks, Pen and Ink, A3.






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