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2011, June - Toronto Bonsai Society

Founded January, 1964


June 2011

Schedule of events

Meetings are held at the TBG (Toronto Botanical Gardens), at 777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, in

the Garden Hall, (lower auditorium on the west side of building), unless otherwise noted. The first

meeting is free for non-members.

Beginner sessions: 6:30 – 7:20

The beginner sessions are held in Studio #2 upstairs, at the TBG. Beginners should read the articles

in the BEGINNERS section, under ARCHIVES, at the TBS web site.

June: year-end critique and consultation, with John Biel.

General meetings: 7:30 – 10:00

June 13: TBS meeting: club elections. Workshop: juniper workshop. Cost: $30. Contact

Cheryl and Linda (on back cover) to register. Bring your own tree workshop.

June 18: nursery visit at Ray Shivrattan's. Contact Otmar Sauer.

September 12: TBS meeting: t.b.a.

Backyard workshops/garden parties:

Once again, the TBS is holding backyard get-togethers this summer. Contact Karen Brankley

for details.

Outside the club:

June 16 - 19: ABS/BCI Symposium: Bonsai in the Bluegrass, in Louisville, Kentucky.

July 30, 31: Bonsai Society of Upstate New York's Boston Bonsai Bus Trip 2011.

November 15 – 28: Japan ASPAC Bonsai Tour: Osaka, Takamatsu, Hanyu, Omiya.

November 17 - 27: BCI Grand Bonsai Tour Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, and Taikan-Ten.

On the cover: Bob Patterson's bonsai Deshojo maple (Acer palmatum 'Deshojo'). Deshojos are a

beautiful red in the spring and again in the fall but change to green in the summer. It has been in

training for approximately 10 years.


Many thanks

by Mike Roussel

Well, this is it – my last president’s message. In some ways I am relieved and in others, saddened. Trying to come up with a topic each

month and then finding the time to write was always a challenge; but in the end I must say that I enjoyed the process and it was a great

opportunity to improve my writing skills. I also enjoyed the time spent thinking in depth about the club, bonsai and how it all fit into my

life. I hope that you found my messages interesting and inspiring or at the very least, not dull. I would like to thank Greg Quinn, our

TBS Journal editor, who helped me extensively in polishing up each message.

It has been a great two years running the club. I can say that I grew as a person quite a bit during that time, learning what it means to

be in a leadership position. Being an IT project manager in real life, I tried to run the club as a project and was constantly intrigued at

the differences between projects in the corporate and the bonsai club worlds. It certainly is different running a project with a diverse

group of volunteers than with employees. The tasks are different and the power of persuasion is much more important than when

someone is motivated by a salary!

I would like to thank those people who gave of themselves over the past two years. Without you there would be no club. Thanks to all

the people who lectured in the beginner sessions and main meetings, instructed in workshops and mentored new members, had

backyard visits, and made other contributions.

Of course the biggest contributors are always the members of the TBS executive, and I couldn’t have asked to work with a finer set of

people. Their hard work and support really made the difference. I apologize in advance for the long Oscar thank yous here, but I have

always thought it was important to recognize people individually for a job well done.

Being part of the executive is work but not a thankless job:

Mike McCallion: thanks for helping guide me through my presidency and providing your political insights, business sense and

enthusiasm for bonsai.

Otmar Sauer: thanks for all the support and assistance. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for running with the beginner’s

sessions (they were a real hit) and your many other contributions...

Jean Charing: thanks for your many great ideas and sound financial management. Also, thanks for helping Keith in getting the

magazines bound for the library.

Dierk Neugebauer: thanks for your encouragement, insights and your entertaining rants I appreciate your long service to the club.

Also, thanks to you and Sandy again for putting together the full set of journals. That is a great legacy to leave the club!

Barbara Pope: thanks for just being the sweet person you are. You are the best note taker I have ever seen. Want a job?

Karen Brankley: thanks for always being so steady and measured. You are one of the pillars on the TBS executive.

Jorge Pereira: the young upstart. Thanks for your enthusiasm and taking over the web master role. Your contribution to the club is just

beginning and off to a great start.

Lilly Tsrulnikov: thanks for stepping up and joining the executive. Like Jorge, I am sure we can expect great things from you in the


Linda Chevrier and Cheryl Johnson: thanks for all your hard work taking care of the membership and all the other things that you did

to help out, especially organizing the Sean Smith visit.

Robert Dubuc: thanks for being our tool and wire vendor – an invaluable service. I know it has been a challenge with your early

morning starts.

Greg Quinn: thanks for being the hardest working person of all the executive. Your enthusiasm for the club and your giving, kind nature

has been an inspiration for me.

Keith Oliver: thanks for taking your job as librarian so seriously. The library has definitely benefited from your care. And most of all,

thanks for stepping up to be president! I know you are a little nervous about it but you will do a fine job and like me, you will have a

fantastic executive to rely on.

So, that’s it! One term ends and another begins. Thanks again everyone for your support and enthusiasm. I look forward to many years

of enjoyment with the Toronto Bonsai Society.

… Oh yes, and please consider stepping up and joining the executive or making other contributions to the club – “Grow to the

Challenge”! The club is nothing without you!!


Marco Invernizzi's critique of club trees at the May meeting

by Otmar Sauer

It was a great pleasure to have Marco Invernizzi in Toronto again, where he

undertook a very sensible and grounded critique of club members' trees. He

certainly has, what we call "the eye". This was very apparent in the various

advice he gave, with lots of practical pointers of a general, and also detailed,

nature. His suggestions were thoughtful and well considered and I am sure the

members whose trees he

critiqued came away with

very good practical advice.

The general agreement

among the members was

that he definitely has a bias

for coniferous trees. Who

can blame him? They are

the most dramatic of all


Marco's critique was

certainly supported by the

quality of trees the

members of the club

brought in. One could sense that he was very much pleased by the excellent

material submitted and this fact contributed to the overall pleasure of his

critique and also made it a great learning experience for everyone.

Marco was fantastic, as usual. He is so knowledgeable and always adds

some humour to his critiques. Val and I always look forward to his visits to our


- Bob Fisher

TBS workshops

by Mike Roussel

Much discussion has taken place over the past while regarding the process of signing up for workshops. The executive has decided on

the following guidelines:

·Workshops will be announced at the general meetings and the details will be posted on the club web site and in The TBS Journal.

·Workshops will be first-come-first-served, with a waiting list when there are more requests than spots.

·Sign up for workshops will take place via phone, email, in person or mail to the workshop coordinator and will open up two weeks prior

to the next general meeting.

·Participants will be informed before the next meeting via email where they sit in the list.

·At the general meeting, participants must pay for the workshop in full or will be taken off the list. Allowances may be made at the sole

discretion of the workshop coordinator.

·If there are multiple workshops and participants on the waiting list, an attempt to ensure that everyone can take at least one workshop

will be made. This may result in participants having to forfeit one of their spots to allow others to take a workshop.

·Participants are required to bring their tools to the workshop. Wire and an instructor will be provided. Tree(s) may be provided,

depending on the nature of the workshop.

·The executive reserves the right to change these guidelines as deemed suitable for a particular workshop.

Some discussion has occurred regarding workshop material. In the past, executive members have taken care of trees for upcoming

workshops for months/years. In order to relieve the burden, material may be provided in advance to the workshop participants so they

can learn to care for the material and study it in advance. No final decision has been made on this yet.

If you have any questions, concerns on this please contact myself or another executive member.


Editorial: make it look like a tree

by Greg Quinn

Like this club itself, this newsletter is better than the sum of its parts. With roots that go back over 50 years, a membership that is fairly

broad, a stable of club bonsai, and workshop activities that branch out into the neighbouring disciplines of suiseki, pottery, and bonsai

stand construction, the TBS is quite a substantial entity.

But, like water on a summer's day, all this synergy would be disappear without the people who regularly contribute to the life of the

club...and I have found myself fortunate to be among Toronto's best, and to have received support from so many in our club.

On this, my final editorial, and farewell newsletter, I would like to thank all the club members who contributed to this publication during

my time as editor, and who made doing this job easier, and more enriched.

The presidents, David Johnson, Mike McCallion, and Mike Roussel, who regularly delivered their pep talks, both to me, and to the club

members, making their indelible footprints in the club's path.

The TBS executive, who, though constrained to write for the Journal as the price of admission, followed through with diligence.

The past-presidents and TBS Journal editors Norman Haddrick, Bob Wilcox, and Dick Morton, for contributing both articles and advice.

The photographers, especially Reiner Goebel, with his excellent images of our bonsai from the TBS shows.

Avid readers Grace Wicht, John Biel, John Hoffman, Arthur Skolnik and many others for providing invaluable information, resources,

corrections, and proof reading.

And thanks to all of you who had the courage to put down in words your bonsai experiences, and thereby pass on your bonsai

knowledge and insight in this lonely art form.

TBS announcements

Elections in June

The elected positions and candidates are:

President, with Keith Oliver as candidate

Vice-president, with no candidates

Recording Secretary, with no candidates

Treasurer, with Jean Charing as candidate

The non-elected staff vacancies are: Workshop Coordinator, Journal Editor/Publisher, Tools and Supplies desk, and Librarian.

The staff positions already filled are: Web-Master, by Jorge Pereira, Membership Secretary, by Linda Chevrier and Cheryl Johnston,

New Member host, by Karen Brankley, Member at large, by Bob Cole, by and Lilly Tsirulnikov.

Any member can run, or fill, these positions, regardless of bonsai experience or skill. Please let the executive know of your candidacy

prior to the June meeting.

Books, magazines for sale

Our club librarian, Keith Oliver, has various donated books and magazines for sale.

Links to other clubs:

Bonsai Society at the RBG:

Matsuyama Bonsai Society:

Misseto Bonsai Club:

Kitchener-Waterloo Bonsai Society:


Regular TBS meetings

Meetings take place on the second Monday of every month, except July and August, at the TBG (Toronto Botanical Gardens), located

at 777 Lawrence Avenue East, at Leslie Street, in the auditorium on the west side of the building at 7:30 pm. The general meetings

frequently include: demonstrations of bonsai techniques, critiques of bonsai trees, and workshops, in which each participant styles a

tree with the help of an experienced member. These meetings are preceded at 6:30 pm. by the Beginner sessions, held upstairs.

A small fee is charged for workshops, and a tree, wire and instructor are provided. To participate in workshops, it is necessary to

register in advance of the meeting so that materials can be provided.

Members are encouraged to bring in bonsai to show and work on during the meetings. Wire is provided at no charge. Non-members

may attend a meeting at no charge to see if the club is of interest to them.

Library hours and policy

The library is open to members at the beginning of our regular meetings. Members may borrow books free of charge for one month.

Late returns cost $2 per month with a minimum charge of $2. Please return all materials the next month, and before summer.

Membership desk

The membership desk will be open at all meetings. The opening time may be extended for the first fall meeting to assist with renewals.

You may also register for workshops there.

Tools & supplies

Tools and supplies are sold by the club at most meetings. It is a good idea to contact the executive member in advance of the meeting

for specific tools and supplies.

TBS Executive:


Mike Roussel


Otmar Sauer


Jorge Pereira


Jean Charing


Greg Quinn

Tools & Supplies:

Rob Dubuc

Membership Secretary:

Linda Chevrier, Cheryl Johnson

New Member Host:

Karen Brankley

Recording Secretary:

Barbara Pope


Mike McCallion


Keith Oliver

Members at large:

Bob Cole

Lilly Tsirulnikov

The Journal was founded in

January, 1964, is published

monthly, and exists to further the

study, practice, promulgation,

and fellowship of bonsai.

Visit the Toronto Bonsai Society's

web site, at:

Toronto Bonsai Society

P.O. Box 155,

Don Mills, Ontario

M3C 2S2


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