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keeping it simple. building it strong. - Al-jon


It’s more than a slogan.

You know people who buy equipment based mainly on initial price.

Our customers in the scrap processing and solid waste industries

think that’s short sighted. I’m happy to report they’ve made Al-jon’s

sales stronger than ever because they know giving us the nod is a

smarter business decision.

Why are customers fiercely loyal to Al-jon? Our equipment stays

on the job longer with innovations that produce more revenues. Its

uptime exceeds 99%. And it costs less to maintain. Our used equipment

often outlasts some of our competitors’ brand new equipment.

Al-jon craftsmen are hand picked as the “best of the best.” We

don't know what turnover is and rarely have to advertise for new


Our factory is ISO-9001-2000 rated to ensure consistent build

quality. Tolerances are tighter and welds are stronger. We even have

a quality control expert who is so picky, we affectionately call him

“Granny.” The personal pride of everyone at Al-jon goes into each unit

that goes out the door.

No wonder we can’t build enough of ‘em.

Kendig Kneen


Al-jon gives you value

for years to come.

You might be in the scrap business and trying to cope

with rising overhead, including skyrocketing fuel costs.

Or, perhaps you operate a landfill and must make the

most of every cubic yard of precious air space.

Successful operations in both rely on Al-jon.

Since we designed and built our first car crusher

in 1963 and first landfill compactor in 1981, we’ve

followed a straightforward philosophy – Keep it simple.

Build it strong. We have remained true to that promise

ever since. Making the best means machines can cost

more to build, but owning an Al-jon provides a higher

return on investment. In the long run, it costs less to

own Al-jon.

“I like the portability on

my Al-jon 580CL logger

baler. We hook up and

go! It’s easy. I like the

productivity, too – 200

tons a day with zero

downtime. Plus, Al-jon

stands behind its equipment

and resolves any


Aaron Sironian

Maintenance Manager

Ecology Auto Parts

Santa Fe Springs, CA


Superior machines start with

smarter design.

To make money in the scrap business, you have to crush or

bale all you can. The Al-jon 580 Car Logger comes through

with a chamber that’s 19’ 3” (5.9 m) long by 10’ (3.0 m)

wide – the widest in the industry for faster, easier loading.

Because all four sides of the chamber pull away after

baling, the finished bale sits in the center for easy removal.

There’s no need to pick it off the side of a wall.

Our design allows a single operator to process 25 car

bodies or 15-20 tons (13.6-18.2 metric tons) of loose scrap

per hour. That extra production adds up to real money.

Impact V

With the Impact V car crusher, one

man can crush and stack five or more

cars with manual or remote operation.

It is completely portable and features

automatic cycling.

Stronger, lighter materials.

Our rams are built stronger with 3 inch (76.2 mm) face

materials, rather than 1 inch (25.4 mm). Instead of the mild

steel used by others, the 580CL’s chamber is made of

Hardox ® high-strength steel at 100,000 pounds (45,359 kg)-

plus yield strength. It is more expensive, but it has two big

advantages. In addition to being stronger, it makes the

580CL lighter and road legal in any state.


The 400XL logger baler can log and bale

both loose scrap metal and white

goods. Completely portable, it allows

one-man operation. It is also road legal.

Our simpler, longer lasting


Instead of an expensive high-pressure hydraulic system, we

use a reliable low-pressure system with a two-stage pump.

It operates at 2,700 psi (190 kg cm2) instead of 5,000 psi

(352 kg cm2) to eliminate the need for high-pressure hoses

and seals.

Our pump is easily driven by either a John Deere or

Cummins diesel engine. The choice is yours.

Plus, our 5-micron kidney loop filtration system keeps the

oil cleaner to add to the life of hydraulic pumps and valves.

Our filters cost just US$150 to replace instead of the US$300

filters required by the competitors’ high-pressure systems.

“The 580CL is built the

strongest. It may cost

a little more, but it’s

worth it. I like the parts

availability, too. Anyone

looking for an excellent

car logger baler should

look at one at work in

their area.”

Michael Orand

Vice President

1st Coast Recycling Inc.

Jacksonville, Florida


The 580CL does it all. It can log and bale both

loose scrap metal, white goods, and full-sized

cars and trucks. One-man operation and road

legal. Portable or stationary operation.

The hardened chrome on our rods is almost three times

thicker than on competitors’ rods. That reduces wear on all

of our cylinders and extends their life.

Need replacement parts? Our standard U.S. hydraulic

fittings and valves are readily available practically anywhere.

How’s that for keeping it simple?

Comfortable operators are

more productive operators.

The 580CL’s ergonomic cab is larger and places controls at

your fingertips. You won’t feel like you’re trapped inside a

phone booth or have to open a window to move your arms.

Plus, it is the only car logger made that comes with air

conditioning and heating as standard equipment. That adds

to operator job satisfaction, and your revenues.

The 580CL is just one of three car crushers and logger

balers from Al-jon. All share impressive design innovations,

materials and workmanship.


Advantage 600

At 126,000 pounds (57,153 kg) it is the

heavyweight champion of the world. It is

the heaviest, most powerful compactor

you can buy. The Advantage 600 has a

powerful turbo-charged 600 horsepower

diesel engine.

Anything less than

Al-jon is too expensive.

The cost of developing an acre of landfill space is staggering

– you have to put as much trash as you possibly can in the

space you have available. Adding another 1,000 pounds of

trash per cubic yard can make a huge difference to your

bottom line.

That is why informed solid waste operators prefer Al-jon.

Unlike converted wheel loaders, Al-jon compactors are the

only American-made landfill compactor designed from the

ground up for that purpose. It literally pays for itself by

making efficient use of valuable airspace.

We offer three different models – ranging from 82,000

pounds (37,195 kg) up to 126,000 pounds (57,153 kg),

Al-jon landfill compactors are heavier, more efficient

compactors. You will increase your compaction density

and increase your landfill’s life.

Designed above the others.

• Heaviest machines in their class

• Hydrostatic All-Wheel Drive

• Choice of engine and horsepower to meet your needs

• Wheels designed for your application

Advantage 500

With an operating weight to 95,000

pounds (43,091 kg), the Advantage

500 comes with AC, heater and

defroster. Choose a CAT or John Deere

diesel engine.

Say good-bye to wheel wrap

and cleaner bars.

The cleats on Al-jon wheels are another important difference.

Our cleats last longer and are designed in a unique

shape to chop and compact waste more effectively. They

smoothly enter and exit the material without fluffing. The

design of our wheels and cleats eliminate wheel wrap.

There is no need for troublesome cleaner bars.

Advantage 525

The 107,000 pounds (48,534 kg)

Advantage 525 gives you everything

the Advantage 500 has, plus extra

weight for greater compaction.


Although our uptime is unmatched at over 99%, you cannot expect our

machines to tackle their punishing jobs without needing occasional outside

attention. The quality of our service equals the quality of our

machines. It is the best! As customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal,

Al-jon is also expanding into Regional Service Centers. This will further

enhance Al-jon’s ability to service our customer’s needs.

When you have a problem, our goal is to initiate a plan for correcting

it within the first four hours after you call. Then, we follow through and

correct the difficulty within 24 to 48 hours.

We believe these are the best response times available for the industry

we serve. It puts your Al-jon back in action as quickly as possible.

The best comes

direct to you.

We are factory direct to serve you better. Again, we are

factory direct to stay in touch with the needs of your

business and industry. Innovation is key in your business

and Al-jon wants to be part of it. Let us know

what your equipment necessities are and we will find

the solution.

Get to know us better. Call and ask to speak to

our engineers, our fabricators, our service director…

or even our president. Dial 800-255-6620 toll free

in North America and ask for Al-jon Scrap or Solid

Waste Sales.

We also invite you to tour our facilities. In the

meantime, visit us at

Al-jon Inc., 14599 2nd Avenue, Ottumwa, Iowa USA 52501

641-682-4506 or Toll free in North America 800-255-6620 •


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