Press Release - Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.


Press Release - Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

Diana Bracco:“Research & Innovation: the key to Italy’s future”

Press Release

Research investments are the surest exit strategy from crisis: this is the strong message that emerged from

the Round Table "Regions driver for innovation in Europe 2020" organized on July 14 th , 2010 by the Bracco

Group in its Research Center in Colleretto Giacosa (Ivrea), in the context of the workshop “Sciences and

Territories”, opened by the international symposium entitled "Diagnostics and Nanotechnology" .

Colleretto Giacosa (Ivrea) - July the 14 th 2010 - "Our country must focus on research and

innovation, building a system that values the regional and national level in an integrated logic

connecting effectively to Europe," said Diana Bracco, Chairman and CEO of the Bracco Group, in

her closing speech. "The document Europe 2020, in fact, is defining a new European development

program, which puts strongly on Research. For example, investments on green economy and

cleaner technology both help to combat climate change and to create sustainable jobs.

As Vice President of Confindustria for Research & Innovation, Diana Bracco claimed: "The latest

estimates of Confindustria tell us that the recovery finally is no longer a mirage, and that production

is increasing. However, we are well aware that it will take time before returning to pre-crisis

conditions, and I personally believe that the creation of new jobs will be the real turning point of the

situation. The imperative then is to continue working so that we can be ready when the markets get

back to racing. We have to rethink our companies, to recover efficiency and, above all, to

innovate. Innovating processes, products, marketing strategies, communication and procedures:

this how to trigger a self-generated growth”

Speakers at the afternoon Round Table have included Amalia Sartori, Member of the Committee

for Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament, Massimo Giordano, Deputy Mayor

for Economic Development, Research and Innovation of the Piedmont Region, Massimo Feira

President of Finpiemonte, Catia Bastioli CEO of Novamont, Andrea Bonaccorsi, Professor of the

Faculty of Engineering at University of Pisa and Lorenzo Silengo, Professor at University of Turin.

Many scientists and experts from Italy, Belgium and Holland, attended the morning international

scientific symposium on diagnostics. Fulvio Uggeri and François Tranquart jointly chaired the

symposium, where Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Head of Business Unit Global Imaging of Bracco

Imaging SpA, discussed the future of this growing scientific sector with his speech on “Bracco

Imaging: Beyond Contrast Media”.

More than one hundred and fifty participants appreciated the scientific value of the lectures and the

quality of speaker’s presentations.

With its 120 highly qualified researchers, the Bracco Research Center in Ivrea is the main Italian

facility within the Group’s R&D international network including other Centers in Switzerland

(Geneve), USA (Princeton) and China (Benjiin).

Dedicated to diagnostic preclinical research, the Center was inaugurated in 2007 and it is

constantly improved with investments in cutting edge technological laboratories and equipments.

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