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Bookclubs - Christianne's Lyceum

about the facilitator

Dr. Chistianne Hayward is the founder of Christianne’s

Lyceum of Literature and Art. She has

been educating children and adults for over thirty

years. Christianne established her unique parent

and youth bookclubs in 1996, and now facilitates

13 bookclubs, 8 writers’ workshops and several

literature and art classes for young children.

She also teaches at post-secondary institutions,

works as a teacher consultant, facilitates parent

groups in the ANCHOR Program at the Vancouver

Child Study Centre, reviews children’s literature for

Canadian Children magazine and Children’s Book

News, and is the mother of two sons. Her Ph.D

studies in education focused on using children’s

literature to develop socially relevant curriculum.

Other Lyceum staff members may co-present

workshops in their areas of expertise.

about christianne’s lyceum of

literature and art

Christianne’s Lyceum celebrates literature and

art and put it where it should be - at the centre

of family and community life. Through programs

that emphasize making connections between

literature and what’s going on in the outside

world, the Lyceum encourages young people to

see themselves as readers, writers and artists as

they engage with abstract ideas and reflect on

their own place in society.

The Lyceum is a cozy living room, a specialized

library, a well-equipped atelier and a whimsical

art gallery bound up in one. It’s a place

that brings together writers, illustrators,

educators and families to share diverse

streams of thought through the medium

of story - oral, written and visual.




Saturdays: 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Spring Term: April 21, May 12, June 9

Program Fee: $79 + HST (3 sessions)

This is an entry level class for Christianne’s popular

Parent and Child bookclubs. Each “Booklet”

receives a bookbag which they will use to collect

their “memory pins” from each class. Parents are

given a handout that records both the books read

and others that can be shared to help expand on

the monthly theme.

Book Blasters


Saturdays: 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Spring Term: April 28, May 26, June 16

Program Fee: $79 + HST (3 sessions)

Early Childhood Programs

Spring 2012


Register for programs in one of three ways:

1. By calling 604.733.1356

2. By emailing

3. By dropping by the Lyceum at 3696 West 8th

Ave (at the corner of West 8th and Alma)

Light fare and juice will be provided

in all programs.

Please advise us of any allergies

This is the time when we introduce chapter

books to our Lyceum families. Each parent and

child will be expected to read an early chapter

book (generously illustrated) per month. Participants

will engage in a vocabulary game, discussion

and craft activity inspired by the chosen book.

Christianne will end the session by sharing a

relevant story with the group.

Tel: 604.733.1356 Address: 3696 West 8th Ave., Vancouver BC V6R 1Z1

E-mail: Web:

Family Story Yoga

Sundays 10:00am - 11:00am All Ages

Spring Term: April 1 to June 17

Please note: No class on April 8, May 20

Program Fee: $158 + HST/person

Family rate $258 + HST (10 sessions)

Preschool Literature and Art

Wednesday mornings: 9:15 - 11:15am

Wednesday afternoons: 12:30 - 2:30pm

Spring Term: March 28 to June 13

Ages 3-5

Program Fee: $340 + HST (12 sessions)

Oral Literatures and

First Peoples

Saturdays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Spring Term: March 31 to June 16

Please note: No class on April 7, May 19

Program Fee: $284 + HST (10 sessions)

Ages 5-6

Join us as we embark on a family journey of

story, song, art, mindful movement and meditation

to learn about Mandalas, our breathing,

Chakras, and various asanas (Sanskrit for ‘yoga

poses’). Together, let’s embrace our mind, body,

and spirit through the magic of literature and

the art of yoga!

Stories, Stretches and Squiggles

Mondays: 11:00 - 12:00 pm Ages 1-2

Spring Term: March 26 to June 11

Please note: No class on April 9, May 21

Program Fee: $158+ HST (10 sessions)

For the youngest members of the Lyceum

community, we have planned a program of

story, finger-rhyme, song and art exploration!

As an extra treat, we will lead parents and little

ones through a series of joint stretches. The

objective of this class is to introduce children

to short bursts of activity to accommodate

growing attention spans.

Books for Moms, Dads, Nannies

and Toddlers

Mondays: 9:00 - 10:30 am Ages 2-3

Spring Term: March 26 to June 11

Please note: No class on April 9, May 21

Program Fee: $231 + HST (10 sessions)

Thursdays: 9:00 - 10:30 am

Spring Term: April 5 to June 7

Program Fee: $231 + HST (10 sessions)

Each week parents will experience a series of

thematically integrated books with strategies for

supporting your child’s journey with literacy. How

do you add voice to story? How do you animate

the characters? How do you help young children

feel the suspense of a story as it unfolds? How do

you help them begin to identify with characters in

the books and tales? This class will address these

questions with tried and tested approaches that

you can individualize with your own child. Parents

and children to make take-home props to carry

the storytelling experience carries into their


Transport your child to a place where imagination

intersects with reality. Christianne’s expertise in

children’s literature ensures your child’s exposure

to new and little-known works that will excite and

challenge them. Each book encourages your child

to embrace issues such as sibling rivalry, making

friends, understanding ownership, learning how to

share and managing their desire for independence.

Each class will focus on a different art/craft project

where youngsters will work with materials that

challenge their understanding, encourage creativity

and develop their fine motor skills. Weekly emails

composed by our documentarian will follow the

investigations explored throughout the term.

* Note: This program is designed for children to participate

independently. However, this is a stage when children often

experience some level of separation anxiety. In recognition of

this, parents are welcome to stay in the background

during the program, until such a time as

their presence is no longer needed.

Word Collectors

Writers’ Workshop

Grades K-1

Fridays 4:00 - 6:00pm

Spring: $325 + HST (8 sessions)

Spring Term: April 13 to June 15

Please note: No class on April 20, May 18.

This is an introductory class for little ones who

like to play with words as a way of expressing

themselves. It is not necessary for participants to

be confident in their ability to print. Interest in

“words” is the only prerequisite.

The spring term of our new Oral Literatures

and First People program will focus on First Nations

stories that illustrate human connections

to nature.

We’ll touch on the responsibilities we have toward

our planet, the interconnectedness of life

and the roles that various animals take in First

Nations stories. We’lll also explore storytelling

as a form of education.

Throughout our investigations,

we’ll discuss how visual art is a

form of storytelling and we’ll use

the stories we’ve studied as inspiration

for a wide range of art projects.

Primary Literature

and Art

Grades K,

1, 2 and 3

Thursdays: 3:45 - 5:45pm

Spring Term: March 29 to June 14

Program Fee: $340 + HST (12 sessions)

Invest in your child’s literary future; expose him

or her to the transformative power of a good

story. Our new Primary Literature and Art class

is designed to introduce young readers to some

of the best children’s literature in the world

today, igniting their passion for narrative, exposing

them to new artistic techniques and challenging

them to think deeply about the world they live in.

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