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June-August 2013 PRESS - First Presbyterian Palo Alto

JUNE-AUGUST 2013 Vol 13, Issue 6-8


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Church Staff Contacts

(650) 325-5659

Rob Martin x 102

Head Pastor


Arden Ratcliff x 104

Director of Children,

Youth & Family Ministries


Andy Chislett x 107

Director of Music


Lee Young

Pastor of Visitation


Abby Mohaupt x 103

Pastoral Resident


Matthew Dimick x 108

Pastoral Intern


Sarah Clementson x 100

Church Administrator


Kaela Fine x 109



Julie Barney

Pledge Accountant


Summer is fast upon us—and in our life together in community, the beginning of summer

means we are in the midst of change . . . Marissa Danney has finished her internship with us

and will be serving the Ghost Ranch Conference Center in New Mexico as Chaplain for the

summer before returning to SFTS . . . Abby Mohaupt will be transitioning from an intern to

her new position as a two-year Pastoral Resident . . . Andy Chislett will be heading to Montreat,

North Carolina, to attend the national Worship & Music Conference . . . I will be gone

the month of July on Study Leave / vacation in the same neck of the woods in North Carolina

where Do will be the Artist in Residence at Montreat, and I will get to spend some muchneeded

time reading and writing and visiting with my ailing parents . . . Many of you will be

traveling for the summer—visiting family and friends or parts of the globe still untried or unexplored.

One of the many blessings that will come our way this summer in this time of change and

transition is the arrival of our new intern, Matthew Dimick. He arrives the evening of June

2 nd and will be in worship with us for the first time on Sunday, June 9 th . He is an incredibly

gifted and talented individual, and I know you will come to love him in the weeks and months


When Matthew applied for our internship program he offered these thoughts—and I want to

share them with you so you have just a small glimpse into what a kind and thoughtful person

we will have in our midst.

From an experience with the Pastoral Intern Program, I hope to be given the opportunity to

further explore my pastoral calling. I have been blessed with the experience of working with

the Presbyterian Church through advocacy with Presbyterian Welcome at General Assembly,

the Office of Public Witness in D.C., the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program Big Tent, and

Presbyterian Welcome, but I have not had as many opportunities to engage in congregational

ministry. I hope that the Pastoral Internship will be an edifying experience to integrate myself

into a church community, develop some of my own skills, and enthusiastically learn new


I also hope that this internship would be a chance for me to give back to the community that

would be hosting me during this upcoming year. I hope to offer freely my own skills and talents.

My dual degree makes me a unique candidate for this position. In addition to the expected

seminary course load I will have completed, I have also completed an MSW degree.

This degree has not only given me a chance to build my counseling and direct service skills,

but has tutored me in a core curriculum of organizing, management, and policy courses. In

addition to these requirements, my work at The Network/La Red and my coursework in racial

justice have instilled in me a passion to do anti-oppression work. Although I love advocacy

work and counseling, my greatest talent and passion is teaching and facilitating discussion. It

does not matter if the group I am teaching is composed of rowdy fourth graders, sarcastic

teenagers, or opinionated adults—I have enjoyed all of the opportunities I have been given to

teach and hope to bring my experience to the community at First Presbyterian Church Palo


Before closing, I want to thank you for offering up this pastoral internship. It is rare that a

Page 2

church is willing to offer a paid internship, housing, and a welcoming space for individuals fresh out of or in

seminary. I feel truly blessed!

We too are blessed to have Matthew as part of this community of faith—and I hope you will join with me in

holding him in prayer as he begins his ministry with us and to us!

Travel safe . . . rest well . . . and be re-energized and renewed in the midst of these summer days!

Much peace,


Sunday, June 2 nd , 2013

Pastor’s Letter—continued

Worship Schedule for June / July /August 2013

Communion / Rob Martin preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

12:00 P.M. Cool Planet, Lounge

1:00 P.M. Puente: Living Faith, Seeking Justice, Fellowship Hall

5:30 P.M Youth Group, Classroom 2

Sunday, June 9 th

Arden Ratcliff preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, June 16 th

Rob Martin preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast Time Begins, Narthex / Sanctuary

Summer Breakfast in the Narthex / Sanctuary begins this Sunday and will run through

Sunday, September 1 st . Please come @ 9:45 A.M. to visit with old friends and to make new ones!

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

2:00 P.M. Paul Crowley on Robert McAfee Brown, Fellowship Hall

Sunday, June 23 rd

Matthew Dimick preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, June 30 th

Abby Mohaupt preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, July 7 th Communion / Abby Mohaupt preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Worship Schedule for June / July /August 2013

Page 3

Sunday, July 14 th

Music Sunday / Andrew Chislett

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, July 21 st

Matthew Dimick preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, July 28 th

Arden Ratcliff preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, August 4 th

Communion / Abby Mohaupt preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

12:00 P.M. Cool Planet, Lounge

Sunday, August 11 th

Rob Martin preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, August 18 th

Youth Sunday / Arden Ratcliff preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Sunday, August 25 th

Matthew Dimick preaching

8:30 A.M. Early Church, Chapel

9:45 A.M. Summer Breakfast, Narthex / Sanctuary

10:30 A.M. Communal Worship, Sanctuary

11:30 A.M. Coffee & Fellowship, Courtyard

Page 4

Other Summer Activities


Adult Study will resume in the fall. During the summer, at 9:45 A.M. every Sunday, there will be an informal

breakfast and greeting time at the back of the Sanctuary, as described elsewhere in this issue.

We call your attention to the item PAUL CROWLEY ON ROBERT MCAFEE BROWN written by Craig

Wiesner inviting all to join on Sunday June 16th at 2 P.M. in Fellowship Hall for an informal gathering to

celebrate the release of Paul Crowley's book, Robert McAfee Brown: Spiritual and Prophetic Writings. Paul

Crowley (Santa Clara University Professor of Religious Studies) will talk about and share readings from the


Please send any ideas for upcoming Adult Study topics to Evan at evanhughesphd@aol.com or Melissa at

melissa@kirvenbrooks.org. Some possible topics for the fall are: Exploring Your Favorite Psalm; Examining

What Others Believe and Why; Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About Satan; and Faith and Free Will.

Evan Hughes and Melissa Kirven-Brooks

Living Faith, Seeking Justice

Sunday, June 2, 2013, 1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

First Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall

Kerry Lobel, Executive Director of Puente, and Abby Mohaupt, Puente Faith Community Liaison, will offer

their perspectives on the changing landscape of the South Coast and its impact on farmworkers and their families

as Puente celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

Catch up with friends and meet new ones, while enjoying refreshments and the company.

No charge to attend but any gift amount gratefully accepted.

RSVP to epalacios@mypuente.org with “First Presbyterian Event” in the subject line or call Abby Mohaupt at

650.879.1691 ext. 196

For more information about Puente:



Please join us Sunday June 16th at 2 P.M. in Fellowship Hall for an informal gathering to celebrate the release

of Paul Crowley's book, Robert McAfee Brown: Spiritual and Prophetic Writings. Paul Crowley (Santa

Clara University Professor of Religious Studies) will talk about and share readings from the book. 1st Pres's

own Judy Dunbar (and also professor at Santa Clara University) who wrote the foreword will also be on hand to

share some reflections. Books will be available for purchase and sale with a portion of the proceeds benefiting

Casa Nazaret at the Kino Border Initiative in Nogalez, AZ.

If you'd like to read my review of Paul's book, click the link below:


Yes - June 16th is Father's Day! We'll have some Father's Day cupcakes for any dads who join us, and we're

starting late enough for you to take Dad to lunch and early enough to take Dad to dinner.

Craig Wiesner

Other Summer Activities


Page 5

This year’s youth mission trip is coming up! Together with the youth group from Stone

Church of Willow Glen, we’ll be spending some time on the coast working with Puente de la

Costa Sur in Pescadero, CA, and doing some coastal cleanup at New Brighton Beach the second

week of July. There will be a joint information session for both the First Pres youth

group and the Stone Church youth in June—please stay tuned for information on that meeting. The absolute latest

Arden needs to know if you’re coming is June 24, so try to let her know your decision before then!


While the youth are at Puente during the mission trip, they will be sorting through school

supply donations for the backpacks Puente puts together for students as they head back to

school. As part of this work, Puente has asked First Pres to be in charge of collecting math

school supplies: 12-inch rulers, graph paper, compasses, and protractors. There will be a box

in the narthex to collect these items in the weeks leading up to the mission trip. If you have

any questions, please contact Arden (aratcliff@fprespa.org) or Abby ahhaupt@fprespa.org)!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Noon to 2P.M.

Fellowship Hall


Considered by many as one of the great wonders of the ancient world are the renowned ruins of Machu Picchu,

an Incan Ceremonial center located high in the Peruvian Alps.

Mary Alice and Dave Thornton had an opportunity to visit this amazing site in the Fall of 2011. They will be

sharing their experience of traveling through the Valley of the Incas, visiting other Incan sites, and experiencing

the many faces of today's Peru. You will learn about some of the history of Peru and the dynamics of modern

Peru, but especially the mystery and majesty of the Incan Empire, one of the great historical stories of the Americas.

Dave will share photos of the trip and explain what is known about the Incan Empire, how Machu Picchu was

"discovered," and what scholars believe about why it was built during the late 1400's.

Peru is the third largest country in South America. Topped by towering Andean Peaks, its landscape also includes

a portion of the Amazon River.

All are welcome. Come and learn more about the beautiful country of Peru and its magical Incan ruins of Machu


PRIME TIMERS: “You’d love this book I’m reading!”

Tuesday, July 9, Noon to 2 P.M. in the Lounge

One of the best things about summer is grabbing a little time for pleasure reading.

• What books have you enjoyed so much that you’d love to share their titles with friends?

Page 6

Other Summer Activities

• Was it their wisdom, humor, suspense, insights, joy, educational content, or pure entertainment that drew

you in and kept you engaged?

• Do you prefer fiction, biography, humor, languages, philosophy, fantasy/science fiction, history, cooking,

health/medical, political science, religion, or something else?

Come to the July Prime Timers to recommend your favorites and hear others’ picks. Bring a book to tell us



First Pres will again host Hotel de Zink during the month of July. Most people probably know

Hotel de Zink is the rotating shelter in Palo Alto that has been in operation for several years.

As the host church we will provide about 15 men and women dinner, a place to sleep, plus

breakfast and packed lunches for the next day. Due to InnVision regulations, the clients are

not allowed into the church until 9 P.M.

The system that has been devised at First Pres is to have a host (this year either a Deacon or a member of the Social

Justice Ministry) arrive at 8:30, get doors unlocked, tables ready for the meal, and help the person(s) bringing

the meal. The host will stay until dinner is over and clean up is either done or well underway. People bringing

the dinner are encouraged to stay and have conversations with the clients.

I will have the sign up charts in the Narthex before and after church beginning June 2 and will probably follow

the crowd into Fellowship Hall. While I’m going to encourage folks to bring the whole meal, there will also be

the option of bringing the main dish plus side dish OR dessert and drinks. It takes a lot more people to fill the

slots if we just bring part of the meal. Last year there was one vegetarian—I will visit First Methodist during

June to see who is participating and if there are special diets needed.

Although First Pres will provide the hosts for all 31 days, Covenant Presbyterian will again provide the meals for

one week, this year the 2 nd week of July. They were happy to be asked to participate again this year since they

had a great experience last year. Our schedules meshed perfectly: Our youth will be away the 2 nd week in July,

Covenant’s youth will be away other weeks, and both churches want the youth to be involved.

And! Evan Hughes, Paul Jones, and Gail Thompson (our wonderful A.M. crew) are planning on being there every

morning to make coffee, hard boiled eggs, and Paul’s now famous raisin bread toast.

I’ve just finished reading Bread for the World’s June issue, where there is an article on the Biblical advocacy to

end hunger. “Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me.” Hotel de Zink is a chance to provide for the

least among us.

Questions? Email joy.sleizer142@gmail.com or phone 650-324-7425.

Also Note

Joy Sleizer

Senior Chat is so much more than just receiving information. It is a group that is friendly, supportive, diverse,

and ecumenical. We invite new people to join us. In addition to a sense of community, we meet once a month,

on the second Friday, to share our ideas and lives and to receive new information. As we get older, it is important

to our health to continue learning and to try out new ideas. Senior Chat gives us this opportunity. Join

us at 10:00 at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 670 East Meadow, in the Fireside Room. For more information,

call Rev. Dona Smith-Powers at 650-494-3093.

June 14: "The Miracle of Water" will be considered from philosophical, scientific, and health perspectives. Water

is essential to life, and being in water is one of the best ways to keep fit or to strengthen our bodies. Some of

us found appreciation for water at a young age and some of us later in life, but it is a real loss if we don't appreciate

water at some point in our lives. We look forward to hearing from Lucia Panini, a key staff person from the

Betty Wright Swim Center here in Palo Alto.

Dear First Pres Community,

Looking Back...

During contemplative prayer May 21st, we read Matthew 13:31-32 for our lectio divina. As we

sat with the text, a phrase kept coming to my mind: “Nurture what you love.”

Like the mustard seed, I can often feel small and like my road to ministry is looming before me.

Yet, on Sunday you overwhelmed me with your generosity and support. I asked my friends after

the lunch, “How can I express to this community that I am beyond thankful?” They said,

“Unfortunately, there may not be words for that.” I hope that my tears showed you how deeply

moved I am by your gifts and what they symbolized.

In gratitude and peace,


Also Note


June 11 th – 18 th , 2013

9A.M. – 2P.M. daily

Page 7

It’s that time again! The Year End Donation Drive is an annual event when Stanford students

donate any items that they cannot move. Donations are collected and brought to the Ecumenical

Hunger Program (EHP). Once at the EHP campus, volunteers help sort the donations to

prepare them for distribution.

Any time that you can offer as a volunteer to this worthy event is a blessing! Come alone or bring a group.

To sign up as a volunteer, please contact admin@ehpcares.org, or call 650-323-7781 to speak to the Volunteer

Coordinator. Or… speak to a First Pres staff person!

It’s as if I am a mustard seed being planted, and you have watered my soil

and cared for me. You have nurtured me and made me know that I am loved. The road to ministry

no longer feels like it looms when I think of your kind words, your generous gifts, and

that beautiful celebration. I feel launched forward! I feel like I can grow and become “a tree, so

that the birds can come and perch in [my] branches.”

I look forward to seeing you again soon and hearing how you are.

Please feel free to contact me on my personal email address: dumplin.mld@gmail.com.

Scenes from Friday, May 17th, when

members of the First Pres young adults

group went to Pescadero to help run

activities for younger children during

the Puente Career Night event at the

local high school.

Page 8

Looking Ahead


First Pres will be supporting the Peninsula Crop Walk on October 20, 2013. The walk

will be in Menlo Park, beginning and ending at Burgess Park, with 1, 3, and 5 mile routes.

Please mark your calendars for this fun and worthwhile event. Look for updates in Sunday

bulletins and on the First Pres website. Questions: Email (preferred) or phone Joy

Sleizer--joy.sleizer142@gmail.com or 650-324-7425.

Council Notes

At its May 15 meeting, Council discussed a resolution from Cool Planet to the PC(USA) General Assembly. The

proposal, entitled “Overture Urging Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies” was presented by Susan Chamberlain,

Shirley Eglington, and Jeff Grinnell. Susan, Jeff, and Abby produced it, and Linda Busek took it to Social

Justice, which endorsed it unanimously. The overture asks the denomination itself to divest its funds. Council

will vote on the resolution in June, and if approved, First Pres will take it to presbytery. GA next meets in June

of 2014.

All institutions participating in the divestment campaign ask for these commitments:

a. Immediately stop any new investment in fossil fuel companies and instruct asset managers who work for

the denomination to do the same; and

b. Ensure that within 5 years none of its directly held or commingled assets include holdings of either equities

or corporate bonds in fossil fuel companies as determined by the Carbon Tracker list.

Our overture to the Presbyterian Church (USA) adds one more:

c. Release quarterly updates, available to the public, detailing progress made towards full divestment.

Sally handed out attractive new pew cards for visitors, created by Arden. They not only provide a way to request

information but also have a detachable business card listing worship times. Nine new attenders went to the May 5

luncheon at Sally’s home. We have collected $3231 for the Wear for All program.

Deacon rep Lee Merkle-Raymond asked the Nominating Committee to recruit two more deacons. At their next

meeting they were to discuss a new cooking group. With Staff Relations members Don Fidler and Cindy Jose

completing their terms, Council approved the presented list of candidates who might be asked to replace them.

Rob is seeking funds to help underwrite our pastoral residency program from the GA and from two church members.

As a way to help First Pres’ers get to know each other better―including the newer people worshipping with

us―Kathy and Karen suggested a summer sanctuary experiment. Coffee and bagels will be offered at 9:45 a.m.

in and around the narthex. This should work for Early Church participants as well as 10:30 worshipers. Inside,

several of the rear pews will move to the front during the experiment, to provide extra space for a more seamless

transition into worship. Karen suggested calling this time TGIS, Thank God It's Sunday. After-church coffee/

treats will continue to be offered. Council approved the idea, with two nays.

Karen described Staff Relations’ exit interview with Marissa and said that the conversation illustrated why

Marissa has been such a blessing to us as well as what the internship had given to her. Marissa noted that because

it's hard to learn how another organization works and to build relationship when you are only there one day a

week, future interns should probably focus on only one organization, YCS, not two. Social Justice Ministry has

adopted EHP as one of its priorities. She spoke of the Silicon Valley culture’s expectations of measurable results,

while she believes that no matter how few people show up for something, it can still be worthwhile. Staff Relations

also wants to do one-year interviews with Abby and Arden.

For the Shepherding Committee, Kathy reported that Marissa is sick right now, partly from mold in her apartment.

She is staying temporarily with the Nordlunds. Matthew Dimick and other future interns will have the use

of a car which has been donated to the church.

Rick Keller reported for Facilities that the landscaping is done. This will be a planning year for work on the chap-

Page 9

el. They know what architect they would like to use, but our job might not fit the firm’s schedule. They will try

to reach a breakthrough by the end of May. Rick expects to have a congregational meeting to share ideas and

cost projections.

Arden explained that this summer’s mission trip will go to both Puente and Capitola―and that some youth from

Stone Church will join the trip. The Children/Families Advisory Group met in early May. Moving forward, she

plans to focus on good ways to structure ourselves around what is best for children. She will be away May 22-29.

Abby reminded us that members of the Puente community will be here on June 2. Please come to meet them!

She hopes that this summer two people from here will host youth from Puente on field trips, and she would love

for other folks to do the same. The Day Workers Center people who were fasting for immigration felt hospitably

welcomed during their overnight at First Pres.

This summer Abby wants to engage the congregation in new ways: working with the deacons’ canning day in the

kitchen, finding a better way to store and protect our banners, joining her in runs or walks around the church

neighborhood, whatever interests us. Maybe a book group?

Rob reported that the planners of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE)’s national Connect-

ED conference―to be held in San Jose next January―have invited him to do all the liturgy and Abby to be in

charge of the art/design work for the event. He also passed around a copy of the article Abby wrote for the April

issue of Presbyterians Today.

Staff has been discussing the church’s summer schedule, given that Rob will be away June 30 to August 2 (three

weeks of study leave and two weeks of vacation). Study leave will involve reading, preparation for the fall, adaptive

leadership training, and the writing of liturgy for the APCE conference. (Rob currently has 6 weeks of study

leave and 8 weeks of vacation in reserve.) He held a good meeting with 12 San Jose pastors, whose seven

churches want to remain in the presbytery. Some of the pastors will meet with Korean church leaders in the presbytery.

Abby will go before the presbytery’s Committee on Ministry on June 10 at Los Gatos (5:30 P.M.). Rob encourages

elders and anyone else to attend, ARRIVING THERE AT 5:00. Then on Saturday, September 28,

Abby will go to the floor of presbytery in Salinas to be examined for ordination.

Rob pointed out that a newspaper article had failed to state that we were the first Palo Alto church to express

willingness to allow vehicle dwellers on our property, should the city pass an ordinance permitting it.

Council will not meet in July.

Council Notes

Ellen Forbes

Major Categories

Finance Ministry Report for April 2013


(Rounded actual compared to prorated budget)

Pledge Income ☺ $1,100 over budget

Total Congregational Giving $2,300 under budget (only 2% below budget)

Staff Compensation

$4,800 under budget (timing: retirement expenses upon 1 yr

anniv dates)

Administrative ☺ On budget (thanks to Sarah and Staff!)

Page 10

Finance Ministry Report for April 2013

Facilities ☺ $7,900 under budget (reflects deferred maintenance)

Presbyterian &Ecumenical Giving

☺ Paid $7,750 in April for full Q1-Q2 portions

Social Justice ☺ $6,200 over budget (paid Q1,Q2 and some Q3donations)

Total Income ☹ $44,900 under budget (we delayed next Legacy draw to May)

Total Expenditures ☺ $2,100 under budget

Income – Expenditures ☹ Net Loss of $42,868

April by the Numbers

Gifts from the Congregation (67% of YTD Income): Congregational Giving for the four months ending in

April fell just 2% below budget. We received total donations of $143k against a budget of $146k. Especially

important this year, please keep your pledge contributions current through the summer months, a time that often

lags in weekly congregational giving. We are grateful that Donor Identified Giving continues to run 30%

over budget, representing faithful, consistent giving by members who are not (or not yet) pledge donors.

Facilities Usage Fees (3% of YTD Income): All rental fees charged for use of our campus facilities have

been received as scheduled. In addition to the many groups who rent space on a weekly basis, we have several

short-term tenants who lease space for occasional larger events, often on a recurring basis year-to-year. Some

of these groups include The Finlandia Foundation, Palo Alto University, The Garden Club of Palo Alto, and El

Camino Youth Symphony.

Income from Legacy Fund Draw and Special Donations (30% of YTD Income): Withdrawals from the

Legacy Fund totaled $54k through the end of April. This draw amount is $43k below the budgeted total that

would have been required to balance our P&L through the end of April. We are running the Operating or

“Church Checking” Account on minimal cash balances, withdrawing money only as needed to pay current

bills, while showing a financial loss on our monthly Statement of Profit and Loss (P&L). Without significant

new gifts from the Congregation over the next few months, we anticipate requiring a similar $50k draw to cover

cash expenses in May and June. Many thanks to the donors who have responded to Council’s invitation to

offer special gifts this year in support of our staffing and revitalization plan!

Legacy Fund Investments totaled $1.08 million as of mid-May. We are blessed that favorable market returns

since the start of the year have helped offset our recent cash withdrawals. However, we remain concerned

about heavily using rather than preserving Legacy assets that we need to undergird our financial health over

the long-term. I continue to work with Staff and Council to pursue new sources of funds to bolster our Pastoral

Internship and Residency, Music and Worship programs, Facilities, and commitment to Social Action. Council

welcomes your ideas and financial support.

Investing in Our Vision: As mentioned in previous newsletters, our 2013 spend rate is approximately $65k

per month, but we currently receive pledge and donation income averaging $36k per month. We are approaching

the one-year anniversary of our newest staff joining us – Abby in May; Arden, Andy and Pastor Lee in

June; and Marissa, who started her Internship in August and finished at the end of May. What an amazing investment

we have made in these community and worship leaders! Their gifts and talents continue to inspire

and encourage us to deepen our faith in walking humbly with God.

We have met all budgeted program and maintenance commitments, and have donated $23k YTD to Social Justice

Ministry-endorsed organizations and the Church General Mission Fund. Thanks be to God for this loving

community! We are each blessed with countless daily opportunities to reach out to others, sharing the goodness

of God’s abundant love and healing grace.

Kathy Merkle-Raymond, Treasurer and Elder, Finance Ministry

Deacons’ Diary


Page 11

Date Early Church 10:30 Service TOTAL

5/5 16 88 104

5/12 Mother’s Day 13 121 134

5/19 Pentecost 11 106 117

5/26 Mem. Day Wknd 15 72 87

Total for Month of May: 442

The Deacons are busy preparing for Hotel de Zink this coming July at First Pres. This year, Joy Sleizer is coordinating

the project. In recent weeks, Deacons and members of Social Justice Ministry have signed up to host the

dinners for Hotel de Zink clients in Fellowship Hall. Next on the agenda for all of us at First Pres is to sign up to

provide these dinner meals. Joy will have more information on food preparation sign-ups elsewhere in this issue

of First Pres Press. We are fortunate to have Covenant Presbyterian Church helping us again this year.

Many of us, perhaps, have asked how we can make a difference in the lives of the homeless. Hotel de Zink is

exactly that opportunity. Bringing food, staying and talking with the Hotel de Zink clients and the InnVision

staff, working with fellow church members on these meals – these are very special ways that we help ease the

burden of the homeless and open our minds and hearts to the reality of their lives.

The Deacons are also gearing up for a special project soon. At our most recent meeting, Rob told us that the

freezer we’ve been waiting for will be delivered next week. Soon after that, we Deacons will have a “cooking

night” to prepare dinner meals, and then use the freezer to store those meals for families and individuals in moments

of crisis or special need. Stay tuned for more information on this cooking project – we will need church

members’ assistance if you can provide it!

We are sad to have to say good-bye to Marissa Danney (Godspeed, Marissa!), our Pastoral Intern for the past

year, but at the same time we’re excited to welcome Matthew Dimick, who starts June 2 nd as our church’s new

Pastoral Intern. At our May meeting, Rob told us that because Matthew has special skills in social work, he will

be working closely with the Deacons – we very much look forward to it.

Marcia Gordon, the Deacon in charge of the Home Health Aid Loan closet, says that we have a strong need for

more wheelchairs. The closet has two wheelchairs now, but they are almost always in use by church family

members. If you can donate a used wheelchair, or perhaps money toward the purchase of a wheelchair, please

contact Marcia (650 424-9644, or email her at marcia582@yahoo.com). Thank you so much!

Have a fun summer season, and don’t forget that Hotel de Zink needs all our help in July to succeed!

Ellen Perry

It’s almost summer!



I do not understand how it can be 50 degrees in the middle of May. My Midwest body just does not understand…

though I’m grateful that it’s not 100 degrees.

I’m looking forward to spending my second summer with each of you… mostly because I know more of your

stories and dear faces.

I have loved getting to know many of you over the last year, and I’m hoping that this summer we’ll find more

ways to connect.

So, I’ve been talking with a couple people in our community and here are some things I’m going to be doing this

summer. I hope you’ll join me in each of these mini-adventures (as my grandma would say).

Page 12


June 22: Arden and I are going to hula hoop in the church courtyard in the early afternoon. More details coming

soon, but expect to learn some fun tricks (or just how to keep the hoop on your hips for longer than five seconds)

and spend time together in play.

July 6: Come make banners for the sanctuary. We’ll meet in the Fellowship Hall at 1P.M. and create some

pieces to be used in worship for the rest of the summer and into the fall. Be prepared to get a little messy, but

don’t be too worried if you don’t think you’re creative.

August 24: Lee Merkle-Raymond and I are going to can local fruit and jelly. Want to learn how or share your

expertise? Come hang out with us in the kitchen from 1-4 P.M..

Finally, I go to Pescadero for two days a week and so I’ve gotten to know that community really well. I know all

the back roads there, which has made me realize that I still don’t know the neighborhood around the church very

well. So, once a week I’m going to walk or run around the neighborhood, and I’d love some company. Email

me (amohaupt@fprespa.org) or call me in the office (325-5659 x 103) if you’d like to join me. I’ll choose a day

and time based on who’s interested in coming along.

Blessings and peace to each of you, whatever your summer brings. See you soon.




Sunday June 9 will draw to a close a wonderful and successful church year for the music program

at First Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto. The choir will sing for the last time on June 9 until

Ingathering in September. The choir has sung two anthems almost every Sunday since Ingathering

last year. They have sung challenging and beautiful music from spirituals to renaissance motets.

They have grown from strength to strength and have worked hard at Thursday rehearsals

and at the two choir retreats during the year. The choir has been an integral part of our worship

experience at First Presbyterian, especially during the Christmas Eve and Easter services with extended preludes

and anthems.

The First Pres Youth Band has led us in worship several times throughout the year, including a fun Christmas

Youth Service and, most recently, during the Mother’s Day service. The Jazz Prophets, a resident jazz trio, has

played many times. Who can forget the memorable jazz procession for Palm Sunday! I had the privilege of playing

an organ recital on February 27, hopefully the first of many! What a great space for music First Pres Church


I’d like to give special thanks to all the wonderful choir members and soloists and especially to section leaders

Elliot Franks and Matt Lovell. Elliot and Matt have inspired us with their beautiful voices and their leadership.

The choir has continued to grow throughout the year and most recently with the addition of alto Bess Sadler, and

sopranos Mary Ellen Player, Mary Ann Irvine, and Katie Engar since the New Year. Upcoming exciting events

for next year will include an organ recital in early September, a Halloween Concert, and a First Pres Recital Series

that is in the works which will feature a concert by the First Pres Choir. I look forward to another great year

in this exciting time for First Presbyterian Church. Solo Dei Gloria!

Andy Chislett

FILM REVIEW: “Seraphine”

The mysteries of devotion to faith, creativity, and destiny are intertwined in the

life story of Seraphine Louis (1864-1942) (Yolande Moreau). In the small French

town of Senlis, she was a very devoted but lowly housekeeper who received her

call to painting at the age of 41. In the film, recurring scenes highlight her love of

nature’s trees, leaves, and flowers and her devotion to the Virgin Mary. They also

show her gathering available materials to make secret paints and spending whole

nights creating brilliant colorful paintings while singing hymns.


Page 13

Destiny intervenes with the arrival in Senlis of the Parisian art critic and collector Willhelm Uhde (Ulrich

Tukur), who, by coincidence, sees a Seraphine painting. Uhde, an early champion of Picasso and Rousseau,

identifies Seraphine as a “modern primitive” painter and gives her encouragement and support. As a German

and as a gay man, he is forced to emigrate when WWI intervenes. After returning to France more than a decade

later, he finds Seraphine still painting. With his financial support from the sale of her paintings, 1927-1930 is

her most productive and creative period. But Uhde has to withdraw his support after the 1929 financial crisis.

Seraphine’s solitary immersion in her painting and her distress due to inability to understand the complexities

of reality are more than her mind and spirit can tolerate.

Faith issues in the film address devotion and feeling called, spiritual aspects of nature, and tolerance for the


The film received seven César awards, including Best Actress for Moreau’s magnificent performance. Director:

Martin Provost.

Running time: 126 min. In French with English subtitles, not rated

Vija Lusebrink


The Cool Planet Working Group has been busy working on an Overture Urging Divestment from Fossil Fuel

Companies for General Assembly 2014. In May we presented it to our own Council (see details in the Council


Meanwhile, the Youth have identified various EarthCare projects around the church. Primarily these focus on

having more recycling and composting bins around the campus, with better educational material about what

goes where. This is just a start though; they have compiled an impressive list!

With all these projects, we will continue to meet throughout the summer. We will have our usual meetings after

worship on the first Sunday of June and August; however in July we will have a picnic/hike on the 14 th ,

with location TBD. We welcome newcomers at any of these events.

To keep up to date with us, please visit www.fprespa.org/coolplanet, which includes links to our Divestment

101 Adult Study series, or our Facebook page, Cool Planet Palo Alto.

Pat Kinney

Looking for More Info about First Pres? Check out…

• Our church website: www.fprespa.org

• Yahoogroup email list: To join, email


• First Pres Press monthly newsletter in pdf format

• Sunday worship bulletin announcements

• 2013 Budget and financial needs, contact Kathy Merkle-Raymond, Finance Elder;



• Annual Report available in pdf format: email


• Annual Meeting Budget Review:


• Minutes of Council meetings available in the Narthex or from Ellen Forbes, Clerk

Page 14


Please note that we’re doing only one issue of the Press this summer, and this is it. To make sure that you get

the September issue early, we’re moving up the deadline, normally the 4 th Wednesday of the month, to August

21 st . As always, send your submissions to both Lela Noble (Press editor, @ lnoble@sbcglobal.net) and Sarah

Clementson (church administrator, @ sclementson@fprespa.org), optimally in Times New Roman 12 font.

First Pres June, July and August 2013 Calendar

Sunday Schedule Jun 2 – Sep 1

8:30A.M. - 9:30A.M. Early

Church, Chapel

Worship service in the style of the

Early Church with music, prayer and

discussion of the Lectionary texts

9:45A.M. - 10:30A.M. Coffee and

Bagels, Outside at the Front of the

Sanctuary (NEW: Starts Jun 16)

Enjoy chatting with friends over

Peet's coffee, juice and HOB bagels,

starting at 9:45!

10:30A.M. - 11:30A.M. Community

Worship Service, Sanctuary

All are welcome to celebrate Communion,

served on the first Sunday

of the month. Please bring food to

donate to the Palo Alto food closet

or toiletries to donate to the Ecumenical

Hunger Project (EHP) in

East Palo Alto. Child care is provided

11:30A.M. - 12:30P.M. Coffee &

Fellowship, Church Courtyard

Please join after Communal Worship

for fellowship, coffee, tea and treats

5:30P.M. - 7P.M. Youth Group,

Classroom 2

All youth are invited!

Sundays Jun 9 and 23, Jul 14 and

28, Aug 11 and 25

12P.M. - 1P.M. Women's Group,

Pastor’s Study, Abby Mohaupt


Discussion and sharing for the women

in our community on the 2 nd and

4 th Sundays

Tuesdays Jun 4, Jul 2 & Aug 6

10A.M. - 11A.M. Worship & Music

Ministry, Pastor’s Study

Worship & Music Ministry monthly

meeting on the 1 st Tuesday

Tuesdays Jun 14, Jul 9, & Aug 13

12P.M. - 2P.M. Prime Timers, Fellowship


Bring a bag lunch and cookies or

other dessert treats to share

7P.M. - 9P.M. Facilities Ministry,

Fellowship Hall

Facilities Ministry monthly meeting

on the 2 nd Tuesday of the month

Wednesdays Jun 5-Aug 28:

UMPA Meal 2-6:30P.M.. Dinner

at 5P.M. in Fellowship Hall

Jun 5 Team 4, First Pres, Joy,

Derrick and Craig

Jun 12 Team 5, LDS Church, Palo

Alto 1st Ward, Heidi

Jun 19 Team 1, Beth Jacob, Carol

Jun 26 Team 2, Vineyard Christian

Fellowship, Rajesh

Jul 3 Team 3, Etz Chayim, David

Jul 10 Team 4, First Pres, Joy,

Derrick and Craig

Jul 17 Team 5, LDS Church, Palo

Alto 1st Ward, Heidi

Jul 24 Team 1, Beth Jacob, Carol

Jul 31 Team 2, Vineyard Christian

Fellowship, Rajesh

Aug 7 Team 3, Etz Chayim, David

Aug 14 Team 4, First Pres, Joy,

Derrick and Craig

Aug 21 Team 5, LDS Church, Palo

Alto 1st Ward, Heidi

Aug 28 Team 1, Beth Jacob, Carol

Wednesdays Jun 19 and

Aug 21

7P.M. - 8:30P.M. Council

Meeting, Classroom 1

Monthly meeting on the 3 rd

Wednesday. Council is the

operational leadership board

for our church congregation

Thursdays Jun 20 and Aug


7P.M. - 8:30P.M. Deacons

Meeting, Classroom 1

Monthly meeting on the 3 rd

Thursday. The Board of Deacons

is the primary caregiving

leadership group for our

church community

Page 15


Sat Aug 24

Time TBA: Canning fruit and

jams, with Pastoral Resident Abby

Mohaupt and Deacon Lee Merkle-

Raymond, Kitchen

Wed Aug 21

4P.M. First Pres Press Deadline

for September Issue

Please send Press articles and news

items to Lela Noble

(lnoble@sbcglobal.net) and Sarah



Other Events:

July 1-31 Hotel de Zink, Fellowship


Housing and meals program coordinated

by First Pres Deacons and Inn-


July 8-13 Youth Mission Trip to

Pescadero and Capitola

Youth from First Pres and Stone

Presbyterian Church engage in

Coastal community service work

and beach clean-up projects

First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto

1140 Cowper Street

Palo Alto, California


We’re on the Web!


Our Mission Statement

The mission of First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto

is to make our personal witness and public work consistent with the

prophet Micah's challenge to do justice, love kindness, and walk

humbly with God. As a community of faith, we center our communal life

in worship and are challenged to live out the good news of the Gospel.

Following Jesus the Christ, we pursue God's nonviolent vision of justice

and human dignity for all people and share this understanding with

our children, our members, our community, and the World.

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