Inspire Maths



Inspire Maths

Conferences 2016

Mastering mathematics through

the Singapore approach to

teaching and learning


day one, we

felt ‘inspired’ by a

completely new way

of delivering whole

class maths.

Lofthouse Gate

Primary School

8th March 2016


10th March 2016



Join our experts to discover more about the Singapore approach to

teaching and learning mathematics. We will be exploring reasoning and

problem solving, bar modelling, fluency and flexibility to support and

develop deep conceptual understanding leading to mastery as required by

the 2014 National Curriculum.

Keynote: Primary teaching for mastery: why the

DfE has taken such an interest in the East Asian


Keynote Speaker: Dr Vanessa Pittard, Assistant Director, Curriculum and Standards,

Department for Education

This session looks at mathematics education in England in the context of international studies and evidence

of value to the economy and to individuals of good mathematics skills. It covers the rationale for changes to

curriculum and qualifications, sets out changes that are needed and how government is supporting schools.

The Department for Education (DfE) has taken a particular interest in primary teaching for mastery informed by

successful practice in East Asian countries. This is session explains why the DfE has taken such an interest in

the approach and what the work of Maths Hubs in this area tells us about primary mathematics education.

Vanessa leads on policy for raising standards in mathematics education. Over recent years she has worked in

a range of areas at the Department for Education covering mathematics, science and technology education.

She led within the DfE on the introduction Maths Hubs, the literacy and numeracy catch-up premium, the

development of computing education and new post-16 ‘Core Maths’ qualifications. Prior to her role in the

Department, Vanessa led Becta’s research and evaluation programmes. Before joining the government sector

in 2002, Vanessa had a career in higher education focusing on teaching and research on digital technology,

cognitive psychology and literacy.

Keynote: Achievement, equity and enjoyment –

why Singapore bucks many of the international


Keynote Speaker: Tim Oates, Director of Assessment Research and Development

Cambridge Assessment (University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate)

This presentation will examine the history of the development of Singapore maths and the distinctive aspects

of pedagogy which have become established in the system. Rather than lumping together all ‘Asian’ nations, it

will explore key points of similarity and difference between Singapore and other high-performing jurisdictions.

Principal in this will be a focus on ideas about learning and young people, and examination of the role that

these play in driving distinctive pedagogy on a day-to-day basis in schools.

Tim Oates is Group Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment, focussing

on national and international research on assessment and measurement. In 2010 he published ‘Could do

better’ which laid down the principles for the review of the National Curriculum in England. He was chair

of the Expert Panel for Review of the National Curriculum. He has published widely on assessment and is a

member of Ofqual’s Standards Advisory Group. Tim routinely provides briefings and advice to UK and other

governments. He is a visiting professor at the University of Leeds and a Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge.



Why don’t they get it? –

and what to do about it

(London only)

By the end of KS1 some children seem to be

speeding up while others are slowing down.

We will look at why this happens, and what

we can do practically to prevent these gaps

from opening up.

Workshop Leader: Andrew Jeffrey

Andrew Jeffrey is a widely-travelled maths

consultant, working in Europe, Asia and

Africa. He has a huge passion for primary

mathematics having taught for 20 years and

is a specialist primary maths CPD provider.

Andrew apparently never got the memo

saying that maths should be dull, or that

mathematicians should dress oddly, and

he believes wholeheartedly in a hands-on,

talkative pattern-spotting mathematics,

very much in line with the research that

underpins the Singapore approach. He is

often to be seen performing magic that uses

mathematics to make it work in order to

engage students with the power to predict

that maths affords.

Explore how bar modelling

supports deep conceptual

understanding and problem


This will be an interactive session where we

will investigate the power of bar modelling

to encourage children to reason, problem

solve and make sense of word problems

at all levels. We will explore how model

drawing strengthens and deepens pupils’

understanding of mathematics and provides

an important transition from the concrete to

abstract concepts in KS1 & 2.

Workshop Leader: Sue Lowndes

Sue Lowndes, PD leader and a UK expert

in the Singapore approach to teaching

mathematics, has taught the full age range

from primary to graduate level alongside

working as a consultant, editor and author

over a 30-year career. She has worked

throughout the world, most recently in

Singapore and the USA, and is committed to

raising mathematical achievement for all.

Making fractions a hands on experience for all


In this workshop we will consider how to teach fractions leading to deep

conceptual understanding in a practical way based around the CPA

approach. During the workshop, you will be using a variety of classroom

resources. You will also have the opportunity to explore the Inspire Maths

progression in fractions from Year 2 onwards.

Workshop Leader: Liz Gibbs

Liz Gibbs is a national and international independent mathematics

consultant with an interest in ICT. She has over 17 years’ experience as a

classroom teacher, teaching children from the age of 4 to 13 years old. She

also has 10 years’ experience as a mathematics consultant with Suffolk LA.

During 2003 – 2005 she was involved in the interactive whiteboard project

in the UK and spent some time working for the national strategies as a

Regional Director.

Teaching to Mastery in KS1 & KS2: Fluency,

flexibility and deep conceptual understanding

Using the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics this will be an

interactive session where we will look at embedding deep conceptual

understanding in number, investigating patterns and making connections

to support fluency and flexibility.

Workshop Leader: Charlie Harber

Charlie Harber is passionate about nurturing a deep love of mathematics

in all children by making maths real, exciting and accessible for all. She

believes strongly in the use of the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to

teaching mathematics to build strong conceptual understanding, allowing

deep understanding to be nurtured in all children. Charlie’s training

and consultancy is always highly evaluated and has been described as

inspirational, highly motivating and fun!

Measure and Mastery: Developing fluency and

gaining a deeper conceptual understanding

within measure (London only)

Based on the heuristic approach and the concrete-pictorial-abstract

approach used in Singapore, we will explore how to achieve mastery in

the teaching and learning of measure, with specific reference to length

and angles. This fun and practical problem solving workshop will develop

children’s reasoning and communication skills, and consider links with both

other mathematical concepts and the real world.

Workshop Leader: Peter Warwick

Peter Warwick has a wealth of experience within primary education,

working within the London boroughs of Haringey, Barnet and Enfield.

Peter is passionate about maths and thinks it is fun. He believes that

problem solving should be at the heart of all maths lessons and that they

should be taught in a fun and interactive way. He also firmly believes that

with the appropriate models & images, scaffolding and prompts ALL

children can learn to love maths and excel.


Inspire Maths

Conferences 2016

Dates and locations

8th March 2016 - Manchester

The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place,

Chapel Wharf, M3 5LH

10th March 2016 - London

ETC Venues – Marble Arch, Garfield

House, 86 Edgware Road, W2 2EA

How to book

For more information and to book your

place, please visit

Suitable for

Primary Teachers, Head Teachers, Senior

Lead Teachers and Maths Coordinators


£195.00 +VAT

Timings for the day

09.15: Registration

09.45-10.15: Keynote (Dr Vanessa Pittard)

10.15-11.00: Keynote (Tim Oates)

11.00-11.30: Tea & Coffee

11.30-12.30: Workshops (1)

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-14.30: Workshops (2)

14.30-14.45: Tea & Coffee

14.45-15.45: Workshops (3)

16.00: Close


knowledge of

mathematical principles

has vastly improved. We

now feel more confident

in explaining strategies

to our children.

Orrell Newfold

Primary School



tel 01865 353241

fax 01865 355076


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