deepcut deaths investigation - Eamonn O'Neill

deepcut deaths investigation - Eamonn O'Neill

deepcut deaths investigation - Eamonn O'Neill

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Iheir deaths

Deepcut barracks were written off as

suicide, buthe parents of these army recruits suspec

theywere slaughtered. As a former soldier atleges

mulder would have been easy, one ballistics expert

betieves he knows the truth behind the shootings

Investigation by Eamonn 0'Neitl


in and Yvdnne Collinson are bmcks over the pasL deede Ineach6e the

sorled to tbe skin. spea$ ofrain Bntish Amv claimed ihc r€cruits di.d lrom

poud aganst the qndow ofthe sclfinflidea nnc touds. lul the laniliss

I'erth.cslauanr where they s . relxe to accpt this. They have quesiions &at

There are leiv custoneB: naYbe +ill hAlcn i ben as{ered

halfa dorcn iovjal bu s inessnen Thc faces and ndes of thc fou. dead

lin hds io shout 10 nale hinsela soldier Sem Aenbn, vho died in 1995i

ieard above the hackeround

nusic: "We re ... the.. prcnts

of P.ivate. lmcs. . Collinson

... who.. died..at... Dc.Pcut .

on. Mdch ... 23.d ... 2002." The

busin€ssnen\ heads snap tP

when they h€d Lhis. Thei. Iauelr

ing stops Md their voices drop

The Collinsons are. t t.aether

7 tneir loss was pd ofsomethingbigg€r

Tl)ey &e connccted to threc other tmilies

vho losr children 't the Deercni arnJ

chelyl Janes, vho died the sd€ year; CeoII

Cray, who died in 2001 dd Janes colinson.

ftom Pedh. vho died in 2002 e beconinc

6xed in the DubIc nind. "Al the end olthe dav

we're loob;g for a lull public i.quirr. says

Jin Collinson Yvonne nods 'n agreenent:

'nve ve had a SuEcJ Police investigalion

qli.h rook 15 months and cost C1m. But it srill

hasnr told us whar happened t. our son

'fte fmilies adee that Lhe vanous inquiries

md invesriEaUo;s have failcd to dsre; tleir

questions. Even a sovement o.deied inde

p;ndent rcYiew seems ro bc havine problcds

ietr ng q'tne$e. to testfy rmnL s"mn. a

aored\icened qho speqalkA,i LaUisr n

says Ie has yaluable inadmaljon .elating to m

jndependcnt exaninaridn he carried oul


rooearnebsforethe F"ic'v he bonly qrU ng

t; iedLfr belo'e i tu lpubhctud cit ,nqurfl

Yei he nidt he the one Pcnon who can p.ovc

v}.rher ihe soldies connitcd suicide - as

llre auihorlties miintain or nor In his nosl

derailed inte.viewyer. swa.n has bld The

Hdald Masazine catego.ically thal rhe

cunent explanation oithe dealhs is 100 per

cent*ronc Hiswords.reuneqdivocaLznd

blDr: rh; w*e thid parries ;volv.d dd

n Nas ndrdef in all lou cases "

Tbe Collinsonc niehtmarc begar wilh a

ldock on rhe doorofJin's Pertbsli.enonc

early on the morning of sundal March 2'1,

2002. On lhe doorsieD was a .eiirod dDv

naior vith news oa17 icr-old lanPcs dcath

Ar_finr bp te.med it "an accident lin had

to br$I the nervs to the cotrple's younser

chiidren, Stua.t Md Claire: hc sats il look

hin fou. aii.npls to say th. *o(k Then hc

had ro calllvonne. who*as lnjng in the >

! N GiHEsturBrer NE t


Fatrol had allesedlt previ@sly .Nered, od

was only 30cn fron the fence thev wer€


neri to *n& @ud s a natrer of cose

> souh{est of Enelmd vilh a new ldrrei

lnitiallv she refrsed to acRpt d1e ns Imes qer re,lly pissd ofiwh€n I se where ny son

had be; qin her 24 ho6 uuer' he d bai ;6 foud, says hs farhs "How could tbev

bridt ud opbnstic, margrg plms to buv a

6. Eventu5ll, a mY otncer dd chaPrd Tbere are ;iher questions too The

dved at her hou!€. That Ms when the collinsons wt to lnN how ther son go! tne

aooalins @Iry hit hone

rine $at allegedly kill€d hin: h€ wasn t old


?erin, s lm Put lns hsd in his

hads dd weEt. the Etird major said: "Don enoudh to c,4 a wearn The Bentons in

t r.nd;n now dflqinq ft.n in h4lrh, wt Lo

nD vodrfa;afl. we don t l$ow whY lhs€

v6;c lads do tr " IoN whv tbei! son was on suard dury $e

rhe mindFthad aLeadv

;}jm;ed fton 'aaidenf didlt he &ed. And Des Jmes, rhe fath€r of

ro infeftd suicide Chd/ Imes, is eustrated by tle la* dfirfot

"la;es was n, best nate, saYs Iin now nati6n abouthis daqbteis daih 'Therc s no

"Eew6ny66!laddi€'Thedhestartsrocrr' cldity about wbat bappded, *hich is whv we

tte aDoloaises dd walks acms the reslaudt need a DUbLc in@irv, h€ sE ts

r".;oke;d @Iect himselt Y"om€ si"es a The tolie hav€ told c6fi dd Dime Grav

sad snile dd st@s silendy dt a,t rhe rain that a DsrholoAlc,l profile thev (med out on

rh.n J;d son aoncfuded he wa not suiftlal

he nain enrra.c€ to De€pctrt This hothm thm teribly. Sifinrein d Indid

bmcl€insE€y ofhcialtlnoM rcqrau.dr nd lheir home in Hachrev, €st

as rb€ Princess Royel Bmacks, Lndon, aierodqsit to dre bamcl's, G€ofi

Deepcui - is oftfl Pmtecled bY two sk lvhy won t somebody put +ir hud!

teenage recruit, caFYing lrttle more upMd say, Y8, you son w.s DudeFd ? r u

ihm tothes mi clipbouds onlv ihose ag€d ;ll vou whv- b€dule the amy hs Pu( lnat

17 Jds md six mdrns or old€r de elowed s"dde Le;n my so-' bs toe -d retuses to

to iryweapons ahe uea smou ndug the tale it ofi. Sone people tav I n a g.ievirg

bracis is 6 dirre€dy d:iscre€dy wealtht: wealtiry lus€ ldg€ bo6es hoses hfier dd l n bittar td tMst€d, bur I n not

virh sared &i@ys aboud, close to ndj- biner dd i'n not twjsted, I just wt to loow

the bntl. And ,ll ofthe signs point to ny son

c;;d_gou cous6 The M25 is re&hab1€

withi! a quarier ot d hou.

The families are not haPPY with lhe

Ceotr dd Dide Grat, the Pde.ts or

dother dead hounesleld thus fBr, althoDgh at leadone

)oMs Deep.ditcruit,,have

s;ect of rhe investrgstiont by Sun€t Poiice

accomsnied me on a rs udd med eer

h$faiher,diedaeed17inseptmber2001 He h,s be€n welcomed: lheir "final reporrerTosed

a .atalogue of bullying incidenGhad

been obs6Fd wi$ joining lne amY te

h. v,s a bov H. mu,t have weLched the Mrhin the bmacks. Ite No MoD bord! ot

inquirv Dio the F6l two deaths rePod€d the

@ruiEnd ;d@ sO tina sars hi! {ath(

we drive m a loop uosd tle bmacls r,;b;r known Lhen. and Lttle elee Two

vhrchde smsllerthe vou miehterTe't it whitehal eDons focus€d on the my's dutt

.i.e.p] towards re@iis to ensft qrlneEbl€

ial€s only ten ninlles We pdl' nw Lhe oE

voueders dont @mnit suicid€ Bui the

e6 de!s, wha€ tne bodes ofceofcn, md

idDli€s fel th€se inquines de locl€d into a

hier lmd Colin$n w€re foud lhebuid

''suicid€ mindsef od do nothng ro lell thd

ins's asmaL squi. delached grev our.e brod

lwouded bv some lmdsmped gftn uea! hN dd wht their childr€n died

Geoff GnY hs shoM me eltrads tron

A thi.k, bdba.C-wirtopPed fen@ ofec Uttle

pdLeclion to its pdineter The lfge gat€s we corespondence he obtuned betw€en tbe

polie dd amy which indsted r}aL, even

sroD at @ uDoteded ed sedodyoncere_

b€tore one of t}e in"estigations, the

noi:ial occcions. fl€t s *here ou son wr


t€liev€d s end r€suh ofsuicide wuld be

food dead. eys Ceo6, Pointine ttuougn ine

lhe outcome. But rhe Coli$ons od Gnvs

ferce to a comer Na ,€d a tdge tree dd

doth* fence. Bevond that is a cnck€r Pitch bav€ recendy b@n contact€d by srev lolice

vlich bordeb a civild housing estate The .ffi..n md dked onesrjons, i.diating thdt

baftck cm b€ entered liom a multitude of s@e sort of invesrigation is still continuing -

Th@ have been inquesh into th,re. out or

loations. indudrngnedbi w@ds' oroE the

the fou d@!hs. althousl Sem Bentont @

bncLed *alls ol the lonsing developnent

m.orded )! sucid€. ile dea$s of ch€rrl

lror€ction is mininal Ask tor a tour of the

Iamet and Ceof{ Cray were given open

pl&e dd the MoD udl rebdtr vox, blt log,on

verdrcL!. Imes Colinsors death l* stiX to

ro ile i ntemet dd you @ doMrMdatugNY

r. r[. subi€ci olu inqu€st. A]tnoneh the 6si

debned nap eee of cl€rge

N. sooner have we arriv€d $a. two inou€sts took little n;r€ tnd an hour to be

oD;ned dd closed. the coroners coun in

soldeE DUI up Dside Lhe gaL€s in a @ can

woljn{ €Dects Collinsont, wh€n it eventuwe

hdD vou?"$ey shout Odsondiedin

"lh ta-k;s ;lac. Lo la.t at lesr three *eek.

here ;J w€ re qsiting pnvaklv shod!

DiMe Cray. The soldeE absorbthe ir'loma ihe Fniles clain the nquaLs,LEedvneu

h,vevFlded more que'ions than thev bave

tion. Mve, then l€ale s rast r tneY alnd

6sw;r€d. Tal€ s€d Benton!, lor exmple:

TheirstNod€atls drose of Sem B.nton

:nd chenllm€s, in l99s

little ms.jred about the bulyinele sufered,

v.L otler m€di, mvesbe,lions have sugge5led

south €nd of th€ b@cks The later deaLhs ot

cenff Grav and Ines C.lmson happened ihd bamck buUi6 @uld hae nurdeEd Lhen

vicm md cdd€d up the hllugs Also, Sd

stld netes of each other at Lhe lorth etrd-

A bonulr msconceDtion is that the dead Bentm was foud 'ith frv€ bdlei s in his toEo

Lhree uponesideud Mon Lhe o$er-sd

re"ldirs **e roud lmokms,bdceoE

,nd Imes were foud within a stone's tltow there r,,erious dFpuLe among ballGlicr

eeeds oar whetl.r lom@ne wting to krl

of tie ofli.es me$ In Jdess es€ 160

th;belves could do ths wiih the SA80 ssault

duests vere in the mess at a wed.rbg recep_

ion NoroneMqrcltoned onedrd.ontact rine h€ is alleaed to ]Eve us€d

Tr€W tlutei a Terional AmY sldiq

the Collinsons laLer to say thev d h.ard a gun:

fton K*aldywho s@ed in thereg'nd s-iv

only then v* they inieryiryed

from i995'2000. ld€w Ss vhen thet were

I;nes s bodv ms foud done some Eees,

v;ds Eom !h; btrsv main road: G€oA' bodt

;as lteralv in lhe open when rt Ms fomd

betw€d a fte md tha p€rimetd re.@ Anv

docmdis r€v€al it took r€paled sedches io

find hin, yet he wds in an ma tne sedcn

Ctockwis€ lrod top, Jim a.dYrcnneCotLinson

althe!dvesideoltheirson Janes; lh€

Deepcul adry bana.*sln sun€vr Prival€

lam€. coltinson tlrcnl d, se.ond lrcm riqhll


ofi ar DeD.ul. lte rcdtls inslan@s ofhuly_

ina dd er5 he dd S@ were vtdm of one

*-roor o6ia r wtiqir. nut he clm tht

2a ho6 befor Sem s d€ath he Ms in rovisl

fom.'Tou @uld nurd* sonmne ad geiaMy

with it at DeDcut," saF Hutei

'frhe back

Eate @ opetr rfd be asy to get a fw ruds

;EMdlea;e tesL.' ge als ax€ces Uat @pon

od almdition logbook were in&cuate:

''Cetlrnc a ft,pon @ easy Aiid Sed s

dath, he adds. aibrnrJe col]egue told limltN

''ihey rere all r8ld i.lo a @n dd 6ven a

stdito sti& to. 'His latnmorr ofs€mPs,

''H; strn€d Lappy bee$€ !€ P6 ahotrt to



heryllm6 ! hndy sat LheY dmve

thEueh a blizld ta reach the

inolesr inro her dath, dly b nnd

th; prceedin$ had started dly. A

vFl tFftJr€ the cm€is colm aen

@ened, amordins ro docmdts |hey later

.h-".d tj'€ amt bad hd defi clasified *

suicide Nobodr loos whal her lbte ofnind

6. Hd lati4, Des, saJ5 d€b tn€ mosl bdic

foHric lash w noL done o thebody, which

I foud with a single gusbot mmd to the

lac€ ud a nne Uing netrby

"lh€re is no

widoF thar the rine ,ctuauyldled m, dauEh

L€r'he sas, 'Even if it ihd, there! also no

sderce;h€ actuatly frFd it. tvho ,!ked

*hat evide.ce th@ is ro supporr rhe 6ct she

@lmjtred !tricide he sa)6. 'N@e

Th.F hrve been claims rn the media th3t

Ch€ry| v6 *xual] erJdsd or hassed while

aL DaeDcut Whl€ hs father r€s this njd't

hav€ bid d,e cse, h€ looss or no lolid

aiden@. What be d@s low is rbar iNtances

ofhoEilic ablse ar D€e!.Dl including sexMl

abus, weE detailed in a sllft, Police inves

ti@tion wlnch @eiv€d Mdespr€ad pubLicity

in Novenber 2004. The police r€corded 173

atle4tion, of brutd1ity, mcludine nine of

aleted mDe. Lol€nt incidants included a

rec;uir b;,trs fored to swim throuch a

cespool; @e beDg Nault€d bY agsg w€r

ing gx nslc Md dorher being hug @t ol

a windw 40 fel abow lne grud

In October 2004. t€slie Skner a fomer

Fdmg ituhutorat De€por, w tmd guiltv

Des J.nes

with a PhotograDh

h.e aid a rirle ly nq iearby rheE rP


betw€en 1992 ed r99Z His wicribs were ,I

ared betw€en 17 ed 2r rhr€e ot the atiacks

tmdatD€epdr. NmeoldEsealesad@i

incidentsorasiults wodd have metoLA}lt

1,5002,0m soLdieE mw 'hbuo

bad not the pd€nrs of the lod remits who

died d DdFat b6 Fesing lor m$d

IASKED:'H0WISY0UR When D6 Jme! visit€d Depcut to see tl€ TH€ II{OUIRIE5

sene oi chiryls death. he sa)5 he ws


s€ai Bsbnaidcher/Jam6 ft e*


'WHAI i;; s;* p"i.. *p.n.d ,he,. .* ";



0ilE-$H0I'DBAW.Y-0.UR ;"'l,xl;n*l.tn*ri:*rffi,"',t1;

OWN C(INCLUSI0NS' r""j:-*n*Hiy,;r*1rr:*:

hav€ vmished. "A fenale oser at the Po


nort€n r€called this very clffilt" eis Des,

-Jrt dother m,le ofier [6lso present]

mndn t ftnenber dris. Ite lemal€ viti'€ss

ct€dlr recollected hm{Uins, Iabetlng dd

flils rhe bullet, yet n has dever ben seen

again. Is lhis bugline amy ph.ti@ or a

conspincy? D6 isnl sft. ThemsBd

Dmuedii. hesvs the inquesr into che'vl 3

a.r$ lru rcpp€d up D 60 -i",Les AnoPen


Polie's initial involvenent was

zerc." D;s adds. A civilid palice force shodd

tu d inqunr into any deol on military prcF

ertv. but ;th De@l tls€ is mm fo doubt

ah;ut wh€ther thii occmd etrectively. It is

now lqom that thee bad b€en at lest ta

reord€d suicide attenpts,t the bmcks >








> LetNscn the dealh ofscd Denk,n hJunc

r995 and arat oI Chc.yl lames in Novcnber

{he sme vea., ^.d since 1995 the L.rmcks

hrlcneldi3 courls na.tial lor !..lcni L,ehi!

iour let. in spne olhariog ahadv de,trvrth

rhp..ntovsial death olsean lsnton, thc

dmv +ill mor. or less i.ok charge on rhc

src;nd vhen.horyl,lhr' fhc tunP \F'n t

sln t noNn b3\Lc llorcnn(l tPd' Llrlnl t,l e


Dlace." cl trx D.s

Nas done i'

;rlcdreaic. surey PDlice lEvc admittcd thal

ol$eaEa,havinglailcd lolocaie(;.ofsbodl

'nrfomed ne llit ihey had s.cn n'oven.nl

Dd h.dd voicp! inside thc lcnce aFa This

oGcerlalerspoke lo an.Lher soldic.shtroned

l th.sJt. sh"t"l.lLtrLi tlrc' l,rlsP.nsun *

body frn GoLn hft to.gl'rdhqlnJLytr. o's

rn.itckd pilch trhich adjorns thc.Iircos

mP* 1 'npounn \no hP 'tJtcmeit h m J

pf, it. brl,s ' ntl'is irl* ' l\ ' ' eon. n nn!rC

DssDrte rhcse chnns. the dmy arth..itres

insisteil cso[ Cny had .omnifrcd suicrdP and

discouted anv Lhird panYhvolv.nBnl ]?t

m"drsroh; muth.; 'rc eeoHtnldn'P

oe!!le hid , a m rlr. hL,lA.' 3r" 'nd LIe r$

n years later the cnys Nere lett 'H.,l"ln

I [* " Nh. rh.r *e,€ - "h' rl,ev

rvilh $mila. concc.ns. lhcY too

fFL' g \en nn nlomDt, nP.io,_i' {er€ thcre lte 5aid olber soldi.6 sonetimos

camcd suckssiihllEn jL,si in c.se '

thPLr ..n s inqdest, 3n,r rre tht

rLnoiher pecrlia.ity lion ihc 'nquesi ]v^s

ldres.\ had beentold thoY didn t

rhe m.nLjon of a m)sGnoB neue dFrglL to

.e.rrirc leg.l ..PresentlLioD Ten ninrtcs

bs M hs}nm. Nho had tsned ur, 3t tl,e gates

[einrc \f evcntinto $e inquP{, rve Mrc told.

eadicr in the e\eninc seekingcnlrr. Ceofr Md

There s a ule oipapers lrom thc coroner's

.".rhersoldidhld.onGonle.lhim hes.id hc

.fncoi I rninlyoid Letterr.ad thei.."s.vs

NasnL. soldicr bui lN.d on lheb3s3 II' lhe

Disne Clray. She clains lhat aml Ntncsscs

amv s o{T ren.icted d..unenh, th. nd rs

{ho.ntered tho dock ivere otcn! corchcd

rec;dcd as h'vins beol drunk .nd dccP\'

dd D.omDted via legrLsdvisers

rbusire lo ths voung ldie$ \|h.n asked

Thc Lrajrr.ipt of thc proc.{dines, nevor

Nhal thelroblem N$L!a s.nnnoficei he

sc.n publitLJ hr[.\ lid ' b'ns Fxd',o lt

reDllcd: rhesc . s wont lct me inb nI

ft\eiis thJterrher htc !t n cl'ror 'rl) in trr'

li._,sc." lle lxt.r shoured ilEL lhe sotdiers

norni'a ofSeprcnber 17.2001. shots Nerc

Nsre 'uselcssl e$" Iihasbee. dainedihi!

he-d n;, Lhe;6*^ nP$RtDeep tr onc

nanvas a civilimnremanb$ed.r l)..pcrt:

\old'.rr. Jjunrrrou'pd tur.CP.ltCiJy Nh'

:unl indc.d n'.li m cmplotee lvas b.sed thcre,

naa be.n on pxtrol shials mu.d ih. nessthe

onlv one olhis kin.l in th3 Uli.ll'i thc

Acco.di.g to MoD d.cuder* marked


fmilv firvc also heard il sucqc{cdilrl rnis

rvhic} I bave becn slrom, oneol

Lieoff slouPrcuc! sJrn hrlPd ir JlterlrPaF stoNis a.ovorDdd tlPmd{asmhullla

f"-;pr r.d{,..over soldier\!hod sorved in

roEAr5h.tsMd Lpdl \mgCnni\vrs m $ing

Norlher. iieland ind {as hcing eased b3ck

rt',ihe.ho,Led T m r.Fd! | rm n J,lv.ro

killl $hcn.le'l'.LJ Lr r s.nioi .rl Lor yh' into nom.l milii:ry lne.

^ scrar.ie niliLary sou.ce Nho s.ned ai

,nir.d on thc scene. The sxn. olicer's

Dccpcur in lhe mid r990s. and Nho asked noi

er.idencestates thathismen on a lhird $veep


Ro([ o! rlonorr

of the Year 2004

UK Award for Business

Exc€llence 2001

uK Kitchen Marketing

Retaile. of tie Year 2000

Desiqner of the Year 1998

of th€ Year 1997

l0-12 West Netherton str€et






as saJ.ng

KITLEDMY bamck' be dmed



Lelt Ge.tland DlaneGEvMntto knowlh€


4en as a boy eeoff Gray w.nted lo be a soGier

Oris WilliamsFl

Team Chronograph:




Ms besed tlEre 6 Darr ofa eadiutnent

Drcaffie.Ihe tue clained rin, lm @

ianutled *boreg,ldlydinbed,Mterto*€r

:r DemL dd sDied on soldie6 witn a

rine sisli In the ofEcial trusolt

eon d; in@*t. aothd soldier n ecorded

rb',t after GeoEaccmpm€d the

drunl€n ad ebusN€ Inshmd" into the

s!,bted ud sbted tlEt

he tholehr he !a5 rxA or romelbrng like

lher'. Signi6@tlr, at no tin€ duing the

otr'onlan@ or relaying ofthe md inb tne

btr'lding dd he iilebt t hmer s a frl€lib

lnslead. he prled ald!€ on abuie and

dmmded acre$ to li

'tDuse' irside ihe

o6cd m€ss ta.ility. Repeat€d afl€mPts to

hck doM thE l]w hav€ failed

one oI the bi@elr ,hocks fd rhe bmnv Ms

leroc at the;qu€st lhat cFoE had not one

rni tu; bdl€r-h..les in his forehead. Thev

odliln t ak for a nrylost-mortm.tue then

son bad b€en @nared but do not a@pt he

kil€dhin*U. rhere s@ o$d odd nd}3 d

his body tm. The {bnily sp€ci6@Iy asked to

se rhei! dead 5on. but wletr thev Mined

hnn thev noticed he had mtrk! doud hi!

neck and t Dronouced black eve lsddto

hin, tt look; tileld re ban in, fuht, boniy

lad, saF Geo6, brs qod! at onre chiling dd

affectio;ate. "None ofit look€d ridt."

Four d.ys .fter the 6ray5 had been taced

*ith a nes of@nnicd{ eviddc fton ftd

soD! indn6t, ihe C,llinsom in Perth lemed

th€ir so; had died at Deep.ui. lmes vas

foud daad 6!m a tincle esshoL wosd ns

vhere ceoss body Mr dis@er€d Hehad

benEbIffaj@d ih€ seodic6 mas

As;j!, the; is .onflictins eudenc€ about

hN dd whm he died. The cdEal odditv h

the 6d he shot hinerat aI since, be€u* he

Ms ud€r 17 v6 dd six nontlts, he Msn t

old oough toi:rry a riJle. "vvh.t thet nitialv

told ne w,! that hed been in $e eurd_

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Collinson, 'Ihd tlEy chdCed it ad stid he'd

bomved a gu fton a ou€ague.

No sDecial lor€nsic inu€stigation was

cmied ;uL folowins Lh€ d€ath ud, lile rhe

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amy as a sui.ide victin. The hnjlt were

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P;tie util I contaded tbem 14 .lavs after

Jmes di€d, says Yvonne 'Ard then they

.'me to n€ witi tle adrud€: aou son has

Liledhimself -qet ov€r it.'

sMb ddi;tions d Im€st body ro test

for senal asault proved neg,Live on the

adqce of th€ Gny fanlt, wirh whm lney d

mde ontad, tIe Collinsons did not remde

then son. which allNed then to hav€ his

emins exlMed in 2002 for Pathologisrs

from Glssq Uni6iry ro rRxmine tl'en

Evidene ;mdsed showg the rin€ toud on

hjr FM. had b*tr Dlaced intohis hande stt€r

fic; di€d. rhere;a. also evidence he d

suffeed a brcl@ jaw bef@ he B hled.

''I'11 r€U tou hov th€ Bntish amv treated

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coll,"ro. dty5 alitr

Imes s fderal I ph@€d DeeFut dd sloke

to a senior oft€r I said, HNhtouinvesti

garion going into my son s dath? He $id,

lvhar inestigati@? On€ body. one shot. dF$

vou om conclu,ids. fiar's whaL I ws rold

;. rhe.lme ltarslN the Bntish @v deal

wiLh y;u They Cive you a Ered Fr€rd den

ajierudds they drcp yon tle a hot polato -

Or rEybe not BotI $e CoIDMs dd th€

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!n;e .nce N€isibo6 ofthe cnF in Haclnev

saw two men in suir! by then house at

1.3oan; whd chalenAed, they prcdlced oftcial

l@l..ing IDs. At the fanilys request, >

Snap it on and youle ready to so: the Ork

'ioilliamFl Tean Chronosraph frts the wrist per

fecdy. lt has an innovative dsisn with two-precc

$ainle$ $eelcse, nexible luss, and rubber $rap in vertica

tyF r'e"d \rop r.L- a .econd looL " '* '-no" t' "

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Ano so wrh Or.. F,sh M.(h L'e ofr' ul "atch pr11"

of the BM'q/ 'lqilliaruFl Tean.




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Duing sdersl intewim with ne, Swam

clained aI fou re@irs at D@pdt were

nurdmd. IIis dclusion, he saF, is lased on

scientiic €yidence now ir his posessi@. In

rhe 6e of s€D B.nron, he alleges,

"no my

shootirg alp€rrs codd do tbe shot pattm.

the Ea@ will not allo{ it."

ct€ryllmd,hesarE, al€g€dltshoth*r

in rhe e)t. Agdn, li(e Be on, she alegedy

used the sA80. Ite @rEidses should h8re

*it€d on the righLhed side olld face but

Ithdl wloudintot llvthe wncd@.lt !

ianirirllv udcrm u *c,inmi cei tor them

to sh@a thmsdG in the elt. [s relyhed

ofi! US police 66. Usu.lly ifthe shot js in

tbe eye it n6s ii'e nud*

''!ve slso did vrious r€sts to sbN she

6nt lvine d(]M when she di€d The Ddt_

do.i€; sh;wed tlat bits ot the bulets u@

fosd in hd head, wlich is very umud for

tlat kind ofmud. rtis tE}es ne suspect it

€n i e sA80 that @ used to hll Id

As for CeofiGrayl @e, S\mn clains, "lP

ws shot above ach aebrcq wlici is wirrualv

inoo$ible to reDfute b@u* he mdd

haE sbJied dropp;s d

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