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Euramax Coated Products BV

Euramax Coated Products Ltd


Industrieweg 6 | 6045 JG | Roermond

PO Box 29 | 6040 AA | Roermond

The Netherlands

T +31 (0)475 370 303 | F +31 (0)475 323 923

Brunel Road | Earlstrees Industrial Estate

Corby | Northhamptonshire | NN17 4JW

United Kingdom

T +44 (0)1536 400 800 | F +44 (0)1536 400 101


Colour your world with Euramax

Look and feel

Look and feel

EuraDecor PE

Patina Copper I

(3000PE G20)

EuraDecor PE

Patina Copper II

(3002PE G30)

EuraDecor PE

Corten Steel I

(3015PE G10)

EuraDecor HDP

White Ahorn

(2001HDP G10)

EuraDecor HDP

Elegant Beech

(2002HDP G10)

EuraDecor HDP

Sunglow Oak

(2004HDP G10)

Nature can be

the inspiration...

EuraDecor PE

Patina Copper III

(3004PE G10)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Patina Copper V

(3006PVDF cc G30)

EuraDecor PE

Corten Steel II

(3016PE G10)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Colonial Oak

(2005PVDF cc G30)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Eastern Walnut

(2006PVDF cc G30)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Colonial Walnut

(2007PVDF cc G30)


Natural materials

offer ultimate designs.

However, there is an increasing

need to preserve nature’s originals.

Natural building materials are

often less practical for use. Stone is

heavy, wood needs intensive maintenance

and copper is expensive.

EuraDecor PE

Weathered Zinc I

(3008PE G10)

EuraDecor PE

Weathered Zinc II

(3009PE G10)

EuraZinc HDP

Self Weathering Zinc

(70R0753.15 + 70R0754.00)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Italian Walnut

(2009PVDF cc G30)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Colonial Red

(2010PVDF cc G30)

EuraDecor HDP

Royal Wengé

(2011HDP G10)


EuraDesign features natural

pre-coated designs on light, formable, easy to

maintain and 100% recyclable aluminium. The examples are

just the start. You are invited to create your own design.

EuraDecor PE

Dots Orange

(5002PE G20)

EuraDecor HDP

Afion Beige

(1000HDP G60)

EuraDecor HDP full matt

Travertin White_Grey

(5003TEX G0)

EuraDecor PVDF Lum

Grigio Sardo

(1003LUM G90)

EuraDecor PVDF Lum

Imperial Red

(1005LUM G90)

EuraDecor PVDF Lum

Olivo Verde

(1010LUM G90)

EuraDecor PVDF cc

Green Grass

(4000PVDF cc G30)

...for your

EuraDesign collection

EuraDecor PE 2 layers Polyester

EuraDecor HDP 2 layers High Durable Polymer

EuraDecor PUR-PA 2 layers Polyurethane Polyamide

EuraDecor PVDF 2 layers Polyvinylidene Fluoride

EuraDecor PVDF cc 3 layers Polyvinylidene Fluoride + clearcoat

EuraDecor PVDF Lum 3 layers PVDF + Lumiflon clearcoat


• Install panels in the same direction to avoid orientation differences

• Pattern appearance may slightly vary

• Order projects in one batch

• More designs available on

• New colours and designs on request

Advanced architecture is

a meeting of minds

Talk to us


Contact our Architectural Support

for information or samples:

T +31 (0)475 370 341



We are happy to speak to you in

Original (Stone)

Equivalent (Aluminium)

Custom design

When you supply us with an original

design (wood, stone, etc.) we can

develop the same pattern in painted

aluminium (minimum quantities


custom design!


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