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good people

good times

good things happen

2013 Murat Divan

William B. Rasner

Chief Rabban

James N. Priest

Illustrious Potentate

Timothy J. Murphy

Assistant Rabban

Carl E. Culmann

High Priest & Prophet

Arthur B. Borton

Oriental Guide

William L. McKinney


Larry D. Jefferson, P.P.


Vol. 129 No. 6

© Copyright by Murat

Temple 2013. The Murat

Magazine is published ten

times per year (monthly

except for July and August)

by Murat Shriners, located

at 510 N. New Jersey St.,

Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Charles B. Shull

Captain of the Guard

Scott A. Schuster

Outer Guard

The Magazine is mailed to

all members and others

as specified in the by-laws.

It may not be copied or

reproduced without



Past Potentates

Charles L. Crabtree 2012

Kevin D. Rhodes 2011

Craig T. Hinshaw 2010

* George E. Proctor 2009

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* Jerry Markovich 2007

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* William A. Hoefgen 1946

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* Ike Riley 1944

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* Clyde E. Titus 1942

* Dewey E. Myers 1941

* Fred B. McNeely 1940

* Lloyd D. Claycombe 1939

* Granville A. Richey 1938

* Edwin E. Temperley 1937

* C.E. Cox, M.D. 1935-36

* Herschel M. Tebay 1934

* Edgar Hart 1933

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* Arthur R. Robinson 1929

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* Arthur B. Wagner 1927

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* Louis G. Buddenbaum 1923

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* Edward J. Schoonover 1921

* Elmer F. Gay 1920

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* Henry W. Klaussman 1917

* Paul H. Krauss 1916

* Charles Mayer 1914-15

* Denton F. Billingsley 1913

* Elias J. Jacoby 1907-12

* Horace E. Smith 1906

* A.W.W. Thomson 1903-05

* Chalmers Brown 1898-02

* John T. Brush 1884-97

* (Deceased)

I would like to thank

everyone who sold tickets

and worked the first annual

Sportsman Raffle—it was a

great success. Once again

(good peoplegood things

happen). The new year has

begun for our Grand Lodge

Officers. Congratulations to

our new Grand Master Mark

Genung. Murat is much

honored to have the 2013

– 2014 GM as a member of

our temple. I look forward to

working with Mark and I know between the

two parties, we are going to make his term

a great success not only for Murat but all of

the Shrine temples in the state.

May was a very busy month; we kicked

off with the Sportsman Raffle, Shelby County

Golf Outing, Ringmaster’s Banquet, cookout

with Al Malaikah, and a visit from our

Imperial Sir Al Madsen and his Lady Jan. And

now it is time to get ready to support one of

our own, Imperial Deputy Potentate John A.

Cinotto, at the upcoming Imperial Session

in Indianapolis. I hope all Murat Clubs and

Units will support John during the Imperial


On August 31, we will have the Murat

Shrine GM one-day class; so if you know of

a brother who is not a Mason or Shriner, I

ask you to invite him to join. If you know

of a Shriner who is not regularly attending

meetings, invite him to come to our Stated


Our Future Is Now

Focus and Simplify

From the Recorder

Meeting and get active with Murat.

This will be the last magazine

issue until September, so be sure

to check our Murat Web site to

get the latest updates.

Some of the major events during

the summer will be the Jerry

Markovich Memorial Bike Ride

August 17. Please help support

this event; all proceeds will go to

Shriners Hospitals for Children

–Cincinnati. Be sure to support

the VCM Club at the State Fair—

check the sign-up sheet in this

issue. September 7, Lin and Bob Coner will

host a summer farm party; all nobles and

ladies are welcome. Also, be sure to get your

hotel reservations for the GLSA which runs

September 12, 13, and 14. We will be staying

at the Great Wolf Lodge again this year, so get

your hotel rooms while they last.

On a final note, if you find mistakes in this

article, please consider that they are there

for a purpose. I try to write something for

everyone and some people are always looking

for mistakes!!

Have a great and safe summer and as

always,God Bless our Shriners Hospitals Staff.

James N. Priest

Illustrious Potentate 2013

Larry Jefferson

For 2013, the Jacoby Foundation’s primary goal is to complete the existing wrought iron

fencing to enclose the entire parking lot. This is intended to enhance the Murat complex and

provide additional security for everyone using the Murat facilities. The contract has been signed

and installation is scheduled to be completed prior to the Imperial Session in July. The total cost

of this project is $41,000 or about $35 per foot of fence. The Jacoby Foundation is still accepting

donations in order to complete the fence project with assistance from the Massachusetts Avenue

Community Development Corp. Please consider making a donation for this project.

JUNE 2013 3

2013 hospital POTENTATE news

Delivering Patients;

Delivering Medical Care

Gordon J Husk, Former Chairman, Board of Governors, Shriners Hospital ® –Chicago

At each of our 22 Shriners

Hospitals, patients receive stateof-the

art, world-class medical

care. Our medical staffs are highly trained

professionals who treat conditions some

other medical professionals have never

directly witnessed. Since our hospitals

are recognized worldwide as experts in a

rather broad band of medical specialization,

difficult and unusual cases have for

many years been referred to our hospitals.

It is often said by our medical and

administrative staff, “We cannot deliver

medical treatment unless patients are

delivered to us.” Every Shrine center appreciates

donations to its transportation

fund. Members of those centers, along

with many non-Shriners, generously

support the transportation effort. Those

contributions enable us to continue

transporting patients whose families

are unable to bring their children to our


Some patients require air transportation

due to great distances to our

hospitals. We applaud those donors who

help cover this expense. Some Shrine

centers do not provide van transportation

because they are located in cities having

Shriners Hospitals; however, some of

those centers make frequent and generous

contributions to other centers whose

transportation funds have low balances.

A great number of Shrine centers provide

van transportation, with individual

Shriners who volunteer to drive the vans.

This entails long days for drivers, careful

coordination between drivers and the

patients’ families, safe operation of the

vans and courtesy to passengers. Murat

provides van transportation from India-

Our medical staffs

are highly trained

professionals who

treat conditions

some other medical


have never directly



napolis. In addition, several Murat county clubs purchase vans,

receive donations to cover transportation expense and attract

volunteer Shriners to drive the vans. In 1992, Murat instituted

a driver safety program. Through adherence to the periodically

updated driver safety program and the drivers’ dedication

to courteously, efficiently and safely delivering patients, Murat

has an excellent safety record. Families of patients give our

drivers high praise and expressions of gratitude.

Murat is not alone in its quest for perfection in transportation.

Every Shrine center with a transportation program

seeks perfection. Many of our hospitals have cooperated with

Shrine centers in helping improve transportation programs.

For example, our Chicago hospital co-sponsored the Illinois

Distracted Driving Summit. Some of our board and staff

participated in the summit. Transportation Secretary Ray

LaHood spoke at the conference and has expressed his

thanks for our Chicago hospital’s development of a distracted

driving program. Dean Larson, a member of the Chicago

Board of Governors, has led the development of the program,

made presentations of the program, and freely offers the

program to any interested Shrine center. The program was

not intended solely for hospital van drivers; it should be of

interest to every Shriner. It is appropriate for sharing with the

nobility, family members and the general public. Distracted

driving is the basic cause for many serious crashes, including


Photographs show some of the many patients who have

received the benefit of transportation to our hospitals. We,

along with those representative patients, thank everyone who

drives, donates or in any other way supports the transportation

programs. You have all brightened the lives of children.

God Bless you for supporting this very important mission.

White Castle


Partner with


Nobles, we have a huge opportunity to joint venture with

White Castle Systems of Central Indiana to raise funds for our

hospitals serving Murat.

This one-day event is scheduled for August 14, 2013.

Thirty-nine restaurants will be involved.

Nobles and ladies from all Clubs and Units are asked to

participate in handing out hospital literature to White Castle


Work shifts are from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

We need two or three workers per shift — one stationed outside

and one inside with a third person as relief. Details have been sent

to all Clubs and Units. We need your help to make this a great

fundraiser and possibly an annual event involving many more

White Castle restaurants.

This event will raise awareness of our hospitals and raise much

needed funds for our three hospitals. If you or your group would

like to participate, contact Mel Anspach at (317) 774-6161 or

If you can’t work, have lunch or dinner at your favorite White


JUNE 2013 5



Volume 129 No. 6

June 2013

Director of Communications

Michael A. Moxley

Managing Editor

Clifford C. Lewis

Managing Editor Emeritus

Harold Summers

Golf Editor

Randall West

Feature Writers

Gordon J Husk

Dennis A. Scott

Jerry B. Collins

Paul Page

Clifford C. Lewis


John Essex II

Advertising Manager

Clifford C. Lewis


Catherine Sayre

Gordon Husk


Bob Wilson

Mark McDaniel

Dennis Wood

Joe Krebsbach

Dave McKinney

Correspondents Emeritus

Elmer H. Habicht

Leonard E. Hull


James N. Priest, Potentate

William B. Rasner, Chief Rabban

Timothy J. Murphy, Assistant Rabban

Carl E. Culmann, High Priest and Prophet

Arthur B. Borton, Oriental Guide

William L. McKinney, Treasurer

Larry D. Jefferson, P.P., Recorder

Charles B. Shull, Captain of the Guard

Scott A. Schuster, Outer Guard

Board of Directors

Alanson T. (Bud) Abel (2014)

Arthur B. Borton

George N. Clark (2015)

Charles L. Crabtree, P.P. (2015)

Larry D. Jefferson, P.P.

William L. McKinney

Earl W. Moore (2013)

Timothy J. Murphy

William B. Rasner

James N. Priest

Carl E. Culmann

Phillip C. Thrasher, PP (2014)

Robert L. (Bob) Wilson (2013)


Fraternal Office (317) 635-2433

Fax (317) 686-4199

Shriners Club (317) 686-4194

Theater (317) 231-0000



Publication of Murat Shriners

Oasis of Indianapolis, Desert of Indiana

Murat Shrine Center

510 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN 46204-1517

The Fraternal Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to

4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Of course,

at stated meetings and special events, the

office hours will be adjusted accordingly

to accommodate the nobility.

Shriners Hospitals/

White Castle Day 5

2013 Potentate’s

Golf Outing 7

VCM Sign-up Sheet for

the State Fair 15

Shrine Imperial

Comes to Indy 28

139th Imperial

Session Pageant 29

Brown County Festival



2013 Divan............................................................................. 2

Potentate’s Message............................................................... 3

From the Recorder................................................................. 3

Hospital News........................................................................ 4

Club/Unit Meeting Dates...................................................... 14

Contribution List.................................................................. 17

Golf Calendar....................................................................... 24

Contribution Photos............................................................ 32

Coming Events..................................................................... 35


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 ~ 10 A.M. SHOTGUN START ~ Maple Creek Golf & Country Club ~ 10501 E. 21st St., Indianapolis, IN 46229 ~ Pro Shop (317) 894-3837

The 2013 Potentate’s Golf Outing

Hosted by Potentate James N. Priest

Florida Scramble format scored by the Bankers Handicap system

Cost $70 – includes a golf shirt with Potentate Jim Priest’s logo (will need shirt size), 1/2 golf cart, range, on course

Zem-Zem and prizes. Summer buffet meal and award program immediately following golf.

Long drive for seniors and non-seniors and closest to the pin for seniors and non-seniors

Dress code will be slacks or shorts, collared shirts and soft spike golf shoes.

Hole Sponsors $50 each

Mail check for golf to: Randall West, 8365 Sand Point Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240, (317) 441-5695,

Fraternal Office: Julie Grammer, 510 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317) 635-2433

JUNE 2013 7

64th annual GLSA Ceremonial Session

September 11–15 ~ Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH


September 11 Golf at Grizzly Golf Course

Registration – Great Wolf Conference Area

September 12 Registration – Great Wolf Lodge Conference

Business Session – 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. (Nobles and Ladies invited)

Ladies Luncheon – 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Business Session – 12:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Station Dinners – 6 p.m.

September 13

Unit Association Meetings – 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Unit Competitions – 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Clowns - Kings Island Resort

GLASMC - Kings Island Resort North Lot

Patrol - TBA

Horse Patrols - Fairgrounds

Bagpipes - TBA

President’s Banquet - Great Wolf Conference Center – 6 p.m.

- 9 p.m. Black Tie Admired (Tux or Dark Suit) – Open to all

Nobles and their Ladies

September 14 Staging for Parade - Warren Co. Fairgrounds –

9:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. Coffee & donuts available

Parade steps off at 12 noon

Afterglow - Warren Co. Fairgrounds – 12 noon –3 p.m.

(Open to all – Ala Carte - Pay as you go)

Unit Association Banquets (See your Unit Association for


Funsters - Kings Island Resort

GLASMC - Kings Island Resort

Mounted Patrol - Houston’s Inn

Others [TBA]

September 15

Safe travels on your trip back home.

Murat has 40 rooms reserved.

Cost is $168.61 per night.

$20 binder fee and first night’s

deposit required for reservation.

Reservation deadline

is August 1.


We are Baaaaaaaaaaaaack! The Knights of

the Sea Induction will be held on Thursday,

June 20, 2013, at the Saenger Chor Club,

1824 W. 15th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Zem-Zem at 6 p.m., Dinner at 7 p.m. and

Induction at 8 p.m. Contact our Grand

Knight, Bob Dancey, at 6200 S. Harding

Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Telephone

(317) 788-9539. Cost is $30 and includes

dinner. Reservations are a must and the cutoff

is Saturday, June 15.

7th Annual Murat Shrine and Prather York Rite

Potentate’s York Rite One-Day Class

In Honor of the Illustrious Sir James N. Priest

Saturday, October 5, 2013

7502 E. 56th St. – Indianapolis, IN 46226

Why Should I Join the York Rite?

The York Rite is your chance to receive further light in Masonry by experiencing the rest of the

Masonic story and your opportunity to expand your Masonic fellowship with Brethren from all

over the area.

Schedule of Events

7:00 – Candidate Registration Begins

8:00 – Royal & Select Master Degrees

9:30 – Mark Master Degree

10:30 – Past Master Degree

11:00 – Most Excellent Master Degree

11:15 – Lunch

12:45 – Royal Arch Degree

2:30 – Order of the Red Cross

3:45 – Order of Malta

5:15 – Order of the Temple

How Do I Join?

All you need to do is go to,

download and fill out a petition, and send it in to us.

More information may be found on the Web at or contact us at either or (317) 426-0157.

JUNE 2013 9

Ladies Events

Tammy Priest

First, I would like to wish all of you a wonderful summer. I am having a great

year in 2013. We have had enjoyable events and a great time at the Florida Winter

Party and in Puerto Vallarta. The Ladies’ Little Pig event was a great time thanks

to Lynn Moller. Jim and I had a memorable night at the Potentate’s Ball, and the

committee led by Ron and Sally Jo Elliott did a fantastic job in creating a magical

evening. Thank you to Melanie Close, Karen Waldrip and Candy Close for the great

food and wonderful turnout for the Ladies’ card party.

Our Murat Shrine Circus, as always, had many wonderful volunteers who

helped make this event a success. Thanks

to all of you.

For the first time on April 20, Murat

had a team for the Race for the Cure. A

special thanks to Chris Dwyer and Delbert

Drummond for all of their efforts—

we had a big turnout and Murat had a

visible community presence.

Murat Shriners will be in Nashville,

IN, to host the first annual Murat Brown

County Summer Festival June 6–8. I know we are all going to have a great time.

Murat is the host temple for the 2013 Imperial Session. Join us downtown for

the parade and special festivities.

There is a VCM sign-up party at Murat on July 13; please join us in volunteering

to work at the State Fair.

On August 3, Anderson race track will be hosting a Murat night. Look forward

to seeing you there.

Don’t forget to register for the Jerry Markovich Memorial Bike Ride on August

17. All proceeds are to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children–Cincinnati.

September 7, Lin and Bob Coner are organizing a summer farm party. See the

magazine for details.

Great Lakes Shrine Association will be at the Great Wolf Lodge again this year,

so mark your calendars for September 12–14.

Deb Goodman is planning a Ladies’ bus trip to the Chicago hospital, Blue Chip

Casino and Lighthouse Outlet Mall on September 21; I hope you will be there.

Another trip is planned in the fall to the Southern Caribbean on Celebrity

Cruise Lines. I know it will be an enjoyable time.

Always remember to check the Murat Magazine or the Murat Web site to get

the most up-to-date information on upcoming events. Jim and I look forward to

being with all of you throughout the year.


Edward Christy

Like all the other Clubs and Units, the Murat Highlanders are looking forward

to the Imperial Session in July, and we will be hosting the Scottish Ceremonial

Organizations Throughout Shrinedom (SCOTS). SCOTS is the Imperial

Association of all Pipe Bands within Shriners International. Our very own band

members, John Brown and David Dale, are the president and secretary-treasurer,

respectively. At this juncture, the date, time and location for the individual

and band competitions are yet to be determined. Our Pipe Major Rick Moffatt

has dusted off the tune list and has been working on a new competition set.

It looks as if the 2013 competition set will be built around the tunes of “Auld

Adam” and “Purple Heather.” The Drum Corps, never to be outdone, is also

working on a new competition set. Hope to see you at the Imperial! Until

then … Piper Ed.

Yacht Club

Don Dawson

You have four dates to remember:

June 20, 2013, for the Knights of the

Sea Induction at the Indianapolis

Saenger Chor; August 3, 2013, for

the annual Margaritaville party at

the beautiful lake home of Joanne

Perkins; June 27, 2013, for the Jimmy

Buffett party at Klipsch Music Center

in Noblesville (formerly Deer Creek

and the Verizon Wireless Music Center);

and July 3, 2013, for the Shrine

Imperial Convention where we will

be partying with the nobles of the

International Association of Shrine

Yacht Clubs.

For further information, contact

the following: Knights of the Sea

– Bob Dancey at (317) 788-9538;

Margaritaville – Don Dawson at

(317) 475-0530; Jimmy Buffett – John

Hess at (317) 844-1377 or Chuck

Thompson at (317) 374-7037; Imperial

Session – Don Dawson at (317)


Nobles, please get your dues in as

soon as possible and remember to order

your uniform shirt from our gear

provider, Joyce Puterbaugh. Simply

click on the Murat Web site, click on

Yacht Club, and download your order

form. We have jackets, shirts, hats,

sweatshirts and other beautiful gear

at reasonable prices.

Please keep these dates on your

calendar as these events will be fun,

fun, and more fun. The Yacht Club is

the best kept secret in Shrinedom.

Your $20 annual dues will allow you

to have reciprocal privileges with

more than 2,000 yacht clubs in the

United States and the Caribbean, and

you can attend many great Murat

Yacht Club functions. The best deal in


Until next month, we wish you fair

winds and following seas.


Mobil Nobles

Project4_taylors pub 11/4/12 12:09 PM Page 1

Craig Stevenson

Well nobles and ladies, we made it to June and most of

the past few months have been extremely busy. The kids

are out of school and looking forward to vacation almost as

much as the adults are. I know I’m looking forward to going

to Florida at the end of the month and spending some quality

time with my lady Lynn and my daughter Lauren. I can

almost smell the ocean and hear the waves and the gulls and

the families having fun in the sun. I just want to sit in the hot

tub and relax by turning off the phone and doing next to

nothing and enjoying the sunshine. I hope if you’re going on

vacation, you enjoy it as much as I know my family will.

Imperial Council Session 139 is June 30 through July 4

and Murat is still looking for volunteers; please contact the

Fraternal Office if you can help. I will be back in time to

participate in a few of the activities planned as we witness

one of our own rising to the highest office in Shrinedom

and look forward to meeting all of the visitors from other

temples. I am asking all Mobil Nobles who can participate to

please come out and represent our Unit. For all those Clubs

and Units who go dark in July and August, have a great time

and we will see you in September.

Mobil Nobles meet the second Friday of the month with

social around 6 p.m. and the meeting at 7:30. We will discuss

going dark at our June meeting, so please attend and voice

your opinion. Remember ... we are everywhere.


1325 W. 86th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46260



1546 E. 86th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46240



5645 N. Post Road

Indianapolis, IN 46216


JUNE 2013 11

Transportation Club

Dennis Scott

ONION SALES – The Club ordered

100 bags of Vidalia onions to sell

as a moneymaker. Each bag is 10

pounds but can be divided into two

5-pound bags if that would sell better.

We will pick up 100 bags for the

Club members to sell. Every member

should participate by selling or eating

as many bags as possible. Anyone for

French Onion soup?


19 was the annual open house at

Lexington Hospital. Several members

and their ladies attended. The day was

filled with fun and good eats along

with tours of the hospital. The day

ended with a short parade of units

from several temples.

DONATIONS – The Club made

several donations to various causes.

Among those are the “Kampability”

program at the Cincinnati hospital,

Smyrna Shrine Guild, and the Memorial



On August 14, we are partnering with

White Castle in a special event to

raise money for our hospitals. All the

information can be found in the ad in

the June magazine. Let’s try to man at

least one store. All donations will go

to the three hospitals we serve—Chicago,

Lexington, and Cincinnati.


Crusade will kick off in September.

As usual, the Club will participate

in this important event. If you have

not signed up to work a shift or two,

please do so as soon as possible. Your

lady can pass out papers with you.

The Paper Crusade accomplishes several

things. It gets information out in

the form of stories about real people

and the care provided. It’s a vehicle

for solicitation of contributions that

go directly to the operation of our

hospitals. It increases the number

of patients being served, thus helps

provide a positive future for our hospitals.

And finally, it promotes Freemasonry

and the Shrine as positive role

models in the community.

NEW MEMBER – Marshall W. Smith

has joined the Transportation Club as

of our April meeting. Please join me

in welcoming Marshall.

Have you been to a Stated Meeting

lately? Please join us on the third

Wednesday of the month.

We meet at 7 p.m. Come early and

join us for dinner. See you there.


“Reception” is a noun form of receiving,

or to receive something, such

as information, art, experience, or

people.” 1 The definition of reception

is exactly what Murat Reception does

for Murat temple. Our members are

proud to assist the Potentate, Divan

and the nobility during all temple

functions by receiving everyone into

Murat temple.

Speaking of functions, what a

busy, busy month we had in May. We

started with the first annual Sportsman

Raffle on May 4. Reception’s participation

helped Murat have a very

successful event and our safe winner

was very pleased. Then we had the

Ringmaster’s Banquet. Reception was

honored to have participated in the

Corporate Sponsorship program to

the level of selling more than $10,000

in corporate sponsorships and ads for

the Activity Book. Great job to ALL!

May 14 was special when Sue

Layman, PSQ of Daughters of the Nile

Bob Hudson

and board member of the Daughters

of the Nile Foundation, gave a fantastic

presentation on the 22 Shriners

Hospitals for Children. “Having visited

all 22 hospitals, I wanted to share the

experiences all of us are a part of,

especially the gratitude the children

and parents have for Shriners International,”

Sue said during her presentation.

The Imperial Visitation week was

a very busy one, with the Widows’

Service on Thursday, the Imperial

Visitation and Ceremonial on Friday,

and the Parade and Race at the Indy

500 over the weekend. Again, Reception

was there in full force receiving

all guests into Murat temple.

Speaking of Imperial, Murat Reception

is very proud to have one of its

own members, a past president and

Past Potentate, as the next Imperial

Potentate of Shriners International—

John Cinotto. Please join us during

the Imperial Session as Murat Reception

honors Imperial Sir John during

the weeklong festivities. We look

forward to seeing John receive his

“Five Gold Stars” in July.

After that look back, we still have

several activities to look forward to

this summer. On July 28, Murat Reception

will be having its annual family

picnic at Murat temple. On August 13,

we will have our annual golf outing

at Valle Vista in Greenwood. If you’re

interested in playing or being a hole

sponsor, please see Bob Hudson for


From all of us, we would like to

say thank you for your assistance during

Stated Meetings, the upcoming

Imperial Session, and the many other

activities that Murat Reception assists

in to make your experience at Murat

temple a great one.

We look forward to seeing all of

you at the door!



Kevin J. Scott

June is only ONE month away from the big home party

with the 2013 Imperial Session here in Indianapolis.

May started off with the first annual Sportsman Raffle on

Saturday, May 4. We had an incredible turnout at the Murat

Shrine Circus and some great fellowship and fun at the

Whitaker’s Speakeasy and at the night parade on Saturday.

Some of those who worked even went to the Ringmaster’s

Banquet on Friday, May 10, at the Murat Shrine. Also in May,

we had some fabulous and great food, fun, and more chances

to win prizes at the Whitaker’s Speakeasy Hog Roast. And we

attended the Indy 500 Parade Afterglow party at the Murat

Shrine Oasis on the afternoon of May 25. July will be a big

month to enjoy fun and fellowship with your other Patrol

Unit members and Shriners from all over the world at the

aforementioned 2013 Imperial Session.

In addition, a new Patrol Unit Murat Shrine Internet page

has been created this year that has our officers’ contact information

and all of the other important Unit information. And

painting 5/6/13 12:39 PM Page 1

most importantly, our Unit goal and mission statement: The

Patrol Unit is the oldest unit in the Murat Shrine. The Patrol

is a parade unit established to support the Shriners Hospitals

and grow the Murat nobility. Our focus is fellowship and fun.

So please check it out at


REMINDER: WE DO NOT GO DARK in June and July; we

continue to have our monthly meeting during those months.

We have been lucky to have some good food to go with our

refreshments in our Patrol Unit Room before and after the

meeting. So come early and have some “free” food supplied

by the Unit. Our Patrol Stated Meetings are the third Tuesday

of each month in the Patrol Room in the basement of the Murat

Shrine at 7 p.m. All members are welcome to come and

enjoy fellowship and fun with your current friends and meet

some new ones. Also, if you know of anyone who would like

to or should be a Patrol member, bring them to the meetings

so they can meet us and we can meet them and get them

signed up. For our Patrol Stated Meetings, we’ve been having

homemade food brought in with a good will offering to

cover it.

I wouldn’t think of

missing the Smyrna

Shrine Guild NAPTOWN



Sunday, June 23 ~ $10 per person

Vittles ‘n such served at 1 p.m.

At Cuzin Fran’s ~ 7210 Stevens Lane

Call Cuzin Fran to reserve

your spot – 257-4202



Fully Insured


Interior & Exterior

Painting and

Drywall Finishing

533 S. Luett

Indianapolis, IN 46241


JUNE 2013 13



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Chanters Police Club Band

Highlanders Police Club Drill Team Firemen Murpah SC

Horse Patrol Mini Cyclers 500 Club

Kokomo SC Tarum SC Kentucky Colonels


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Chanters Brown County SC Band

Flying Fezzes Decatur County SC Clowns Stone Belt Mobil Nobles

HSUR SC Henry County SC Dramatic Cast

Johnson County SC Logansport SC Madison County SC

(and Desert Patrol)

Putnam County SC


SE Indiana SC Oriental Band Rolling Hills SC

Tippecanoe SC Reception Unit Scott County SC

Tipton County SC

Tri-County SC

Veteran Car Club


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Murat Stated Meeting Boone County SC Antique Power Club (3rd Wed

on odd months)

Bartholomew County SC

Kowad ’al Sabikin (5 times per year) Band Hendricks County SC

Morgan County SC El’ Ameen Nabeel (April & Oct.) Motor Corps

Motorcycle Fun Club

Yacht Club

Past Masters (3 times per year)

RV Club

Shelby County SC

Corvette Club

La-Or-Ma SC



English SC



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Chanters Business Connection Band

Directors Staff Hancock County SC Clowns

Legion of Honor

Johnson County SC Mini-Mystics

Montgomery County SC

Railroad Club

White County SC

Attention Ladies!

Ladies’ Bus Trip

Tour of Chicago Hospital, Shopping, and the Blue Chip Casino

September 21–22, 2013

Cost is $65 per person for bus fare and lunch.

Join Lady Tammy for a trip by motor coach to tour

the Chicago Hospital and then back to the Blue

Chip Casino for an afternoon and evening of fun.

Bus will take us to Lighthouse Premium Outlets

Sunday morning and return to Murat late afternoon



should be made

on or before August 15

by calling the Fraternal

Office at (317) 635-2433.

Lodging TBD.



Please mark your calendars now!

The Voluntary Contributing Membership

(VCM) Sign-Up Party is

scheduled from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on

Saturday, July 13, at the Murat Shrine

Corinthian Room. No RSVP is required—just

drop in at your convenience

to enjoy an evening of fun,

food and fellowship—and to select

your preferred volunteer shifts for

the 2013 Indiana State Fair.

The VCM operates a food booth

annually at the State Fair. The proceeds

from our endeavors are

donated to the Shriners Hospitals,

the Transportation Fund and

other related funds. The more than

$1,100,000 that the VCM has donated

to these fine institutions over the past

60 years is a direct result of nobles

just like you volunteering their time

to work with the VCM at the fair.

The 2013 Indiana State Fair is

scheduled for August 2– 18. As the

VCM membership continues to age,

we need your help more than ever.

So please, if you haven’t helped us

before, volunteer this year. If you are

a veteran VCM volunteer, please come

back and consider adding an extra

shift or two this year.

Mark Price

You don’t need to be a master chef

to qualify as a valuable member of

the VCM team. Openings are available

for cashiers, dishwashers, bus staff,

set-up and tear-down crew members,

and more. You’ll discover we mix a

little work with a lot of fun—all for a

great cause.

All nobles are encouraged to join

us at any regularly scheduled meeting.

The VCM meets at the temple on

the third Wednesday of each month

at 7 p.m. For more information about

the VCM, please contact Secretary

Mark Price at (317) 507-0934.

VCM (Voluntary Contributing Membership)


The generous donation of your time will help the VCM increase our contributions to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, the

Transportation Fund, and other related funds.

Please complete the form below and:

1) Email this form or the dates and shifts you are volunteering to (or)

2) Phone Mike Metzger @ (317) 513-4554 with your prefered dates and shifts (and/or)

3) Join us for an evening of fun and volunteer at the VCM Sign-Up Party on Saturday, July 13th, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Murat Shrine

Corinthian Room.

2013 State Fair Volunteer’s Schedule

Name (s) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone (

) ___________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________________________

Please circle day(s) and shift(s) that you are volunteering

August Day Shift

2 Friday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

3 Saturday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

4 Sunday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

5 Monday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

6 Tuesday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

7 Wednesday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

8 Thursday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

9 Friday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

10 Saturday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

11 Sunday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

12 Monday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

13 Tuesday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

14 Wednesday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

15 Thursday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

16 Friday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

17 Saturday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

18 Sunday 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 5 p.m. - Close

JUNE 2013 15

Ladies’ Oriental Shrine

Deanna Sue Taylor

As I am writing this article, I can’t

help but think back on the Murat

Circus and the fun our LOS ladies

had volunteering. At any given show,

there were ladies helping with the

volunteer registration, assisting circus

goers find seats, selling novelties, and

a host of other duties. A big thank you

to all who got up early, got refreshments

for the workers, stayed late,

worked split shifts and/or paraded on

Saturday night. Tarum Court was well

represented. An awesome job by an

awesome group of ladies! But I can’t

help but think about an experience

I had at the circus this year that will

forever be etched in my brain—an

elephant ride! Along with my grandson,

Aaron; Judi Taflinger, Junior Past

High Priestess; Dianah Markovich-

Sparks, First Ceremonial Lady; and

Ruby Warmouth, Past High Priestess,

we donned our fezzes, nervously

waited in line, were hoisted up on

the elephant and then proceeded

around the ring not once but three

times. A definite first and most likely

a last for me! There are pictures floating

around somewhere and I’m very

afraid of where they might turn up!

Now that June is here, summer

will be in full swing and we at Tarum

Court are looking forward to a summer

filled with more fun. In July, we

will be working with our nobles at

the Shrine Imperial here in Indianapolis

and at the same time we will

be hosting a visit from the Ladies’

Oriental Shrine Grand High Priestess

for 2013–2014 on July 3. Mark your

calendar for August 10, 2013, for an

afternoon of fun with a fashion show

at the Murat Shrine. By the time September

rolls around, we will be ready

for a short rest!

We are always looking for new

members, so if you or someone you

know is interested in learning more

about our active ladies’ organization,

please contact any officer or member.

We will be happy to fill you in and

help you obtain membership. We

meet at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday

of each month in the Corinthian

Room of the Murat Shrine. If you are

attending the Shrine Imperial in July,

look for the Ladies’ Oriental Shrine of

North America booth in the Marketplace.

Have a great summer!

Murat Shriners Business Connection

“Building Relationships Through Networking”

The always busy month of May

is over and we are looking forward

to the summer months. We held our

Stated Meeting in a morning/breakfast

format on Tuesday, May 21, in lieu

of our usual fourth Tuesday evening

meeting. This was as a result of the

Memorial Day holiday falling the day

before our usual fourth Tuesday evening

meeting. Please join us for our

next Stated Meeting Tuesday evening,

June 25, at 7 p.m. in the Oasis Lounge,

Room B, where we will have a special

presentation by one of our own, Mr.

David Pearson, who is a life, health

and Medicare agent representing Humana.

This will sure to be a hot topic

as Dave will be addressing some of

the Affordable Care Act. Please join


We are excited to have our social

event this month on Saturday, June

8, where we are planning a bike ride

on the Monon Trail. Spouses, friends,

and non-Masons are welcome for

this event. Prospective members are

most welcome! Please call Randy

Nail for details or if you would like to

attend. For the past few years, fellow

member Joe Stoutner has been coordinating

a get-together at an Indians

game, and he has been kind enough

to invite us to join in the fun for

some good eats, good baseball, and a

networking opportunity. Please RSVP

to Mel Anspach as soon as possible so

we know how many tickets to order

from Joe. Mel’s e-mail: manspach@ or call (317)-774-6161

(cell phone).

Our Unit meets the fourth Tuesday

each month in the Murat Oasis, Room

B, at 6:30 p.m. for social time and our

formal meeting begins at 7 p.m. Attendees

have the option of ordering

dinner beforehand and dining during

our meeting. If you have any questions,

please call Randy Nail at (317)

507-3863 or

MSBC Member Spotlight:

This month’s member spotlight is

on Mark Stansbury. Mark has been a

longtime MSBC member and we have

Chris Kinsey

been lucky to have him as a fellow

Mason and Shriner. He has turned

a lot of referrals into very satisfied

customers including many members

of MSBC and our respective business


Mark owns Mark IV Environmental

Systems, specializing in heating/air

conditioning as well as humidifiers

and air cleaners. Mark and his technicians

serve Marion County and the

surrounding metro counties and are

trained experts (NATE certified). Give

them a call if you need any diagnosis,

repair, or installation of heating, cooling

and refrigeration equipment. Next

time you think you might be in need

of these services or know someone

who does, please pass along Mark’s

info. Feel free to call or e-mail Mark:

(317) 889-3744 or 1-877-627-5422;

Mark is a versatile professional

who happens to be a Shriner you can

trust with your business.


Contributions for Shriners Hospital &

Transportation Fund


John W. Lawrence

Star Club Jackson County Lodge

146 F&AM

Koran Temple No. 30 Daughters

of the Nile



Bill & Stella England

Janet & Charles Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Snyder

Sheila Ward

Jon & Judy Yoho

Ron & Sue Schrader

Neal & Barbara Neese

Edward & Barbara Polson

Garland Moore

Gordon & Marian Husk

Dennis & Linda Scott

Jim & Jayne Miller

John & Kathy Bowes

James & Paula Hale

Larry & Margaret Brinker

Stanley & Hattie Moore

Robert & JoAnn Caudell

Steven & Susan Marsh

Marcia Ward & Marjorie Miles

Jeffrey & Linda Kepler



Stanley & Hattie Moore

Robert & JoAnn Caudell

Mike & Nancy Gillie

Fred & Rita Schowendgerdt

ROJ Ct. 15 Class of 1988

Steven & Susan Marsh



Gordon & Marian Husk

Stanley & Hattie Moore

Fred & Rita Schowengerdt



Bluff Creek Christian Church

Workers For Christ

Bob & Barbara Dancey



Deniese Placek

Stanley & Hattie Moore



Joe & Becky Essex

Roger Mosser & Cremmie




Stanley & Hattie Moore



Lewis & Linda McQueen



Judy Bodwell



Bob & Barbara Dancey



Joe & Becky Essex



Bill Rasner & Vicki Franklin



Steven & Susan Marsh


Jerry G. Stewart

John W. Lawrence

Paul & Mary Ann Hornsby

Carl & Beth Dragoo

Pauline Parker

Betty Fiscus

Poker Players

William Harting

Robert E. Fox, Jr.

Bill McKee

Dan & Jean Furlong

Dr. & Mrs. George F. Rapp



John & Mary Challman

Mary Ellen Brown

Susan & Sandy Burns

John & Shirley Despot

Anne Kelley

Tamara & Dr. Bradley Black

Steve Couch

Susan & Jim Naus

Nancy & John Bennett King

Peggy Naus

Thomas & Em Sylvester

Dudley & Glenda Crabtree

Sharon Stevens

Mary Engel

Diane Nicholas



Lawrence Palmer

Craig & Debbie Adolph

Jeff & Stacey Grimm

Kiley Adolph

Wendell Cooper

Chad & Melissa Adolph

Patricia Wiggins

Art & Margaret Borton

Timothy & Kathy McGreal

Helen Omalia

Joe & Sandra Scott

Michael Rusch

Jane & Gayle Byers

Eithyel A. Sandler

Peggy Hines



The Whaley Family

Eithyel A. Sandler



Robert Kleeman & Family

Murat Chanters



Jane & Gayle Byers



Joe & Sandra Scott



Naptown Hillbilly Band



Earl & Sylvia Gray



Jim & Sharon Ross



Briarwood & Briar Creek Manufactured

Home Communities



Decatur County Shrine Club



Jane & Gayle Byers



Eithyel A. Sandler



Raymond Harding



Raymond Harding



Dan & Jean Furlong

JUNE 2013 17

Murat Shriners Business Connection



Jason Crace

Jason L. Crace, CPA, LLC

12668 E. 116th St., Suite 227

Fishers, IN 46037


fax 317-282-0521


Philip C. Thrasher, Attorney-at-Law

Thrasher Buschmann Griffith

& Voelkel, P.C.

151 N. Delaware Street, Suite 1900

Indianapolis, IN 46204

317-686-4773; fax 317-686-4777


Randall R. Sevenish, Esq.

Sevenish Law Firm, P.C.

251 E. Ohio St., Suite 880

Indianapolis, IN 46204

317-636-7777; fax 317-636-7721


Chris Schaler

Selective Systems, Inc.

4230 S. Madison Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46227

317-783-0077, fax 317-783-3737

Cell 317-281-0005


Mitch Sever

Port-A-Pit Catering of Indy

8750 Yardley Ct.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

317-228-9676; fax 317-334-0191



Chris Cox/Jeff Zaring

Indiana Masonic Home Foundation

525 N. Illinois St., P.O. Box 44210

Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210

800-277-4643 or 317-637-9582

fax: 317-634-7449



Tom Beattie

Latin Workforce Connection

2346 S. Lynhurst Dr. #705

Indianapolis, IN 46241


Fax 317-244-7782



Christopher Kinsey/Wallace Renn

Environmental Staffing Resources

8902 Otis Ave., Suite S101A

Indianapolis, IN 46216

Phone: 317-292-9343; Fax: 317-292-9403

Cell phone: 317-374-5286


Gary W. Lewis

Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

701 East County Line Rd., Ste. 302

Greenwood, IN 46143

317-885-0114, fax 317-885-2609



Michael R. St. Pierre, CFSP

Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service

and Crematory

1234 Prospect Street, P.O. Box 33045,

Indianapolis, IN 46203-0045

317-632-9431; fax 317-667-0663



Duane C. Davis

Big “D” Hog Barn

11091 North Kitchen Road

Mooresville, IN 46158

317-831-0484; 317-374-0510 (c)



Mark Stansbury

Mark IV Environmental Systems, Inc.

1012 N. Bluff Road, Suite A

Greenwood, IN 46142

317-889-3744, 1-877-627-5422

Fax: 317-882-8022


Christopher G. Conley

Insurance Associates

7255 N. Shadeland Ave., Suite B

Indianapolis, IN 46250

317-596-2761, fax 317-915-8972

Rick Chambers

Farmers Insurance Agent

859 Riverside Drive, Ste 12

Greenwood, IN 46142

317-885-6900; fax 317-215-5025


Dave Pearson


1-877-586-5995, 317-542-3061


Randy Nail

Fifth Third Mortgage

8549 N. College Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46240

317-259-0935; fax 317-259-8199


Michael Moxley

Maury Boyd & Associates, Inc.

6330 E. 75th Street, Suite 212

Indianapolis, IN 46250-2700

317-849-6110, fax 317-576-5859


Dave Frazier

LandTree Realtors

1570 W. Main St.,

Greenwood, IN 46142

317-888-3331; fax 317-887-9244

Cell: 317-441-2671


Joel Hall


598-B W. Carmel Dr.,

Carmel, IN 46032

317-575-1805, Cell 317-989-9586

fax 317-575-1825


Legion of Honor

Greetings from the Legion of Honor.

My sincere apologies to all Legion of Honor members for

not having an article for the last couple of months. I have

been having all kinds of computer problems and even ended

up purchasing a brand new computer, new Word program,

etc. Hopefully, I now have the problem rectified, so let’s get

down to business.

First, the old news. Congratulations to our new Potentate,

James Priest, although he is not so new anymore. Jim got his

year off to a rousing start with the Potentate’s Ball back on

February 23. The Legion of Honor Color Guard helped get

the evening rolling with the presentation of colors. Dinner

was great and the band, Lemon Wheel, was awesome.

One month later, March 23, our Color Guard presented

colors for the Ladies’ Oriental Shrine installation ceremony

held at the temple.

Next up was the Shrine Circus, April 11–14. The Legion

of Honor Color Guard was on hand to present colors at the

Thursday and Friday evening performances, and then Saturday

afternoon and evening. I think the new venue presented

a challenge for everyone involved, but like true Shriners, we

pulled it off.

At our April Stated Meeting, we welcomed a new member

Southeastern Indiana Shrine Club


5 - 8 p.m. ~ 15626 U.S. 30

3 miles west of dillsboro on the right

Menu includes:

T-bone steak, Chicken, Steak Burger, Moores

Hill Potatoes or Baked Potatoes, Vegetables,

Drop Bisquits with Apple Butter, Soup,

Salad, Applesauce, Dessert, Tea and Coffee

Soft Drinks and Zem-Zem at Extra Cost

everyone welcome

open to the public

smoke free facility

carry out available



May 17

June 21

July 19

August 16

September 20

October 18

November 15

Bob Watson

to our happy little band of brothers. Sam Allard comes to

us from the U.S. Marine Corps … OOOORAH!!! Welcome

aboard, Sam. I hope you enjoy many years with the Legion of


This month, June 15, we will hold our annual 50/50 fundraiser

at Anderson Speedway, Anderson, IN. This is always a

fun event for us. Besides raising funds for the Unit, we make

one lucky race fan very happy. If I remember correctly, last

year we raised almost $500 for the Unit. We hope to do even

better this year.

Great Lakes Shrine Association Commander Larry Hearn

and his staff are gearing up for the annual convention to be

held at the Marriott East, 21st and Shadeland, scheduled for

August 8–11. If you have ever been involved in helping organize

a convention, then you know how much it involves. So

many little details to work out … from choosing the site, getting

the word out, registration, meeting rooms, coordinating

with hotel staff, etc., etc. Well, it will be here and gone before

we know it; then we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Don’t forget we will be dark during July and August. If the

good Lord is willing, we will talk again in September. Until

then, keep your powder dry and remember, “It’s an honor

to belong to the Legion of Honor.”

Logansport Shrine Club

Annual Frolic & Parade

August 23 Events:

12 oz. New York Strip $14 or

Grilled Chicken Breast $11

from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Live Band follows from

8 p.m. until 12 p.m.

August 24 Events:

Potentate’s Called Parade: Line-up starts at

noon and parade starts at 1 p.m.

After-Glo party starts after the Parade: BBQ

Pork Loin lunch $7, Awards

Live Band starts after awards until ????

Logansport Shrine Club is the oldest Shrine club in

Indiana. Their first parade was held in 1920. Illustrious

Potentate Jim Priest has chosen this parade as a

Potentate’s called parade. We hope to see as many Units

as possible. This has always been a fun-filled weekend, so

come out and join us. You can get registered by e-mail

( or by calling the Club @

(574) 753-2339.

JUNE 2013 19

Smyrna Shrine Guild

Linda Abdon

It has been a very busy six weeks

and I can’t believe that the year is

almost half over! Imperial Visitation at

the end of April brought our Imperial

Maharanee, Judy Craig, to town with

many of her Imperial officers. It was

great to see her and hear about her

plans for the Shrine Guild convention

in Daytona Beach in September.

Some of us also journeyed to

Cincinnati for the presentation of an

Imperial Council Shrine Guilds of

America fez which was placed in the

display case at the Shriners Hospital.

Since the Shrine Guilds organization

began, our fundraising efforts

have allowed us to donate more than

$937,000 to the Education Fund for

the children who are patients in the

three (now four) hospitals. It is an

honor to have our fez displayed there

and the one presented was worn by

our own Betty Rothrock, Maharanee



If you are interested in becoming a

hospital van driver, it’s easy to do. Don

Schildgen, Hospital Coordinator, is

looking for individuals who can devote

some time to transport our children to

and from our hospitals. Many of our

families we transport cannot afford to

drive themselves or have a vehicle that

won’t make the trip.

The requirements to be able to drive are

just a few. You need to be a member of

the Transportation Club, have a valid

driver’s license, have a good driving

record, and be able to drive a day or two

a month. That’s all there is. The first

thing you need to do is to contact Don

Schildgen at (317) 375-1827 or e-mail

him at

Ask any driver about the rewards. You

won’t regret it.

Susie Brown, Linda Abdon, Mary

Lou Taber and Virginia Inkoff.

of Smyrna Shrine Guild in 1963 and

Imperial Maharanee in 1968, who

passed away in 2009.

Before we go dark for the summer,

we will be welcoming new members

with a ceremonial at the June Guild

Night on Wednesday, June 5. Our

Units will perform and we will also

celebrate Smyrna’s 63rd birthday.

It should be a fun party and I hope

everyone will attend.

We have our Casino bus trip

scheduled for Saturday, June 15, and

the charge is $35 per person. The

bus will leave Murat at 8 a.m. and

return about 6 p.m. We will travel to

the Horseshoe Casino in New Albany

and there will be a $12 food voucher

and $5 casino cash included. Make

your reservations by calling Candy

Close at 627-0464.

Then on Sunday, June 23, at 1 p.m.,

the Naptown Hillbilly Band will have

their annual Brunch at Cuzin Fran’s

house. See any band member for details

and a $10 ticket. There is always

lots of good food and fun!

Planning ahead—we will be back

from summer vacation with Guild

Night on Wednesday, September 4. It

will be a night to play cards & games

and visit with Smyrna friends. Stated

Meeting will be one week earlier,

Tuesday, September 17, because of

the Imperial Convention beginning

the next Tuesday, September 24, in

Daytona Beach. I hope many of you

will attend this year and support our

Guilds and the Imperial Officers.

Have a safe summer, remember the

Shrine kids, and GIVE FROM YOUR


In Tolerance,

Maharanee Linda Abdon

June Calendar

Wednesday, June 5 – Guild Night &



Tuesday, June 25 – Board & Stated


September Calendar

Wednesday, September 4 – Guild


Tuesday, September 17 – Board &

Stated Meeting

Tuesday, September 24 – Imperial


Dates to remember

Saturday, June 15 – Casino Bus trip

Sunday, June 23 – Hillbilly Band



Johnson County Mini-Mystics

Duane Burgess

Hello Fellow Nobles and Race Car Drivers,

Well here we are in the month of June. Several of the

Mini-Mystic drivers had a very successful May in Indianapolis;

I believe several of us set some new track records

in our Little Hot Rods. As you can see, five of us had our

cars repainted. After several years of parading, beating and

banging, President Lee Langlotz’s demolition derby driving

caused a little bit of damage over 40 years. One of our

fellow brothers and nobles, Bob Stephens, made the much

needed repairs and applied a fresh coat of paint! Noble Joel Hall supplied the

graphics. Great job in supporting the Mini-Mystics, nobles!

Well, the Johnson County Mini-Mystics will continue to power on with our

5.5 horsepower big blocks as the year continues on and so will the parading

for us. We look forward to parading in Brown County and the Imperial Session

in Indianapolis.

I would like to thank all of the fellow Mini-Mystic drivers who turn out

every week and every month for either our parades or meetings. Thanks Lee

Langlotz, Randy Bell, Ray Miller, Mike Pearcy, Don Borski, Robert Torrance, and

Bob Rash!

As all can see, here is a photograph of our cars in the paint booth located

off of the fabrication shop!

Thanks all!

Flying Fezzes

Casino Bus Trip

Horseshoe Casino – New Albany

Saturday, June 15

8 a.m. to ? (approximately 6 p.m.)

Leave and return from/to Shrine

$35 per person includes $12 food

voucher and $5 casino cash

Shriners & Ladies are Welcome

Patrick DeCallier

The meeting opened with a special DVD presentation about the Shriners

Hospitals’ operations. The comments afterward were enthusiastic. In fact, a

remark was made that every Club should see the presentation. In addition, discussions

were held about our Parade Schedule and participation in the Shrine


Madison County

Shrine Club

Terry Dickey

I bring you greetings, fellow nobles,

from the Madison County Shrine

Club. As you read this, the weather

will be warm and our Potentate’s Ball

will be over. We thank the Divan for

the excellent attendance and hope

you enjoyed the meal and the big

band sound of Quincy Brass.

The Desert Patrol began parading

in May. On May 12, our Club hosted

an R.S.V.P. Mother’s Day Buffet from

noon to 3 p.m. On May 22, our Club

honored members who passed on

during the last year with a memorial

service, inviting their widows and all

women as well as all officers and gold


In June, we are encouraging support

and attendance for the Brown

County Summer Festival the 6th

through the 8th. On June 20, we will

hold our annual golf outing at Meadowbrook

Golf Course in Anderson.

There is a bankers handicap and shotgun

start. The meal afterward features

1 pound pork chops and will be held

at the Shrine Club. Reservations can

be made by contacting Terry Dickey

at (765) 378-3211. Gary is hoping to

hit ’em straight. Cost for the event is


We invite you to join us for dinner

on Friday evenings. We have all-youcan-eat

chicken on the first and third

Fridays and all-you-can-eat fish on the

second and fourth Fridays. If there

is a fifth Friday, we serve a two pork

chop dinner. Doors at the Shrine Club

open at 5 p.m.

“Shriners … Having Fun and Helping


Sponsored by Smyrna Shrine Guild

For reservations call Melanie Close

at 966-3628

Deadline for reservations is June 1

JUNE 2013 21

Murat Firemen’s Club

Harry A. Morris

Welcome Nobles,

The summer is upon us and the year is almost half over.

The Imperial Session is just ahead and time is going by

so fast. We will be looking forward to fun and fellowship

with nobles from around the world.

The Brown County Summer Festival is June 6–8 and I

hope to see all of you there sitting around the pool enjoying

the weather. Brown County is a great treasure to our

state and we are so lucky to have it basically in our back


The Ringmaster’s Banquet was Friday, May 10. It was

great to see so many in attendance for this fun event.

The month of May is over; the first annual Sportsman

Raffle was a big success. I would like to thank the members

of the Firemen’s Club who helped that day. The raffle

would not have been possible without the hard work

from members of the Divan and Potentate James Priest.

The 500 Race is over and another big race and winner

is in the record books. I hope everyone had time to enjoy

the race and parade and other events in May.

Please mark your calendars now to attend the Firemen’s

Club picnic which will be held at the Whitakers’ at

Cordry Lake on Sunday, July 21. All you have to do is take

a Sunday day drive to Brown County to enjoy a day in the

sunshine. We will provide all the meat and fixings; just

bring a covered dish with something in it. We will have

soft drinks and maybe some other drinks. If you would

like a special beverage, you may want to bring that.

Take care, nobles.

RV Club

Chris Robbins

Hello Nobles,

I think spring has finally arrived. Everyone had a great

time at our shakedown campout at Timberline Campground

in Chesterfield. We had a touch of Mexico in

Indiana along the banks of the Rio Grande or really White

River. Edmundson RV donated a camping chair, which

was our grand prize that evening. Along with a contest

on speed and agility, we learned new ways to eat cookies.

And Noble Jeff Humble showed us what he could do with

panty hose and a ball—it was quite amazing.

Our Unit helped sell novelties at the Shrine Circus;

thanks to those who helped. We are looking forward to

our Round Robin May 31 to June 15. Our meetings are the

third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Come and check us

out. If you would like to find out more, you can call our

president, Dan Ouimette, at (317) 308-0244.

The owner of Timberline Campground complimented

us on being a group that thinks of others and how rare

this is today. It made me feel so very proud to be a Shriner

and to hear that said about us.

Madison County Shrine Parade

September 20, 2013

The Madison County Shrine Club is proud to join the Frankton Heritage

Days. With the Parade Season in full swing, it is our pleasure

to invite you to join us at this year’s Parade in Frankton, IN.

After the parade, you are invited to the Madison County Shrine Club

(2419 White Street) for an afternoon of fun, food and entertainment,

along with our awards presentations.

For more information contact Terry Dickey at

Madison County Shrine Club

Frankton, IN

Parade starts at 10 a.m.

Line-up 9 a.m.

Nobles and Ladies, mark your calendars

Lin and Bob Coner will host a

Summer Farm

Honoring Murat Potentate

James N. Priest

September 7

3 p.m. – Social and Hay Rides

6:30 p.m. – Dinner will be served

8 p.m. – Live Music

Come and enjoy the food, fun, and fellowship

Casual, Down on the Farm Dress

2461 West Division Road, Franklin, IN 46131



The Murat Band hopes this finds you

in good health and enjoying the springtime.

Summer is on the horizon and it

brings new adventures for the band.

Please keep Roland and Pat Chastain

in your thoughts as they recover

from a serious car accident. We missed

them at our Potentate’s and President’s

Party which was held at Primos and

organized by Second Vice President

Bob Murray. Bob did an excellent job

of hosting more than 50 people, three Past Potentates,

and Potentate Priest and his Lady Tammy. We held a silent

auction and most importantly, we took in a new Murat

Shriner, Bob LaGrange. Welcome, Bob, and thanks to Bob

Murray for an evening enjoyed by all.

Our Murat Shrine Circus also took place in April. The

Murat Band played for six shows, one hour before each

circus performance. We were able to entertain with more

than 40 selections of music, and we averaged 32.5 bandsmen

and guests at each performance. This year’s circus

band included more than 70 musicians, who also had

fun working with the Murat Chanters. Thanks to all who

helped and ensured that “The Show Must Go On.” It did!

Raymond G. Hauser

During the month of May, we played

with the 40 & 8 Band on Memorial Day

for the American Legion in Franklin, IN.

This is always a very good program and

features our own Murat Band member

Col. Jack Brown, retired former commander

of Camp Atterbury. Jack recites

General McArthur’s speech “Duty, Honor,

Country” while we accompany him

with a patriotic medley. We also pay

tribute to all of our men and women in

uniform. It is very moving.

June and July both promise to be active with the Indy

Imperial Session and our own Fun Fest in Nashville, IN.

We look forward to these new adventures and will boldly

face the challenges. Join us! We rehearse most Wednesdays.

We desperately need woodwinds, so dig out your

horn and come on down. Come and meet our newest

member, Noble Bob LaGrange.

One more thing concerning the 2013 Murat Shrine

Circus: as an inside joke, we will change the name of one

of our selections from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to “Raiders

of the DaBand’s Refrigerator.” Sorry if you missed the fun

we had at the circus.



Holiday Happenings

Style Show & Brunch

Fashions by

Coldwater Creek

Saturday, October 5

Doors open at 10 a.m.

Brunch at 11 a.m.

Tickets $18

Contact Dottie Payne


for tickets


patio party

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m.

Dance 8 p.m.


RSVP Terry Dickey ~ (765) 378-3211

JUNE 2013 23

Golf Calendar

June is here and most of us have

been playing golf for a little over

a month. Yes, some of us did play

between the April raindrops. We have

now realized that chasing that perfect

swing leading to the perfect shot may

be harder to achieve than we thought.

All of us feel very lucky when we

are able to say “it’s okay, the bunker

stopped it.”

Thanks to the Club and Unit golf

chairmen; your hard work is appreciated

and a special thanks to all who

assisted in the All Indiana Freemason

and Shrine Golf Outing at the Country

Club of Indianapolis. That was a good

warm-up for our Potentate’s outing

September 9.

Look over the golf outings below

and pick out the ones you can play.

Any questions, please contact me at

or (317) 441-5695.

June 1, Saturday—Mini-Mystics of

Johnson County at Tameka Woods Golf

Club, 4849 South 450 West, Trafalgar, IN

46181, (317) 878-4331. Cost is $55 per

player and includes green fees, 1/2 cart,

food and beverages on course. Shotgun

start at 11 a.m. Checks payable to

JCSC and send to JCSC at 751 W. King

St., Franklin, IN 46131. Contact Duane

Burgess at (317) 410-9009 or

June 7, Friday—Brown County Summer

Fest at Salt Creek Golf and Retreat

located at Hwy. 46 and Salt Creek Road,

Nashville, IN 47448, (812) 988-7888.

First tee time is 9 a.m.; cost is $40 per

player and includes green fees, 1/2

cart and lunch at the 19th hole. Just

golf, play your own ball and enjoy the

course. Contact Randall West.

June 20, Thursday—Madison County

Shrine Club at Meadowbrook Golf

Course, Anderson, IN. Shotgun start

at 11 a.m. (this is a change from last

month). Cost is $65 per player and

includes green fees, 1/2 cart, Zem-Zem

on course, prizes and the famous 1

pound pork chop dinner with all the

trimmings. Contact Dick Dawson @

(765) 378-5285, Terry Dickey @ (765)

378-3211 or Curly McNally @ (765)

378-0031. Checks payable to MCSC.

July 12, Friday—Montgomery

County Shrine Club at Rocky Ridge

Golf Club, Darlington, IN. Cost is $60

per player and yes it includes green

fees, 1/2 cart, beverages and prizes. The

scramble starts at 10 a.m. with a shotgun

start. Contact Greg Miller at (765)

366-4689 or

September 7, Saturday—Grand

Master’s Indiana Masonic Home Open.

Please save the date with details to

follow. Contact Tim Whitaker at (317)

372-2375 or ctwhitaker@embarqmail.


September 9, Monday—POTEN-



JAMES N. PRIEST. Maple Creek Country

Randall West

Club, 10501 E. 21st St., Indianapolis, IN.

This course is the former Heather Hills

Country Club and is Pete Dye’s very

first 18-hole golf course. Cost is $70 per

player and includes a golf shirt with

the Potentate’s logo, beverages, awards

and a summer luncheon to follow golf.

Dress code will be slacks or shorts (no

jeans), collared shirts and soft spikes.

Sponsorship opportunities available

starting at $50. Net proceeds donated

to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Mail

golf checks to Randall West at 8365

Sand Point Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240

or the Murat Shrine Fraternal Office,

attention Julie Grammer, 510 N. New

Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. Visa

also accepted at the Fraternal Office.

Contact Randall West, kirbygolfer@ or (317) 441-5695.

There are still plenty of dates open

for your golf outing. The last half of July

and all of August are open pending Potentate

approval. Let’s get your outing

set up and advertised.

One last thought: if you are afraid a

full shot might reach the green while

the foursome ahead of you is putting

out, you have two options—you can

immediately shank a lay-up or you can

wait until the green is clear and top the

ball half way there!

Enjoy the golf season, please support

our outings by playing or sponsorship,

and if I don’t see you before, I will

see you on the first tee.

Johnson County Shrine Club

Duane Burgess

Hello Fellow Nobles and Ladies,

Wow, can you believe it is already

June 2013! Where has the year gone?

We enjoyed a great Indy 500 and party

at the Johnson County Shrine Club on

May 26. Thanks to all who turned out

to enjoy the festivities!

As most of you know, the Johnson

County Shrine Club offers a great meal

on Friday nights. On the first Friday

night of the month, we have Prime

Rib available. That meal comes with

a baked potato, green beans, a dinner

roll, and a salad. I must say it is one of

the best meals we offer. You will notice

some new items coming to our menu

in the next few weeks. We are making

every effort to please our customers.

While visiting the Johnson County

Shrine Club, you could meet a variety

of people. You just never know who

you might run into on a Friday night.

We are also open on Wednesday, Thursday,

and Saturday nights. The doors

open at 4 p.m.

If you are a new noble who has

joined one of the greatest fraternities

in the world, come check us out. We

are very happy to make you a member!

Just be cautious because the next thing

you know, you’re running the place.

The Johnson County Shrine Club is a

family friendly club that offers a lot to

its members. I have met a lot of great

individuals at the Johnson County

Shrine Club and I consider them family.

That’s how we roll in Johnson County!

So come on out and let’s “Rock the

Johnson County Shrine Club!”

God Bless!


Directors Staff

Cody Schlomer

Hello everyone! Are you ready for

summer since the temps have seemed

to get to normal? It was great to see

everyone at the last meeting. Directors

Staff had a great time supporting the

first annual Sportsman Raffle and we

are now planning for this summer’s Paper

Crusade which will be September

20–21. Anyone wishing to volunteer

for the Crusade, please contact any of

the officers. We would like to see all

Nubians at this year’s Paper Crusade.

Be thinking about the summer

staff picnic. Further discussion is also

to follow at the next meeting. Some

Directors Staff members are going to

the Brown County Summer Fest June

6–8. Please contact Mike Adams if you

are interested or plan on going. It will

be a great time for all. Recruiting is

ongoing. We are down to two Nubians

so far this year. Please be aware that the

Murat Shrine membership open house

is on June 14. Let’s get a few good candidates

to this event and then please

invite them and your other Mason and

Shriner friends to attend a Directors

Staff meeting with you so they can

become loyal members too.



No Directors Staff meetings in June,

July or August due to being dark. Shrine

Stated meeting is June 17, 2013, at

7 p.m. at Murat Shrine, and Imperial

Session is in Indy the last week of June.

Second Session ceremonial is October

5. Please plan to assist. Our meetings

are the last Monday of each month

at 7 p.m. at the Murat temple starting

again on September 30. Have a safe and

enjoyable summer.

“Shriners … Having Fun and Helping


Madison County Shrine Club


Thursday, June 27

Meadowbrook Golf Course

11 a.m. Shotgun start

$65 per player ~ includes green fees, 1/2 cart, Zem-Zem on course, prizes

and dinner.

Dinner served at the Madison County Shrine Club at 4 p.m.

Famous 1# pork chop with trimmings

Contact Dick Dawson (765) 378-5285, Terry Dickey (765) 378-3211 or

Curly McNally (765) 378-0031. Make checks payable to Madison Co.

Shrine Club

Police Club

Randall West

The first half of 2013 was busy. Among other events, we had the Potentate’s

Ball, a successful Shrine Circus, and our first ever Sportsman Raffle. It’s time to

take a little breather, except for our very active Drill Team, and gear up for the

Imperial Session coming to town the end of this month.

Speaking of the Sportsman Raffle, what a great job by all involved, and a

very special thanks to First Vice President Fred Golgart. Fred took the lead on

obtaining a compound bow, additional gift certificates and outdoor camping

gear for the Police Club to raffle off during the Sportsman Raffle. Thanks again,

Fred, for your great effort and dedication.

The Murat Memorial Service had special meaning this year as Murat and the

Police Club lost two very active members in Sam and Rick. May they rest in


Let’s support our Drill Team; check the hot line for upcoming events or

contact Bill Pike or Grant Mumford to keep up to date on the ever changing

parade schedule. Our first ever Brown County Summer Festival starts Friday,

June 7. Book your room and enjoy our Drill Team as they parade. Your Drill

Team would love to see you there and it should be a great time for all. If nothing

else, stop by and watch them practice; however, please no more betting on

who falls first.

One note of housekeeping: if you have paid your dues but not received

your 2013 dues card, contact me ASAP. As hard as I try, sometimes things slip

through the cracks. If you have not paid your dues, please contact your wife to

get that check sent.

Some inside information regarding the Sportsman Raffle—the compound

bow was second choice; first choice was a gleaming Huffy bicycle with siren

attached owned by you know who. You know, first name Tom. However, he

refused to give up his beloved Huffy. Good thing there was a Plan B.

Remember, the Police Club is dark July and August. Enjoy your vacations but

don’t forget to sign up for the imperial Session.

Take time to read the Murat Magazine cover to cover and if I don’t see you

before, I will see you on the first Tuesday.

JUNE 2013 25

Daughters of the Nile

Ruth Ann Kelly

Have you ever strolled through the

92 County Walk at the Indiana State

Museum? If not, this might be a place

you would enjoy visiting during the

summer months. Created in 2002

from limestone, sandstone, steel and

other materials found or manufactured

in Indiana, the state’s 92 county

sculptures are incorporated into the

building’s facade, sidewalks, and even

a stair rail outside the Indiana State

Museum. Johnson County, established

in 1822, is home to the 40,351 acres

consisting of Camp Atterbury and the

wildlife preserve. Add this item on

your “to do” list for the summer.

Koran Temple will be represented

June 16–20 at the 97th Annual

Supreme Session in Grapevine, TX.

Our representative for the office

of Supreme Princess Badoura-elect,

Past Queen Cathy Rose, is elated to

have so many of our ladies and their

husbands attend this session. It is our

hope and anticipation that she will be

elected to start her journey through

the Supreme Line for Daughters of

the Nile. Past Queen Cathy, we wish

for you a safe trip to and from Texas.

Everyone is anxiously anticipating for

you to be elected the new Supreme

Officer from Koran Temple No. 30.

Our Supreme Appointee’s Luncheon

will be held on Saturday, July

13, honoring the ladies who have received

appointments for the coming

year. After the luncheon, we will have

our January 1, 2014, Stated Meeting

since it cannot be held on New Year’s

Day 2014. A practice for all officers

will be held on Friday, July 12, at 6:30

p.m. Additional information will be

forthcoming at a later date.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday,

July 17, as our sewing “Fun Trip”

for anyone who would like to attend.

Our caravan will be leaving the Murat

at 9 a.m. and will return around 5

p.m. It will be a fun-filled day and

hope many of our sewing ladies will

participate in this special sewing day.

Pam Herther will be in charge of this

trip. If you have additional questions,

contact Pam at (317) 398-4709

(home) or (317) 403-3149 (cell).

Refreshments after our Stated

Meetings will be served by the following:

September 4, the Elected

Officers and on October 2, the

Ambassadors. Our sewing luncheon

will be provided on June 12 by Past

Queens Ruth Ann Kelly and Manuella

Jefferson. Please note the change in

the sewing date from the third to the

second Wednesday in June due to

Supreme Session. Past Queen Frances

Marshall and Princess Tirzah Edna

Betzler will serve as hostesses on

Wednesday, September 18.

Final thought: You know you are

over the hill when the only whistles

you get are from the tea kettle.

Corvette Club

Greetings Nobles from the Corvette Club!

What a great day all of us had! Fifteen Corvette Club members and 13 cars met

at the scenic Putnam Park Road Course on April 27 to participate in the “Wounded

Warrior Ride.” Thanks all around to the organizers: Danny Diehl, Mike McArthur, David

Heacox, and to Rob Fike of the Porsche Club for inviting us to join in the event.

There was lots of “track time” and I think we had as much fun as those we took for

a “ride.” If you missed it, we are planning to return in the fall. Our president, Noble

Bruce Smith, wants to apologize to Harry Bond for setting such a blistering pace.

By the time this article appears, members of the Club will have participated in

the Pigeon Forge parade and will be getting ready to participate in the first annual

Brown County Summer Fest—I know Harry Bond will be happy to see us all there

June 6–8. He has been quite instrumental in planning for this event. We will be

parading on Saturday, June 8.

I hope everyone is making plans to parade at the Imperial Session, July 1. All 43

members would make an impressive sight on the streets of downtown Indy.

We invite all Shriners to check out our Club, which meets at 7 p.m. the third

Tuesday of each month at Murat Shrine. Come early for dinner and enjoy some fellowship

before and after meeting in the Murat Oasis Room. Remember, you do not

have to own a Corvette to join our Club or participate in our activities. Come join

us; we would love to have you. For Event and Parade details or Membership information,

contact David Heacox @ (317) 507-1564 or e-mail him at

“Shriners … Having Fun & Helping Kids.”

Richard “Gunner” Condre


JUNE 2013 27


Imperial Comes to Indy …

and we need your help.

Jeff Zaring, P.P. ~ Director General

June 30, 2013 – The 139th Imperial Council Session is called to

order in Indianapolis.

July 4, 2013 – Imperial Sir John A. Cinotto is installed as Imperial

Potentate of Shriners International and CEO of Shriners Hospitals

for Children, the third Murat noble to rise to this high office.

And what else happens in those five days in 2013? A lot of

nobles and their families have a whole lot of fun in a great city, but

only if we do our part. That means volunteers. It doesn’t take a

great commitment, and it will be fun!

Nobles and ladies, consider which of these opportunities is best

for you and contact the chairman:


– Wednesday, July 3) Mike Metzger, metzgermskay@sbcglobal.

net or (317) 894-8363


June 28 – Tuesday, July 2) Bud Abel,,

(317) 319-7673, or (317) 784-2944



Thursday, July 5) Luke Whitehouse, luke_whitehouse@yahoo.

com or (317) 828-7572

• PARADE (Monday, July 1) Mike McLaughlin, mcmcl@aol.

com or (317) 796-0331



(Wednesday, July 4, and Thursday, July 5) Mark Bartolovich, or (317) 410-4451


NING COORDINATION (Sunday, June 30, and Tuesday,

July 2) Jeff Zaring, or (317) 370-1332


June 21, and Saturday, June 22; Friday, June 28, and Saturday,

June 29) Jeff Zaring, or (317) 370-1332


SALES (Sunday, June 30 – Thursday, July 4) Jeff Zaring,

or (317) 370-1332

If you are open to any volunteer opportunity, send an e-mail to Give us your name, mailing address,

landline telephone, mobile telephone, and e-mail address.

Many Shriners remember the 1995 Imperial Session and how

much fun they had in Indianapolis. If only they knew how much

has happened since they last visited. We have new hotels, new restaurants,

new shopping, and new museums. We even held a practice

event to make sure we were ready for the Shriners, and the Super

Bowl went pretty well.

Check out the 2013 Web site at, and

volunteer today. Let’s make Imperial Sir John and Lady Margaret

even more proud of Murat Shriners.


JUNE 2013 29


JUNE 2013 31


photos by Dave McKinney

APRIL stated meeting

Queen Doris Daniel of Koran Temple #30, Daughters of

the Nile, along with Past Queen Cathy Rose, presents

Potentate James Priest with a $500 check for the Murat

Transportation Fund.

Three checks were given to Potentate James Priest by

High Priestess Judy Taflinger at the April installation of

Tarum Court #15, Ladies Oriental Shrine. The first was

for $1,822 for Camp Ytiliba, the second was $415 for

memorials at the Cincinnati Hospital, and the third for

Cerebral Palsy research at the Tampa Hospital.

Kentucky Colonels

Dennis Scott


– All members should have received

their tickets to sell for the race.

Please try to sell as many tickets as

you can and get the money turned

in. All proceeds go to the Club for its

operation. With this fundraiser we are

able to keep the dues at their present

amount. If you need more tickets, we

will have them available at the June

Stated Meeting. The drawing will be

held in August.


19 was the annual open house at

Lexington Hospital. Several members

and their ladies attended. The day was

filled with fun and good eats along

with tours of the hospital. The day

ended with a parade of units from

several temples for patients and Masonic

family alike.

PARADE UNIT – We are getting

closer to our first parade as Kentucky

Colonels. Ernie Condra brought his

trailer to the May meeting so we

could look it over. The banner advertising

our hospitals is done and we

have the Kentucky Colonels flag and

American flag to wave in the wind.

We need Colonels to ride the trailer

in their white suits at the Brown

County Summer Festival, Imperial

parade, and Great Lakes parade in

Cincinnati. If you are interested,

please contact our president, Mike

Waldrip, or me.


HOSPITALS – On August 14, we are

partnering with White Castle in a

special event to raise money for our

hospitals. All the information can be

found in the ad in the June magazine.

Let’s try to man at least one store. All

donations will go to the three hospitals

we serve in Chicago, Lexington,

and Cincinnati.

See you at the next meeting.


JUNE 2013 33



June 2013

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Murpah Shrine


2 3 4 5 6 7 8

––––––––––––––––Red Skelton Centennial Celebration in Vincennes–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

––––––––––Brown County Summer Festival––––––––––––––

Texas Hold’em

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Murat Open

House 7 p.m.

Band Night

8 p.m.

AASR District

Degree Day –


(Fellowship Lodge)

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Board Meeting



7 p.m.

23 24 25 26 27 28


Madison County

Shrine Club Golf




AASR Council of



July 2013

Sun. 30- 139th Imperial Session

Fri. 5 Indianapolis

Sat. 13

Fri. 26-

Sat. 27

Texas Hold’em

Lexington Hospital

Open House

August 2013

Thu. 1

Sat. 10

Wed. 14

Sat. 17

The current Murat calendars for 2013 are available at

Deadline for Sept.


Texas Hold’em

Shriners Hospitals/White

Castle Day

Jerry Markovich

Memorial Bike Ride

Mon. 19- AASR Supreme Council

Wed. 21 Meeting

Fri. 23- Logansport Shrine Club

Sat. 24 Frolic

Sat. 31 Murat Shrine/Grand

Master One-Day Class

September 2013

Tue. 3 Deadline for Oct.


Fri. 6 AASR Bean Supper

Sat. 7 Coner Farm Party for Murat

Sun. 8 Indiana Masonic Home


Mon. 9 Potentate’s Golf Outing

Wed. 11- Great Lakes Shrine

Sun. 15 Association Ceremonial


Mon. 16 Board Meeting

Stated Meeting 7 p.m.

Fri. 20- Murat Paper Crusade

Sat. 21

October 2013

Tue. 1 Deadline for Nov.


Sat. 5 Potentate’s One-Day

Prather York Rite Class

Sat. 12 Texas Hold’em

Sat. 19 Full Form Ceremonial

Mon. 21 Board Meeting

Stated Meeting 7 p.m.

JUNE 2013 35

The Murat Temple

510 N. New Jersey St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Non-Profit Org.



Murat Temple

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