Pre-departure Preparation
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Pre-departure Preparation

Things To Do At UNL

Travel Preparation

While You Are Abroad

When You Return

Things To Do At UNL

Plan your academic program

Enroll for study abroad through WAM by “Special Waiver”

Arrange financial aid and scholarships

Pay program costs

Budget for additional costs of studying abroad

Appoint Power-of-Attorney

Notify the Housing Office

Arrange for student services

Officially change your address with UNL

File your itinerary with International Affairs (IA)

File the Media Information Form

Provide someone at home with information about your program

File copies of your passport and Power-of-Attorney

Travel Preparation

Obtain necessary immigration documents

Health and medical preparations

Make transportation arrangements

Purchase the International Student I.D. Card (ISIC)

Review your insurance

Make arrangements to take sufficient money overseas

Plan your packing

While You Are Abroad

Keep track of course information

Stay in touch

Staying abroad longer than planned

Register for semester after you return

When You Return

Complete and submit evaluation report

Update your local address with UNL and IA

Validate credit when your transcript arrives

Organize photos and mementos

Get involved with international activities on campus

Check in with us

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