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Indiana Renewal of Member's zipForm 6 Software

IndianaRenewalofMember’szipForm6Software February2012ZipLogixHelpDesk=1‐800‐383‐9805 6. IfyouareunsureofyourpasswordyoumayalsoresetyourzipFormpasswordbyclickingon “ResetPassword”. 7. Onthisscreenyouwillbeabletoenteranewpassword(orusethesameoneasyouhadbefore, ifyouaren’tsure).Pleasekeepthepasswordforyourrecordsasyouwillneedtousethis passwordtocompletethesync. HOWTOSYNCHRONIZEYOURZIPFORM6STANDARDEDITIONTOZIPFORM6PROFESSIONALEDITION 1. OpenyourzipForm6Standardeditionasyounormallydo. 2. ClickontheOPTIONSiconlocatedintheToolstab. Page4

IndianaRenewalofMember’szipForm6Software February2012ZipLogixHelpDesk=1‐800‐383‐9805 3. FromtheAccounttab,enteryourzipForm®6Professionalusernameandpasswordunderthe zipForm®6ProfessionalAccountsectionthenclickontheOKbutton. ThiswillconnectyourzipForm6StandardEditiontoyourzipForm6ProfessionalEdition 4. NowclickontheFiledropdownmenu.ThenselectManageFiles. 5. ClickontheIncludeOnlineFilescheckboxsothatthereisacheckinthebox. Page5

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