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Volume 8 • Issue 1


PRESIDENT Sister Shawn Lee, MA

PRINCIPAL Joseph A. Waler, MA











CHAIR Robert Kehoe

Dr. Andrea Deis, ‘83

David Giambrone

Sr. Rosemary Hocevar OSU

Ann Marie Hricko, ‘94

Sister Mary Alice Jarosz ‘63

Sister Shawn Lee ‘62

Joseph Lewandowski ‘94

Thomas Rybicki

Don Smith

Mary Jo Sullivan

Sister Francis Therese Woznicki ‘49


EDITOR Sarah Szweda



Tradition Magazine

Barb Dottore

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by Catherine

Unique, one of a kind

Wedding and Anniversary Blessings

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wrien and designed by Sister

Catherine Brion.

Pieces can be personalized with names

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Greeting Cards

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Phone: 216.662.3290 •



Recently I viewed a video entitled Celebrate

What’s Right with the World. In this video, a

National Geographic photographer named Dewitt

Jones reflects on the importance of approaching

each day with the creative imagination that leads us

to expect the unfolding of wonderful possibilities.

He disagrees with the truism that seeing is believing.

He posits instead the reverse: when we believe,

then we will see, or putanother way, we will see

what we believe.

As I watched the video and as I reflected on what I wanted to share with you

in this message, I was also acutely aware of how this approach to life is so

very unlike the one we are confronted with on an almost daily basis.

We are confronted daily by the effects of suicide bombers and other forms

of terrorism. There is not a day that goes by that the news is not filled with

stories of crime, desperation, and sadness. Some of the evil that confronts us

is corporate; some is personal.

It would be foolhardy to deny the pain that is all around us. But it would be

truly Christian to see beyond it to the genuine goodness that so often exists

side by side with what could be so discouraging.

What a difference it would make in our own lives and in the world around us

if we could truly believe in the good-heartedness of each person..., if we could

truly be amazed at the beauty of the material world..., if we could see the

aspiring saint in each person we meet..., and if all people and situations we

meet each day could be handled as priceless fragile glass.

The Christmas season which we have just celebrated provides us with an apt

illustration of the truth that we will see what we believe. Many centuries

ago, some believed, and so they saw God in the Child. Perhaps that is also

our challenge: to believe and therefore to see the God who is everywhere and

in so many ways comes to us each day.

My hope and prayer for each of you, for all of us, at the beginning of this new

year is that we would be blessed with that kind of belief and that kind of

seeing that will enable us to celebrate what’s right with the world.


Sister Shawn Lee,


Cover: Trinity’s new Alumni Leadership Team (clockwise from top left):

Kara Simone, Bill Svoboda, Sarah Szweda, Sister Shawn Lee, Patrick Straffen,

Barb Dottore, Lynn Bacho, Jerry Schuplinski, Nadine Pekarek





happy hour

Missed the fun in 2005? Join members from the classes of 1980 to 2002 on

March 24, 2006 at 6 p.m. to make up for lost time! Trinity will host its first Young

Alumni Happy Hour of 2006 at the Winking Lizard in Independence on Rockside

Road. For questions, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 216.581.1644, ext. 140.



Don’t miss this fun-filled family activity at 10 a.m. on April 1, 2006 to celebrate the

Easter season. The event includes a hot breakfast, your picture with the Easter

Bunny, crafts and more! Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 216.581.1644, ext.

140 to make your reservation.

Join the Trinity community on May 5, 2006 to celebrate our first annual Out of the

Blue Benefit. Doors open at 6 p.m. To reserve your tickets to this important event,

call the Office of Alumni Relations at 216.581.1644, ext. 140.




Realty One

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Giambrone Masonry, Inc.

Specializing in masonry and stone design and installation

for institutional, commercial and industrial needs.

10000 Aurora-Hudson Road

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Phone: 216.475.1200


Gibson, Brelo, Ziccarelli, & Martello

Litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation,

domestic relations, criminal defense, wills and trusts.

55 Public Square, Suite 2075

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Phone: 216.696.0800

Fax: 216.696.0702


Marymount Child Care Center, Inc.

Child care and preschool ages 18 months to five years.

Summer program for ages 3-12. State licensed.

12215 Granger Road

Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

Phone: 216.581.3540

Fax: 216.581.4264





I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to

Trinity and the great people there for sending in

some donations. I have been stationed in Biloxi

for two years now and when Katrina hit, my

mission changed from one of training to one of

rescue and recovery. When I heard that Trinity

had participated with other organizations to

send aid, I couldn’t have been more proud to be

an alumnus.

The Trojan spirit is alive and well, and you guys

and gals ROCK!

Thank you again,

Patrick M. McKimmie, USAF


Eleanore Smyczek Neubert celebrated

50 years as a practicing attorney in

Northfield, Ohio in 2004. She was

admitted to the Barristers Golden Circle

of Case Western Reserve University in

June 2004. She also celebrated 50 years

of marriage to Richard L. Neubert on

September 25, 2004. Eleanore and

Richard have two daughters, Rosemary

Potts and Ursula Smigelski and

five grandchildren.


Genevieve Capadona Bures enjoyed the

Summer 2005 issue of Tradition with

Sister Illuminata on the cover. She says

that Sister Illuminata’s picture took her

right back to her high school days.

Sister Illuminata was a no-nonsense

teacher, who could be great fun when

the work was done. Genevieve also

caught Mike Gierlach on page 6 as he

graduated from Trinity. John and Ella

Gierlach were her next door neighbors

for years and she remembers Mike

fondly and wishes him well. Genevieve

calls herself a lesson in procrastination,

received at Marymount High School for

helping her become a better teacher.


David Kruzel has been married to

Sunny Metzger for 11 years. They have

triplets who are 2 1/2 years old. Their

names are Stephie, Lexi and Daniel.

Dave is a contract coordinator for

hospitals with Baxter International and

Sunny is a busy stay-at-home mom.


Kimberly Krebs Burris and her husband

Lonny celebrated 15 years of marriage

on May 26, 2005. They have a

daughter, Emilia “Emma” (6) and three

sons, twins Ayden and Simon (5) and

Max (1). They live in Massillon, Ohio.

Joe Ratcliff has been married for 11

years to Gretchen Wilk. The couple

resides in Valley City, Ohio with their

children. On April 27, 2005 they

welcomed their daughter, Isabella

Marie Ratcliff to their lives. Abigail

Mae (9) and Sullivan Christian (7)

round out the family. Joe is the

Jeff Zika 1991, also responded to the disaster

left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He has

been working on the gulf coast town of Pass

Christian in Mississippi. Zika has gone down

twice, hauling cargo through the driving rain,

and is planning to go back.

With a rented trailer and a borrowed pickup

truck, Zika also recruited pal Tom DaDante, a

Padua grad; a physician’s assistant and a

vascular surgeon, both colleagues from the

Cleveland Clinic, where Zika is an RN in the

intensive care unit conducting research on

clinical outcomes. They ran a clinic, treating

about 175 people. Some would stand in lines

for 12 hours a day, waiting for the basics: food,

water and medicine. While the media spotlight

long since diminished, the tragedy is still very

real for thousands of families.

“The need is close to unchanged,” Zika said.

“People who stayed through the storm, or

returned after to find their houses in ruins, are

living in their yards in tents and tarps and, if

they’re lucky, RVs and trailers. Everything is

brown, shattered, covered in mud, and stinks to

high heaven from decaying in the 100° heat.” To

learn how you can help, visit Zika’s website at



having completed two years at Ohio

University. She took time out to start

her business. Twenty three years later

she will finally complete her university

studies and receive her degree in Fire

Science from Capital University.

Genevieve became the first female

Certified Fire Investigator in the United

States and the first female member of

the Board of Directors of both the Ohio

Arson School and the Ohio Chapter of

the International Association of Arson

Investigators. Marymount prepared her

well for life and she is eternally grateful

to the Sisters who realized, even before

she and her fellow students did, that

they had great potential. Genevieve

enjoys reading the alumni news and

looks forward to her 50th reunion.


Audrey Ann Mallinak McHale has been

listed in both the eighth and ninth

issues of Who’s Who Among America’s

Teachers. Only two percent of America’s

teachers make it into more than one

edition of this publication. Audrey is

starting her 35th year as an elementary

school teacher for the Parma City School

District. She credits the education she



General Manager of a national on-line

mortgage bank called

James Tyminski has become a partner

in the law firm of Gallagher Sharp.

After seven years in the insurance

industry, James joined the firm as

an Associate in March of 1999 and is

active in the firm’s Transportation and

General Litigation Practice Groups. He

represents businesses, insurance

companies, and individuals in a wide

variety of civil litigation. He also

defends trucking companies and

railroads, and their insurers

throughout Ohio in matters involving

personal injury, wrongful death,

property damage, accident site

investigations, cargo claims, motor

carrier regulations, and liability for

owner operators. James received his

law degree from Cleveland-Marshall

College of Law in 1998, and his

undergraduate degree from John

Carroll University in 1991. He is a

member of the Ohio State and Geauga

County Bar Associations as well as the

Transportation Lawyers Association.


Jim and his wife Christine live in

Chardon with their 2 1/2 year-old son

Elliott, their 6-month old daughter Gray,

and three dogs and two horses.


Patrick J. Gilday, SJ, pronounced his

perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and

obedience in the Order of the Jesuits

Society of Jesus on August 14, 2005 at

Gesu Church in Detroit Michigan.


Lisa Cancasci (daughter of Kathy

(Mack) Cancasci ’72) married Ryan

Beck on October 9, 2004 at Saints Peter

and Paul Church in Garfield Heights.

THS alums in attendance included

bridesmaid Lisa (Lucas) Schell ’93

(pictured below), Dawn (Zelasko) and

Milton Lorring ’94, Julie (Downing) and

Craig Gordon ’94, and Joe

Lewandowski ’94. Lisa and Ryan

bought their first home in Liberty

Township, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati)

last spring. Lisa currently works as an

Art Director for Sunrise Advertising,

and Ryan is an Aerospace Engineer

for GE Aircraft Engines. Lisa can be

reached at


Timothy Fredmonsky graduated from

the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in

Valley View, Ohio. In conjunction with

his education there he interned at

various radio and TV stations including

Mix 106.5, WTAM 1100, the old Jammin’

92.3, now Extreme Radio, and WRRO in

Warren, which has now become WFAN,

a sports talk station. Tim also interned

in TV for Adelphia, WEWS

Newschannel 5, and on three separate

occasions, interned and got paid by

ESPN to assist with their broadcast.

After graduation, he worked as a

video editor/shooter/producer for the

Cleveland Cavaliers from January 1999

to August 2003. He has directed Gund

Arena Events such as the Moondog

Coronation Ball, WWE wrestling, MAC

Tournament Basketball and the

Cleveland Barons. He has also worked

at the Cleveland Browns from its new

inception in 1999 to the present in the

capacity as Avid Editor, replay operator,

technical director, as well as directing

from time to time. After graduating

from OCB in 1998, Tim became an

instructor assistant, then a video

instructor, and since September 2004,

he has become the Education

Coordinator for the Ohio Center for

Broadcasting, in essence, the

“principal” of their Cleveland campus.

Timothy also worked on THS

publications when he was at Trinity

High School as a student. On a

personal note, Tim states that he

wouldn’t be where he is today if it

wasn’t for Trinity and the Ohio Center

for Broadcasting; both provided

well-rounded educations and gave him

the opportunity to succeed in his field.

Raymond Voelker is thankful that he

made the choice of Trinity High School

back when he was a freshman. He

chose our school for the cutting edge

computer technology he knew he

would experience, and sure enough

he has made a career of working with

computers. After graduating from the

University of Dayton, he was hired by

the university as a Web Information

Specialist at Roesch Library, University

of Dayton.


Jessica Buxton graduated from

Vanderbilt University School of

Nursing with a MSN degree in August

2004. She currently lives in Baltimore,

MD and works with a Pediatrician in

Frederick, MD as a Pediatric

Nurse Practitioner.


Jessica Blankenship earned a

bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies

from Kent State University in 2003.

She is entering her third and final year

of law school at University of Akron

School of Law. She is currently

working at the law offices of Bevan

& Associates in Northfield. Jessica

recently got engaged to fellow law

student Jeff Bacon and will be

getting married in 2007.

Cornelius Talley and Nigel Sewell

(2000) were married on September 3,

2005. The couple already has two sons,

Robert (3 years) and Aiden (1 year).

The family resides in Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania where Cornelius is a

funeral director and Nigel is a soux

chef at Soho Restaurant.




John Talion and his wife Angela welcomed their third

child into this world. Ava Gabrielle Talion joins

siblings Erica, 5 and John Jr., 3.


Theresa Henn Day and her husband Travis welcomed

the arrival of their first child, Dylan, born July 18, 2005.

Dawn Mis Keske and her husband Joe would like

to announce the birth of their first child, Cameron

James. He was born on June 25, 2005.

Jennifer Brasdovich Torok and her husband Terre

welcomed a baby boy named Lleyton Andrew Torok

on August 26, 2005. He was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and

19 inches.


Amanda Giersz and Jason Toth had a daughter on

March 30, 2005, named Avary Rose Toth.


We extend prayers and sympathy to the

family members of our deceased alumni.


Rita Jankowski Lexa - October 15, 2003


Joan Brown Caroniti

Julia (Zielaskiewicz) Soska passed away suddenly

on November 11, 2005. She leaves behind her loving

husband, Paul, and children Paul, Denise (‘82),

Debbie (‘83), Greg (‘86), Chris (‘87) and Nicole (‘90).


Caroline “Carrie” Zielinski Mugnano (‘60) died on July

12, 2005, after a 6 1/2 year battle with breast cancer.

She leaves behind her husband of 38 years, John and

two adult children, Michelle and John along with four

grandsons. She and John were both active members

of Saint Clare Church in Lyndhurst. Carrie was on the

40th Marymount Reunion committee in 2000.


Marie Hauler Printy

Planning a Class Reunion?

Trinity can help you get started.

If you’re planning a class reunion, call the

Office of Alumni Relations at 216.581.1644,

ext. 140. We’ll help you with the initial

mailing, provide address labels for your

classmates and provide the atrium, teacher’s

lounge/courtyard for the social evening!



bridging the generations

the new alumni leadership

here is a new energy at Trinity High School, and our alumni have noticed the difference. Hundreds of Marymount and

TTrinity students are reconnecting with their alma mater, and it’s just the beginning. The retirement of Patrick Riley as director of

alumni relations led to the creation of Trinity’s new alumni board. Comprised of faculty and staff members, who happen to also

be alums of the school, the board has been busy planning a slate of year-round special events.

Trinity kicked off the fall football season at our new home stadium in Bedford, and what better way to welcome back our alumni!

Our faculty and staff marveled at seeing some of our favorite students return to help us celebrate this new chapter in Trinity

athletics. We loved seeing you!

For the first time in years, Homecoming 2005 was truly a homecoming for hundreds of alums, who joined us in celebrating the

1980 state football championship. A mixer the Friday before at the Winking Lizard in Independence attracted alums from the

80s, 90s and today, who met and mingled during a night of friendship and camaraderie. The next afternoon, alums gathered for

a cookout at the stadium and then took their seats to watch the Trojans battle it out against Holy Name. The mixer was such a

popular event that another one was scheduled for November.

Breakfast with Santa also attracted a large crowd, with old friends and new faces gathering to celebrate the holidays with their

little ones. Be sure to mark you calendars for our upcoming young alumni happy hour, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, and the

Out of the Blue Benefit, all slated for spring 2006!

“A few people asked me if I had gone to any of the Alumni events,” said Stacey Wolfe ‘89. “When I ask ‘Why didn’t you go?’ the

most common answer is, ‘Well, I didn’t know if anyone I went to school with would be there; I wasn’t sure if I’d know anyone.

“I’m fortunate to have a great group of friends who have continued a friendship throughout these years since graduating from

high school,” Wolfe said. “I couldn’t imagine my life without them. When people ask me or say to me, ‘Wow, all of you still keep

in touch?’ or ‘You guys still talk?’. It makes me very proud to say yes, and then I realize how lucky I am.”

Thanks to our work with Harris Connect, our alumni database is now up to date. Alums can expect email invitations and news

on upcoming events, delivered right to their inboxes. Make sure to check out our website at for a listing of alumni

events! We are even posting information on the popular reunion site Not online? Not to worry, you’ll still

receive Trinity news the old-fashioned way.



Class of 1955 Class of 1965 Class of 1985


The class of 1955 had their 50th Class Reunion on September 18, 2005. Attendees celebrated Mass and had dinner at Dimitri’s

Restaurant. Each attendee received an engraved clock and memory book. Members of the class traveled from California, Texas,

Arizona, Illinois and Florida.


Marymount’s Class of 1965 held their 40th reunion celebration on Saturday, October 1, 2005 at the Signature of Solon, with 34

classmates attending the event. Each woman had a chance to talk about their personal past forty years, leaving us all with the

realization that we truly are an amazing, accomplished, adventurous, and gregarious group of women! If you would like to be

involved in planning our next get-together, be sure to update your mailing address with the Office of Alumni Relations.


Hawaiian-style fare highlighted the Class of 1985’s luau-themed 20 year reunion, celebrated this past September during the

Labor Day weekend. The Astorhurst Picnic Grove hosted 51 classmates and their guests with an informal celebration,

complete with nostalgic 80’s music and plenty of reminiscing with old friends! View photos from the reunuion at


The Class of 1995 met this summer to reunite with former friends and classmates. Seventy five classmates and their spouses

met at the Winking Lizard on August 5 to reminisce about old times and catch up on ten years of each other’s lives. On

August 6 classmates met again to enjoy a formal night of dinner and dancing at the Knights of Columbus Hall.



The Trinity community thanks you for your donation.

$1,000.00 or more

Andrea Deis (1983)

Leonard Gruszczynski (1984)

Sr. Shawn Lee (1962)

Janice Maher

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Maher

Jeffrey and Karen Sanson

Deanne Sutula Smith (1966)

Joseph and Nancy Waler

Mr. and Mrs. David Walkowiak

Bill and Linda Watkins

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Elaine Mark Koves (1960)

Dolores Golenieski Kozlowski (1949)

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Marie Lesisz

Jackie Bretland Levanduski (1974)

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Sr. Sandra LoPorto (1962)

Mr. and Mrs. Phat Luu

Josephine Dusek Magyar (1951)

Jennifer Mahnic (1997)

Sr. Joan of Arc Majkrzak (1954)

Sr. Dian Majsterek (1955)

Sr. Felicia Mann (1949)

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David Manzo (1982)

Kathleen Czech Marshall (1981)

Mr. and Mrs. David Marunowski

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Daniel Offutt (1993)

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Sr. Mary Raymond

Guy and Patricia Riegling

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Dennise and John Strobl

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Mildred Pfeiffer Wojtila (1949)

Francis Therese Woznicki (1949)

Carol Ann Smola Yoder (1954)

Anne Marie Zadrazil (1978)

Carole Mrozinski Zanath (1958)

Eleanore Suchy Zavodny (1945)

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Zebrowski

Patricia Slack Zidar (1955)

Sr. Jane Zoltek (1948)


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