Ever Renewing a Lasting - Trinity High School

Alumni Reconnect at Several Special Events

homecoming 2006

It was truly a homecoming for more than 100 alumni and their families as they gathered at Trinity’s home stadium

to celebrate Homecoming 2006. A special tent was set up in the endzone during halftime for alumni to meet and

greet, as well as enjoy pizza, pop and snacks provided by the Alumni Association. To begin receiving your own

personal alumni invitations via email, go to to register.


Students, faculty and staff gathered,

along with almost 30 alumni, to

remember departed loved ones during

our annual All Saints/All Souls Day

Liturgy. Trinity graduates reconnected

with the school they called home,

and found a certain peace in the

embrace of our loving family.


Over Thanksgiving break, 2005 Trinity

grad Kyle Komer was feeling nostalgic.

“A lot of my friends and I missed the

retreat feeling that we had while we

were at Trinity,” he said. “I had the idea

that as the Class of ‘05, we should do

something to rekindle our faith.” So,

Komer and classmates Derrick Moore

“The Mass on November 1 was a very moving experience

for me,” said 1992 graduate Judy Lasecki. “Not only was I

remembering my mom, but I was also thinking about all the great

times I had at Trinity High School. It was nice to talk with some

of my ‘old’ teachers, meet some new teachers, and see all the

students taking an active role in the Mass,” Lasecki said. “The

choir and music were beautiful! Often during the liturgy, I found

myself remembering all the wonderful liturgies and Masses I

experienced when I was a student.”

“From the moment I received the invitation letter, to the ending

of the Mass, I felt truly blessed to be a part of such a caring and

supportive community,” she said. “That old Trinity pride and

spirit came back to me once again. What a special and loving

tribute to my mom! She always loved Trinity and I’m sure she

was smiling down from heaven on that day.”

and Eric Wunderle planned a prayer

service over Christmas Break, when the

majority of their class would be home

from college. “Everything worked out

beautifully in the chapel,” Komer said.

“We had about 30 former students

attend. I plan on making this an annual

event where each graduating class will

be involved.”


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