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Exhibitor Prospectus - Irrigation Association

Booth Space Assignment


Booth space will be assigned in

June 2012 based on the following


1. Booth space will be assigned

based on the priority point


2. Space will be assigned first to

exhibiting companies whose

booth space contracts have been

received on or before June 1.

3. Booth space location preferences

and requests for space proximity

with other exhibiting firms will

be considered. (Companies have

until June 1 to give IA their booth

space choices and coordinate

their space requests with any

affiliates or other companies

who need to be located

adjacent to them, choose their

preferred spaces and return their


4. Space requests on booth space

contract received after the

initial space assignment will be

assigned on a first-come, firstserved

basis until all booth space

is sold.

5. IA reserves the right to relocate

an exhibitor’s booth space due

to modifications of the exhibit

facility, fire marshal regulations

or any other reason in the best

interest of the overall exhibition.

Priority Point System

The priority point system is

applicable to IA-member exhibitors

only and is used to determine the

order of booth space assignment.

Booth space for nonmembers is

assigned on a first-come, first-served

basis after member assignments.

How to Earn Points

Base points are earned for dollars spent on IA membership dues, booth

space, sponsorships and advertising. Points are accumulated over three

calendar years prior to the show. Companies earn one point for each dollar

spent in 2011, 0.667 points for each dollar spent in 2010 and 0.333 for each

dollar spent in 2009.

Bonus points are earned for each of the following: (calculated as a

percentage of total base points)

• Additional 40% for platinum membership.

• Additional 30% for gold membership.

• Additional 20% for silver membership.

• Additional 10% for bronze membership.

• Additional 10% if company has exhibited in each of the three years

prior to the 2012 show.

• Additional 5% if company has exhibited in two of the three years prior

to the 2012 show.

Point Assignment

Points are assigned to the member company that earned them. Points

are transferable from one member to a subsidiary or parent company

at IA’s discretion; transfer requests must be accompanied by written

documentation of the corporate relationship.

Booth Space Fees



$1,975 per 10' x 10' space

$5,085 per 10' x 10' space

Late Fee: $350 after Aug. 28

Additional member discounts may apply. Please see the booth space

contract for details (p. 7). To qualify for member price and discounts, your

membership dues must be paid through Dec. 2012, or you must submit a

membership application (p. 11) with your booth space contract.



Nearly three-quarters of 2011

show attendees say they are

likely to purchase a product

or service from an Irrigation

Show exhibitor as a result of

contacts made at the 2011

Irrigation Show.

5 2012 Irrigation Show

2012 Irrigation Show 5

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