Speed Skating

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2012 v1 Inline Skating Solutions - TimeTronics

Speed Skating

(2013 v1)

MacFinish for Speed Skating


A photo-finish for speed skating requires an easy user

interface to have a fast analysis of the finish passing as

well as a high vertical resolution to recognize the

participants in the fastest possible way. For this reason

the MacFinish 2D 300 is a good choice, as it contains

256Mbyte of internal memory and if required up to

2Gbyte and up to 4.300 frames per second recording


It is further an understatement to say that the MacFinish

2D versions make the hardware setup easier and faster

than ever before; you place the camera with lens on a

tripod, connect the battery, the Ethernet cable to your

portable PC and your setup is complete. Also notice the

large advantage of the overview window, which shows

(a part of ) the whole race and your selection inside the

(zoomed) photo window. Optionally you can use the

MacFinish Ethernet with a wireless connection to your

(portable) PC, by using a 2,4 GHz WIFI interface


The MacFinish 2D series uses all the knowledge from our

MacFinish II generation in combination with the latest

technology in sensor development. The 2 dimensional

(2D) sensor known in the digital photo and digital video

market is now used to build a state of the art photo

finish system.

Oostende 2013

22th—31th August 2013


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