Kalamata 2015 - Program Book

International Choir Competition and Festival Kalamata 2015 October 14 – 18, 2015 | Kalamata, Greece Voices and melodies under the Southern Sun INTERKULTUR’s first international choir competition in Greece – host is the romantic city of Kalamata located on the southern Peloponnese peninsula. Vibrant, calm and idyllic is not necessarily a contradiction as Kalamata demonstrates in an impressive way. Narrow lanes, a historic old town and the Apostles Church of the 12th century characterize this city and last but not least the sea, the mountains, the wine and the olives. Singing in the land of gods – this event combines the advantages of an international choir competition with concert possibilities in a culturally significant city. This international competition offers categories of different levels of difficulty, line-ups and musical genres as well as a relaxed atmosphere with different nations against the impressive backdrop of this South European region.

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