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Relive the past with all your senses and take

home thousands of new impressions.

You are welcome

to use our audio


Available in the

Museum shop.

Watch out kids!

Wherever Sam appears with

his lamb, there will be something

for you to discover or


Daily Events

~ Free guided tours for the public (in German):

Daily at 2.30 pm, in August also at 11.30 am.

~ Mill demonstration: Daily at 11.15 am, 12.15 am and 2.15 pm.

~ Demonstration of Black Forest cooking in the Falkenhof: Daily

from 11.00 am – 2.30 pm, from mid-May till mid-September.

~ Daily craftsmen demonstrations: Museum visitors are invited

to witness traditional crafts. Every day from May to September

from 11.00 am – 5.00 pm.

~ Museum workshop for families:

In the Hotzenwaldhaus, under expert guidance, the museum guests can make

various items and objects, from cuckoo pipes and water wheels to lanterns,

there‘s a wide range to choose from! Open daily from 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum! You will find

an ashtray at the kiosk.

Private photographers are welcome. Please register if you wish to take photos

for commercial purposes as the approval of the museum management is


01 Hippenseppenhof built in 1599

Furtwangen-Katzensteig, 920 m ASL

clocks and traditional costumes in the Black Forest /

Black Forest cabinet / child herders

02 Farm chapel built in 1736

03 Storehouse of the upper Black Forest

built around 1590

04 Day labourer’s cottage built in 1819

Oberprechtal, 550 m ASL

How the house was moved to the museum: documentation

of “building relocation in semi-assembled state”

05 Schauinslandhaus built in 1730

Schauinsland, 1100 m ASL

Schnefler craft (Woodworker, folklore and tradition)

06 Falkenhof built in 1737

Dreisamtal, 530 m ASL

dairy and livestock farming in the Black Forest /

historical and modern light sources, a comparison /

childhood in the Black Forest

07 Hotzenwaldhaus built in 1756

Hotzenwald, 920 m ASL

textile handicraft in the Black Forest / museum

workshop for families and children / children’s

memorabilia loft

08 Vogtsbauernhof built in 1612

Original site, Gutach valley, 260 m ASL

Störhandwerk (typical work carried out

by travelling craftsmen)

09 Gutach valley storehouse

built around 1606/1626

10 Hermann Schilli House Repository

11 Bakery and distillery built around 1870

12 Knock-and-drop sawmill built in 1673

13 Farm mill built in 1609

14 Kinzig valley storehouse

built in 1601/1746

15 Lorenzenhof built in 1608

Oberwolfach, Kinzig valley, 350 m ASL

Exhibition on various aspects of the forest

with maze for kids

16 Kinzig valley bakehouse

17 Crank saw built in 1826


Audio point

18 Hemp press

19 Granny house built in 1652

cartwright shop

20 Forge, oil mill

21 Boundary stone


22 Boundary stone


23 Boundary stone of the

monastery of St. Georgen

R Reception Building

SR Seminar Room

M Museum shop

Ë First aid

C Catering

K Kiosk, picnic area

A Adventure playground

HG Herb garden

MP Meeting point for guided tours

A Apiary

S Shrine

B Baehofen

(oven for withes used in raft building)

RA Rest area

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