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Q news 48 Trinity 2015

Q news 48 Trinity

NEWS. No. 48 Trinity Term 2015 Headmaster’s welcome As always, I am delighted to introduce Q News. This edition covers life in the school during a very busy Trinity Term, in which there was a great deal of activity of all sorts but, perhaps most importantly, Years 11, 12 and 13 had external examinations with which to contend. The results this year were good: at A level we enjoyed a 100% pass rate and the group managed 63% A* - B, three percent short of the school’s record prior to last year and this group has done well to achieve results that were very much at the top end of expectations. At GCSE, for the third year in succession the A*/A measure improved, this time to 39%, so that is encouraging. The only area of concern as a generality, allowing for some inevitable surprises both good and bad for individuals, was AS in which domain we were disappointed. This has led to some very useful discussion about tightening up in a number of areas and it is to be hoped we will see the effect of these decisions when next year’s A level results are published. Lest there be any doubt though, the situation was also affected by some dubious marking and at least one case of grade boundaries having changed significantly, all of which is rather depressing as it means we cannot be completely confident about the competence of those who judge examinations (there is, of course, plenty of evidence of this at other schools too). We remain completely committed to an all-round education here and this edition of the magazine, it that is the right term for an electronic document, provides both textual and pictorial evidence that this is the case. The range of activities on offer and the diversity of experiences gained by our pupils go some way to making them the confident people they are; there are very few schools indeed in which such a wide spectrum of pupils participate and are able to get up in front of their peers and address them. While such achievements are hard to measure, I have no doubt that all of these things add up over time and make our young people that much more attractive to employers. Our links with the Cathedral have, of course, survived our change to Free School status and it was excellent to see such a large number of pupils (and some parents and old Blackburnians) in the Cathedral for Founder’s Day and, if I am allowed a premature reference to the Michaelmas Term, at our beginning-of-term service in September. On both of these occasions the school was addressed by priests who are Old Blackburnians and the services were presided over by the Dean who is a Governor of the school. The school roll is now 1032, 644 boys and 388 girls and the atmosphere is a healthy and enthusiastic one in which there is a real sense of staff and pupils working together in common purpose. It has been heartening indeed to witness the excellent behaviour on all public occasions and indeed on a day-to-day basis, confounding those Jeremiahs who had wrongly thought that good behaviour was the preserve of fee-charging schools and that this would suffer once we achieved Free School status. For this coming year the focus must be on Ofsted, as we are determined to make a good impression on them when they visit, any time after January. Mensa marvel! Year 6 pupil Aahil Jouher has gained the highest possible score of 162 after taking a Mensa IQ test. ‘The Headmaster was delighted to learn of Aahil’s success. “The School has a long history of academic success stretching back over 500 years and it is excellent that Aahil has already made his mark in this way. We are all very proud of him.” Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, W est Park Road, Blackburn, BB2 6DF TEL: 0 1254 68630 0 FAX: 0 1254 692314 EMA IL: W EB:

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