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Gateway Academy


450 Columbiana Drive

Columbia, SC 29212


Gail Skipper , Director

Monday and Wednesday

7:00 –4:00

Tuesday and Thursday


Rachel Byrd, Assistant

Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday and Thursday


Alternate Fridays

Monica Parrott...LTP

As needed

It’s that time of the year again and we are gearing up for our Annual Fall Festival! Get ready for this

fun time for the entire family. Join us on Friday, October 23rd from 7:00 —8:30pm, right here

at Gateway Academy-Harbison.

Bring the family in costume , have fun in our Gateway Maze and “back by popular demand”—our

hayride pulled by a tractor. We will serve a light meal /snack to all. Finally, we will also have “Trunk

or Treat,” which involves collecting candy and treats from the decorated trunks, truck beds and SUV

hatches of several Gateway families. If you are willing to serve as a Trunk or Treat host, please talk to

Gail or Rachel.

As always, please feel free to bring along neighbors, relatives or friends to join in on the fun!

Watch your email inbox and the lobby for more details! To help us defray the cost, there will be a

$1.00 charge for each person that rides the hayride.

We will be collecting candy to help support the families that will be decorating

their vehicles. That way, children will receive a wide variety of

goodies and candies. Due to severe allergies, please ensure that all

donated candy does NOT contain nuts.

Notes From Gail

I am so very excited for my favorite month of all...October! The beautiful fall

colors are beginning to show outside and we have a month packed full of fun!

Our annual Fall Festival is planned for the Friday, October 23rd.

We encourage you and your children to come dressed in your best Halloween costume. Do not

send children to school that day wearing their costumes, instead come back in the evening ready to

surprise us all. This way your child’s costume will stay in excellent condition for the Festival and

your family’s celebrations later in the week. The festival will begin at 7:00 p.m. Back by popular

demand, the hayride will be available from 7:00—8:00. The hayrack will take riders up into

the neighborhood on Columbia Street. It was the hit of our event last year and so much fun for

children and parents alike. We will charge $1 per rider to help defray the cost for this activity.

Naturally, we need LOTS of parent support for this event. If you would like to assist our “Trunk

or Treat” by donating wrapped candy or decorating your car or SUV, please let us know as soon as

possible. Our school will provide a light dinner and drinks during the Festival.

Picture Days will be the mornings of Thursday and Friday, October 15 and 16 for

individual and sibling pictures. This year, we will be offering a time for families to have pictures

taken—just in time for Christmas gifts and cards. On the evening of Thursday, October 15th, we

will have scheduled appointment times available so your family can have LifeTouch take a fabulous

photo. A sign up sheet will be available for appointment times.

We are starting our visits to the St. Andrews / Brian Retirement Center with our Pre-K children.

We will make a visit each month and develop special relationships with the residents there. We are

excited about this opportunity as the smiles on the residents faces when the children walk in are

priceless. It will be a wonderful intergenerational friendship—and both generations will benefit!

There’s so much to do this month, but all will be fun and filled with learning for your child. We will

continue our ‘Reflections’, School to Home piece, allowing you to have activities to reinforce at

home what your child learns throughout the days at Gateway.

Hold on to your hat! It’s going to be a busy month and lead into an even busier season.

For All The Children,

Our Promise to you:

“We provide parents with peace of mind by providing an exceptional education

every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.”

1. Home-like Environmental additions: baskets of all

sizes and shapes, small rugs, interesting textures,

rocks, sea shells, furniture; night stands, love


Bradshaw turns 1 on the 1st

Ms. Desiree turns ???on the 1st

Charlie turns 1 on the 2nd

Zoey turns 3 on the 3rd

Sasha turns 3 on the 3rd

Ms. Robin turns ???on the 3rd

Shealyn turns 3 on the 5th

James turns 4 on the 5th

Leah turns 1 on the 7th

Riley turns 2 on the 7th

Emma turns 2 on the 10

Jaxson turns 2 on the 11th

Cheyenne turns 4 on the 14th

Alsie and Linwood turn 4 on the 14th

Alyse and Austin turn 2 on the 18th

Emma Grace turns 3 on the 24th

Mia turns 2 on the 24th

Ms. Kim Hemingway turns ???on the 25th

Caydin and Jaydin turn 1 on the 27th

2. Scrap material—especially with interesting

patterns and textures

3. Wrapped candy or simple treats in bags for

Trunk-or-Treat and Fall Festival. Remember,

we are a nut free school!

4. Trunk-or-Treat Volunteers: Decorate your car’s

trunk, truck bed or the rear of your SUV and pass

out candy to children.

5. For November: Parents or other friends of

Gateway Academy who would be willing to share

their occupation as a community helper (police,

mail carrier, fire fighter, dentist, doctor, nurse,

etc.) with our students during the month.

6. Also for November: Parents who could donate or

loan us the “tools of the trade” used by any

community helper: medical equipment and tools,

hospital scrubs, badges, vests, mail carrier bags,


Mrs. Monica Parrott

this month celebrates 15 years of love and dedication with Gateway

Ms. Coeran and Ms. Gail are both celebrating 2 terrific years!

We send love and thanks to all three terrific ladies!

Infant Nursery: Greyson

Toddlers: Tyson, Riley

Explorers: Sai, Leah

Early Learners 1: Phoenix, Nicolas

Early Learners 2: Evelyn, Nixon, Jade

Preschool 1: Grace, Jaylen, Ella

Preschool 2: Joseph

School Age: Nasir, Hansika

“City Life, Country Life”

Focus Themes: “Going to the Zoo,” “Harvest Time,” “Halloween Fun”

Phonics Connection: b, l, z

Colors (3 and under): red, orange, yellow

Math Connection: Sort and Classify

Shapes (3 and under): triangle, diamond

Literature Connection: age-appropriate books related to life on a farm, zoos and the animals who reside

in them and Halloween

Science Exploration: How to take care of animals; understand animal behavior; understand the life cycle

of different plants; farming

Culture Connection: Animals from around the world / Farming in different climates, climates

Word Wall: chick, hen, pig, piglet, dog, puppy, goat, kid, cat, kitten, sheep, lamb, barn, silo

Kind Child: Being responsible for myself, my belongings and my classroom

The children will also be

introduced to the

following signs (when


Brush open hands

down chest several


Move "C" hand from

neck upwards as if

tracing the neck of a


Place thumb at


Move first two

fingers back and


candy, dog, cat, bird,

duck, sheep, cow, turtle,


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

In the interest of space, this is a condensed version of our

school’s menu. Parents are encouraged to look for the more detailed

menu that is posted in our school; it will provide you with

special information regarding all meals and snacks served.

Breakfast and Lunch are served with Milk.

Snack is served with ice cold water.

1 Breakfast: Oatmeal with


Lunch: Fish Sticks,

Steamed Broccoli, Orange


Snack: Grahams with Applesauce


Breakfast:: Cheesy Grits

Lunch: Meatball Subs,

Peas & Carrots, Fruit

Snack: Trail Mix


Breakfast: Cranberry orange


Lunch: Cheese pizza, salad,


Snack: Apple Slices and cubed



Breakfast:: Cereal & Milk

Lunch: Cheesy Broccoli Spaghetti,

Bread & Fruit

Snack: vanilla wafers and cinnamon

cream cheese


Breakfast: Pancakes &


Lunch: Chicken nuggets,

mashed potatoes & green


Snack: Animal crackers

& Applesauce


Breakfast: Biscuits with


Lunch: Beef Stroganoff,

Green Beans, Fruit

Snack: Tortilla Chips and



Breakfast: Mini bagels w/

Cream Cheese

Lunch: Sloppy Joe, tater

tots, fruit

Snack: Pretzels & String



Breakfast: Waffles & Syrup

Lunch: Chicken Tacos with

shredded cheese, corn, fruit

Snack: Trail Mix


Breakfast: Cereal & Yogurt

Lunch: Grilled cheese, Chicken

noodle soup, apple slices

Snack: Pretzels and cheese dip


Breakfast: Cheese Toast

Lunch: Chicken Patty

Sandwich, Sun Chips, Carrots

Snack: Fruit Salad, Grahams


Breakfast: Pancakes &


Lunch: Chicken salad sandwiches

and fruit

Snack: Ritz & Soy Butter


Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins


DAY, no nut products

Snack: carrots w/ ranch



Breakfast: Pancakes with


Lunch: Cheese Ravioli, broccoli,


Snack: Bread Sticks and Marinara



Breakfast: Cereal & Yogurt

Lunch: Chicken and Rice,

Broccoli & Pineapple

Snack: Pretzels & apples


Breakfast: Mini Bagels &

Cream Cheese

Lunch: Taco Salad with

Meat, cheese and Tortilla


Snack: Applesauce, Grahams


Breakfast: Cheese Grits

Lunch: Fish sticks, green

beans, pears

Snack: peaches & Yogurt


Breakfast: Cinnamon


Lunch: Meatballs & Gravy

with Rice and Fruit

Snack: Oatmeal Cookies

and Milk


Breakfast: Blueberry muffins


Breakfast: Cereal & Yogurt


Breakfast: Cheese Toast


Breakfast: Biscuits & Jam


Breakfast: French Toast

Lunch: Mac & Cheese, Broccoli,


Lunch: Turkey & Cheese

wraps, chips, peaches

Lunch: Chicken Noodle

Soup, Bread Sticks & Fruit

Lunch: Hamburgers, carrots

and fresh fruit

Lunch: Turkey & Cheese

wraps, Chips, Peaches

Snack: Club Crackers &

cheese slices

Snack: Vanilla wafers and

apple wedges

Snack: Grahams w/ soy


Snack: Ritz Crackers &

String cheese

Snack: Applesauce,


All month, our

Toddlers & 2’s will

paint, color and

learn and

experience everything

red, orange

& yellow




Ms. Desiree




Ms. Robin on

Saturday the


5 Donations of

wrapped candy

are needed for

our Fall Festival.

Can you help?

NO candy with

any type of nuts!

12 We need several

families who

are willing to

serve as Trunk or

Treat hosts by decorating

their trunk

or SUV at the Fall

Festival. Can you


6 7 8 9

13 14 15 16



Ms. Monica

15 years at


Fall Pictures; Individual

and Siblings

Family Photos

5:00—7:30 pm



19 20 21 22 23


Happy Birthday

Ms. Kim H.(Early

Learners) on

Sunday the 25th!

27 28 29 30

Pre-K children

to St. Andrews




Quiet class parties today

with healthy snacks.

Please NO costumes!

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