Her Umbrella Premiere Issue Fall 2015


Her Umbrella is a women's digital, lifestyle magazine dedicated to creating a life outside the lines.

Published quarterly during the changing of the seasons, you'll find a bohemian, free-spirited style woven throughout its pages. Every woman has an umbrella with a variety of likes, dislikes, stories and memories hidden underneath. And we're looking to uncover them.

Our premiere issue features bigger contributor highlights, a variety of topics - intertwined without rhyme or reason. We've nixed the rules and forewent table of contents and the like to be a freer, more unmatched way of exploring. It's not perfect but it's an inspirational start to a dream. Enjoy!

A Letter FromTheEditor:


A year ago I was anxiously awaiting the birth of

our first child. An adventure no matter how many

twists, turns, throw-up bags or Spanx one

endures, pregnancy is a wild ride for everyone.

Unfortunately, we had an extra tumultuous trip.

And while aboard the fearful ride I put my work,

my writing, my reading, my blog and my

emotional and mental health on the back burner.

The goal was simple: take care of this wondrous

baby and everything else can be dealt with later.

And then New Year's Eve rolled around and,

Claire, our magical daughter made her grand

entrance. We eventually began to mend. And

slowly got the hang of the whole "takin' care of

baby" thing as we relaxed into a comfortable -

although hectic - routine. I even fell back into

work within two weeks of coming home. But I was

missing my blog, known then as Her Umbrella.

The problem was that I couldn't find the time,

energy or even passion to continue the

momentum of the space. So my wheels began to

turn and Her Umbrella, the digital magazine, was

re-born. The once HU blog was revamped into

just Grace Lynne Fleming (.com) - a personal, yet

public, space to share lifestyle adventures and

travel journals. But now I had the freedom to

reach out to other women and men in the

creative community and generate something

special - that had a heart I admired.

Grace Lynne Fleming, Editor-in-Chief




Magazines have always held a place in my life.

From my first Highlights subscription to my still,

slightly-odd obsession with Seventeen Magazine, this media niche is a

definite love of mine. And now we have Her Umbrella, dedicated to

creating a life outside the lines, where "she" has the freedom to move in

ways "she" didn't know "she" could.

Every woman has an umbrella with a variety of likes, dislikes, stories

and memories hidden underneath. And we're looking to uncover them.

Look Around& Enjoy!


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