Storage of drinking water

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Storage of drinking water.

If you are fortunate to live within reach of true spring water or quality ground

water, I'd strongly recommend that you collect it, take it home and drink just it!!!

On vacation, I've traveled to get good, pure, drinking water, and (in Europe) I've

collected it in large glass bottles. Brim full the bottles; then seal them with a cork.

Ensure you leave no air in the bottle as this helps to stop the water from slopping

around inside. Secure them well for your journey, then cover to keep out sunlight.

Once home, transfer the water to your storage vessel. A suitable storage vessel

for your drinking water must comply with a few fundamental parameters.

1.) The vessel needs to prevent light from reaching the water within.

2.) The vessel will encourage the water to circulate via an internal temperature


3.) The vessel will keep the water cool.

4.) The vessel has a lid to prevent dust contaminates from entering.

With these parameters in mind, an egg shaped container is

made from terra cotta clay. The terra cotta is porous and

allows evaporation to occur on it's outside surface thus

facilitating both cooling and circulation. It stands on a vitrified

clay (being water proof) base. It has a lid and ideally a spigot

tap made from wood. You'll see a design drawing I've done for

the vessel, above and to the right. It has a 40 liter + water capacity.

You can purchase one of these "egg shaped" Schauberger water

vessels from one of the links, below and order the "Ceramic

Living Egg," directly through Now...if you want

the most protection, best tasting, vortex-energized water for you

and your family - and cover you entire house? My opinion - get the

"Wellness Filter" Residential unit - expensive, but, how can you

put a price on good, quality, safe drinking water?! I took the plunge,

and even though I do use the Living Egg, as a storage unit, my

primary source comes from the Wellness Filter Residential Unit.

Check it out through the link, below. Back to the story...see if you

agree with, or maybe even "know" the answers to these questions:

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